tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 05

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 05


Chapter 5


Four days a week, Christi worked as a barista at the Lightning Bean, a local coffee shop. She had always liked the place; a lot of students and professors hung out there and discussed art and poetry and politics, and she felt cooler whipping up lattes there than she would have in a Dunkin Donuts. The money wasn't bad but it wasn't very good, but they were allowed to leave out a tip jar. Most weeks the tips added up enough to let Christi catch a movie or go out while leaving her paycheck intact for the next round of bills. When it got quiet and all the cleaning and prep was done, the manager didn't mind her catching up on homework reading, so all in all it was a good deal.

Since she had moved in at Kappa, Christi began to realize how much appeal she could have to guys, and it made little changes to her approach to the Lightning Bean. She smiled more, winked every now and then, sometimes laid her hand on the shoulder of seated customer when clearing up or letting her fingers brush theirs as she handed them coffee. She held on to shirts that had shrunk a little tight on her figure, rather than throwing them out, and opened up a button or two on the ones that had buttons, letting a little creamy cleavage show. The results amazed her. The tip jar, that used to have a little paltry pocket change each week, filled up much more rapidly, and with dollar bills rather than spare coins.

But for all that, she knew that she was not the main attraction in the little coffee shop. That was Lily. Lily was a goddess. She had graduated the year before but stayed on to enjoy college town life, the little bars and bookshops and the art and underground music. She stood easily 5' 9" and didn't hesitate to wear high heels sometimes, a lithe deity with legs that stretched up and up forever until they disappeared into the folds of her india-print skirts. She had a sweet round face and a ready smile of white teeth for everyone, and there was not a human being, male or female, who was not desperately in love with her. It killed Christi that someone who was so sickeningly gorgeous should also be so sweet -- it was impossible to hate her.

The coffee shop stayed open late, since it served a college town, and Christi often pulled an evening shift to avoid conflicts with class. One evening, around nine o'clock, she was surprised to find Lily's car in the rear parking lot as she was clearing out the trash and getting ready to hand over to the night shift. It was odd because Lily had finished her own shift a full hour earlier and Christi thought she had said she was going home -- why was her car still there? But the thought passed when she discovered that the morning crew had forgotten to restock trash bags from dry storage, so she would have to get more herself. Normally dry storage sat undisturbed all day after morning prep.

The morning crew had been even more incompetent than usual. Christi realized that a light was on in the storeroom, gleaming dimly under the door, but the door was locked. Waste of electricity, and here we are bragging how green our coffeeshop is, she groaned inside. She fetched a key from the manager's desk. The shop was empty, before the late night study crew came in. Christi opened the storeroom door... and froze.

Lily was there. And she wasn't alone.

Christi thought fast and slipped a step back silently. She eased the door closed, almost all the way... and left a crack to watch.

There was a quilted pad spread out on the concrete floor, the kind of thing that moving vans use to prevent furniture scratching up in transit. A man was lying on it on his back. He had a dark brown crew cut and a goatee, and was wearing a pinstripe suit. Mostly wearing it, that is....his tie was in disarray, and his slacks were pulled down to his knees.

Lily was riding him. She had a white blouse on, unbuttoned and hanging open to reveal her gentle, modest breasts in a sea of creamy white skin. India-print skirts were hiked up to her waist. She knelt straddling the man, her hands on his chest, pumping her pelvis against him. Christi couldn't see much at her angle, but she knew his cock must be hammering up into her pussy. She felt a little wet gush in her own cunt at the thought.

The couple's bodies heaved together. The man was thrusting his hips up from the floor, filling the goddess. Lily answered with thrusts of her own, driving her body down onto him, dragging his thick shaft up inside her. She threw her head back and moaned, enjoying the feeling as her body filled up with his cock.

He was fucking her hard. They must have been at it a while, so fast and furious. His forehead was glazed in sweat. Lily fucked him back in perfect synch, matching him pulse for pulse. She was whispering. "Yesss... fuck me.... You fucking prick... give me your fucking cock...."

Christi couldn't believe the sight. Unconsciously, one hand lifted the hem of her own skirt and she slid a finger inside her own panties. Her cunt was slick and warm. She stroked it softly and lazily. A sigh of pleasure slipped out of her lips.

The man didn't hear it, too busy fucking the goddess. But Lily did. She didn't break rhythm, but her head whipped up, her eyes wide. Those warm brown eyes met Christi's catlike golden ones for a moment, and Lily saw the lust and pleasure in her observer's face. Then she relaxed and winked and shoved her cunt down on the cock beneath her even harder.

The man started to moan uncontrollably. His body bucked. "Oh fuck..." He grunted, quietly, not wanting anyone to overhear... "oh my fucking god..."

Lily knew her cue. Smooth as a cat, she slid off his shaft and down between his legs. Christi got a good look at a thick greasy pole of a cock before Lily swallowed it between her coral lips and bobbed her head on it vigorously. Her tongue lapped out around it every few strokes.

He groaned and shuddered, and then with a final half-suppressed groan, spasmed from his place on the floor. Lily slipped her mouth free of the cock to let his load spurt in a messy arc through the air and spatter over her nose and cheeks. She smiled, then gulped his cock again and sucked in him with the cum dripping down to her jaw line, drinking the last of his precious load.

"Mmmm, very nice," she purred at him. "You coming back next week?"

"Oh fuck, yes," the man said. "Wouldn't miss it."

"I'll look forward to it. Vanilla latte?"

"The usual," he chuckled.

Then it was suddenly over. The stranger -- whom Christi finally realized had been a customer in the shop earlier that afternoon, during Lily's shift -- hopped up, pulled up his pants and zipped up, and headed for the door. Christi was barely quick enough to close it and skitter down the hall before he noticed she was there.

He left by the rear exit and Christi rushed back into the room. Lily sat on the mat, nonplussed, licking cum from her face. She looked up at Christi, blushed, giggled, and then recovered her composure.

"Are you going to tell?" was all she asked.

Christi thought for a moment, then made a decision. She walked over to the mat and knelt on it beside the ivory goddess. "Not if you share that with me."

Lily paused and looked at her, surprised, then opened up an enormous sunrise of a smile. She held out her cum-stained face and closed her eyes. Christi leaned in, smelled the goddess' perfume, and then slowly licked the stranger's cum off her co-worker's cheek and nose. It tasted salty and pungent. Then she worked her way around to Lily's mouth and closed her lips in a slow, languid kiss.

They parted and looked at each other for a moment, and smiled. Then Christi said, "OK, fess up now. What the fuck was that? Who was that guy? I thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend."

"He wasn't a boyfriend," Lily said. "He was a customer."

"A what?" Christi wasn't sure what she was hearing.

"A customer," Lily shrugged. "He gives really good tips."

"Good tips?"

"Mm hmm. Like, REALLY good tips."

"How the hell did this get started?" Christi was fascinated.

"It actually started with Peter, about six months ago," Lily explained. "He's a lawyer, has his lunch here a lot?"

"Oh yeah, I think I remember him."

"Well, he was a terrible flirt. Always saying this or that. Nothing gross, nice stuff, when I served him. And I would tease him. He'd ask what was good to eat, and I'd say I was, then, oh you mean for lunch? It was all in fun, but he was cute. Then one day he spilled a drink and I leaned over him to clean it up, and as I came back I let my hand brush across his lap -- and he was hard as a rock! Oh man, I loved feeling that. I started to pull away, but he grabbed my wrist and held my hand there... made me really get a good feel before he let me go. What a cock! I think I must have blushed, and I said, they don't pay me enough for this. He said, I figured you made your money in tips. And I said I do, but you don't tip me enough for this either."

"Holy shit, you're crazy!" Christi cried out.

"Ha ha, I guess so," Lily said. "Anyway, he comes back next day, and leaves this envelope on the table with my name on it when he gets up to go to the bathroom. So I look at it and open it. He's put three hundred dollars inside and a note that says, 'follow me.' So I snuck back to the bathroom and knocked... and he let me in."

"Oh my god, what happened?"

"He ate my pussy for the rest of his lunch," Lily giggled." Did a damn good job of it. Quick, but damn good. Then I had my lunch too... and fed on him..."

"And you didn't get caught?"

"We left separately so no one noticed. Got lucky. I snuck the spare storeroom key and made a copy after that. No one comes in here after morning shift. So I gave him a note to meet me in there after my shift next time he had an envelope. We did that a couple times and then he brought a friend...."

"Holy shit! Why don't you just take them back to your apartment?"

"I have too many roommates, and the landlord is also a cop. This is actually less risky. I've been doing it for months and you're the first person to catch me."

"But that guy wasn't Peter, I know him. Who was that?"

"I don't know, actually. There's a little network of guys in the area, friends and colleagues of Peter's and one of them refers another... they have to know a little code word so I know they're legit."

"Wow..." Christi said. "Lily, can I ask you something?"


"Are the guys -- are they nice to you? I mean, are any of them scary or skeevy or anything?"

Lily laughed. "I was so scared they would be once I took the plunge. But actually, that's the funny thing -- they're nicer than most boyfriends I've had. They're older, and more mature, and, well, you know -- I'm not a cheap ten dollar whore. Some of them are just single and lonely and want a girl without the stress of the dating game, some of them have dead marriages and appreciate a woman who'll give them the attention they crave. I've had some guys leave an envelope and then just come in here to talk. And besides, if I don't like the look of a guy I can just ignore the envelope and not pick it up. They need me to leave a note on their table to give them the appointment before anything happens."

"OK, Lily, then I've got another question."


"Do you want a ... y'know, a partner or anything?"

Lily burst out laughing. "Want a cut of my business now, do you?"

Christi blushed. "No! No, it's just... well, I guess, yes, I do."


"I almost had to quit school this year because of money. The guys at Kappa house took me in, and I started to feel grateful to the ways they've been so nice to me... and I've kinda let one jerk off on me and gave a blowjob to another, and... well fuck, I really liked it! If these guys will pay three hundred a pop, I mean, if there are any you don't have time for or anything.... I could use the money, yeah."

Lily thought about it. "Y'know, I said I haven't been caught before now, but now you DID catch me. It would probably safer to have someone else on staff as lookout. We could do it for each other, trade off. Wait a minute, I just realized -- if we have each other to cover the front counter and be lookout, we could take customers any time it's not too busy for one of us to slip in back. Tell you what -- next time you're on shift and a customer comes in, I'll sound him out about trying you instead, or maybe we can set up an after hours two-for-one or something. And there's got to be something in it for me. I'll handle the money and I'm taking ten percent of whatever you get. Is that fair?"

Christi's mind boggled at how businesslike Lily sounded, but oddly it felt reassuring. "Deal. Let's shake on it."

"Shake on it, my ass. You're my whore now. Show me how you kiss."

Christi did. She hadn't experimented with girls before, but she felt layers of inhibition falling away from her like a snake shedding layers of skin. She was a whore now. It was official. Lily had said so. The ambiguities and uncertainties and tentative guilt about her gratitude to Anders and Gaurav evaporated. She knew what she was. I am a whore, Christi said in her mind. I live to give and take pleasure. And she kissed her new mentor in sluttery.

It was surprisingly tender. Their breath sighed back and forth, hot and moist. Lily took the lead with her tongue, letting it play across Christi's lips, teeth, and palate. Christi curdled inside and sucked Lily deeper, a long, slow, kiss, not a kiss of love but of passion, of urges released.

They finally, slowly, parted. Lily smiled. "I think you're going to be great."

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