tagNovels and NovellasHow Christi Paid for College Ch. 11

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 11


Chapter 11

Parents' Weekend

(Author's note, and spoiler alert: Christi is pushing her boundaries a little more each chapter, and things get crazy with her mother. If that's not your thing, move on).

"Christi, it's me. Come on, honey, call me back. I don't want to keep leaving you messages. It's important."

"Fuck!" Julie swore at the phone and threw it across the passenger seat. She slammed her forehead against the steering wheel. "Fuck fuck fuck!"

The car behind her honked. "All right, all right, I'm moving! Asshole!" Julie shouted and stepped on the gas. A bright yellow light popped up cheerfully on the dashboard. Tank almost empty! "FUCK!"

She pulled over and into a parking space. No quarters for the meter, no money in her wallet at all. She had to figure something to do. Dammit. She leaned over and reached for her phone on the passenger side floor. At least her cell service hadn't been cut off yet. As she straightened up, she caught a glimpse of herself in the rearview mirror. No money, no house, no job, no nothing, she thought grimly to herself. At least I haven't totally lost my looks. Wish I could live off of them.

It was true -- Julie still did have her looks. Her fortieth birthday was only a year ahead of her, something she didn't like to think about. But her hair still fell in auburn waves to her shoulders with only a dusting of silver here and there -- never had to dye it yet, she thought, a point of pride. Her neck was long and straight, her tits full and firm and not too saggy under her polka-dotted top, and -- thank God -- her belly still kept where it ought to be. She wasn't quite the smooth hardbodied beach bunny she had been at eighteen, there were a few sags and soft spots here and there, but all in all she could honestly say that she looked pretty good.

She looked good, but she had no idea where her daughter was. Christi had always been independent. She had to be. Julie had spent too much time as a high school party girl in the early nineties and her natural lush tits and red hair had made her a favorite of the boys -- till one brown-eyed charmer had unloaded his balls into her without putting a condom on first. Julie had been too drunk to think of it until later and had forgotten to take the pill. She graduated -- barely -- with her belly already starting to show and never went on to college. The charmer had disappeared to the far side of the country and Julie had raised Christi alone, working temp jobs during the days and waitressing at night, then staying out late at the clubs to party and dance and try to pretend she was still a carefree teenager. Grandma would already have put the baby to bed by that time anyway, right?

Now the drinking had caught up with her, the odd jobs had dried up, she was behind on the rent and had finally been evicted. Julie didn't know what to do. Christi never wrote or called from school, but she was the only person Julie could think of to turn to. Family is supposed to stick together, right? Damn but I could use a drink, she thought. But she was broke and the car would need gas if she was going to get any further. All the worldly belongings she could gather were squashed in the trunk and backseat of the car. At least the CAR is paid off, she thought. I guess I can sleep in it if I don't have anything else. Not that I'll be able to move it with no gas.

Think think think... Christi's not answering phone messages. I'll have to just track her down in person, show up at her doorstep. How pathetic is that? But there's no other way. What dorm is she in? I don't remember. I threw the papers out. There must be someone who knows. Who would know?

Julie got out of the car and stepped to the sidewalk. It must be between classes, there were students everywhere, huddled in little knots, bustling along the walkways. Maybe someone would know Christi.

"Excuse me! Excuse me... I'm trying to find my daughter, Christi? She's an English major... do you know where she would be...?"

The students looked blankly at her, shrugged and bustled on in a hurry. A few more tries and Julie realized she must look like a crazy bag lady talking to people like this, but what else could she do? Finally one kid, a boy with hair across half his face, had a little pity on her and stopped long enough to say, "I don't know, ma'am (that killed Julie), but you might try the housing office -- they should have her file." Where was the housing office? Memorial building, over there with the pillars... thank you, thanks so much...

A plaque in the stairwell announced that Student Housing was in room 310, so Julie labored up three flights of stairs in her high heels. The staff was obliging, and pulled up the file on their computer for her.

"Hmmm... Ma'am (killing her a little more), according to our records your daughter isn't living on campus anymore. She's off-campus now."

"Really? That's strange, she didn't tell me. What's the address?"

"We just have her home address and her campus PO box now, ma'am."

(grrrr...) "You mean you don't have her actual local residence?"

"No ma'am, she's not required to provide it. Didn't she give it to you?"

Julie conjured up a fake laugh. It was embarrassing enough not to know her daughter's address at school, better not let the office know that the home address was obsolete. "Well, of COURSE she did, but silly absent-minded me, I forgot to write it down. Everything's so electronic these days, I haven't had to use it before now."

"I have her roommate's information from before she moved off-campus, if that would help you."

"Well, OK... maybe that would help."

"I'll print it off for you, just a moment."

"Thanks so much."

The printout showed a girl named Hannah as Christi's former roommate, and the dorm where she had stayed. Julie vaguely remembered Christi having spoken about her during one of their rare summer break conversations.

Getting into the dorm was not easy -- everything was locked with electronic codes -- but finally Julie was able to follow a student in and figured out where the stairwells were. She found the door and knocked. Moments later, a tall girl with an astonishing explosion of curly hair answered.

"Can I help you?"

"Are you Hannah? I'm Christi's mom, I'm trying to find her. I hear she's not staying here any more, I hoped you might be able to help me get to her. She's not answering her phone."

Hannah stared at Julie in shock. She had heard stories about the hard-partying absentee mother, but had never imagined meeting her in the flesh. And she didn't know what she was supposed to say in this situation.

"Ummm... I don't know where Christi's living now," she lied. "She moved off-campus somewhere."

"She didn't tell you where?"

"Uh... no."

"Hannah, it's really VERY important that I find her. She may have told you that we don't get along, but this is REALLY important. Please."

Hannah paused. She couldn't tell her about Kappa house. She tried to think of a solution.

"Well... last I heard she was working at the Lightning Bean. It's a coffee shop downtown. You might ask there."

"Thank you, Hannah. I'll go check there."

That girl was lying through her teeth, Julie thought as she went down the steps. What the fuck is going on? Dammit but I'm an awful mother. I should know where my own daughter lives.

She had to walk to the Lightning Bean and hunt around several blocks of college town before she found it. Several times she cursed her high heels and the yellow empty-tank light in the car that prevented her driving to it. Finally, it was there, a warm glowing window on the street showing tables of hipster college kids sipping lattes and talking philosophy or drugs or whatever college kids talked about. She shivered against the late autumn wind and went inside.


God I love sucking cock, Christi thought. It's amazing that it never gets boring. Cock after cock after cock, sliding into my mouth, sucking it down my throat.... Fuck, I love this....

She was on her knees in the dry storage room of the Lightning Bean with a client named David. He was a banker or stockbroker or some such, she could never remember exactly. It didn't matter. What mattered was that David was absolutely obsessed with blow jobs. He never wanted to fuck her pussy, even though she craved it; he had told her not even to ask. He didn't even want her to be naked, except for loosening the top few buttons of her blouse and showing some cleavage. But he wanted his cock sucked, and sucked, and sucked. Christi was happy to oblige. She let him stand over her in his flannel suit while she sank to her knees, boobs jiggling in her blouse, and slipped his fuckmeat out of his fly and between her lips. She would lick up one side of his shaft and down the other as he slowly stiffened up, and slid a finger into his fly to stroke his balls. He groaned and shuddered as she wriggled her fingertip back behind his balls to his sweet spot, opened wide, and then closed her lips down over his blooming cock head. A few tight sucks on that head where it was sooo sensitive, and watch him churn with a smile; then she drank him in, pushing her head onto his dick until she could feel him packing into the back of her throat. Relax the gag, relax it.... Open up... and slide him in the last inch until her gullet was stuffed with flesh and her lips closed around the very root of his pole. Hold him there while her finger stroked behind his balls and played back further, almost to his ass... feel herself just starting to choke... hold it, hold it... a tear came to her eye, she couldn't help it, but she loved feeling how stuffed with cock her face was... then finally slide back, letting him go, the salt tears winding down her cheek as she smiled up at him, her face under his looming shaft, licking at it. Then back in for another go...

He was close now. She could feel him starting to jerk inside her mouth, trying to hold still. It was coming. She sucked harder, urged him on, felt the spasms in his body mounting. At the perfect moment -- my god I've gotten good at this, she thought -- she slid smoothly off and wrapped her fingers around David's thick pole, jerking him over her wide open mouth, tongue extended, smiling up into his contorted face. Only a second passed, David moaned, and she received his gift. White pearly cum spattered out of his swollen dick and showered over her face. Mmmm fuck, she thought. So fucking yummy!

David zipped up his fly, smiled and kissed her, then quietly slipped out the door and headed for the back. He was no-nonsense, a client who took his blowjob and left. Christi took a hand towel and cleaned off her face, but she left her blouse a little unbuttoned, to reveal one streak of creamy semen that had dripped there from her chin. She wanted to give it to Lily.

All smiles, she slipped out of the storage room and sauntered toward the front counter. "Hey Lily," she called in her sauciest voice, "Come here, girl, I've got something to show -- "

"-back in an hour, she'll be back by -- oh -!" Lily was just saying to a female customer with long auburn hair. But as Christi came up to the counter, the customer turned and looked in Christi's face.

"Holy shit!" Christi said (not thinking she was at work). "Mom! What are you doing here?"

"Christi!" Julie almost shouted at her. "I'm looking for you, dammit! Why the hell don't you answer my calls?" But without waiting for an answer, she reeled on Lily, who had turned pale and was visibly shrinking away. "Out on an errand, is she? Back in an hour? Lying bitch!"

"Mom, god!" Christi cried. "Can we not do this HERE?"

"Well, maybe we could talk it over on the phone -- if you would answer!" Julie spat back. "I've been trying to -- what the HELL is that?" Julie's eyes had dropped to Christi's exposed cleavage. With a quick stroke, she dipped her finger into the dribbling cum before Christi could react. She immediately brought it to her nose and sniffed, then licked it off her fingers.

"Oh," she said, in a low, threatening voice, "I see. You were out on an ERRAND. I get it. I should have known."

"Mom I -- it was my break, OK? It's none of your business, anyway. What are you even doing here?"

Julie closed her eyes, took a deep breath and sighed. "Christi, you and I have got to talk." Christi stared at her. "What, now? Now? OK, fine, go ahead, talk."

"Not here. Can we step outside or something?"

"Now? Mom, this is work. I am WORKING here. OK, I was on break, but now I'm off, OK? You remember what working is about still, don't you?"

"That's sort of what I need to talk to you about. Can we talk outside? God. Can we talk outside, PLEASE?"

Christi looked to Lily for help, but Lily only shrugged.

"OK, fine, let's go. You have five minutes. I can't BELIEVE I let you pull this shit." Christi headed out the back door of the cafe and Julie followed her into the cold air.

"Here's what it is, honey," Julie said, trying to find the words of affection she had not used in a long time. "I lost my job. A couple months ago, actually. I've been trying to find a new one but I can't, and now they're shutting the heat off, and I can't make the rent, and they're kicking me out of the house. So basically, I'm out in the street."

"Oh god. I can't believe it. No, actually I can. Why am I not surprised? Can't you get unemployment or something?"

"I tried but there were some technicalities and what they gave me doesn't amount to much. Not enough to keep me in the house."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Well.... I've come here."

"Here what?"

"Here to you. All I've got is what's in the car, Christi honey. I need a place to crash until I can get back on my feet."

Christi stared at her. "Whoa whoa whoa wait a minute.... are you telling me that you're homeless and you want ME to put you up?"

Julie nodded silently.

"Holy fuck," Christi said, and broke into a bitter chuckle. "Mom... Mom, do you know how hard I've worked to get OUT of that fucking house? To get AWAY where I could be independent and not have to deal with your drama bullshit? How much of my tuition did you ever pay, huh? Nothing! I've done this all by myself, thanks very much. And now I'm supposed to take you in?"

"I know I haven't been a good mom to you, Christi," Julie said softly. "But I've got no place else to go. Sometimes when you lose everything, you just have to turn to anyone who'll take you in. You don't owe me, I know that. But I'm still your mom. If you won't help me, I'll be stuck sleeping in the car. I don't even have money for gas now. Please, baby."

Christi brooded on that. "Mom, it's more complicated than that. I -- I don't really have a place of my own either."

"You don't? They said you had moved off-campus. I thought you'd gotten an apartment or something."

"Well, sorta. I ran out of money. Some guys are letting me stay in their frat house while I try to earn enough to stay in school. So it's not really my place to say you can stay there because I'm there on charity too."

"But we can ask, can't we? If they were nice enough to take you in, don't you think they might take me in too? Just for a little while? Can't you ask?"

Christi was embarrassed. She didn't like to admit how similar her mother's plight was to her own. "All right, I guess we can ask. Shit. Look, I don't know what they'll say. Come over tonight and we can ask."

In reality, Christi's shift at the Lightning Bean had ended -- she had only claimed to be working to get rid of Julie earlier -- so after a few minutes she told Lily she was leaving and punched out. She walked, resentful, back to her mother's car and directed her to the small parking spaces behind Kappa House and led her up the winding stairs to her own borrowed room. They lugged two suitcases upstairs and left the rest in the car to decide what to do with later. Julie accepted Christi giving her the couch to sleep on.

"Honey, thank you so much for letting me stay. What do you do for food here? I'm starving," Julie said as she spread a blanket and pillow on the couch.

"Oh god, I forgot to get groceries. The store's closed now," Christi added. "I guess we could get a pizza."

"Oh that will be good. This is starting to be fun! It's like being eighteen again and having a sleepover!"

Christi groaned. A sleepover with her mother was not her idea of fun. But she dialed the nearest campus pizza joint, placed an order, and then ran out to pick it up.

"I'll be back in half an hour," she said. "Don't go anywhere and don't do anything until I get back." Then she disappeared down the stairs.

Julie nodded, and amused herself by musing over her daughter's posters and books and CDs. Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. That was an awfully fast pizza, she thought, and went to open it.

It wasn't Christi. It was a boy -- a nerdy college boy. He had a huge goofy smile on his face when the door opened that died suddenly as he saw Julie's face. In his hand was a fat white envelope.

"Uh, hi," he said awkwardly. "Ummm... is Christi here?"

"She'll be back shortly," Julie said politely. "I'm her mother. And you are...?"

"Oh. Uh... my name's Anders. I'm with the fraternity here. She had said this would be a good time to ... um, to meet... but I can come back later."

"You're with the fraternity? No no no, don't go, come on in. She really will be back in just a few minutes. Please, come on in!"

"Oh... ok..."

Julie took Anders by the hand and guided him into the room, until they were sitting side-by-side on the couch. "I'm so glad you came up, I need to talk to you. Christi told me all about everything you guys in the frat have done for her and I think it's great.'

"Oh, she has? Um... you do?"

"I know it's probably weird coming from me, since I'm her mom, and I understand that your little 'arrangement' may not seem quite on the up-and-up to the school authorities, but I really have no problem with it."

"Oh, well... good."

"You're helping her save up money so she can stay in college, that's what counts. By any means necessary! She and I don't always get along, but I think we have that in common. We're really a lot alike, she and I. We do whatever we have to do to survive, and these days that means getting money, doesn't it? So you do anything to get by."

"Wow. You mean... you and Christi -- you're really the same, um... that way?"

"Oh yes. I dare say I'm actually the wild one of the two of us. I don't think Christi has done anything that I didn't do first!"

"That's really something, um...."

"I wanted to explain that to you because... well, because things have got a little rough for me lately, and I was hoping you guys would agree to let me stay here. I promise you, anything Christi does to help you guys out, I'll do just as much. You'll be glad I'm here. I know she's grateful for all your help, and that's another way we're just alike. I can be just as grateful as she is, or even more."


"Oh yes!"

"Wow." Anders thought a moment, then held out his envelope to her. "Then maybe I should go ahead and give this to you."

Julie took it, puzzled. "To me? What's in it?"

"Three hundred dollars."

"Three hundred dollars! What for?"

"Well, that's what I usually give Christi when I come up..."

"Wow! What does she do to earn three hundred dollars?"

Anders caught the completely confused look on Julie's face, and suddenly realized his mistake. "You said... you said she had told you everything.... and that you could be just as... um, just as grateful as she could be....?"

Julie stared at him, uncomprehending. Then suddenly she figured it out and clapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh my god! Oh my god!" She looked from the envelope to Anders and back at the envelope. She remembered the taste of cum on her fingers at the coffee shop. "Are you - " she caught herself and shifted into a conspiratorial voice, leaning in close to murmur to Anders softly. "Have you been fucking my daughter, young man?" Anders nodded tentatively.

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