tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 02

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 02


Jon had wanted to see Marie with another man, Marie’s friend Sue was seeing a black man and she had invited Marie to a party at the black mans house. Borrowing a mini skirt, halter top and black stockings Marie went to the party with Sue.

I had arrived at the party and met Marcus and one of his friends a guy called Michael. He had grabbed me and taken me dancing.

The music was loud disco style music and the only lighting was from disco styled lights spaced around the room. There was little furniture in the room, a couch along one wall and a small table with glasses and ashtray in a corner. The floor was wooden and had obviously been recently polished. There were 5 other couples in the room dancing. I had noticed that there didn’t appear to be any white men at the party, at least I hadn’t seen any so far. Michael and I danced together for several songs and then went to get drinks.

“What you drinking Girl? More Gin?” he asked.

I nodded and said “Thanks.” Looking around to see if I could see Sue. She was sat on Marcus’ lap and he was running his hands up and down her legs, to her obvious enjoyment. I was able to see her stocking tops exposed under the hem of her skirt. This made me feel more nervous but also excited.

Sue had told me on the way to the party “You might see the guys and girls getting heavy with one another if its like the last party I went to” she said it with a broad smile and a wink.

As I stood waiting for Michael to return with our drinks Sue beckoned me over to her and handed me something small & soft. She motioned for me to lean closer and whispered “Go and Put these on.” I moved back and looked to see what she had slipped into my hand. I was surprised to see a tiny black thong not more than small triangle of nylon with a string back and sides. I thought what was wrong with the knickers I was wearing? Sue mouthed “Not sexy enough” as if she had read my mind.

I waited with the thong stuffed in my hand and said to Michael when he came back “Just going to powder my nose” and laughed as I went. The bathroom was in a hallway next to the room where couples were still dancing, it was unoccupied. I went in lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers off, I noticed that the crotch seemed damp; I presumed this was due to it being very hot in the house. I pulled the thong up over my knees and hips and got it up into my crotch. It didn’t cover very much and I could see the outline of my dark hair through the filmy material. Luckily I had been and had it waxed a few days before so the hair didn’t stick out at the sides. I looked at myself and thought this thong isn’t worth wearing but at least it just covers my pussy.

I went back into the lounge and joined Michael; he said “looking good but I don’t see any powder” and laughed again. I finished my latest Gin and Tonic and then Michael said he wanted to dance with me again.

Several more couples had arrived in the mean time and the dance floor was more crowded. I saw several guys holding their partners close and they seemed to be bumping and grinding into them. No one else seemed to mind or notice though. Michael pulled me close to him and said I felt good and smelt nice, I was wearing opium by Dior, at least that wasn’t borrowed from Sue I thought. Michael smelt nice his after shave was subtle. He was clean shaven and had big brown eyes which never seemed to leave me. I could feel his muscles as I held his arms and thought of Jon and his small body. I wondered if he was big everywhere and then told myself not to think things like that.

The music slowed and Michael pulled me close to him. I could feel his breath on my face and shoulders and his chest against mine. His hands stayed on my back but he pulled me in really close to him. I felt his legs against mine and I thought I felt something else hard against me but dismissed it until he moved his hips a circular motion taking my hips and lower body with him. Then I knew I had felt his cock against me it felt hard but not that big. As we danced hips moving together I felt the bottom of my skirt riding up and suddenly remembered it wasn’t one of mine but the mini Sue had loaned me. I reached down and pulled the hem down until it felt right. It wasn’t long before I had to pull it down again and again. Michael was smiling and said in my ear “if you are going to wear a mini skirt girl you have to expect it to ride up now and again, so why not let it and pull it down when we stop dancing” I thought about it and it made sense to my now Gin soaked Brain. I left it alone after that but was aware that it had ridden up so my stocking tops were showing.

Michael was holding me tightly to him and it felt good. I could feel his hips starting to grind into me and his cock against my hips, his hands started to run up and down my back and he leant forward and kissed my neck. He made me melt as his lips gently kissed the skin under my hair. As he kissed he started to grind into me harder his crotch against mine, I hadn’t danced like this since I was a teenager! I had forgotten that my skirt had ridden up and was now showing the white skin above my stockings. Michaels hand went lower and started to stroke my bum. Kissing my neck all the time, then moving my head and kissing me on my mouth. My mouth opened as he kissed me and he slipped his tongue inside, something only my husband had ever done to me. I responded by running my tongue over his. As we kissed his hands went lower under my skirt, I moved my hand to try and stop him but he drew back and said “its ok I know you are enjoying this relax and go with it, relax and let me, relax and let me”

I knew I should stop him and that it wasn’t the thing a proper married woman did but I was enjoying the attention and just nodded to him and he continued, rubbing his hands on my almost bare ass and thrusting his hips into me.

He drew back again and said “Hey I reckon you are hot and I think you are really getting into this aren’t you? You are a bit of a show off aren’t you?

“What do you mean, yes I am enjoying the attention but I don’t think I’m a show off” I replied quickly.

“I think you are Marie. Just look down at yourself.”

I looked down and saw that my skirt was indeed over my stockings but it had gone higher and my thong was clearly visible and I hadn’t realised. I reached down to correct my skirt but he grabbed my hands and said “Only do it if you aren’t enjoying this Id like you to leave it where it is” it wasn’t what he said but the way he said it that made me stop pulling the skirt back down. My hands hovering holding the hem line.

“That’s it leave it where it is for me, look at some of the others they are the same, skirts all up and showing off, just leave it there.”

I moved my hands away and left the skirt. “That’s a good girl I knew you were a show off and I’m going to see how big a show off you are, I wonder if you are like Sue?”

“What do you mean like sue?

“Look at her over there, skirt up almost over her waist legs spread and her top all open”

Sure enough when I looked he described Sue’s position to a tee. And Marcus’ hands were all over her rubbing her tits and her pussy. It looked like she wasn’t wearing any undies at all. She was obviously enjoying the attention her eyes were almost shut and her mouth slightly open.

I looked round and saw several other girls in a similar state tits out and skirts over their hips, some were definitely not wearing any undies.

“Marie why don’t you take that silly thong off for me now, come on I know you want to, you want to please me I know. Sue told me that your hubby is useless in the sex department and that you need more”

I looked at him unsure what to do. I looked around again and saw all those bare pussies and my hands went to the string sides and started to lower them.

“That’s it girl do it, all the way down do as Michael tells you there’s a good girl. That’s it over your knees and kick them off”

I felt my foot lift as I kicked the thong off and he caught it in his hand. “MMMMM it’s all wet you naughty girl and it smells of sex”

He pulled me to him again and I felt his hand go between my legs and start to rub my pussy I was wet and hadn’t realised. His finger slipped easily into me and I knew I was gone and that I would do what he wanted.

“That’s it Marie give yourself to me; give me that body submit to me now become mine. You know I am going to do things to you that no other man has ever done, feel my fingers inside you feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter”

All I could do was moan as he slid that big brown finger in and out of me, I swear I could hear it squelching as he did it. Gone were the reservations I had I was giving in to this strange black man.

His other hand was busy too lifting my halter top up until it had uncovered my tits, his mouth clamping on to one of the exposed nipples making it erect, biting it gently between his teeth. Another finger joined the first going in and out of my ever increasingly wet pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH don’t stop” was all I could say to him. “Don’t worry I’m not going to stop now, now take that top right off for me, do it now!”

I reached up and removed the halter top and gave it to him he threw it in to the corner on top of a pile of other clothes.

He pulled me to him again inserting fingers and sucking nipples and his left hand unzipped my skirt. He pulled that down and it dropped on to the floor. “Kick it off now!”

I did what he told me. He pulled away and told me to look at myself now. I was naked apart form the stockings and suspender belt and my heels that I had borrowed from Sue.

“That’s how I expect my girls to be when we are partying open and on show and of course available. Are you available Marie are you? Are you going to give in to me?”

“Yes Michael” I replied quietly “Louder say it louder now Marie” Yes Michael I will give in to you”

He shoved the fingers in and out harder and faster and deeper. “How do you feel Marie?

“I feel very dirty like a slut, naked in front of these people letting you finger me and tease my nipples”

“Ah yes Marie you are just like a slut aren’t you and you like being a slut don’t you, you will do things sluts do from now on wont you?

“Yes I will Michael please don’t stop doing that with your fingers please”

“What will you do for me if I continue will you take my cock out and worship it for me?”

“Yes I want to worship your cock”

“Look at Sue she’s worshipping Marcus, see her take it in her mouth see her hands feeling his balls, I want you to do that to me now!”

I got on my knees as he put pressure on my shoulders forcing me to the floor. He pointed to his zip and smiled. I pulled the metal tag down until it was unfastened completely. I reached in with my hand and found he was naked under the trousers, his cock was there semi hard and it felt huge, bigger than anything I had seen or felt before.

I pulled it out and heard him sigh. It was bigger than any cock I had seen and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. I stroked it in my hands and it started to grow and get harder. I needed both my hands to grip the smooth brown skin as I stroked it the head came in to view a purplish brown colour and so big.

“That’s a lot bigger than that hubby of yours I bet?

“A lot bigger, yes Id say, it was twice the size of his, how am I going top deal with one this big.”

I was frightened by the size of it.

“Go on start to kiss it and lick it and then you can suck it like Sue’s doing to Marcus”

I took it in my hands and started to lick the head and then the shaft right down its length, feeling the veins with my tongue, it seemed to grow even more as I did this. Michael’s hands came down on my head and he lifted it until my mouth was level with the cock head. And then he pushed it in until I opened my lips and then it was in my mouth, only the 2nd cock I had ever had in there.

“That’s it suck it now take it in your mouth do as I tell you”

I took it in and sucked it I felt his hands move to the back of my head and he applied slight pressure and I took more and more sucking and using my tongue as I did. He was gentle to begin with but then he started to push more and more until I was gagging telling me “relax relax, relax.” I tried but it still made me gag then it slipped deeper and it was in my throat he was thrusting in and out now. “That’s it slut Marie do it, suck it”

I felt his cock start to jerk and the back of my throat was flooded with his thick creamy cum. He pulled out still spurting cum from the slit all over my face and tits. He told me to lick off his cock and lick as much off me as I could. When I had cleaned him he was still rock hard and he told me” Lift those hips up now raise that ass for me”

I lifted my hips and ass up and I felt his hands on me he fingered my now soaking pussy and said “ you have a lovely cunt Marie are you ready to become a black mans plaything?”

“Yes please yes please fuck, me please” I begged him.

He thrust his cock straight into me deeper than any cock had ever been and stretching me more than I knew possible, I felt so full and I came almost straight away.

“Love that do we? Say it, tell everyone you love my cock tell everyone you love black cock, do it now”

“I love your cock I love black cock, I love black cock.

He started thrusting in and out harder and deeper his balls slapping against my bum holding my hips. “that’s so good Marie you are enjoying this aren’t you, your little white cunt is being invaded it will crave black cock from now on it will never want a tiny white dick again, you will become a slut craving more and more”

“Yes I’m a slut I love being fucked by black cock, fuck me harder.”

I had a momentary thought that he wasn’t wearing a condom but he thrust in again and I forgot all about it as a wave of pleasure hit me again and I came so hard.

His pace quickened and he trust deeper and deeper then I felt him tense and he pushed it in as deep as he could. I felt the shaft of his cock jerk and then I was being flooded with his cum. As he pumped it in to me I came again.

I must have passed out as the next thing I knew I was on the couch at the side of the room and he was sat next to me stroking my legs and tits. He asked “Are you alright Marie? Was that good my little slut?”

“Oh yes I have never felt anything like it, I have never felt the guy cum inside me before and never cum as many times as I did.”

His hand slipped down on to my thigh and he started to stroke my leg all the way to the top I felt my legs open slightly and his hand was then on my pussy, it felt different somehow, then I knew what it was I had no hair there any more! It had been shaved. “Yes Marie while you were out of it Marcus and I told Sue to shave you. You are now a proper slut.”

What would Jon say I wondered but then he was away for a while maybe it would grow back.

“You will be expected to keep it like this now and there will be regular inspections, if you don’t you will be punished. Just talk to Sue about it”

He pulled me up off the couch and went over to Sue and Marcus. Sue had his cock in her hand and one of his friends was behind her fucking her.

“Marie I want you to get on your hands and knees again and suck Marcus with your ass this way.”

I got in to the position he had told me to and started to suck Marcus his cock wasn’t quite so big as Michael’s but it was still a lot bigger than I had taken before that night.

I felt Michaels hands on my pussy again and he was rubbing the juices on my ass then I felt him start to push a finger in my brown hole he was making shhhhhh shshhh sounds and then when he had opened my ass a little I felt something bigger at the entrance and his cock was going in I tried to say something but Marcus had held my head all I could do was make sounds,

The head was almost in, the pain was awful and then with a push it was inside and going in and out deeper with each thrust. He started to fuck my ass as Marcus fucked my mouth the pain became less and I found myself getting excited again and as he came in my ass I came too. I heard Marcus say “She really is a slut now, mikey, she will be good with sue, got a couple of good ones this time.

They continued to fuck both Sue and I all night and even shared me with a friend of theirs.

That is the story of how I started on the Black lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed both parts of the story and I would appreciate constructive criticism

Is this true? That for me to know and you to think about.

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