How Christi Paid for College Ch. 04


Only one thing bothered her as she finally released him and eased her head off his massive shaft. Her spittle oozed everywhere over his cock and her mouth and chin and chest as he pulled out from the first hard face fuck. She opened up her eyes and looked up at him.

"Dammit, Gaurav," she rasped. "You're too fucking hairy. Anything you want me to lick, you've got to shave, ok? I gotta draw the line somewhere."

He was panting, amazed at how she had just taken his cock deep into her throat. "Huh? Lick what?"

"Your balls, you idiot," she said, and laughed at him. She stroked his dick in her hand and licked it as she spoke. "This is a nice cock, but I'm not going to lick those hairy balls of yours. Nor your ass. It's gross. Clean up next time and shave."

"Ok. If I do... If I shave.,.."

"Then anything goes..." she said, and broke into an enormous, white-toothed smile.

"But is my .... Is my cock.. you know.. OK?"

Christi laughed and swallowed him again, faster now, running him straight back into her throat and then quickly pulling off, leaving a trail of saliva hanging between her mouth and his cockhead.

"I don't know," she giggled, "Does it FEEL OK?" Gaurav tried to stammer out an answer but before he could, she dove onto his shaft again and sucked him deep. His words dissolved into a groan of ecstasy before he could say them.

Christi reached behind her back and loosened the clasps of her bra. It fell away and let her tits hang free as she continued to blow Gaurav's brown cock. She wriggled against him so that he could feel their smooth softness against his thighs. She loved that taste of him, the feel of hard flesh filling her mouth. For Gaurav, it was as though the earth melted away. He had never been further than to kiss a couple of girlfriends and attempt awkward, mostly failed gropes through their sweaters. That, and watching a lot of porn.

What Christi was doing now was a new world for him. She pumped his dick with her mouth, fucking him with her face. Everything was sweetness and damp and slick heat inside, flooding around him.

She thought about how it would feel to let him fuck her cunt too, to take his thick meat inside her pussy and blow a sticky load there. But there was noise outside the changing room, somebody else coming. And she did want him to shave so that she could enjoy him fully. Better to finish him off here and save the rest for later.

Gaurav felt his vision go blurry as Christi sucked him like a whore. He didn't know what to do. His whole life, his whole self, was a great shaft of flesh pumping into Christi's mouth as she gobbled his cock greedily. His body spasmed. He thought about her bouncing tits against his thighs and the tight curve of her ass down there below her new-cropped hair and groaned. Fire shot through his nerves. A flood of warmth gushed through his pelvis and he felt a gate unlatch somewhere deep in his balls.

Christi felt it – the sudden jerk, the shift of rhythm, the surge of heat. She threw herself into his dick harder, opened her eyes and gazed up at him through heavy lids, pleading with low moans to be fed as she sucked him into her throat.

His eyes locked on hers like a lifeline, hypnotized by the sight of his cock plunging between her lips. The gate was open. The flow began. Thunder pounded in his ears. She smiled but did not release him from the sweet suction on his fat brown shaft. He seethed and panted like an animal as the hot gush came up his shaft and spouted into Christi's welcoming mouth. She squealed with glee but held his cock in her lips, running her tongue over the sensitive tip so that electric shocks of pleasure wracked his body. He shuddered and fell back against the wall behind, then slid down to sit on the changing room bench. Christi pumped her mouth onto his cock a few more times, more slowly, then let his glistening member drop free.

She smiled at him with tight pressed lips, kneeling between his knees, her arms resting on his thighs.

"Guesh whut ah haff im mah mouff," Christi murmured at him, trying to keep her lips closed. Gaurav raised an eyebrow at her.

"Wanna shee?" she said, and then opened her mouth wide before he could answer. Glistening pearly cum – a huge load of it – filled her mouth like a creamy puddle, her tongue swishing it against her teeth. Some spilled and dripped down her chin and onto Gaurav's leg. She let him take a good look at his seed in her mouth, then threw her head back, gargled a moment, closed her mouth, and swallowed hard. Then she looked at him again, smiled even bigger, and opened wide again.

"Aaahh!" she said, as though he were her dentist.

He could see that her mouth was clean and clear. She had gulped all of his potent seed down to her belly. "Yummy! Don't want to waste a drop!"

"You're wasting that one," he said, gesturing to the drip on his leg. Christi mocked shock and surprise, then leaned in and lapped the droplet of cum up with a long, lazy stroke of her tongue. She licked off her lips and chin as well.

"Mmmm, now that's what I call fucking yummy!" she said. "Or yummy fucking, I guess. Either way."

"Either way, " Gaurav agreed. "Wow."

They sat a moment like that, smiling at each other, recovering their breath and letting the sweat dry on their bodies.

"Next time, before you do anything to make me grateful, shave your balls first, OK?" Christi said. "That was just a taste. For me. I want to taste more next time."

Gaurav nodded. He was glad she was already talking about next time. He had always worried about how he would perform with a woman. Christi had made it all so easy. He wondered if other girls were like her.

Gaurav's presentation was a smashing success. He got a contract as a freelance tech consultant and was paid a generous retainer. Christi was seen around campus sporting some beautiful silk Chinese dresses in various colors over the next few weeks.

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