tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 02

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 02


Christi had almost finished the last of her packing, with Hannah's help, when Hannah's cell started buzzing. It was the middle of the afternoon.

Hannah scowled. "It's a text from Anders. He says most of the brothers are on board, but there's one he hasn't talked to yet. They all think he's going to be a problem." She started tapping at her phone and shot a text back at Christi's rescuer.

"Who is it?" Christi asked.

"A guy named Harker. Hold on... let's see what else Anders can say."

Christi took the last poster off her wall. The room looked bare and cold. "Harker? I know that guy, he was in my freshman comp class. Real chip on his shoulder, like he was smarter than the rest of us and didn't think he had to take freshman comp."

"Where do parents come up with these queer names?" Hannah mused as her phone buzzed again.

"Anders says Harker should be in the chem library and he's going over there in an hour to try and talk him into it. Wish him luck."

"Blow him a kiss, OK?" Christi said, and giggled. Hannah giggled too as she typed the message.

"OK, under-the-radar-babe, time to put up or shut up," she said. Christi looked up surprised as she zipped her suitcase closed.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I told you Anders might need some backup," Hannah said. "Time to do it."

"What? Oh god, you don't mean..."

"I do. Mission number one: get Harker Matheson desperate to see you again."


"Is that shirt expensive?"

"What, this t-shirt? No it's just a ratty old thing I -- hey!"

Before Christi finished speaking, Hannah whipped out a pair of scissors and, with a mumbled "hold still," began making deft cuts. The sleeves and much of the sides of the black t-shirt fell away entirely, and a slashed neckline dipped down to expose a hint of Christi's cleavage. Hannah scooped the waist of the shirt back and efficiently tied a knot behind Christi's spine, opening up her roommate's midriff and making the shirt cling to her figure. Her scarlet bra was plainly visible through the cuts under her arms.

"I don't fucking believe you!" Christi objected, but Hannah ignored her and gave her an appraising look-over.

"You said it was just a ratty old thing. Now I've made it into sexy lingerie. I think it's an improvement."

"So what am I supposed to do? Go give him a blow job and say please let me move into your frat when Anders asks?"

Hannah laughed. "Maybe you should!" Then she recovered her composure. "Geez Christi, don't you have any imagination? Just say hi. Make small talk. Say you remember him. Make sure he remembers you. Butter him up a little. You can do THAT, can't you?"

Christi sighed. "Geez. I guess. He's not that nice of a guy to chit chat with. Kind of a know-it-all asshole."

"Then he'll want to be flattered. Tell him how impressed you were with how smart he was. Ask for homework help or something."

"Oh god, that sounds like fun."

"Well, would you rather quit school and go home?"



"All right, all right, I'll flatter him. Geez!"

"Good girl. Go give him a show."

The university's Chemistry library rose five stories, a modest rise above the science green, and was designed with a zillion nooks and crannies to facilitate private studying. Christi had no idea where in it she might find Harker, and she wanted to find him, do her "buttering up," and get out before Anders got there in an hour so that it would seem like coincidence. Unfortunately, that meant scanning from floor to floor, working all around the peripheries of each level, peering into carrels and study rooms without LOOKING like she was searching for something. She put on the best show she could of anxiously scanning the call numbers on the shelves as she went.

Some of the study carrels were little compartments with a desk and locking doors that had high narrow windows in them. As she went by one, it was darkened, but she realized the pale blue light of a laptop screen was on inside. Strange that someone would be studying with the lights off... She paused and cautiously peered in, and discovered two things at almost the same moment.

First, the person who kept his carrel darkened was Harker Matheson. Twenty minutes of fruitless searching had finally paid off.

And second, he wasn't really studying.

He was seated at the carrel's desk with his back to the door, a laptop open in front of him, and earphones in. What was on the laptop screen was not chemistry... in any academic sense. It was a video... in which a woman with platinum blond hair and enormous silicone boobs was greedily stuffing an enormous cock into her open mouth.

Christi froze, fascinated. She had never really been one for watching porn. What she had seen had been too fake, and too much from the guy's point of view. This was no different.... And yet, there was a certain hypnotic fascination to watching this woman wrestle so much meat into her throat, with such insistent pounding rhythm. She couldn't help but stare, and imagine the scene from the woman's view, with all that manhood pressing into her face. She found the idea surprisingly exciting.

She must have leaned against the door and made a noise. All of a sudden Harker became aware of her presence. His hand had been down his pants, but they were still zipped (Christi found herself wondering how hard, and how big, the video had made him so far...), and he ripped his hand out and scrambled furiously trying to close windows, finally resorting to slamming the laptop closed as he wheeled around toward the door.

"What do you want?" he almost screamed. His voice was muffled by the still-closed door. Christi knocked on it hesitantly. He glared at her, then opened the door a bit.

"Hi... I, um... I was walking by and I .... Well, you might want to cover the window a bit when you're.... you know... in case the library staff comes by," she stammered.

His face was pale white. "Oh god, I -- are you going to tell?"

"What?" Christi answered. "No! Why would I? I mean... pshhh... everyone's got their... you know, their private stuff, don't they? I don't mind. Just thought you'd want to be more... private."

"You don't mind?" he echoed her.

"No," she said more firmly. "It looked like you were having fun, so hey... why not, y'know? None of my business. Hey -- I'm Christi, by the way." She extended a hand. He took it and shook it. His hand was a little clammy. Christi suddenly remembered that it had been down his pants a moment before, but she didn't pull back from it.

"I'm Harker," he said. "Harker Matheson," stressing his last name like it was important.

"Oh yeah, Harker Matheson --" she said, taking the cue. Hey, weren't you in my freshman comp class? I think I remember you."

He looked at her. "May have been. Stupid waste of time, though."

"Oh, it wasn't for me," she said, and took the plunge. "I guess it would be for someone like you. I could tell you already knew what was going on."

"I don't know why they don't let us AP out of it."

"I guess," she said, "but I didn't have a lot of AP. I got to say, though, it was really nice having you in that class. I think I learned more listening to you talk than I did from the professor." All of this was a lie.

Christi had skipped four courses with AP credits, was ten times the writer Harker was, and found his pretentious blather in class boring. But she was in buttering-up mode and playing the bimbo seemed to work with him.

Harker beamed, predictably, the embarrassment at his recreational activity fading. "So what are you doing in the chem library, Christi? I thought you were an education major or something."

"Oh, I was in communications, but I'm thinking of switching to psych," she lied. "They want us to take some chem for it so I thought I'd take a peek over here. It's really intimidating!"

"Oh, not once you get used to it," he said smugly.

"Hey, have you already taken intro chem?"

"I AP'd out of it," he said. "Went straight to Orgo freshman year."

"Really? Cool! You must be really good at it." Christi gushed. "Hey -- I don't suppose there's any way you might help me with homework this year? I'm not that good with science, and I could really use the help." This was not entirely a lie. Christi truly was not good with science. Harker's tutoring would have been very helpful, if she had not been lying about taking chemistry in the first place.

Harker's eyes roved up and down her figure without any subtlety whatsoever, and his face broke out into the sleaziest grin she had ever seen. "I'm sure we could work something out."

"Oh god, thanks so much!" Christi said, and threw in the ditziest bounce she could muster up, letting her tits bounce. "You're my hero! Are you in the directory?"

"Of course."

"Sweet! I'll text you and set it up! Thanks so much!"

"My pleasure," he said, and Christi shuddered to think too much of what all he meant by it. But she thought about going home, and that motivated her to turn and walk away with a smile, a flirty wave, and to rock her hips back and forth as she walked back to the elevator bank. She could feel his eyes devouring her ass until she rounded the corner and started to walk normally again.

She passed Anders in the lobby and winked at him. He stopped short, surprised at the sight of her newly repurposed top. "Hannah thought I could lay some ground work," she told him. "Harker's in a carrel on the fourth floor. Approach with caution, he's been... uh... entertaining himself in there."

And with that she sauntered away, out onto the green grass of the science quad.

She realized her mind was racing. Hannah had told her she wouldn't have to whore it up.... But she had to admit, she had anyway. She had really played the slut for Harker. It had come to her so easily. Part of her thought that she should feel dirty and ashamed. Was she really that much of a slut on the inside, that it came out so fast and so smoothly? Was she just pretending to be a smart capable college girl, while all she really wanted was that porn star cock stuffing her face?

But part of her actually felt strangely proud. She was a woman -- a desirable woman -- and a man could collapse into jelly if she admitted to the power of that desire. Sure, Harker had proven astonishingly easy. But how much harder could any other man be?

Then she realized that this thought was, itself, a dirty pun, and giggled to herself, and went back to the room she was getting kicked out of to report to Hannah. All the way there, she mused about just how hard men could be, and felt the saliva running in her mouth.

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