tagIncest/TabooHow Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 04

How Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 04


Chapter 4:

Roleplaying Mom

This one is a tad sacrilegious, which I would not expect to bother too many in the incest section but if this is not your cup of tea skip this one. I also owe inspiration and gratitude to HommeNoir as he uses a very similar scene in his story.


With his mom's permission to watch her and her black lover Jerome fuck, Brad never missed an opportunity. He even helped arrange sleep-overs to get his little brother Joey out of the house since his mother seemed to really go wild when he wasn't home. Jerome never hung out around the house, he would just say hello as he picked Carol up. He was always a perfect gentleman but he also had not been lying when he said he liked roleplaying. Brad never knew what to expect when he crept down the stairs to spy on their lovemaking.

Brad had seen his mom nearly busting out of the seams of a tiny plastic nurse's uniform. It was the kind that little college sluts wear for Halloween. Carol's round ass hung all the way out of the micro skirt and the costumes top covered little more than her nipples leaving more bulging tit-flesh exposed than covered. He watched as his mom gently nursed on Jerome's huge thermometer her tongue tracing the bulging veins along the shaft. Jerome took control grabbing two big handfuls of her copper curls and jamming his cock down her throat. She gagged and sputtered as Jerome manhandled her, roughly shoving her head further down on his cock. He would pull out just long enough for Carol to cough out thick streams of cum and spit and take in a wracking breath before he was jamming his meat back down the mother's throat. As Jerome used her mouth like a cunt pounding her throat without mercy it became too much for Carol and she suddenly spewed a huge amount of cum and spit all over Jerome's crotch and the floor. It looked like Carol had just thrown a quart of thick milk all over him.

Far from finding this disgusting Jerome found it to be a tremendous turn on and immediately mounted Carol, jamming his cock balls deep in her tiny quim. He pounded her hard, watching the white spew fly off her wildly flailing tits. Jerome shouted obscenities and slapped Carol's tits as he pounded into her. He moved up to her head and erupted all over Carol's face making it a sloppy mess. Carol sat up; her eye shadow was smeared and left lines where Jerome's throat-fuck had made her cry. Her fuck-me red lipstick was smeared all over her lips and chin. Her entire face was coated in a shining mix of pre-cum and spit and the mess continued down her neck, spreading across her bulging tits and dripping onto the bedspread in long sticky teardrops. Brad watched as his mother looked up and winked at him, although he still hid in the shadows. As he watched she scooped some of the goo off her chest and fed it to herself licking it seductively off her fingers. That was all it took to make Brad spew his load all over himself and pad silently off to his room before Jerome might detect him.

Brad and his mother started working out every day, although half of their workout really concentrated on their lower bodies. They would usually do a quick intense workout in about 20 minutes and then leisurely grind against each other until they got off. This would leave them in a wet, sweaty, panting heap on the arc flex, or the dryer, or the floor. Joey had long ago lost interest in working out, however he did notice the gym had a weird smell to it most of the time. Joey had no idea that the smell was the scent of hot, dripping mommy pussy and rigid, fat teenaged cock.

Brad had been trying to get his mom to go farther but having no luck. She would get completely naked, straddle him, and soul kiss him for hours while smothering his rigid tool in her wet mommy muffin. He had tried to go down on her and to get her to suck his cock but she had steadfastly refused. He reasoned it was not really incest (using Clinton's logic) but Carol said she wasn't ready to go that far. She didn't mention that she would have a much harder time resisting if she wasn't getting royally screwed by Jerome at least twice a week.

Brad rushed home Friday night, Joey was sleeping over at a friend's house and he expected Jerome and his mom to be roleplaying. He was disappointed when he found no one was home, but after unsuccessfully trying to make a date he just ended up playing video games. He heard his mom and Jerome come home at 9:30. Brad instantly got erect, if they were home this early they were roleplaying for sure. Brad had now seen his mother dressed up as a nurse, a slave-owner, a policewoman, a cheerleader and a girl from a rap video. He could not wait to see what they had thought up tonight. He listened as they had some drinks and then went into his mom's room. After waiting about 10 minutes, brad crept into his usual hiding spot across the hall from his mother's bedroom. The short hallway into the bathroom blocked light so no one could see him; however he had a great view of the bedroom through the open door. His mother had long ago caught him peeking but had allowed it, and now she encouraged him to watch her and her big black lover Jerome. So far Jerome seemed oblivious to Brad's voyeurism.

Brad quietly shucked his pants as he took in the sight before him. Jerome had turned a big recliner so that it faced away from the door. It partially blocked Brad's view at first but he just took a few steps to the left and was able to see everything. Jerome wore long black robes and a priest's collar.

Carol kneeled in front of him holding a big black rosary and reciting hail Marys. She wore a full nun's habit. The black robes and white hood were far less revealing than her usual outfits, In fact her face wearing no make-up was the only thing exposed. The robes did seem much tighter than the normal nun's, her big tits and bubble butt created enticing bulges beneath the black fabric. Although modest, Brad found the outfit exciting due to its taboo nature.

Jerome slowly jacked his long, veiny prick, which stuck out from the lap of his black robes. He spit in his hand and continued pumping his veiny black snake while he watched Carol pray. She finished and looked at him expectantly.

"What next for my penance father?" Carol asked meekly.

"Well your sins are grave sister. Having relations with a man outside of your race and out of wedlock. You have also confessed lusting for your own flesh, these are serious transgressions sister. The Lord's Prayer and Hail Marys are not enough; you must prove your worship of the lord. As a representative of God on earth you may worship him through me. I will allow you to touch me, anoint thine hand with holy oil," Jerome responded.

Carol got an ornate glass bottle and poured hot oil into her hand. She again kneeled before Jerome and began spreading the oil over his ebony rod. "Aaahhhh yes sister, that's it, show me how much you love God. Pray," Jerome moaned as he leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes.

"Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee..."Carol began while twisting her fist up Jerome's glistening pillar of black steel. "Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb," Carol continued praying. The site of the buxom single mother of two dressed as a conservative nun kneeling before the giant black man dressed as a priest was strange. The fact that she licked her plump lips while reciting prayer and jerking on the priests exposed black rod as it spewed pre-cum made the site truly bizarre but also arousing. Carol went through the Hail Mary, a Lord's Prayer and a Glory Be as Jerome relaxed and enjoyed her oily hand job. The sound of Carol's delicate and perfectly manicured hands massaging and working Jerome's slippery fuck meat filled the room.

"Enough sister, use your mouth to worship my cock," Jerome ordered.

Carol began licking up and down the shaft adding her slick saliva to the hot oil. She wrapped her mouth around the pre-cum coated head and used her tongue to tickle the ridge underneath his cock head and piss-slit. Carol's pussy got wet as Jerome took a firm hold of her nun's habit and used it to direct her head. With little warning he began jamming his big dick deep into her throat. This made Carol gag and cough, spit and cum spewing out of her mouth around Jerome's cock as he facefucked the busty nun without mercy.

"Worship my cock with your throat!" Jerome yelled, slamming his crotch into Carol's face. His wiry black pubes smashed into Carol's nose as he ground his crotch against her, forcing his cock as deep down the sputtering redhead's throat as he could. Carol's pussy was starting to positively drip with the rough treatment and with the mention of cock worship; these were two of her fetishes. This encounter was actually one of her fantasies. Jerome had asked her a week ago what her next fantasy was and she had been considering catholic school-girl or chorus girl since she had been raised Irish-Catholic. Then she thought of this idea.

And now the busty mom was getting her wish of worshipping cock. Her plump lips were stretched thin around the thick root of her giant's black cock. Her gagging and sputtering became more intense and tears started to stream out of her eyes as she pounded her fist against Jerome's thigh and he allowed her to dislodge his cock from her throat. She hacked and coughed up some thick white fluid while struggling to catch her breath. Her neatly folded nun's habit had become disheveled and now kinky strands of Carol's red hair were peeking out. Jerome only gave her a moment of reprieve before plunging his cock back down her throat. He gripped her head and roughly yanked her head up and down his veiny shaft, using her throat to jack himself off.

"Yes sister, repent for your sins," Jerome muttered, plunging his cock between Carol's lips as long strands of drool leaked out.

"Gaack...Urgll...Glup...Forgive me father...Gurck...Ackk...Alppp...for I have sinned...Ulp...Glump!" Carol panted between thrusts.

"Lay on the bed on your back sister, with your head hanging off the edge," Jerome ordered. "I want to anoint your face."

Carol did as instructed. As she stood up her big boobs smacked against each other under the robe and her round ass shook and quaked. Jerome positioned Carol so her head hung off the bed and she had an upside-down view of the world. In this position Jerome could easily jam his stiff rod straight down Carol's throat, which he enthusiastically proceeded to do.

Carol really started to sputter and gag now. Jerome was unrelenting and his black battering ram produced a steady stream of drool and pre-cum from Carol's mouth. These streams flowed down over her eyes, pooling in her hair and the nun's habit.

"Do you want to be punished? Will you pay for your sins?" Jerome asked, pulling out briefly to let the messy nun answer.

"Yes, father!" Carol happily responded. Her pussy was steaming and drooling and her nipples were pink bullets, Jerome's rough treatment was driving her wild.

Jerome began thrusting into Carol's throat again, he could see a bulge form in Carol's slender throat as he worked his dick into her, and that gave him an idea. Jerome grabbed the busty nun by her throat, he began to strangle Carol. This caused exquisite pressure on Jerome's cock, he could feel Carol's throat gripping his cock like a wet satin glove. He could then feel his own hand gripping her throat. He began to thrust in and out, continuing to choke Carol and in effect, jerking himself off through her throat. Carol made guttural gurgling noises obviously unable to breathe at all. Her pussy was gushing, she had never been used this roughly and she was incredibly aroused. She was also a little frightened, Jerome's grip on her throat was painful and she really couldn't breathe. She endured as much as she cared to and then started slamming her fists against Jerome's legs as her throat started to convulse around his prick. Jerome was lost in intense pleasure and did not feel Carol striking him. As Carol felt herself beginning to pass out she grabbed Jerome's ball sac and gave a vicious yank that caught Jerome's attention. He pulled out dragging a gallon of cum and spit across Carol's face as he did. She coughed harshly, desperately inhaling deep breaths in between the wracking spasms.

Carol's nun was quite messy. The habit had fallen apart now just leaving a long black and white cloth tangled with her curly red mane. The cloth and her hair were soaked with drool and pre-cum, so much that it dripped in thick strands to the carpet below. Her face was almost completely obscured by a curtain of slimy white fluid and both of Carol's eyes were tightly shut to avoid stinging. Carol had not worn makeup in keeping with the nun outfit but it meant that her face still looked gorgeous even covered in sweat and cum, she did not have the trails of mascara or smeared lipstick usually present during a face fuck.

"Too rough?" Jerome asked in concern. He had not meant to lose control and did not want to hurt Carol or lose her trust. It was a good thing he asked because Brad had been considering going to his room to get a bat in case Jerome went too far and he needed to defend his mother. Brad was concerned for his mother but also incredibly aroused, it felt like his prick was going to explode. He could not believe that his mother allowed herself to be used in such a way and that she was so turned on by it herself!

Carol sat up and wiped the cum off her eyes, feeding herself the gooey mess. She looked at Jerome with lust crazed eyes. "No, just rough enough!" Carol laughed.

"Ha! That is why I love you baby! You are almost more twisted than me," Jerome responded. He stood up and resumed his character, "Alright sister, you must disrobe now. I want nothing standing between you and holy forgiveness," Jerome said while he went to the closet and pulled out a wooden paddle. Carol had requested a little paddling.

As Carol stood up the mess on her head reversed direction, pouring out of her hair and the remains of her habit and drenching her face. She again scooped goo out of her eyes licking it off her fingers as streamers of drool began dripping from her chin. She unraveled the long robe slowly revealing her tiny, plush body in all its nude glory. She now wore nothing but white lacy stockings and black high heels. Brad had to suppress a gasp, that's why her boobs had been wobbling so much, no bra!

"Sister! No Panties! What would Jesus think?" Jerome asked in mock shock.

"I haven't met him but I bet he would thank his dad for creating these," Carol responded as she hefted her spongy tits and let them bounce around, raising and dropping them. She gave her shoulders a quick shake sending her firm globes flying. The round plump flesh swung around and her huge tits capped with stiff and pink nipples were almost hypnotizing. "And these," Carol added, turning around and using her fingers underneath her ass cheeks to start her bubble butt quivering. The naked nun's miraculous ass rippled and shook as she bent down and shook it. Although a nun twerking in front of a priest seemed out of place, Jerome certainly didn't complain as Carol played with her amazing body for his pleasure. After a few minutes he noticed the paddle in his hand and resumed his role.

"Absolutely shameful sister. How dare you speak of the savior like that! Bend over and I shall show you why god gave you such a big ass!" Jerome said as he raised the paddle. Carol bent over the bed and stuck her ass in the air wiggling it enticingly at Jerome and her hidden son. "SMACK!" the wooden paddle hit hard echoing around the bedroom.


The paddle sent ripples through Carol's expansive derriere and quickly turned her milky white ass cheeks a light shade of pink, as if her ass was blushing.

"Oh yes father, punish my sinful ass!" Carol squealed as Jerome continued his abuse of her shapely backside. He could see her pussy dripping between her legs. He smacked her ass until it was glowing red and the busty mother just squealed with more pleasure every time he landed a blow. Soon Jerome could not stand it anymore he had to fuck this firecracker.

"Alright sister to fully absolve you of your sins I will need to be inside you. Then I shall anoint you with my seed and wash away your sins," Jerome said. He sat back down in the armchair, his erect prick sticking up like a flagpole. Drops of milky white pre-cum capped the mushroom tip.

"Take a seat sister and feel my glory within you," Jerome commanded.

Carol stood up, naked except for her black high heels and white stockings. Her habit was in disarray and a little spit was still dripping from her face. She walked over to Jerome and turned around next to his chair. She paused to bend over and pick up her robe purposefully holding the position longer than necessary to make sure her son got a good view of her rosy ass and steaming pussy from his hiding spot in the shadows. Carol then walked over in front of the priest. Her body seemed to radiate lust as she licked her lips and eyed Jerome's huge pole. She then grabbed Jerome's throbbing fuck stick and lowered her hot, juicy twat until her cunt lips rested on top of Jerome's prick. Her hungry pussy nibbled at the head of his cock trying to draw him in and oozing fuck oil all over the bulbous end.

Carols mouth nibbled at Jerome's ear as she slowly sank down his long veiny shaft, enveloping him in her hot slick channel. She squeezed her pussy around the invader and Jerome groaned as the pressure on his cock increased. Carol went wild, suddenly bouncing up and down on his shaft. She pumped herself on his prick with tremendous energy sending her hair and the tangled nun's habit flying. Her heavy tits swung in wide circles and her bubbly ass rippled and shook. The house filled with the sound of a big white ass slamming down on a stiff black prick. Five minutes of this frantic, torrid sex made Carol go off like a rocket. After the teasing and then rough foreplay she was primed and ready to explode and she did, all over Jerome's pistoning slab of man meat. She screamed as her whole body stiffened, shook almost as if she were convulsing and then suddenly collapsed in a sweaty shuddering heap in Jerome's lap her screams turning into satisfied moans. Carol slowly recovered and resumed a more sensual, gentle pumping of her lover's schlong. She hugged Jerome close, placing her head on his shoulder and looking into the shadows where she knew her son, Bradley, hid jacking his own stiff rod.

"Come here sweetie," Carol mouthed silently while crooking her finger, trying to coax her son out of hiding.

Brad stepped forward cautiously. His mother was glistening with sweat from her exertion and her recent orgasm. Her chin still dripped with spit as her long slender tongue licked her plump, pouty pink lips. Brad walked as close as he could without bumping the back of Jerome's chair. Brad's prick was swollen to its full size of over nine inches and was bucking and throbbing. He had nearly cum watching his mother orgasm all over the black dick she was riding and now he was very close to popping. His mother reached out, replacing his hand with her slender one. She gently jacked his prick while staring deeply into his eyes. Using his pre-cum she lubed up her fingers and jerked on her son's turgid penis.

Brad watched in amazement as his busty mother pulled his prick close to her mouth and breathed hotly on it while still jerking it. She did all this while maintaining a gentle fuck on Jerome's big rod as well.

"I will. Tell me to," Carol mouthed to her son her plump lips slowly sounding out each word so Brad understood. Brad looked back at her in confusion. "Just ask," she mouthed her breath hot and wet against his cockhead.

Brad suddenly understood and mouthed back "Suck it mommy." Carol's slender tongue snaked out and licked the head. Brad felt the hot muscle of his mom's tongue wrap around his cockhead. His cock felt ultra-sensitive and Carol's tongue was tickling each nerve ending into ecstasy as her tongue dragged over it. Carol jerked Brad's foreskin forward so it bunched up around the mushroom tip of his penis, half of the head disappearing inside the loose flesh. Carol then slid her tongue under her son's foreskin and used her tongue to swirl around and massage the sensitive ridge under the head of his penis. He watched as her tongue nimbly moved around underneath the taut skin, Carol suddenly licked the inside of Brad's foreskin directly, swabbing out his foreskin with her wriggling tongue. It felt so good that Brad could not resist coming. With no time for warning he suddenly exploded with the first few spurts going into his mom's mouth and the rest dripping onto the carpet behind Jerome's chair.

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