tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 10

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 10


Chapter 10

Abuse of Authority

(Author's note: back in chapter 8, I got a request for a scenario like this. Hope it doesn't disappoint!)


Professor Ludovic's office was in a building halfway across campus from where Professor Hansen's was; the math and anthropology departments seemed to exist in different universes. By the time Christi found his door, the clock in the hallway read 1:37.

Shit shit shit, she thought. I'm late. And I'm supposed to be back across campus for anthro by 2:00.

Ludovic's office door was closed. She remembered that his regular office hours began only at 2:00, which was why she had had to make the separate appointment. But he had said to be there at 1:30, so he must be in there. She nervously stepped up and rapped on the thick wooden door.

She was uncomfortable. Her cosmic sex with Professor Hansen had left a glistening film of sweat on her body, and running across campus had made her sweat more. The fuzzy sweater she wore was some synthetic weave, not really made to absorb moisture, so the beads stood out glazed and uncomfortable between fabric and skin. Her jeans were tight and she had pulled them on too fast, so they rode up and pinched in odd places from not being fitted onto her form quite right. And halfway along her run, she realized that her panties were on the floor of Hansen's office. Her pussy was still wet from fucking the anthropology professor, indeed still loaded with his cum, and she could feel the potent juice dripping down her inner thigh. She prayed it didn't show on the outside but didn't have time to find a mirror and look.

"Come in," said the thick Slavic accent from behind the door. Christi cautiously pushed it open, and it creaked loudly. Into the lair of the beast, she thought.

"Ah yes," Professor Ludovic said, "Christi." He sat behind an ugly metal desk. Papers were heaped all around the room with no apparent sense of order. There were massive three-inch binders , likewise heaped on rickety aluminum shelves. A picture of some grim scientist Christi didn't recognize hung askew on the wall behind his desk. There was only one metal folding chair to sit in besides his own massive mahogany seat. She couldn't believe the difference between this dungeon and Professor Hansen's warm cubbyhole, filled with dusty books and exotic artifacts. The whole place was gray and cold.

"You are late. I told you 1:30."

"I'm so sorry, professor," Christi said, "I tried but I had to run over from another appointment -- "

"Yes, I see that you are damp and sweating. Still, you are late. And you are failing. Not a very promising combination."

"I know professor. I'm trying, I really am. I just... I'm not a math person. This class is really a struggle for me."

"Math is not sculpture, Mizz Christi," he cut her off with his expressionless voice. "It is simply system. With enough work, anyone can learn the system."

That wasn't fair. "Professor Ludovic, I am working on this class! I'm working really hard! I just don't get it sometimes."

"You are working? You tell me you are working."

"I AM, I'm trying so hard!"

"Hard work does not result in 43. I have seen this. You lack motivation. You are not trying. I think maybe you should withdraw from class."

Withdrawal would mean a math requirement not received and no chance of graduating at the end of her senior year. Christi couldn't afford to matriculate for a fifth year. "Oh god, professor, I can't do that! I'm going to graduate, I've GOT to pass this class!"

"With a 43 on midterm, I don't believe it will be possible. You should withdraw."

"But professor, I'll do anything! Can't I retake the midterm?"

"You want me to write up whole new midterm just for you? I do not have the time."

"But there must be something I can do! Let me do some extra credit to bring my grade up."

Ludovic glared at her over his drooping jowls like a sullen bulldog. "Policy is clear, Mizz Christi. If I give you extra credit, I must give it to everybody. No, I will not do extra credit."

"But can't I do SOMETHING? Maybe I could, I don't know... work for you. Be your assistant or something."

"My assistant? And what would you do as assistant? You know nothing of math. You are failing even statistics. How could I use you?"

"You could use me as a secretary," Christi said, grasping at straws. "I could... I could do your filing for you. Help you get your papers in order!"

"Get my papers in order?" Ludovic stared at her blankly. He seemed more bullfrog than bulldog now, Christi thought. "Why should I want help to get my papers in order? My papers are fine."

Christi stared at him blankly. "But... this office... don't you think..."

"My office is exactly as I like it, Mizz Christi. I know where everything is. I have no use for secretary. You will have to withdraw from class. That is all."

"No!" Christi cried out before she could stop herself. She couldn't let this class go! Then suddenly it dawned on her. Of course. It was so obvious.

"Professor..." she said, "I am really, really sure that there is SOME way that you could... use me... so that we can sort this out..."

He caught the changed tone in her voice, how she suddenly leaned forward, the swell of her tits beneath the sweater. Professor Ludovic's heavy eyebrows lifted momentarily as he looked at her. Then they dropped again and he rolled his eyes under drooping lids.

"Mizz Christi, I'll pretend I didn't hear that. We will not have any more of this conversation."

She leaned in closer to him. "Professor... look at me... believe me, I know what I'm doing. You won't be sorry. I'm worth it."

"You think you are worth it?"

"I am, sir. I promise."

"What do you think you can do that makes you so worth it?"

She paused, calculating what to say, and decided to say nothing. Instead, she brought a pen to her mouth and ran it over her lips and tongue, hinting at her skills.

Ludovic only snorted. "Every ten-ruble whore in Moscow can give blow job, little girl. Get out and go withdraw from my class."

Fuck! "I can do much more than that, professor... I can- you can-"

"No. Go now."

"You can be the first man ever to take my asshole!"

She blurted it out, barely thinking what she was saying. She was desperate and he was the first man she could remember in a long time to say no to her.

Christi froze. Professor Ludovic was frozen too, stopped in midsentence from ordering her out of his office. He plopped back in his massive mahogany chair and stared out her.

"You really want to pass, is that what it is?" He asked, running a pink tongue over his lips. Christi nodded nervously.

"You will let me have any use of you I wish? Even a virgin asshole?" Christi nodded again.

Ludovic thought for a moment. "Bah, I doubt it is worth it. Let me see."

"Let you... what?"

"Let me see, girl. Show me what you are offering and I will decide."

Christi bit her lip and rose to her feet. Slowly, watching the professor's reaction, she unzipped the fly of her jeans and peeled them off her hips, slowly shimmying them down her legs. They had been so poorly fit, it was a relief to have them off, even if inviting the greasy, hairy math professor into her anus seemed less and less like a good idea as she thought about it. She turned her back to him as she stripped but watched him over her shoulder, and carefully kept her legs straight as she bent to slide the jeans down to her ankles. Her legs stood straight and statuesque in her heels and her ass was smooth and round as she bent over and showed it to him. She was bent nearly double, like in yoga class, her hands at her ankles. Then she stepped free of the jeans and stood bottomless before him.

"Spread for me. Let me see what you offer," Ludovic said impartially.

Christi sucked in her breath. She realized how accustomed she had been to the feeling of power she had felt in seducing desperate men who hungered for her. This was different. She was weak now, vulnerable. Ludovic was appraising her like a piece of meat in the butcher shop. He seemed interested in the offer of anal sex, but not much more than if she had offered a particularly good sandwich. And his voice still sounded as likely to dismiss her from his office as anything. She trembled, anxious.

"Go on, girl," he insisted. "Spread. Show me this untouched asshole."

"Yes, sir," Christi replied. She stepped wide and set her feet well apart in the high heels, legs straight and taut. She bend forward slightly at the waist, letting her ass bulge outward, back toward the professor, spread her fingers across either ass cheek, and slowly pulled, drawing them open. Her anus puckered and she felt a little trickle of juice dripping down her inner thigh.

Ludovic saw it. "What is this?" he asked, and leaned forward, running a thick finger up her inner thigh. Christi shuddered. He lifted the finger to his nose and sniffed.

"Why mizz Christi, you are wet and dripping. Have you been fucking another man already today?"

"Yes, sir," she whispered.

"Yes, I thought so. Who else has fucked you today?"

Christi bit her lip. Ludovic's voice turned dark. "Perhaps you do not want to pass statistics after all. That's a pity," he murmured.

"Professor Hansen!" Christi blurted out. She hadn't thought she should tell, but this grubby old man had a strange power over her now, out of all proportion, as though flunking statistics would be a death sentence.

"Professor Hansen? What department is he in?" Ludovic asked. "I don't know any Professor Hansen. Keep your ass open, I'm not done looking."

Christi had been beginning to let her ass slip back to a more natural position, but at his words she grabbed her cheeks again and obediently pulled them wide. "Yes sir. He's in anthropology, sir."

"Ah, yes. I remember him now, from faculty meetings. I'm sure he and I will have much to talk about. Has Professor Hansen fucked you in the ass, Mizz Christi?"

"No, sir."

"He hasn't? Are you sure?"

"Only my pussy, sir. He fucked me in the pussy right before I came over here. I've never been fucked in the ass before."

"Hm. I see," Ludovic grunted. She heard him rising from his seat and loosening his belt, then undoing his fly. "You know I will be able to tell if you are lying. You had better be telling me the truth."

There was a muffled clash of metal as belt buckle and pants dropped to the tiled floor under his feet. Christi felt one wide bear paw take her by the hip, and she heard a noise... fap fap fap... from behind her. The sallow statistics professor was making himself hard. She strained to twist her head around and look behind her, barely daring to move. Under a dingy shirt and a bland brown tie, Ludovic stroked his snake... and it was as thick and blunt as the man himself.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit, she thought. What have I gotten myself into?

She had never had anal sex, but she had read about it online in her curiosity. Lubricate! All the advice pages had said. Use lots and lots of lube! It hurts! And here she stood, ass open to the professor and his thick pole, and no lube of any kind in sight.

She shuddered as she felt the massive shaft slide along the crease of her ass. "Hey, wait..." she stammered, "don't you ... don't you want to... you know... warm me up? Make me slick... professor?"

He continued sliding his cock against the outside of her butt. "Why should I want to do that?"

"Because it will make it... nicer?" she pleaded.

Ludovic snorted. "I am not the whore showing YOU a good time, Mizz Christi," he said flatly. "YOU are the whore showing ME the good time."

And with no more ado, and no foreplay at all, he began to fuck her ass.

He drove hard, setting a stiff mushroom bulb of a cockhead straight to her anus, and gripping her by her hips as he drove it forward. Christi's tight sphincter resisted. She did not want this. She was scared. But his thick accent grunted at her, "You WILL take it, Mizz Christi. You WILL open to my cock." She bit her lip and closed her eyes and tried to will her asshole to open.

Amazingly, it did. She felt his meat worm inside her assbud. Just a little.

Owwwwww. Fuck. Oh holy fuck, that fucking hurts.

But there was no stopping Ludovic now. Once her anus began to yield, he exploited it fully, shoving hard with his hips and grinding his cock forward. It felt like sandpaper. Her ass burned with pain. He kept shoving, grunting with effort at every quarter-inch his hard dick rammed forward, forcing her virgin asshole open whether she wanted it or not. A bit more... a bit more... a bit more.. deeper... deeper...

Ow ow ow, Christ thought, and tears came to her eyes. Oh fuck oh fuck stop stop stop please stop.

"Please..... stop..." she barely managed to croak. "Please."

"Stop? Too late to stop now, bitch. I've only just started!" And with that, Ludovic rammed his hips forward again, hard. Christi felt like something broke inside and the burning raged hotter than ever and more painful as the toad of a professor crammed his thick cock balls-deep into her asshole. She lost her balance and tipped forward but he held her by her hips and she caught herself against a bookshelf. It rumbled and thundered as he slammed her body against it.

Then there was the slow hard pull-out. Prof. Ludovic dragged his hard cock gradually out through her tight-clenched anus, squeezing harshly against her sphincter, so that she felt every inch of pain as he went. He kept pulling until only the last inch, just the bulbous head of his pole, was still inside her, and she gasped for breath and blinked back tears and hoped that he was satisfied. But he wasn't; he grunted hard and shoved himself into her ass again, filling her, abusing her, consuming her, until she gasped and her vision went blurry. He fucked her anus hard, and deep, thrusting her full of his cockmeat until she was stuffed to the eyeballs with him and dragged it out again in slow awful torture.

Christi clenched her teeth and tried to endure. Ludovic kept pumping her ass full of cock, churning like a machine. The pain of it filled her brain and washed over her until she felt that she was going numb. This was going to kill her. How could this much pain not kill her? There was no pleasure in it. Not for her. She was his slave, his slut, she lived only to suffer in her ass and give him pleasure as he fucked and fucked and fucked. Ludovic grunted and groaned with delight as he inflicted his massive cock on her anus and cared not one bit for her suffering. The pain took over and Christi felt that she drowned in it and disappeared until she existed no more.

Then it happened, slowly, so slowly she hardly noticed.

She had given up resisting, she had given up protesting, she gave up even the feeling that she was suffering. Ludovic had reduced her to a slab of meat for his pleasure and he gorged on her. She surrendered to it. She gave him her body, her ass, she gave it all, she forgot that sex had ever been a thing for herself, that it had ever been a thing she used for her own pleasure. And quietly, imperceptibly, the pain stopped. She hardly noticed, her mind had disappeared into a scarlet haze. But she had opened, she had yielded, she gave herself to him. It wasn't a compromise or a desperate bargain anymore, it wasn't tit-for-tat. She gave herself, completely and utterly. Her ass, her whole body, her whole self, was his, for his pleasure alone, to do what he will with it. She was nothing except the object of his pleasure. And becoming nothing, she opened, and began to truly receive him.

She was not being violated anymore. She was not being abused and hurt by his merciless fucking. She was being used, and giving herself for use, and at that moment she found that she was being filled, truly filled, holding nothing of her own. Ludovic's thick cock thrust back and forth, in and out of her ass, and she welcomed it, she embraced it, she fucked it back. The friction that had seemed to hurt so much at first now seemed like the most intense of connections. Sparks and lightning were flying behind her eyes, and her whimpers of pain slowly changed into squeals of demand.

Ludovic felt it. "My god," he grated through clenched teeth as he pounded deep between her ass cheeks, "My god, you are really taking me now... what a perfect little slut you are!"

It was true. She had been learning what a slut she was all along. But now, it was something even more... something total, something complete. There was nothing left, nothing held back, nothing in her soul that was not pure slut. "Come on, you motherfucker," she spat at him, "shut up and FUCK MY ASS already! Fuck it like you fucking MEAN IT!" And he drove his cock harder, slamming into her ass and shoving her face up against the bookcase.

"Professor, what's that noise? Is everything all righ—" came a male voice at the door. She had never fully closed it behind her! And now a student's face came peering in through it. Harker Matheson, the priggish Kappa she had flirted with to get into their house in the first place. He had never come up to Christi's room since the other Kappa boys had started to, and she had largely forgotten about him. Christi froze, and so did he, neither knowing what to say.

"Harker!" Professor Ludovic grunted, "Get in here and shut that door!"

Harker obeyed, and Christi watched him through heavy-lidded eyes as her ass continued to be mercilessly pounded right in front of him. Shock, fear, lust and something like anger seemed to wash in and out of his face like the tide. Oh well, Christi thought, here I am. What the fuck.

"Mizz Christi, you see, I already have a student assistant," Ludovic growled at her, never breaking the rhythm of his pumping cock. "Harker helps me with everything I do. I do not need another."

"He helps you with everything?" Christi murmured.


Christi nodded. She understood. Harker still stood at the door, shocked, uncomprehending of the scene before him. She made her move. The bookshelf Ludovic had been shoving her face into was, in fact, right next to the doorway anyway. She grabbed Harker by the lapels of his jacket, pulled him over and shoved his back up against it. She pushed her face into his, now, giving him a hard, lustful, hungry kiss.

"Hi, Harker," she said with a devilish grin, "It's been a while since I caught you stroking your dick in the library. Shall I do it for you this time?"

He didn't say anything, but she didn't need him to. Her hands moved quickly down his body from his shoulders to his belly, found his fly and opened it and shoved his pants and underwear down without wasting time. With Ludovic still fucking her ass behind, she couldn't hold herself steady in a kiss with Harker, but she leaned her face into his neck and breathed and licked and nibbled at his throat while her hands found his soft dick and began to fondle and stroke it. Harker responded quickly, saying nothing but moaning. Christi pulled at him, gently but urgently, and he grew hard and stiff in her fingers.

When he stood tall and erect, Christi bent at the waist and swooped down on him. This was familiar and fun, she thought, as she easily gulped his cock in between her moist lips and sucked him back right into her throat right away, then eased off to suck carefully at the head and then lick a long circle around it. He groaned loudly and Christi giggled as she gave him perfect head.

She heard Ludovic talking over her back as she sucked Harker off. "Have you ever fucked a whore before, Harker? I don't recall if you told me." He said it casually, as though he were offering a cigarette or a coke.

"No sir, I uh, I haven't..."

"Oh, you are VIRGIN!" Ludovic laughed and the rumble of it shot right through Christi's anus into her spine. "Go gently girl, this volcano will erupt very fast!"

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