tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle?

How Did I Start This Lifestyle?


How did I start on this lifestyle? A question I have asked myself quite a few times in the last 5 years.

My name is Marie and I am 30 years old. My husband Jon is 17 years older than me and has never had a big sexual appetite. He says I should tell you that I am 5’10 tall with 36C 25 35 figure which I try to keep in shape. We live in England and I have always thought of us as being typically English, reserved and conservative.

Five years ago, seems like a lifetime now! I was quite conservative, never wore skirts much above my knees always in sensible tops and shoes. Jon had asked me several times if I would dress a little sexier for him, wear some shorter skirts and tops that showed my figure more. But I had always said “It is what I wear that matters but what is underneath.”

In bed we never set the world alight but I enjoyed the sex we had and so did Jon, or so I thought!

One night he suddenly said “I have a fantasy, one I can’t get out of my mind. I would Love to see you having sex with another guy, I know I’m not that big and I’d love to see you take a big cock!”

I was shocked and thought it was a joke when he told me this. He wanted me to have sex with another man, while he watched.

I was angry with him “I don’t want anyone else but you. I married you and I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

The topic wasn’t mentioned for several weeks but then he mentioned it again, I noticed when he did he would become very aroused and his lovemaking very passionate. I still dismissed it as just a fantasy. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore; I have told you I don’t want anyone other than you”

Around this time, my best friend told me she had a secret, She was having an affair! She had been complaining about the lack of sex in her marriage for some time and she had done something about it.

I was shocked when she said “I am having a wild affair with a big black man.”

I had always thought Sue to be a racist, suffice to say she had never been complimentary when talking about black people. We often talked about our lives and complained that there was no excitement.

“I decided to do something about it Marie, this is my excitement and it is very good. Do you want to see some photographs of us together?”

I hardly recognised the woman in the pictures, tiny mini skirts, skimpy tops and shoes with tiny but high spiked heels. The man was tall and slim with a big smile, big hands and very dark skin. As I browsed the photos they became progressively more sexual. Sue showing her stocking tops and bent forward exposing her tits making it obvious she was not wearing a bra. More photos of her with Marcus, his hands all over her exposing more and more until all she was wearing were stockings and a huge smile.

She said “We have taken other photographs since, but they were to hot to have them processed in the local shops.” I was so shocked but I also felt a tingle of excitement and a feeling of wetness between my legs.

I told Sue of Jon’s fantasy “You know Jon told me he’d like to see me having sex with another man”

“Marie my hubby is the same it’s obviously a man thing.”

I think she sensed I had become excited by those pictures and asked “Do you like Marcus, He is very sexy but he’s also very demanding? And he’s a very big boy!”

I nodded, my eyes still fixed on those images “I can see he is big those arms are huge”

“That’s not all that’s huge” she said grinning from ear to ear.

Sue then said “He is having a party at his house in a couple of weeks; I know Jon is going to be away and you will be on your own, why not come with me, don’t worry there won’t be anyone there who knows you.”

“I can’t go without Jon it wouldn’t be right!” I was a little upset she had suggested it.

“Why not think about it, after all it’s not for a couple of weeks, plenty of time to change your mind, look at those photos again isn’t he wonderful?”

During the next few days my mind would wander back to those images of Marcus groping my friend and her obviously enjoying it a lot.

The evening before Jon was due to leave he said” Sue has told me that she had invited you to a party I think it would do you good to go and meet some new people and I’m away for a few weeks remember?”

I doubt he would have said that if he had known who the host was! Yes he was another who disliked black people.

I said ”Ok I will think about it, it would be nice to go out with Sue again, it’s been years since we went partying together”

We went to bed and made love, I knew it was wrong but I was thinking about Sue and Marcus and wondered what he would feel like on top of me doing what Jon was. Sue had said Marcus was wonderful in bed hadn’t she? And he had a big cock! Poor Jon was a bit lacking in that department, 5 inches and not that thick. But I was in Love with him wasn’t I?

A few days later Sue came round to see me, she was dressed in a tight black mini dress with thin shoestring straps, to say it was low cut was an understatement! You could almost see her nipples. Her legs were covered in fine black nylon and there was a dark line running all the way up the back disappearing under the hem of her dress.

“Thought anymore about that party Marie? I have just bought this dress especially for it.”

I looked at her, frowning “That doesn’t cover much Sue, the hem line’s very high I bet you can see your knickers if you sit down!”

“Yes great isn’t it, Marcus helped me choose it” she said laughing. “You should see the other things he has got me”

“Oh yeah like what?” I said thinking she looked very slutty.

“You ought to come round and see, tell you what that party is tomorrow, why not come round late afternoon and I can show you, we can have a bite to eat, a few drinks and then go to Marcus. Come on Marie, you know you want to, I bet you have been thinking about it haven’t you?”

I nodded ashamed to admit it to her. “I did think it would be like before we were both married going out and having some fun, but I’m not sure if I want to get involved like you have.”

She looked me straight in the eyes “Come on Jon is away and he did say he thought it would be good for you, didn’t he? No one will know you; Marcus lives some way from here.”

I looked at her and she smiled “Oh what harm can it do and I haven’t been to a party for ages”

I arrived at Sue’s at 6pm and found her walking around the house in just her stockings and suspender/garter belt and a small black lacy thong. She poured us both a large Gin and topped them up from a bottle of tonic. “Here’s some Dutch courage for you”

I took the drink but wasn’t sure what she had meant by her comment. “Cheers, is that what you are wearing under that dress then?”

Sue gave me a quizzical look” Yes why don’t you like it?” Twirling as she said it.

“It’s not the sort of thing you used to wear that’s all, I suppose its ok, bit slutty maybe”

“Oh come on Marie, I know you used to wear stockings a lot.”

“As a matter of fact I still do, and you know I never liked tights, I’m wearing stockings now as it happens”

She laughed and said “Not sexy ones, look they are tan coloured, sorry I didn’t mean to make fun of you, Is that what you are wearing tonight or have you brought the party clothes in your bag?”

“Ok what’s wrong with what I am wearing” I said angrily. I looked down and saw my blue skirt resting a couple of inches above my knees and my pretty lacy blouse and thought what’s wrong with these, these are my ‘best clothes’

Sue stood there looking me up and down and said “You need to loosen up girl, this is a party and it’s at a black mans so you will stand out like a sore thumb in that. It would be ok for tea at mother in laws but not for enjoying yourself!”

I started to get angry and made for the door to leave. “I don’t care what you think; this is all I have in my wardrobe.”

“Oh come on don’t get cranky with me Marie, why not try some of my clothes, we are the same size after all”

I stood and stared at her “we might be the same dress size but I’m a good few inches taller than you”

“I know that but lets see anyway, ok? She gave me another glass of Gin and Tonic and took my hand. We walked back to her bedroom, entering I noticed several skirts and dresses on the bed together with assorted stockings and suspender belts. On the floor were about a dozen pairs of shoes, black, blue, red and white, some with platform soles, all had high spiked heels.

“You look like you have bought the shop” I said pointing at everything.

“Marcus bought a lot of it for me and I bought the rest, I don’t know why I didn’t get with it years ago” She reached down and threw a black shinny skirt at me. “Go on try it on”

“I can’t wear anything like this, look it’s not much bigger than a belt!” She laughed hard “I know that’s what I said when Marcus got it for me, go on just try it and see how it looks and feels”

I knew I would have to try it or she would keep on at me, I slipped my skirt off and as I did she threw me a pair of shiny black seamed stockings. I unhooked my stockings and rolled the black ones up my legs, they felt quite good, fine and smooth and they shone in the light. I was glad they were stretchy as my legs are quite long. As I hooked each suspender into the tops I noticed Sue looking at me, smiling. “What?” I asked.

“I forgot how long your legs are, they look good in those black nylons”

“Thanks, I’m not sure about them in this skirt, though” as I slid it over my legs. I looked down and found the zipper straightened it up and stood straight in front of a full-length mirror. The hem was at least 6 or 7 inches above my knees and it looked like little more that a very wide belt.

“Hey looking good” Sue said, sliding the black dress over her head.

I walked around, stood again by the mirror and then sat on a stool by the dresser. As I sat the skirt seemed to grip my legs and rode up, I was sure I could see the darker colour at the top of the stockings, with a little adjustment I managed to pull it down a fraction. I had never worn a skirt this short, not even as a teenager. Here I was married in the 30th year of my life and wearing a very tiny skirt, that not even my hubby had seen me in. Sue must have sensed what I was thinking and she went a got me a refill of Gin “Here I said you might need this” laughing loudly as she said it. “Well Marie what do you think? I like the look, that skirt with those shiny stocks looks great on your legs”

“I’m still not sure, they feel nice and the skirt is comfy if a bit short, I’m worried about sitting down in it. It shows the stocking tops”

“Look how many parties have you been to where you are sitting for a long time, know us two we will be dancing most of the night.”

“Ok I will wear it for a while to see if I get used to it, will that make you happy? I said sarcastically

Sue made a face and stuck her tongue out saying “You look great and you know it, here drink some more Gin”

I had now had 3 Gins and felt more relaxed; I looked on her bed and found several halter tops which looked as though they would go with the skirt. Sue nodded her approval and I slipped my blouse off.

“My god you are wearing the same style Bra as you used to?” Sue looked astounded.

“Ok what’s wrong with my Bra? I asked again a little angrily. “Nothing if you are in your 50’s” was her reply. “Just try those tops on and see what it looks like”

I slipped the first over my head and arms, a black shiny stretch material which felt good to the touch. Pulling it over my bra and resting it on the top of the skirt. I looked in the mirror and saw what Sue meant my Bra caused bumps to appear in the material; she laughed an ‘I told you so’

Laugh. I took the top and my Bra off and then pulled the top back on. “Much better” She said as she zipped her dress up. I stood and looked in the mirror again, I had to admit it didn’t look to bad, I just wasn’t used to seeing myself dressed in this way and without a Bra too, I never went with out one not even on holidays.

Sue Looked at my and made a ‘mmmmm’ sound “There you are I said you’d look great and I was right as always, we are all ready to go now, just the make up or war paint in my case”

I did my Hair as Sue applied her make up, Dark eye shadow, black eye liner on both upper and lower lid, blusher and red lipstick. I thought she looked a bit ‘cheap’ but she seemed pleased with the result. Then she said it was my turn and that she would do it for me. She just wanted me to trust her and let her loose.

When she had finished I looked at myself and didn’t recognise who I saw. I had dark shadow on my lids and she had highlighted both with liner. A small brush to apply the red lipstick and that was it. I felt a totally different person, I thought I looked a little slutty and said “Do you think this is a bit much?”

“Don’t be daft you look great and most of the women there will look similar so you wont stand out”

I didn’t think about her comment about others until later. Sue then called a Taxi and we waited drinking some more Gin and watching for the car to arrive.

The taxi ride lasted about 30 minutes and I was in a part of the City I had only passed through, Hubby had always said it wasn’t a good area to be in especially for white women, not that we had seen any on the drive there.

The house was a large Georgian style 3 story property and there was already loud music coming from inside.

“Good it’s already going well from the sounds of things” She said as she went up and opened the door.

We were met inside by Marcus, wearing a tight white shirt and equally tight black trousers; he took us in and got us drinks.

“So this is your friend Marie, you were right she is very attractive” he took me in his arms and kissed me on both cheeks. “She blushes as well” he said laughing loudly.

We were joined by another man over 6’6 with large muscled arms showing from his shirt sleeves,

His smile lit up his face and he was introduced as Michael

“Hi Marie, you look good enough to eat girl” he said making me blush again.

“Thanks” was all I could say in reply, I was very nervous despite the Gins. I looked him up and down and saw his legs were muscled too and showed through his trousers. I also noticed what looked like a bulge in the front of them.

He smiled and said” Like what you see then?” I blushed again and with that he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a room where there were several couples dancing.

To be continued…

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