How Could This Be


I knew now, I wasn't going to.

We seem to have got off on the wrong foot, I wasn't trying to infer you were brain dead, I apologise.

Please tell me what you want; what you want me to do, I am sure we can come to a common arrangement, and resolve this problem.

All I want is for it to go away.

Who are you please?

Click, I sent it.

The reply was almost instant.

That's better Miccy; no need to fall out about your little indiscretions is there?

I'm sure what you did in the bedroom with Digger can be kept under wraps hey?

Now tell me how you wish to proceed, I need to know by today, or the photos will have to be sent to Tel.

Oh and by the way, I hope he fucked you real well this morning too?

Yes, I bet he did.

I was unbelievably even more stunned than I already was.

He knew Digger had been here this morning, he must live close by?

It had to be someone I had invited.

But who?

There had been lots of neighbours there.

Please, I will do anything you want, give you anything you want, this mustn't be allowed to come out, please I'm begging you here.

Tell me what to do, please please?

I was beaten now, all hope gone, what would happen to me?

That's better Miccy; I knew we would be alright about this.

But, first things first, okay?

You will not see Digger again, that is over now, done with, comprende?

No arguments, kapush!

Got it?

I replied.

Yes, I understand, I promise I won't even talk to him again, I swear I won't.

Please can we meet and talk this through?

He wrote.

Ah, that's a lot better Miccy, I'm glad we are getting along on the same wave length now.

I'll tell you what, what are you doing tomorrow?

Any plans?

I wasn't doing anything important, so I answered so.

I have no plans, will you meet me please, I swear I won't try anything on; I just want this put behind me.

I will agree to your requests, I promise.

I went on line quickly and checked my bank balance.

I could draw 10000, which should be enough, it was a lot of money, but if it got me off the hook, it would be worth it.

I would offer him 5000.


Book a room at the Hilton in town for 10:00 tomorrow morning in the name of Mr and Mrs Andover.

I will meet you there, and if you disappoint me, we will fall out big style okay?

Another unexpected event, I knew somehow that I wasn't going to be able to second guess him.

Yes okay, I will do it right now, please wait, I will mail you in a minute or so.

I called the hotel, made a reservation as instructed, room 511 was allocated, and I paid with my credit card.

I wrote to him again.

I have made a reservation like you said, at the Hilton room 511 is booked okay?

He replied.

Good girl, and by the way, I know you can't turn up looking as good as you did on Saturday night, but make an effort just for me, see you tomorrow Miccy, bye.

To say I was in a daze was the understatement of the century.

How I got through the rest of the day was beyond me, but somehow I did.

I called Digger, and told him quite harshly, that whatever we had started, it was over. I made it very clear that I didn't want to hear from him again, and if he called me, I would tell my husband.

He was shocked I could tell that, but it had to be done, my life was at stake here.

The following morning, I dressed in a short pleated skirt, I decided to wear stockings, and they look good with heels, a sleeveless top, and a small high waisted jacket.

I put my hair up, similar to what I had on Saturday night.

I carefully made up my face and left to meet my blackmailer.

I arrived at the desk at 5 minutes to 10.

'Good morning Mrs Andover,' the receptionist said, 'your husband is already here, please go on up.'

My husband's here? My bloody fucking husband is here?

It had better not be, I will kill him, I stormed in my head.

I couldn't get there fast enough.

I knocked on the door.

It opened; I stepped in ready for the row of all rows.

The door closed behind me.

I was looking at Jonathan Baker, my son Tel's, 19 year old best friend.

And on the bed spread out, were the three photos, all enlarged.

'You Jon, it's you? I have been frantic, why have you done this?' I yelled at him.

'Miccy you have been unfaithful to your husband, with his new boss, haven't you?'

'That's nothing to do with you!' I said heatedly.

'Yes you are right, it isn't, but those photos are, aren't they? He said.

'How did you get them Jon?' I asked.

'I was in the back bedroom with Mandy, my girl, and we were making out, when I heard some one coming up, it was Digger.'

'I peaked out of the door, and saw him go in, but he didn't turn the light on, and I wondered why.'

'I was about to go and see, when I heard you coming up.'

'Then I saw him grab your arm and pull you in.'

'I didn't know what was going on, but I knew it had to be something, you shouldn't have been doing.'

'So I got the camera ready on my phone, and waited for you both to come out.'

'And oh boy what a sight that was, you looked fabulous in all your glory, I shot the camera as many times as I could, then we went downstairs after he did.'

'Mandy has no idea that we are here though, but I could tell her if you wanted me to?' he said fucking haughtily.

I knew I was trapped; there was no way I could ever brazen this out now.

'Jon, please what do you want, I can get you some money, how about it?' I was almost begging.

But I think I already knew which way this was going to go, I was already in a hotel room with him, I had paid for it, he would just say I had invited him, I was lost!

'Money Miccy, I don't want money do I?'

'No I don't suppose you do Jon, but please just think first. This could all go wrong, for you, and especially for me?'

'It will only go wrong Miccy, if you let it, that's the only way it will.'

'What do you want me to do then Jon, I must have those photos,' I said, as I glanced at them.

I knew they were not the originals.

He stepped forward, put his arm around my waist, and pulling me to him, whispered.

'What do you think I want Miccy?'

I kissed him, I had to do as he wanted, and if that meant letting him into my knickers, then so be it.

My arms went around his neck, I deepened the kiss, and to be honest, it was a nice kiss too.

He held me tight to him, I could already feel his erection pressing into me, I knew he wouldn't last very long, and I thought to myself, I bet I could make him cum in his pants, if I wanted to!

I broke the kiss, but kept my lips touching his, and said.

'Jon, those photos have to change hands, you know that don't you, that's if you want me badly enough?'

'Yes, I understand Miccy, and they will, don't worry.'

'Promise me Jon?'

'I promise, you will be safe okay?'

I guided him back to the bed, and we fell on it.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I said to me.

I was going to give him all he ever wanted from a woman; I was going to make him the happiest man, or boy, alive today.

We both undressed each other, as we both fondled the bits that matter.

He found my nipples, god they were sensitive today, the groan that left my mouth was a genuine one, no question!

He made me squirm even more by biting my shoulder right where it joins my neck.

The message my nipples and neck sent to my brain was.

'Wow, I like this!'

How could I even think that, not already anyway, not this soon?

I felt for his cock, it was a beauty, not overly large, but upwardly curving, and thick in the middle. I had the notion somehow, that it would fit me perfectly.

I was jolted back to reality, he had found my clit with the first touch of his fingers, I moaned loudly.

My body shuddered; he was getting me turned on in quick time.

I went for him then, I had to take the initiative. I forced him onto his back, straddled a leg, my other hand in the middle of his hairless chest.

And I began to wank him furiously.

He gasped and moaned, then fell back on the bed.

I had him, there was no way a boy as young as he, could beat a beautiful woman, when she had a hold of his gorgeous young cock, and especially a beautiful married woman like me.

He couldn't and he didn't, but I was making unknowingly, a rod for my own back.

I yanked at his dick, and he grunted, here it comes I thought.

And he shot a load of cum so unbelievably high into the air.

I was astounded.

And please don't ask me why I did next, what I did.

But as he was finishing, I leaned forward and jammed my mouth right over the end of it, and sucked and licked as hard as I could.

I slid my hand off his cock, and caressed his balls, I was in heat now, I had turned him on, and he, the young bastard, had turned me on, big time!

His cock grew hard again in my mouth, he was coming back to full erection, how could this be? I wondered.

But my body wasn't wondering, my body was rising to heaven.

And it was going to be his prick that took me there.

I was fast becoming a more than willing partner on the bed.

As he became fully erect, I pulled my mouth off him, and slid up to him, he put his arms around me tentatively, he wasn't really sure about how to do me!

I showed him, I made him climb over me, I held his prick, which he was now attempting to shove right though my back.

'Jon slow down honey, slow down, let me show you okay?'

He held himself above me; I could see the impatience in his eyes.

It made me smile; his youth was urging him on to his ultimate goal.

It was me!

I slid his prick into my sopping wet pussy, and let go, the thud as he bottomed out flattened me.

And, because I had just made him cum, he was on full power, and my God, did he fuck me. Digger was a good lover, but some how, Jon, coupled with his youth and strength; beat him into a cocked hat!

He pounded and pounded me, it was wonderful, and he had me having orgasms all over the place. I had forgotten that I was being blackmailed into this.

I wanted it now, more and more.

I tore my nails at his back as he banged me, my feet locked onto him, my teeth in his neck, I wanted to devour him, but really when I thought later, it was me who got devoured.

I had orgasm after orgasm, and I know for a fact that he shot a load into me while he was fucking me like he was. But he just continued riding me, he just didn't stop. He went on and on and on.

Then he finally came again, with a soft, but powerful thrust and a grunt.

He laid on me gasping, between kissing me, and me kissing him back. He lifted his face, and smiled a lovely smile, he was silently thanking me.

'Jon,' I told him, 'you are one fantastic lover honey, you really are!'

'Am I better than Digger?' he said, somewhat sadly, his eyes looked teary.

'Oh Jon,' I whispered, 'yes you were, and are, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made you feel sad, please forgive me?'

He looked at me then, and said quietly.

'I'm sorry too Miccy, I shouldn't have forced you to do this, you can take the photos, there are no more, and I haven't saved them.'

My heart broke, he was so sad.

'Jon, I believe you, but I have paid for this room for today, and I am going to stay here as long as I can, and I want you to stay with me too, will you do that for me baby, for me?' I murmured.

'Do you really mean that?' he asked as I collected him in my arms.

'Yes I do, don't ask me why, God forgive me, but I do.' I said.

He smiled a thank you, I saw it in his eyes, I had no idea this boy, my son's best friend, was like this, I had never seen it in him.

I turned him onto his back, and leaning over him, I made him know that I meant it, by kissing away his blues.

I pressed myself to him, I told him, I couldn't get close enough as I huddled my love wracked body tight to his.

His fingers and hands ran over me, I encouraged him, to seek out my touchy bits, and we had a great time finding each others.

He eventually found the one that would, and could, and did send me into orbit.

Only my husband had ever found it, but Jon did that day too.

It's right at the top of my pussy, just at the entrance to it, where the skin starts to fold, if you rub your finger gently up and down there, I will give you my life.

I had to hold onto him the instant he found it, it made me cry out to him, he softly tickled it, I couldn't stand it, it was driving me crazy in moments.

I had to yank his hand away, such was the intense feeling, I was suffering so wonderfully.

He moved his body over mine, slid my right arm under him, his left went around my shoulder, his leg crossed mine.

My wrist was held in his hand, and his free fingers went back to my secret place, I was trapped, I had let him trap me, he had me held down, I couldn't get away.

And then he started on me; I was absolutely insane in seconds, I orgasmed there and then.

I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't, he was so knowing somehow, he knew exactly where and how to handle me.

I was thrashing about on the bed, but he just kept up, his onslaught on my defenceless clit.

'Jon, Jon, Jon, please darling please stop,' I begged, as another shattering clout hit me, my insides were wrecked, he had totalled me completely.

I was a living car crash.

He leaned in and kissed me, I gave him the best kiss I could, I was looking up into his beautiful dark eyes, and I was hoping he would allow me some relief.

He did, but left his finger laid on my hot spot, and oh fucking hell, was it hot!

The kiss ended, and then he said.

'Miccy, you are not only so beautiful to look at, but so beautiful to be with, and you are so beautiful inside, you are really the best and nicest person I have ever known. When God thought of beautiful he was thinking of you.'

I melted completely, I was shattered not only with what he had done to me, but by the words he spoke.

The sincerity of them shone thorough like a beacon on a dark night.

'Jon please make love to me again baby, I need you so much, please?'

I cried, I felt the tears fall away.

I slowly got to my knees, he was looking at me, but not quite knowing what I wanted, but he soon got the gist.

I laid my head down.

'Now Jon,' I said, 'now baby.'

He was behind me in a second, his prick seeking me out.

He found me.

And he made love to me in an, oh so gentle and loving way, any man I had been fucked by there like that, had always tried to hammer me. But not Jon, it was as if he had been programmed to give me what I needed and wanted.

He slid his fabulous prick in and out of me so agonisingly slowly; it drove me nuts with desire for him.

I wanted to beseech him to go faster, to hit me with it, to hurt me with it. But I understood now, he wanted it this way, it was his way of loving me the way, I knew he now loved me.

My orgasm was the sweetest I had ever had, it washed over me, gently but powerfully, it was from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

And as it rippled through me, he came too, I felt it flood my vagina, it was just so very special, I loved it, and I loved him for it.

We rested then, quietly in each others arms.

He so softly told me, that while he hated himself now for making me do what I had done.

He was thankful to the high heavens that it had happened.

And he would never forget it for as long as he lived.

I had to be honest here too.

I told him, that yes, what he had done was wrong, but what I had done was equally wrong too.

But now this had happened between us, I would always be more than so very grateful that it had.

'Oh and Jon, I love you for it too baby.'

'I love you too Miccy,' he said.

I kissed him with all the love I have in my heart.

'What are you doing tomorrow?' I asked him.

'Nothing at all I don't think, why?'

'Because Jon, I will be at home, all on my own, all day, from 8:00 onwards.' I said quizzically.

He looked at me, a question in his soft eyes.

'Yes,' I said, 'you be there by 8:15 at the latest, or I will lock the door, okay! And I laughed then.

I so wanted to see him again.

I knew I was taking a risk, but this boy had something money couldn't ever buy, it was true honesty, I know he had blackmailed me, but he was honest love, personified.

We had a lovely bath together, he got his mouth on my clit while under the water, I came again, he was unbelievable!

I gave him a loving wank, he came into a towel, and we dried each other, and had a fight while we were, we tumbled everywhere in knots.

We loved and kissed our goodbyes, I left before him, with a date made for the morning, I would ring him to tell him all was well.

I can hardly ever remember feeling, the way I was feeling after sex like that, I felt wonderfully woman!

The memory of him, was branded onto my heart, his smell would remain on me, and in me forever.

The evening passed quietly, I was in bed for 9:00 exhausted.

I slept the sleep of an innocent woman, though I knew I was not, and would never be again, but I didn't care either!

He was on time; I locked the house up and took him to bed, amid love and kisses, and lots of groping.

What we did there was the most extraordinary thing that has ever taken place in my life.

I fell in love with him, I really did.

He was so special, so attentive, so loving, and so needful to be where, and do what I needed.

No one had ever loved me like this, no one.

We loved as passionately as we had done the day before, but he was more knowledgeable this day.

He just took me to no where, I didn't know where I was, and I'm sure he was the same.

We clamoured for and at each other, my orgasms were fast and furious, as were his ejaculations.

Not a lot of it was wasted I can tell you.

I 69nd him, what a great game that was, he not only licked and sucked my pussy, but he had his chin right on my button, I had no option but to lift a leg off him at times, I couldn't bear the electrical shocks I was getting.

But when he 69nd me, I had no option but to accept it, he held me down while he worked at my pussy, and he wreaked havoc with me by tonguing, licking and sucking my private bit, and I howled around his stiff prick lodged tightly in my mouth.

I asked him later if he had ever had anal sex with a woman.

He was honest enough to say no.

I liked that, in fact I liked everything about him.

And I loved everything about him.

'Would you like to try it with me Jon,' I asked quietly.

'Yes I think so Miccy, will you show me how?'

I was on my knees in a heart beat.

'Get behind me Jon, and do what comes naturally honey okay?'

He did, and boy did he!

He was all the way inside me before I could draw breath.

The curve of his prick fitted me like it had been made especially for my arse.

He drove it in and out, using the KY I had somehow procured?

And then he reached round me, and fingered me again, I exploded into smithereens.

I fell down, he on top of me, and if I had not wanted to be beaten in that fashion, it would have been hard luck on my part.

He fucked my bum rhythmically, solidly, and lengthily.

And when he came, I literally felt my arse swell, I expected to float up off the bed, and my own orgasm followed his.

I wanted to be in his arms forever, his young love for me was the sweetest gift God could give a person, and Jon had given me his.

We met as often as we could after that, and the feelings grew between us.

But as with nearly of these things, trouble found us, his mother had found out somehow, and put a stop to it, under the threat of telling my husband.

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