tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 07

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 07


Chapter Seven

Asian Boys

Back at Kappa house, Christi studied hard. She stayed up late nights writing papers. The temptation was strong to dump it, procrastinate, write them the night before like other students did, but Christi didn't want to be that kind of student. She wanted to excel, to do things the right way. She wrote drafts early and sent them in for professors' comment even when it wasn't required, angling for how to get the A's. Midterm was approaching and she didn't want it to catch her unprepared.

It was hard to do. She wanted to go out and fuck and fuck and make money. It was so exciting to have Lily's thick envelopes in her pocket and the aftertaste of jizz in her mouth. It wasn't just because of the money, it meant something else. It was a kind of affirmation, she thought. It said she was meeting someone's need. It meant she was desirable.

Lily made her ration her whoring time at the Lightning Bean, though. They talked business frankly when no one else was in the coffee shop. The more clients they took, the more the chance they would get caught. The longer they kept at it, the more chance they would get caught. Not only that, but they had entered the only profession where you made more money as a novice than you would when you got older.

"Don't get addicted to the envelopes," Lily warned her. "I've thought about this a lot. Get addicted to the envelopes and next thing you know you're a dried-up crack whore getting beaten by a pimp and giving ten-dollar blow jobs in dirty back alleys. We can stay safe and make good money for a little while as long as we're young and only select a handful of customers. Finish school, stick to your day job, and plan for what you'll do next. This is fun but it's only for now, OK?"

As it was, there was a little circle of ten or twelve men who came into the coffee shop with envelopes, two or three in any given week. Lily would pass one a week to Christi and handle the others herself. Almost always, afterwards, the girls would save a little cum for each other and pass it in furtive licks and kisses. The rest of the time, it was back to lattes and bagels.

Christi thought that it was funny, how much she and Lily devoured each other after having a client. She had never thought of herself as a lesbian, nor bisexual, either. She wondered what it was that made her throw herself at Lily when she came out of dry storage. Finally she realized it was the cum. She never touched or kissed Lily any other time except when pearly jizz graced her perfect lips or cheek or collarbone. She couldn't resist the stuff. It was like magic, something mystical; here was the power of life, the alchemy that made babies out of mere cells and tissue, and guys happily spent it everywhere, spurting it all over girls like it was water, because they always had more to spare. This glorious wastage was a powerful sorcery, and Christi found herself obsessing over it, laying awake at night gazing at Fyodor on her ceiling dreaming of cum showering over her body. When Lily showed her the precious droplets on her ivory skin, Christi simply had to taste it, to share it.

As Christi rumbled through her studies with half of her brain and mused over her partnership with Lily with the other, a knock came on the door. She sighed, rubbed her eyes, set the notebook aside and went to open it.

Albert and Chris were standing at the door -- the two Korean Kappa brothers who had been in the common room before she had her shopping trip with Gaurav. They looked a little shy, and Albert blushed visibly when she opened for them.

"Hi guys," she said. "What's up?"

They stood awkwardly for a moment, then Chris swallowed and spoke first. "Well, uh, Christi, we were wondering... We were going to go shopping, uh, over at the mall, and, ummm, we were wondering if you might... you know ... might want to come along."

"You're going to the mall," Christi said flatly. "You're going shopping."

"Uh, yeah. Do you want to come?" Chris said. Albert looked like he was almost ready to choke.

"Shopping for clothes?"

"Yeah. We thought we'd buy some new clothes."

Christi started to chuckle. "Have you guys been talking to Gaurav, by any chance?"

Albert broke into a nervous titter. Chris looked around sheepishly and tried to cover. "Uh, sure, well, we talk to Gaurav all the time. He said you were.. y'know... a big help to him when he... uhhh..."

"OK, look," Christi cut him off. "If you really want to go clothes shopping, I'll do it, but not tonight. I have tests coming up and a paper due Wednesday, and it will take way too much time when you count driving and trying stuff on and all. Maybe I could go over the weekend or something."

"Oh. Uh, okay. We can wait till the weekend..." Chris replied. He failed to hide his disappointment.

"But if what you're REALLY asking is if you can hang out with me like Gaurav did, I can take a study break for an hour. And I can be grateful like I was with him if anybody wants to be generous like he was. OK?" Christi ended this with a devilish smile. Gaurav was a nice guy, but she had a strong suspicion that he couldn't have helped bragging about how much he had spent on her and the gratitude she had shown.

The two stared at her for a second to process what she had said. Then it dawned on them. She could see them starting to feel for their wallets, and realizing they didn't carry cash. "Um.... Do you take a credit card?" Albert asked.

Christi giggled, then pursed her lips and shook her head. "No, Albert. There's an ATM in the student center if you need to come back."

Chris and Albert looked at each other, and then at her. "We'll be back in a minute!" they said almost in synch, and almost hurtled down the twisting stairs. Christi chuckled. This was so easy!

They were as good as their word. Less than fifteen minutes had passed before she could hear them stomping up the staircase, taking the steps two at a time in their rush. She had decided to change from her comfy cotton pajamas into one of Gaurav's figure-hugging Chinese silk dresses and went for crazy over-the-top dragon-lady makeup. The irony that her new customers were Asian for real didn't occur to her until she already had the getup on, and she hoped they wouldn't be offended or think she was being racist. At least she hadn't had time to put her hair up in some faux-Geisha do.

They knocked on the door and Christi opened for them. They froze in their tracks, staring at her in amazement. "Do you like it?" she asked. "Gaurav bought it for me."

They nodded dumbly.

"It's OK if you don't. I have a feeling I won't be wearing it long." And she flashed them her best evil smile.

"Um, we went to the student center..." Chris started to say, and held out an envelope toward her.

Christi remembered Lily's cautions about the profession she had taken on. "Oh, don't give ME anything," she said. "But if you want to hang out, you can drop your stuff on the dresser. People seem to forget stuff in here all the time, strangely." This was not true, but Christi wanted plausible deniability if anyone came asking about what went on in her room at Kappa House and figured it would be best to obscure any direct receipt of money from these or any future visitors.

They grinned sheepishly and two thick ATM deposit envelopes landed on her bureau. Christi closed the door and lit a pair of candles, turning the other lights out.

"Why don't you two sit on the bed and get comfortable," she said, and they did, removing their shoes but not sure what else to do. "Neither of you have done this before, have you?"

They shook their heads, but then Chris added, "Well, I had a girlfriend last summer, and we did some stuff, you know... like, second base."

Above the waist. That was sweet, Christi thought. And kind of sad, too. "Well, I think it's time you hit some home runs. Hmmm... do you like porn?"

Albert gulped and she knew that he was embarrassed, but there was no hiding it, and they nodded. "Good," she said, and let it roll off her lips like a purr. "I think we'll start with what's familiar to get comfortable. Pretend I'm a girl on your screen now, and we'll go from there."

As they sat among the pillows on her bed watching, she pulled a wooden chair to the center of the floor and sat on it. She arched her back sinuously, showing the curves of her body in the silk dress, and let her torso writhe, running her hands over her neck and collar and tits and down her belly to her thighs. She threw her head back to show the long line of her throat, then whipped it down again to gaze at them with hungry, slutty eyes. Her knees lifted and she set her high heels (she had changed shoes too) on the edge of the bed, one inside either of the boys' thighs. They stirred in nervous excitement. Her fingers pulled the hem of the dress up her own legs until they could see her red satin panties. She gently massaged her inner thighs with her fingers and sighed softly. She could tell that they were starting to stir and swell behind the flies of their pants.

Slowly, she reached down and took her panties in her fingers and twisted them. It pulled aside and she showed them the folds of her pussy flesh, a little swollen and glistening in the candle light. She felt her power over them and it turned her on. She licked her lips slowly, staring at them as one fingertip traced little circles around her clit, drawing it up to blossom, and smooth lines up and down the lips of her cunt.

"Has any girl shown you this before, Albert?" she asked in a low whisper.

"No," he answered shyly.

"Chris, has any girl shown you her dirty cunt before?"

"No," he said.

"I'm showing you mine. Do you like it?"


"Albert, do you like my slutty hole?"

"Oh god... yes!'

"Why aren't you boys stroking your cocks yet? Don't you like me?"

They froze, embarrassed at that. "Go on," she purred at them. "Show me your cocks. Show me how you stroke them when you look at porn on the internet."

There was a moment of silence, then immediately the two frat boys were tearing at their pants, opening belts and ripping flies down in haste. They pushed their pants and underwear down to their knees. Their cocks sprung out, erect and eager, as Albert and Chris fell back to sitting and obediently began to stroke.

Now Christi had once done a bit of research out of idle curiosity and discovered that someone actually had done a real study on penis size. It turned out there was a little truth to the stereotypes; white men averaged a six-inch long cock when erect, black men seven inches, and Asians only about five. So she had been curious, and a little worried, how Albert and Chris would stack up. As they pulled themselves to full length, she was pleased. Albert's shaft was rather short but he was surprisingly thick, more so than most. Chris' dick was not a monster but as big as most she had seen. She was relieved. She wouldn't have to fake anything, this would be nice.

Christi turned her attention to pleasuring herself, keeping her legs spread wide so that Albert and Chris could see every stroke. She licked her fingers and let her saliva drizzle freely over the tips, then rubbed them thoroughly into her rich snatch. Her cuntlips swelled up in response and oozed with slick fluid, her clit pulsed and glowed at her touch. She thought about pushing in and making herself squirt for the boys the way she had for Anders, but something held her back. She looked out at the two of them through heavy lidded eyes. They stared into her whorish slit with hungry eyes, their hands pumping up and down the shafts of their cocks. She stretched out a high-heeled foot toward Chris, brushing the spike heel against his hand. He lifted it away and she carefully nudged his long dick with her heel. One little kick and she could skewer him and he knew it. But she eased the smooth hard spike along the side of his shaft, and let the threat and the excitement thrill through him before turning to Albert and doing the same. They groaned almost in unison.

She still had her dress on, even her panties. That wasn't right! So after the long tease, making them stroke their cocks for her, she lowered her feet to the floor and stood up, hooking the underwear in her thumbs and sliding it down her legs and off in one smooth movement. Then, still centered between them, she stepped over to the bed and raised her knees to it, climbing on so that she was straddling one leg of each of them. She set a hand on either thigh and slid up and inward until her fingers closed around each of their two shafts, gently displacing their own hands.

"Here's a little secret, fuckers," she said. "Getting stroked by a slut is a whole other world from wanking your own meat. Or am I wrong?" she ended on a high, fake, teasing tone.

"Oh god!" Albert cried, and she knew she wasn't wrong. Chris only grunted.

"Somebody unzip me," she ordered, still holding their cocks in her two hands, bending forwards between them as much as she could without tipping over. They fumbled over her shoulders and back and found the zipper down the back of the dress, and finally managed to drag it down. Christi slowly and firmly kept pumping each of their cocks up and down the whole time. She liked the supple feel of meat in her hands. When the zipper was down, she shrugged and let the dress fall from her shoulders down around her elbows. She had put on a demi-cup bra with blue lace and ribbons that let her pink nipples poke up in the open air. It lifted her tits up to create a deep, lush cleavage.

"Don't be shy, boys," she said, "I have two. One each -- I know you want to..."

They did. Each of the Kappa boys threw themselves at one of her tits. Chris licked to kiss and lick, she discovered, on her right; Albert liked to suck. He bit and nursed furiously like he wanted to get milk from her, which made her giggle. Guys could be such little boys sometimes. Their heads were, of necessity, close together, and the thought crossed her mind of getting them to kiss each other. They were putty in her hands, they just might do it, she thought. Maybe she could even get them to suck each others' cocks. But she dropped the thought after playing with it; she had yet to meet a guy who had admitted to wanting that, and didn't want to scare her nice new clients away. Besides, the thought didn't give her any particular thrill, it was just the curiosity of how far her power ran. Funny how guys always wanted girls to swing both ways but never wanted to themselves.

The feasting on her tits was clumsy but it was urgent and total and she started to feel little tingles running through her body from her nipples, making her giddy. She kept stroking their cocks and letting them eat their fill. Sighs and purrs slipped through her lips, and she whispered to them from time to time... "Do you like that, baby? Do you like eating my slut tits? Are they big enough for you? Are you my dirty little fucker, hmmm?"

Albert started panting and groaning. "Oh god," he cried, "this is... so good.. oh shit... I don't wanna cum without being in you...."

It hadn't occurred to her that he would be ready to cum so soon, but then she remembered how little experience he had. She let his cock go and pulled back a little, letting Chris have both her tits (he still seemed to be fine). "You want to fuck me, baby?"

"Oh god, please!"

"You want to fuck this horny bitch?"

"Oh yesss...."

"Don't touch yourself!" His hand snapped away from his crotch. "You cum for me, not yourself, fucker. Tell me you want to fuck me."

"I do!"

"No!" she snarled. "Tell me YOU WANT TO FUCK ME!"

"Oh god... I want to fuck you!"

"Good boy. Never be polite with a whore," she told him. It had worked. His cock was erect and trembling and she could see the precum bead at its tip, but he wasn't about to blow at a touch any more. "Slide over, Chris, baby."

Chris shifted to the side and Christi laid down lengthwise on the bed on her back. She opened her legs and spread her cunt wide for Albert. "Here it is, fucker," she said. "Your promised land. You want to fuck me, do it. Show your whore what a fucker you are!"

Albert knelt between her legs and set his thick cockhead to her cunt. He was a little uncertain and confused by the folds of her pussy flesh, but Christi grabbed his shaft with one hand and spread her lips with the other and guided him in. "Like this, fucker. Fuck me here. Come on, give it to me good."

He felt her pussy open to him and groaned. He had only imagined feeling this and now the reality was beyond anything he had ever felt. Albert tried a cautious push with his thighs and his cock, short but thick, slid easily into Christi's slick cunt until he had buried it to the balls in her. Then he slid out and thrust again, gradually building confidence.

"Chris, feed me your cock now," Christi said, and Albert's buddy knelt over her face and pushed his dick into it. Christi opened her mouth and stretched her head back, a little awkward upside down, but in a moment she had the hang of it and the long member slid through her lips and across her tongue, back toward her throat. Chris moaned long and high as she swallowed his whole shaft and his head stuffed into the moist hole of her gullet. Albert groaned too, his hips starting to pump steadily, and his thick shaft bucked and rammed into her sopping slutty snatch. Both of them let their hands grope and grip all over her body, grabbing her sides and belly and tits as they fucked her at either end.

It felt like an eternal paradise, but in reality Albert couldn't last long. His breathing became rough and erratic and he groaned, indeed almost whimpered, "Oh fuck oh god oh fuck." Christi felt his cock pumping faster and faster, spreading her cunt wide and stuffing her pussy, and then he groaned again, loudly. A thick warm gush washed up her belly inside and she felt everything go sticky and hot in her fuckhole. She moaned herself through a mouthful of dick, loving the feel of Albert's seed and the taste of Chris' pole.

As soon as Albert had let his cum go, she pulled her mouth free of the blowjob she was giving, spun around on the bed and came up on all fours, facing the boy who had just blown his load in her pussy. She smiled, saliva and precum dripping down her face, and then lunged down and gulped his still half-swollen dick into her mouth. He groaned again and threw his head back. Meanwhile Christi arched her back, lifting her ass in the air, and slapped it to invite Chris in. Her cunt gaped open and Albert's pearly load was oozing out of it.

Chris needed no further encouragement, but pushed forward and shoved his own cock into Christi's pussy. She loved being fucked doggy like this, the cock seemed to just slide in that much deeper and bump against her cervix. She held Albert's cock in her mouth and humped back at Chris, fucking him just as actively as he fucked her. The two of them found a tempo and hammered their bodies together in a perfect push and shove of hard animal lust.

Albert was softening in spite of her sucking, so she let him slip out of her mouth. "Did you like that, Albert? How did you like blowing your sperm into your first whore?"

"Oh fuck, that was amazing," he said.

"How about you, Chris?" she called back. "Are you going to blow your sperm into your whore?"

"Oh god, yes," Chris grunted.

"Cause that's what I am, baby," she smiled. "I'm your dirty whore. I'm a nasty fucker. I'm a cum-hungry slut bitch. I'm your cumbucket. Fuck me, baby, fuck me! Show me what a filthy slut I am!"

Chris groaned long and loud as she poured a flood of profanity at him, his cock pumping deep into her all the while. Finally, his face clenched up, his hips bucked out of control, and with a final "Oh God!" he let his load go. The creamy cum drenched her vagina, mixed and swirled with his friend's and dripped out over her cuntlips. Christi smiled. When she had sucked the last drop out of him, she rose up to her knees, letting the boys nestled up to her front and back, touching her ass and tits and belly, kissing and nibbling at her throat and ears.

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