tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 06

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 06


Chapter 6: The First John

Apparently no clients showed up the next day and Christi and Lily had a disappointingly ordinary day of work serving coffee and sandwiches. The day after that Christi was not on the schedule, but she was on the same shift with Lily the following day, a Wednesday. She came on at 2:00, overlapping with Lily, who had worked the lunch hour. The manager of the coffee shop, who normally came in early to prep breakfast, left about the same time as Christi arrived.

Christi tied her apron on and joined Lily behind the counter, saying hi and what could she do to start? Lily flashed her an enormous smile and winked. "You can be ready for five o'clock, is what."

"Five o'clock?" Christi asked. Lily nodded, pulled a thick white envelope from the front pocket of her own apron and dropped it into Christi's pocket.

"I already took my ten per cent. It will be the lull between the tea time rush and the light-dinner crowd. He gets off work then. It's the best time for most of them."

"Will I be on my own?" Christi asked, suddenly nervous.

"I'm going to be lookout for you," Lily said. "I thought about offering a two-for-one to get you started, but I think it's better to be safe. Maybe we'll find a way to swing that later. And I'm pretty sure you can figure out what to do. I've felt how you kiss."

Christi and Lily spent the next three hours rushing about brewing coffee, mixing lattes, toasting bagels and slicing cheesecake for a busy afternoon of customers, businessmen making sales and professors discussing papers with students and students studying. It all fell into a familiar pattern, the mid-afternoon rush that all coffee shops have. The Lightning Bean offered some soups and sandwiches that would bring a bit of a dinner crowd but nothing like a full restaurant, but they served it in order to stay open for the late-night study-breakers who drank enormous amounts of caffeine. Christi kept up her routine, tried hard to treat Lily normally, and suppressed the adrenaline rush at the thought of the thick envelope in her pocket and her five o'clock appointment. During a fifteen-minute break she slipped out the back door and counted the money - $270, in twenties and tens, Lily's standard fee minus her percentage. Madam Lily, Christi thought to herself, and grinned.

The afternoon customers slowly filtered out until the shop was practically empty, and the clock showed a minute before five. They were now the only two staff working the place. Lily nodded at Christi. "Better go back there. I'll send him in when he comes."

"Should I ... y'know... get changed or anything?"

"Only if you want to."

"Ummm... and how long should we stay back there?"

"I always make it clear that I'm on the clock for the shop as well as doing a service for them. You go till he's done, but if he's not done by quarter to six, I need you out here to help prep dinner. Don't rush him but don't let him drag it out too much."

Christi sighed and her hands trembled. Lily saw and took her arms, and looked her in the face.

"Hey -- you don't have to do this if you're not comfortable. I can go instead, it's OK." Christi smiled. "No -- I'm ok. Just stage fright or something, I guess. I've always been in control before, to seduce a guy who wasn't expecting it."

Lily nodded. "You're in control still. He's more scared of you than you are of him. Guys are terribly nervous about their cocks, you know." "OK."

Christi grabbed a key and headed back to the dry storage room, opened it, flicked on the light, and went in. To her surprise, the mat was already laid out and there was a little folding stool with a bouquet of roses, an unlit candle, a matchbook, and a little bowl of chocolates on it. She went to it and found a note with her name on it. When she opened it, a whiff of perfume met her nose, and she read:

Christi -- Any man alive is lucky to have you. You are the sexiest woman in the world. Enjoy yourself as much as I enjoy you! Lily

Christi smiled and a warm wave of calm washed over her. She knelt by the stool, lit the candle, and turned out the light. In the soft candle flame, she wondered if she should be clothed or naked. She remembered that Lily had been basically clothed when she caught her a few days earlier, and realized the storeroom would be pretty chilly in the buff. But she did remember to remove her apron at least, let her hair down from its ponytail, and loosened a few buttons on her blouse. She hadn't thought to wear particularly cute underwear, just a plain beige bra and panties, but she hoped her first client wouldn't mind.

A knock came on the door. This is it! She thought to herself. "Come in," she said.

It opened softly and a man stepped in. He was wearing a grey suit but had removed his tie. He was not very tall and slight of build, bearded with brown hair, with soft eyes. Everything about him said nice and shy.

"Hi," she said nervously.

He looked down, nervous too. "Hi."

"I'm Christi," she said, and gave him a smile. He seemed so sweet.

"Hi," he said again. "I'm, uh... I'm John."

She laughed. "You are not!"

The client giggled a little. "Yeah, actually, I am. It really is John."

"Did Lily tell you it would be me here?"

"Yeah," he answered. "She said you were really nice and I should .... Umm... meet you. So... here I am."

Christi reached out a hand to him from where she knelt on the mat. "Well, I'm really glad you came. Ummm.... You're going to be my first John." She giggled. "In every sense."

She didn't let go of his hand, but slowly drew him over to herself so that he settled into the mat beside her. Christi realized that Lily had picked the perfect first customer to send to her; no way could she be nervous around this mild-mannered, sweet man. She realized that sooner or later she was going to want someone more assertive who would take control. But she felt powerful again. She could do anything with this little guy.

"Would you like a chocolate?" she asked. John shook his head, but she unwrapped one anyway, held it in her own teeth, and then took him by the back of his neck and pulled him close. His lips parted and she slid the chocolate into his mouth with a thrust of her tongue. Her tongue lingered over his teeth and lips as he took it, and then let him go to chew and swallow.

"So, John," she continued, her face close to his, "is there anything in particular you want? Or don't want? I don't want to disappoint you."

John gulped the chocolate down awkwardly. "I... I'm a pretty basic guy, really. I just want... you know... the basics."

Christi smiled. "Basics sound good to me. Let me help you here...."

She slid his jacket off his shoulders, then took him by his hands and guided them to her shirt. Her face still close, she looked into his eyes and let her lips brush over his without quite kissing him. He took the cue and started to unbutton her blouse. Christi smiled bigger as he opened it up to reveal her breasts, held in the (sadly dull) beige bra. She rose up on her knees, bringing her tits to his face level. John's hands reached around her back and fumbled with the clasp, while she wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him into her cleavage. She could feel the tickle as he kissed and sucked at her tits. Then he finally got the clasp free; she reached up her sleeves (they were short) from outside and pulled the shoulder straps out over each arm, so that the whole bra fell away and her boobs fell free, soft, round, and inviting. John's hands groped and gripped each in turn as his face turned from one to the other, nibbling and licking.

"Mmmm John," she said softly, "do you like my tits? Hmmm?"

"Mmm oh god yes," he murmured from deep in her flesh.

Christi really felt a gush of dampness in her pussy as he grazed over her boobs hungrily. He was in heaven and she loved putting the poor shy guy there. It was so nice to be someone's heaven, and so easy!

"Well," she said slowly, letting him feast, "you may love tits, John, but me -- I love cock."

He didn't say anything but continued sucking his way across her flesh from one breast to the other. Christi's hands groped down his back and sides till they found his belt. She grasped at it till she found the buckle and loosened it, then undid his fly. He was basically seated in front of her, his legs apart, and she knelt between his knees, reaching down around her lush bosom and his head buried in it to the growing bulge between his thighs. His fly came open and she reached inside. She could feel his swelling cock and groped at it. It quivered at her touch and stiffened up harder inside bland white briefs.

"Ah..." she said in a whisper. "THIS is what I want! Lie back and get your pants off."

He looked up from her tits in slight surprise, then obeyed, lying back and wriggling out of his slacks. Christi stood up over him. She had worn jeans, not thinking of the possibility of this happening, and made a mental note to wear skirts to work in the future. But she made a show of it in the candle light, turned around and showed her ass to him, then slowly shimmied out of the jeans (and her dull beige panties) until she could step free of them.

"Now, John," she said, "you like tits, hmmm?"

"Oh fuck yes," he said.

"Good boy. Have some more..." Christi stepped over by John's head and knelt down above him, lowering her breasts to his face as he lay on the ground. A huge boyish grin broke over his face. Her breasts were large, soft, and natural, and the force of gravity made them hang and envelop him in pure bliss. Christi slowly swayed and slid back and forth, helping him enjoy every ounce of them as he fondled, kissed, and sucked at them.

Meanwhile his cock still craved attention, nearly full but not quite. It wasn't a big cock, to tell the truth. But it wasn't small either. Christi thought of Anders' pink monster with a twinge of nostalgia. But John would do just fine. She couldn't reach it with her mouth while she was treating John to a feast of tits, but she reached with her hands and grasped it firmly, and began to tug. It stretched out properly and grew hard in her hands, and she smiled eagerly. He groaned and wriggled under her and she giggled. She began to stroke his cock steadily, in quick rhythmic pulls, making it fill and swell. It grew to a nice decent size and began to look very tasty to her.

"OK," she said, "ready for a different thing to eat?" John moaned something that she hoped was a yes, and Christi crawled up his body, letting her breasts sweep and brush over his taut skin. Finally her thighs straddled his head. She slid her knees apart, pressing her open pussy down into his face. At the same time, she gripped the root of his cock firmly, opened her mouth, and swallowed him.

John didn't hesitate but plunged into the sixty-nine eagerly. Christi's pussy was damp and warm and he licked every fold of her aroused flesh. Her clit stood out at his chin, a tender pebble, and he lapped his tongue over it, making her squirm and squeal. He could feel her mouth on his pole and electric currents surged through his body. It was truly heaven. The moisture in her cunt built up and oozed out over his tongue, so that he lapped it up, making her slicker and slicker each moment. Christi's head was bobbing actively on his dick now, stretching it, smoothing it, sucking it in forcefully. Their bodies heaved against each other, each trying to eat like they were being eaten. Heat and sweat washed over them as they lost themselves in a frenzy of lust and hunger.

Finally Christi gasped for breath and pulled off the iron rod, a long trail of spittle hanging from it to her lips. She ground her pelvis down onto John's head and he dug deep into her cunt. It was happening. The waves spasmed over her entire body and shook her like a tree in a hurricane, shuddering through her while her mind emptied and she could think of nothing but her lust. She wasn't in control any more, she wasn't saying anything, all that she had was the sheer thunderhead of joy that exploded from her sopping hot cunt.

It passed, finally, and she collapsed for a moment. I got paid for that, she thought to herself. Damn I'm lucky. But clarity returned and she knew that she wasn't getting paid only to enjoy herself. She rolled off of the mild mannered fucker's body, turned to him, lay back, and spread her legs. Her wet pussy opened, all pink and slick. He stared in fascination, and Christi crooked a finger to invite him in.

John climbed up to his knees and over her. She reached down and grasped his stiff cock, pulling it to herself. When the tip of the head reached her vulva she twisted, rubbing it against herself, feeling the little aftershocks of orgasm, and giggled at him. But she had unlocked something inside the gentle man. As she teased her pussy with his cock, suddenly he gave a strong shove with his hips and drove the heavy shaft inside her.

Christi's cunt was tight but slick, a perfect fit, gripping him every inch as he hammered his cock down into her and then slid it out again. He started slow and heavy, fucking her with a gradual thudding pulse. Then John began to pick up speed. He gripped her quivering body by the hips and humped his cock as deep into her pussy as it could go, thrusting hard and filling her with his hunger. Christi squealed with new pleasure as he took charge and used her body for his own satisfaction. She wrapped her arms under her soft tits and pressed them up and together, smiling as his eyes lit up at the sight of them. They quivered and bounced with each hammer thrust. He pressed his face into them again as he fucked her harder and harder, then lifted his head free just to look at the girl he was fucking for money.

She could feel he was stiffening up. He was close. Christi giggled and smiled and decided to give him some encouragement. She winked at him, then closed her eyes, sucked on a fingertip, and rubbed it around one taut nipple. She opened her eyes and winked at him again. John's face was screwed up in a paroxysm of lust and desire.

"Cum on me, baby," she whispered. "Cum on your whore. Cum on my whore tits. I want it baby, I want your cum, I want it!"

"Oh fucckkkkk..." John groaned.

"Give it to me on my big whore tits, baby, pleeease..." Christi moaned at him. "Please.... Pleeease give me your cum, baby..."

With a sudden roar, John pulled his swollen cock out of Christi's cunt and pushed his pelvis up at her. She slid down a little between his legs so that his shaft was at his cleavage, smiled and thrust her tongue out of open lips as she stroked him. He quivered and spasmed, then let out a sudden groan. "Yes, baby, yes, cum on meeee!" Christi cried, and he did. The cock in her hand vibrated and pulsed and then, at one last jerk, blasted a spurt of pearly seed. It splattered across Christi's heaving tits and her chin and tongue. She kept stroking and the first shot was followed by a second, and then even a third. She giggled and laughed as his body shook and sweat bathed his slight frame.

"Good boy!" she said. "Fuck, that was a lot of cum! You're really good!"

He smiled. "Really?"

"Fuck yeah! Come back and do that for me anytime, baby," Christi winked at him. "You know where to find me."

"Ahh..." he sighed. "Thank you."

"Aww, thank YOU," she said. "I had fun."

"You did?"

"Yeah. I'm new to this job. You made it easy for me."

He blushed and took a deep breath. "I guess I should go."

"You don't have to rush," she said. "But I think that was what you came for, wasn't it?"

He nodded. "It sure was. Thanks, ummm...."


"Thanks, Christi."

"Any time."

She kissed him sweetly and helped him get his clothes on. She knew that it wasn't like a date where he could spend the night afterwards, but tried not to hustle him out. She gave him hugs and kisses and let him linger a few minutes before going. He gave her one last smile and disappeared. She dressed herself again and went out to see Lily.

The coffeehouse was still deserted, except for one elderly woman sipping tea by the window seat. Lily was behind the counter. Christi gave her a thumbs-up as she joined her there. Lily looked up and down Christi's figure.

"You still have cum on your cleavage," she said softly so the elderly customer wouldn't hear. Christi had left her blouse a little unbuttoned.

"Oh, did I forget to clean up fully?" Christi teased her with a mock-innocent voice. "I wonder if anyone can help me with that?"

"You bitch," Lily smiled. She took Christi by the shoulders and forced her back behind a tall espresso machine where the elderly lady couldn't see, bent down, and licked John's pearly cum from Christi's tits. She continued the long lick up her throat to her chin and then gave her a tender kiss. The girls shared the cum back and forth until finally they each swallowed a share.

"Good first day?" Lily asked finally.

"Fucking awesome first day," Christi smiled. "When can I do it again?"

"All in good time, little grasshopper," Lily said. "I'm still going to be in business myself, you know. I'm only sending a few guys your way from time to time. And we have dinner service to prep."

As they started cutting bread and laying out cold cuts, Christi wondered what other clients would come her way, and whether any of the boys in Kappa might wind up linked into Lily's little network.

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