tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 06

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 06


Marie - How I got into this Lifestyle – Jon's Standpoint

Hi to everyone. Thank you for the votes, and the positive feedback. I am pleased that the majority want to hear more of Marie.

Marie was continuing, being taken, deeper into submission by Michael. She had given in to him and now her husband, Jon knew. This was what he had wanted after all, wasn't it? The story continues. Let's, first go back and look at things through Jon's eyes:

Jon had arrived home at around 4.30; his business trip had been concluded early. He was looking forward to relaxing and maybe spend some sexy time with Marie. He was glad to be home, it had been a long, hard trip, and he was exhausted. Food and bed and then spend that time with Marie!

On entering the house, he found Marie sat in the lounge. He stopped and stared at her, she had changed. Gone the conservative woman he had known before his trip. The woman sat there now, was dressed like those in men's magazines!

'What's happened here' he thought.

"God what have you done?" he said, still staring at her, seeing her legs and breasts exposed.

"Don't you like it? You wanted a new me, well now you've got one."

"It's just a surprise that's all. Stand up and do a twirl and let me see."

"Wow, looks good, skirt maybe a bit short but its good."

"I'm glad you like it because this is what I am wearing from now on."

"What? All the time?"

"Yes, all the time"

"Why, you didn't look bad before?"

"You wanted me dressed like this and I decided I like the look."

Ok a joke is a joke, now go and change, I'm too tired for sex anyway."

"Who said anything about a joke? I only have clothes like these upstairs now. I have given all my other things to charity."

"I don't believe you"

"Go look for yourself if you don't!"

Jon ran up the stairs, entering the bedroom he saw clothes strewn on the floor and on the bed. All new looking but crumpled. He saw a blue skirt and some stockings; they appeared to be stained,

'What the?' He said to himself. The stains looked like semen, cum. 'Surely not' picking up the items and confirming what he thought.

"Oh god, what have you done?" he said staring at the bed and those clothes.

Marie entered the room.

"What have you been up to?"

"I went to that party with Sue"


"I'm sorry I met someone there."

"I guessed that, from the stains, I know what they are!"

"You wanted me to fuck someone, god knows you have said it often enough!"

"Yes but it was a fantasy wasn't it?"

"You kept on and on about it, I thought you were serious"

Jon didn't know what to do or say, He threw the clothes at Marie and left.

Getting in his car, he drove off.

'I know, I wanted this but it was just a fantasy, wasn't it? The idea of Marie doing it with someone was a real turn on. I never expected her to act it out.'

Marie was right! He had kept on and on about her doing it, almost like an obsession. The idea had formed in his mind after reading 'reader's letters' in some men's magazines. He had found several web sites with stories about wives with other men. They had excited him and he had told Marie. He had told her he wanted to see her with another man. Not just once, either, but several times. Now she had done it! How did he feel?

He had been shocked when he saw her in that tiny skirt and top, sat showing her legs, she was even wearing his favourite things, stockings! He had always had visions of her in short skirts and skimpy tops. This was his vision.

He had left the house because he wasn't sure what to do or say to her. He needed time to think, to discover his feelings about what she had done.

He drove, not knowing where he was going. He found himself in a familiar road, outside a familiar house. It was her friend Sue's house He pulled into the driveway and sat there a while.

'Why did I come here' he wondered. He knew it was Sue who had taken Marie to the party. He needed to know more, more about what happened.

He rang the doorbell and waited. His head so full of thoughts he didn't notice the door open.

"Hello Jon" he heard her say. "I think I know why you are here, Marie has just called me. Come on in and have a drink, you look like you could do with one.

"Hi Sue. I'm sorry what did you say?"

"Come on in, I'll get us some drinks"

He followed her in, hardly noticing that she too was wearing a mini skirt and tight top. They went into the lounge and he flopped into a chair.

He watched her as she poured brandy into the glasses. She was wearing a very short bottle green skirt and her white top was very tight and low cut. He had never seen Sue dressed like this.

'Why was she dressed like this? Could this be why Marie had changed?'

"Here you are, drink this and then we can talk. I think I know why you are here; I suppose part of me was expecting to see you. You want to know what's going on, don't you?"

"Thanks" he said taking the glass from her. He drank, the liquid warming him as it went down. He didn't drink much but the brandy was helping.

Sue sat opposite him; he couldn't help looking at her legs, as she crossed them. He saw that she was wearing stockings. This made him think, again about Marie. 'Who had made these 2 women change so much?'

"Ok" Sue said. This made him focus.

"What's going on Sue?"

"Are you sure you want me to tell you? You ought to ask Marie really, I'm not certain I should say anything."

"Look, I went away and she was Marie and I come back and I hardly recognise her, she has changed and so have you for that matter."

"Yes I know. We have both changed. I think we have discovered another side to personalities. Marie has told me a lot about the two of you, don't worry I haven't said anything to anyone else! We did talk about sexual fantasies and when I told her about Steve's, and mine she told me yours. She was surprised when I told her that Steve had the same one."

"Really, I thought I was weird or something. I mean I have read those magazine letters and read stories on line. I thought they were all made up but I'm not so sure now."

"Now you know that there are real people with those fantasies, wanting to see their wives with other men. I thought Steve was joking, as Marie did with you at first. He even went into chat rooms and discussed it with others and he got several offers!"

"Oh, I never realised there were chat rooms about it"

"Several. He told me about them and I found myself thinking about it, wondering what was said in those rooms. I found a few and was soon chatting to several guys regularly. Steve didn't know at first. I then told him and he sat with me as I chatted, some of the conversations got quite steamy. Steve was really turned on by it all and when a guy suggested I meet him Steve was all for it!"

"Really he wanted you to meet him?"

"Yes he did, he even sent the guy my photo!"

"No way"

"The guy said he really did want to meet me after seeing that, I didn't realise at the time but Steve sent him one of me taken at that party at your place."

"What the Vicars and Sluts party we had at new year?"


"You hired that outfit you said"

"I had most of it here; Steve had bought most of it for me. Anyway, I thought about it, Steve kept on about me meeting him and so we arranged it."

Jon was finding out that he didn't really know Steve and Sue at all. He received another shock then.

"The guys name is Marcus and we arranged to meet him at a night club 'The Scene' you know the one?"

"Yes I have heard about it, isn't it in the Black area of town?"

"Yes it is and yes Marcus is Black. He is from the West Indies. We went to the club and met him, he was lovely and charming, Steve and I had a wonderful night with him; Steve kept asking me if I fancied him. I did and I told him. Marcus seduced me that night and we ended up back her having sex, Steve had got his fantasy and I was getting sex like I had never had before."

"I don't know whether to believe you or not, this sounds like one of those magazine letters."

Sue stood and went to the tall pine dresser in the corner. She removed a pack of photographs and handed them to Jon. He opened them and saw Sue, in a red dress, cut to her mid thigh and showing a fair amount of cleavage. He went through the sequence of pictures seeing Sue with this black man. She seemed oblivious to the fact she was being photographed, they got progressively steamier. The last photo was of sue and him and he had one hand up her dress and the other feeling her breasts.

"God, what did Steve say about this?" indicating the last photo.

"He took them and has had a few copies made. I have others too, taken since. I don't know if you would want to see them though."

Jon had forgotten about the reason he had come Sue. "Id like to see them, if you don't mind me seeing that is?"

"You asked to see them, you and Marie are the only ones who have seen these, apart from Steve and Marcus that is."

She handed him some other wallets. These were black and marked 'private pix' He had seen an advert for this company, they developed erotic photos,

He flicked through them; they showed Sue with Marcus, her in various states of dress or undress. The next wallet showed them together in sexual poses, his hands all over her. The other wallets were similar; eventually he got to the last one. This showed her sucking his cock and him licking her pussy. They then showed him with his cock about to go inside her pussy and then a series of them having sex.

"Bloody hell" was all Jon could say; over and over, he said it.

Sue was watching him as he looked at the photos and it was obvious to her that they were turning him on, judging by the bulge that had appeared in his trousers. She saw him go back through the last pack and she was sure now he was aroused, there was the tell tale 'tent pole' in the front of his trousers.

"You seem to like those photos?" she said smiling at him.

He looked at her, blushing trying to cover the fact he was getting horny. He moved in the seat, hoping she hadn't noticed. The smile on her face showing that she had! He put the photographs on the coffee table.

"I have been seeing Marcus for a couple of months now and Steve knows all about it. He has watched several times."

"He doesn't mind? Silly question I suppose he took these photos"

"Yes silly question. So you see that your fantasy is someone else's reality."

Jon came back to earth with a bump then. "Marie, where does she fit into this?

"You will have to ask her yourself Jon; I don't think I can tell you anymore."

"Just tell me one thing, please. Is the guy she was with at the party Marcus?"

"No, he isn't the guy." She told him a half-truth. Marie had been with Michael. She didn't count the two of them together with Marie.

Jon sat and thought about everything. He kept glancing at those pictures on the table and they were hot! He wanted to know about the party but it was obvious Sue wasn't going to say anymore.

He said "thank you" to her for the drink and for talking to him. "I wont tell anyone else" he heard himself say then.

"Ok, you go and see Marie now and talk to her, I am sure she will tell you everything.

Jon drove around for a while, sitting in a park, thinking about Marie and her new look, those cum covered clothes and those pictures of Sue and Marcus. He had to admit to himself they were hot and Sue had looked good with him. He realised he was one of those wimpy husbands he had read about! He was sure there were lots of others just like him. He knew someone who was, his friend Steve.

He drove home slowly, not really concentrating on the journey. He found himself in his road and then pulling on to his drive. There was a strange car there, a Black BMW. Marie had visitors; he didn't know anyone with a BMW, not a flashy black one anyway.

He went in to the house; it was quiet or was it. He heard a low noise coming from the lounge. He walked in and saw Marie with a big black guy, he knew it wasn't Marcus, he didn't recognise this guy. She was astride him; it was obvious he had his cock buried in her ass. She had never let him do that! He stood there watching his wife bouncing up and down on him, moaning and obviously enjoying it. He moved forward, his eyes fixed on the couple; his leg hit a table sending a lamp and ornament crashing to the floor.

He saw Marie look towards him and then the black guy looked to and at the same time, he pushed Marie off and flipped her, opening her legs and sliding his cock into her pussy.

The black guy said "Look she's getting what she needs, what she craves. She loves black cock, ask her and she'll tell you."

Jon felt the tears running down his face, he was sad she hadn't told him and also that she had let this stranger have her anally. However, he was transfixed by the sight of them together.

"Watch the slut go on Jon watch her take me. Watch her she loves it"

Marie was moaning "Oh, god, yes, yes."

"What does it do for you Jon, does it turn you on? Tell me go on?" The black guy was looking straight into Jon's eyes.

Jon felt the tears stopping and a feeling starting between his legs, he couldn't stop himself from being turned on. He was watching a black guy fucking a beautiful woman, the woman just happened to be his woman.

"Yes Jon look at her, I've just filled her with cum and she wants more don't you, Marie?"

"Oh yes"

"Tell me, Jon what do you want?

Jon heard a tiny voice saying, "Fuck her again" he hardly recognised that it was his voice saying it.

"What Jon?"

"Fuck her again"

"What do you think of her Jon, tell me?"

"She looks good. She looks like a slut. I want to see her used like one." Jon was mesmerised by the sight he wanted to see her fucking this guy. He was living the fantasy, the fantasy he had thought of for so long.

"Yes, Jon she is a slut, my slut and you remember that."

He continued to watch this man and woman together, fucking and sucking. He found himself rubbing his crotch. He was already hard, he rubbed and it didn't take long before he came, He was wet and sticky, but he was still hard.

He realised life would never be the same again and that the future was no longer a certainty. He didn't know what would happen to him, to Marie or to her and the Black man.

To be continued...

Thanks for all the comments.

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