tagInterracial LoveHow Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 02

How Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 02


Thank you for all the comments! As my first story I will admit that this is a fantasy that caters to my fetishes. My intent is not to be realistic but to hopefully turn people on who share those fetishes. This short chapter has no actual incest but plenty of mom/son roleplaying as Carol and her black lover have sex and Carol's son Brad watches. Next chapter returns more to the story of the first few chapters and will be up soon. I hope my depiction of a black man doesn't offend anyone.

Chapter 5: Date Night

Brad lay in bed looking at the ceiling, his long prick painfully erect and his balls swollen. His date with Amy, a busty cheerleader, had almost been great. Amy was 6 feet tall, taller than Brad liked, but he had asked her out because she had some of the biggest tits in school. She was one of the more popular girls but was notorious for being a picky bitch. Her full melons filled out a sweater so nicely though and her long blond hair dyed pink just at the tips, looked like honey.

Brad had noticed her eyeing his cock in swim class and got up the courage to ask her out. He was a little surprised when she quickly agreed. They had gone to see a movie and Amy had let Brad feel her up in the theater. When he hesitantly mentioned that he had the house to himself that night, she eagerly agreed to go home with him.

Brad and Amy quickly got hot and heavy at Brad's house. Brad was enjoying oozing handfuls of Amy's ripe, young titties. Amy reached between them and undid his fly. When Amy gripped his rock-hard shaft he groaned in pleasure as Amy squealed in shock.

"What the fuck, Brad. This thing is massive!" Amy said as she pulled his cock out. "Jesus, how come you weren't this big in your swim trunks? You looked like the perfect size." Amy said looking at his pulsing rod in fear.

"I don't get hard in swim class." Brad replied. His giant dick did look even bigger than usual, over 9 inches long and covered in bulging veins. The smooth helmet jerked slightly as a creamy white drop of pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit.

Amy suddenly got up putting her bra back on. "I am sorry Brad but I am not putting that thing inside me. It is too big."

"Wait... What the fuck! You can't be serious, I heard you had a thing for big dicks." Brad said sitting on his bed with his huge rod jutting out of his crotch watching in dismay as the teen princess pulled her shirt back on.

"I do, why do you even think I am here? But that thing is a fucking foot long, it would tear me apart. NO WAY. I tried that shit with a black guy two years ago and it hurt like hell. NO WAY!" Amy said turning to leave.

"Wait, you can't just leave me like this, at least give me a blowjob!" Brad pleaded.

"No way, that's how Alfonso ended up fucking me. You better just do what he did and find some 40 year old with a pussy wide enough to handle that monster. Sorry Brad "Amy said as she closed the door.

Amy left Brad in his current predicament, gripping his cock alone with a bad case of blue balls. As Brad began to slowly jerk his prick he tried to think of Amy and other girls at school: the busty ones, the volleyball players with big asses, the tiny Asian students that looked so delicate. Try as he might to keep her out, there was one woman kept creeping into Brad's fantasies. She had all he wanted in one package. As Bard sought relief, gripping his long, burning pole his thoughts fixated on his tiny busty mom and her incredible bubble-butt. He replayed the incredible experience in the gym that morning as his hand began to fly up and down on his rod.

Suddenly Brad heard the front door open. "Mom's home" he thought. He heard feminine giggling and something being knocked over, "and drunk". Then Brad heard a deep male voice speaking quietly. "And with a guy!" brad thought suddenly interested. Did his mom bring a guy home to screw, Brad wondered. As far as Brad knew, his mother, Carol had not been with a guy since she divorced his father six years ago. She had certainly never brought a man home while he was here.

He lay in bed listening as his mother and the mystery man made drinks and small talk. He soon heard his mom coming up the stairs bumping into the wall as she went. He heard her open the door to Joey's room and heard the light click as she verified that her youngest son was at a sleepover. The light clicked off and the door closed as Brad heard his mom walk towards his door. Carol gently opened the door and Brad heard her whisper "Honey, are you sleeping?" Brad kept his eyes closed and didn't respond figuring that his mom would be more likely to do something sexy if she thought he was asleep.

"Sweet dreams" Carol whispered. As she closed the door he barely heard her mutter under her breath "Thank God!"

Brad heard her head back downstairs and soon her girlish giggle was accompanied by a baritone chuckle. He could hear them enter her bedroom and then it got quiet. Brad lay there with his dick still stiff and craving attention. He had just been fantasizing about his mother massaging his dick with her plump, supple ass so he rationalized that listening at her door would not be any worse. He dimly remembered Carol and his father going at it, they did not have sex often but were rather loud when they did, especially his mother.

Brad gently slid out of bed and crept down the carpeted hall. He slowly made his way down the stairs stepping close to the wall to avoid creaks. He heard a giggle as he padded silently down the hall to his mother's room and realized it was not muffled by a door. She had left her door open! Brad listened, standing right outside his mother's room but not able to be seen or see inside.

"You can't keep your hands off these can you?" Brad heard his mother ask, slurring a little and obviously rather drunk.

"You damn right, them some tit ol biggies and I haven't ever seen a booty this big on a lil white chick. I want to see you shake it baby, stand up." Brad noticed that although a puddle of light bathed the hallway right outside his mother's bedroom, the short hall leading into the bathroom across from her room was still in total darkness. Brad was pretty sure he could get a good view into his mom's room from there without anyone being able to see him.

"Oh fuck yeah. Get low baby. Ass up, face down, bend a little more" the man said as Brad slid silently into the dark bathroom hall. Brad barely avoided gasping at the sight before him.

Brad's mother's bedroom was bathed in bright light from the ceiling and also from a reading lamp. The lamp had a high-power bulb that mimicked natural sunlight and its flexible neck was twisted so that it shined on his mother like a spotlight. Sitting on the bed was a large man. The man was dressed nicely with a sharply cut goatee and a bald head. The man was 6'6" and black as coal. Brad was surprised to see Carol with a black man since he had never even seen her talk to a black man. She was not racist; there were just very few black people in the town. The man fondled a tube like bulge in his dress slacks as he watched Brad's mother perform for him.

Brad had not seen his mom leave for her date and although her and his father used to go out often, he had never seen her wear something so revealing. She wore heavy makeup; her plump cherry red lips glistened and sparkled madly in the bright light. Her artfully applied eye shadow glinted purple, blue, or green as the light hit it differently. This combined with her long dark eyelashes to give her those "bedroom eyes" that men love. Her fiery red hair was tied up in a complex and beautiful bun; however it looked like she had danced a lot that night because much of it was loose and on the verge of coming undone.

Carol wore a red dress cut in a very deep V in the front, showing a huge amount of cleavage as well as revealing the lacy black bra straining to contain her melons. The dress looked too short to fully cover the creamy white cheeks of her bubble butt.

Currently the dress had ridden up to Carol's waist as she was bent over facing away from the black man and shaking her ass at him. She wore a black thong but the string disappeared into the deep crevice between her bobbling cheeks. Ripples flowed over her trembling ass cheeks, which currently looked like two giant balloons overstuffed with pudding.

"Bend those knees, that's it. Put your whole body into it" ordered the black man as he took off his shirt.

Carol really started to get into her performance, rotating her hips and bending her knees deep, sending her big ass flying. The cheeks began to smack together with a loud clap.

"Oohhh yeah, make it clap baby! Make that booty talk to me!" the man howled.

Carol laughed, continuing to wave her bubble butt at her audience of one (or so she thought). She gave a few great heaves of her ass and then stood still, letting her meaty ass swing around and smack into itself, eventually settling down until her white cheeks were just barely trembling .

"Shhhh, my son is asleep upstairs. Keep it down" Carol said as she turned around and started kneading her bulging mounds of tit-flesh through the scarlet dress.

"So, what do I care if he wakes up?" the man said not lowering his volume.

"I have to stop if he wakes up. I am his mother" Carol replied matter of factly while continuing to fondle her round breasts through her dress. She stepped close to the man and shaked her titties right in his face.

The man's hand shot out and slid beneath her panties. "Please! I felt how wet you were in the club and you still flowing like the amazon. Face it baby, you need it bad. I bet your boy could walk right in here while we was boning and you wouldn't even slow down. I sure as fuck wouldn't, that sounds kind a hot" the man laughed. "Now take off that dress and show me them big ol titties" the man directed.

"Don't be sick Jerome, it is bad enough I took you home on our first date" Carol said as she shimmied out of her dress causing her bra encased knockers to sway and bounce heavily. Carol's alcohol fogged mind actually agreed a little with Jerome, especially after her lust-filled morning with her son in the gym, but she certainly was not going to tell her new lover this.

"Damn, baby! Gravity has been kind to you. Those are real right? They ain't ever that big on a tiny girl like you."

"Yes, they are. I would not have made them this big! They weren't always this big either; I told you I lost a lot of weight recently right? Well for some reason I could not lose any of the weight I gained on my tits and ass" Carol responded as she unsnapped her bra. Her big white melons bounced around her chest after being freed from their confines. They were perfectly round and amazingly perky, jutting out proudly from her chest. Each flawless alabaster orb was capped by a large, thick pink nipple standing at attention. Carol gave each nipple a tweak and put her shoulders back thrusting her big tits out. She shook her shoulders sending jiggling boobie flying everywhere.

Jerome let his tongue hang out and nearly drooled while Carol excitedly shook her tits at him. "The reason you couldn't lose that weight is god would not destroy perfection" Jerome replied shoving his pants down to his ankles. His boxers had quite a tent but Brad, still hidden in the shadows, was surprised to see that his own cock was probably bigger. With all he had heard about black man he had expected to see a foot long snake between Jerome's legs.

Get over here and let me suck on those fun bags" Jerome said. Carol obeyed straddling his lap and sliding her steaming crotch up against his rigid manhood while leaning back and offering her shining tits to him. The petite stacked redhead was now clad only in black 8-inch heels, white stockings and hanging gold earrings while she sat astride the giant black man's lap as he began eagerly sucking her swollen teats.

Brad had been standing in the dark just lightly gripping his pole but now he let his briefs slide down to the floor as he began jacking his swollen member. He had a fantastic view from the bathroom hall and could not believe he was about to watch his mom fuck a big black guy.

Carol squirmed her big ass all over Jerome while he sucked hard on her swollen nipples as if he were trying to coax milk out of her big jugs. He kneaded the big tits roughly, squeezing until the creamy flesh poured out between his fingers.

"Pretend I am your little boy, nursing on these fat milk-sacks" Jerome panted with a chuckle.

"Stop it!" Carol said slapping his cheek lightly. She shoved her burning quim harder against Jerome's bulge as she said it though. The taboo nature of what he was saying was starting to get Carol going. She began moaning and grinding her slick, panty encased mound along his steel hard shaft.

"Your mouth says no but your pussy says yes" Jerome said while lightly biting Carol's nipple and eliciting a squeal from the busty little firecracker. She continued to grind on his lap as Jerome nursed on her bulging tits. His comment had excited Carol, as her drunken mind did not have strong morals. She let herself go, sawing her sopping pussy up and down her stud's prick and smashing her swollen clit against his mushroom head. This sent electric jolts through her body and combined with the pleasure emanating from her nipples, starting carol on the path to an incredible orgasm.

This roleplaying, although instigated by Jerome, excited Carol on several levels. Mainly because of her erotic encounter with Brad in the gym that morning but also because breastfeeding had always been something that Carol was ashamed of being aroused by. Her breast had always been sensitive and a sure way to get her pussy dripping was to play with or suck her swollen nubs. This sensitivity increased tenfold during both her pregnancies and she was quite embarrassed to find that she could not help but get hot and bothered every time Joey needed a feeding. Her pussy would get so wet she would have to put a towel down before she nursed or risk staining the chair. She started to notice Joey would rub his penis while nursing not masturbating but just fondling it. She consulted her doctor and he said this was common and that arousal during feeding was nothing to be worried about. He said it was just a natural effect of the intense bonding experience.

Jerome hungrily mouthed Carol's nipples, getting the slope of her breasts dripping with saliva and coated in spit. Her pussy was steaming and her juices were really starting to flow as Jerome nursed hungrily on her swollen nipples. "Oh baby, yes suck my titties" she whispered lustily.

"Suck on whose titties baby? Come on play with me now; let me hear you say it. Mommy."

"What?" Carol panted. "No, that's wrong. We shouldn't" she protested while at the same time grinding her sopping pussy, covered by only the thin silk of her panties all over Jerome's bucking black rod.

Jerome stopped sucking and grabbed Carol by the shoulders, forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Listen baby, I really like you. You are built for fucking and you know it, but I love to role-play in the bedroom and you have to be down for that too or this just isn't going to work."

"But I can't, I mean he is my son. How am I supposed to face him if we... you know. I don't want that" Carol replied.

"Bullshit I felt your pussy crush my dick when I told you to pretend I was him. You want this and you know it but if you can't admit it I might as well just leave now" Jerome said while reaching for his shirt.

"No!" Carol wailed. "You don't understand how long it has been. I need your dick. You can't leave" she looked on the verge of tears.

"Then you know what to say" Jerome responded looking at her expectantly.

"OK" carol said admitting defeat. She rationalized that she could blame her indiscretion on the booze later and part of her, a part of Carol that she normally did not listen to, really wanted this after the experience with her eldest son Brad.

"Suck on my titties baby-boy. Suck on your mommy's fat titties. Mmmmm. Squeeze my milk out son" Carol said as she thrust her glistening fun bags back into Jerome's face. He groaned in pleasure while latching back onto her dripping teat. Carol almost thought she heard a moan in the hall as well. Glancing to the right she noticed that she had been too tipsy to remember to shut the door. She saw nothing in the hall though and returned her focus to Jerome devouring her.

Brad stood in the darkness, cum dripping from his hand onto the carpet as he stood struggling to catch his breath. Seeing his mom act out Jerome's twisted fantasy (which matched Brad's) was too much for him and he had cum all over himself. He was unable to contain a groan and his mother had looked straight at him but apparently had not seen him in the shadows.

"Get that big mommy ass on the bed, I want to nail you to the mattress" Jerome grunted as he easily lifted Carol off his lap and placed the little curvy woman on the floor. He stood and stepped out of his boxers. He revealed a somewhat thin but long black pole. Perfectly straight and 8 inches long, Jerome's cock belched out a glob of pre-cum. Carol licked her lips hungrily as she eyed Jerome's vein covered circumcised penis.

"Hold on, I have been dreaming of this moment" Carol said. She very slowly pulled down her tiny black G-string unveiling her bright red landing strip to Jerome's appreciative eyes. Carol had trimmed it just that morning in hopes that she would soon have a man to enjoy it.

"Fuck yeah, a god-damn fire crotch! Lay down baby and I am going to feast on that pussy" Jerome said as he tossed Carol onto the bed.

Carol squealed with delight. She absolutely loved being eaten out but her ex-husband had hated doing it, treating it like a chore that he would only perform on special occasions. Jerome crawled between her legs and the sound of a very wet pussy being sloppily eaten out filled the room.

"Oh yes baby, eat it for me. Eat my pussy" Carol yelled, forgetting to be quiet for her sleeping son. "Shove that tongue deep between my lips. Now suck on my clit" Carol instructed as she wrapped her legs around Jerome's head, using her heels to push his head deep into her juicy pussy.

It didn't take long for Carol to go off like a firework. She locked her heels around the back of Jerome's head and rode his face while screaming in ecstasy. She smothered the big man's head in pussy, bucking and grinding against him as she came down off her orgasm.

Jerome stood up and kicked off his shoes as he said "Normally I would make you gag on my cock, but I am fired up enough already so I am just gonna go straight to the fucking. Now spread that big momma pussy open, your big boy is coming home!"

Brad stood in the darkness of the hall still, jerking his renewed erection with cum dripping off his fingers from his previous orgasm. He had a clear view of his mother's marital bed as she lay back and spread her legs wide. He could see the pink gash of her glistening kitten, it looked soaked and steaming. Her narrow path of copper curls pointed the way to paradise. Brad watched as the giant form of Jerome crawled between his petite and curvy mother's legs. Jerome's ebony rod was fully erect and pulsing, although not as big as Brad's it was still quite an impressive prick. As the black stud lined up his veiny weapon with his mother's needy sheath, Brad took a couple steps closer transfixed and wanting a closer view. Brad watched as the black man slipped on a condom and remarked "If we stay together you are getting on the pill because I can't stand rubbers."

Carol felt the fat bell end of Jerome's manhood sliding along the outer lips of her drenched clamshell. His smooth knob stirred a slippery mix of pre-cum and pussy juice and he used his fist to coat his shaft with the natural lube as he prepared to enter Carol. Thick strings of viscous fluid connected the couples steaming genitals as Jerome pulled back preparing to ram the middle-aged mother panting and dripping sweat beneath him. With a satisfied grunt he sank his entire shaft into Carol's pussy. He felt like he had just shoved his cock into a vice of molten butter. It was impossibly tight and radiated heat like a furnace on full blast.

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