tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 07

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 07


Marie was continuing being taken deeper into submission by Michael. He had brought out this side of her since meeting at a party. Her wardrobe was being changed, gone the more conservative clothing, instead she was being dressed in, what previously; she would have considered ‘slutty clothes’ Giving in, allowing herself too be changed, used, and photographed, and to admit she wanted more! How far would Michael go in changing her?

Jon had watched her submit to Michael and even encouraged him. What next for Marie?

Marie could not believe that Jon was watching her being taken by this Blackman. He had actually encouraged Michael to fuck her. Michael had smiled and plunged his cock back inside her. Marie knew she was hooked, the feelings she was getting every time that black cock plunged in and out were stronger than ever. She had never been fucked like it before. Now Jon, her previously loving hubby, had told Michael to fuck her again and he had. He didn’t seem to mind that she was being filled with this mans sperm.

When Michael withdrew his cock from her, she felt their combined juices spill from her pussy and seep down on to her ass. She looked over at Jon and saw he was staring, his eyes glued between her legs, he seemed mesmerised by what he saw.

“There you are Jon, that’s what Marie needed a real man to fuck her. Of course you realise she will never want a puny white dick again, don’t you?”

Jon stood, still staring and just nodded his head.

“Ask her Jon; ask her what she needs, that’s if you can stand to hear the answer! Tell him Marie he doesn’t seem to be able to ask you himself. Tell him what you need, go on tell him” Michael had raised his voice as he said it, demanding her to say it, demanding her to tell her husband she wanted black cock.

“I’m sorry Jon I didn’t want you to find out this way but Michael is right. I love sex with him, it’s like I never knew what sex was before, and I haven’t been able to say no.”

“She will want more and more black cock Jon, that’s what she’s trying to tell you.” Michael said in with a domineering voice.

Jon was speechless but Marie saw that he had a wet patch at the front of his trousers and knew that he had got excited and cum. She had seen him do this once before when they were watching a sex show on a holiday to the Far East. She knew then that he had been excited by watching her and Michael. She wasn’t sure how she felt knowing this, knowing her husband had cum watching her having sex with another man. This wasn’t the reaction she had expected, even though it had always been a fantasy for Jon. She wouldn’t have done it in the first place if he hadn’t kept on about it, would she?

Jon looked at Marie and said” its ok darling. I was the one who suggested this and wanted to see you with someone else and the sight of you and he fucking was incredible. I have always wanted to see you with another man and my fantasy has come true.”

Marie was now the one to stare, not believing what she had heard her husband say.

She couldn’t believe he had enjoyed it, this couldn’t be normal. She thought he can’t think much of me if he’s happy that I’m cheating on him.

Michael had dressed and was walking towards the door. “Don’t worry Marie, you will see me again soon and make sure that pussy of yours is ready for me. Oh by the way don’t go looking for your old clothes the charity shop loved them” and then he was gone.

Marie looked at Jon, the tears welling in her eyes. She had done what he wanted and she had loved it. What did that make her? Yet it was Jon who had wanted this. He had wanted her to ‘go with someone else’ as he had put it. Nothing was going to be the same again.

“You looked incredible.” he said to her

“You really got off on that didn’t you?” she asked

“You know I did, it’s a fantasy come true. I know that you might find that weird but it’s true.”

I don’t know what to say to you, Jon. You have just seen me having sex with a black man and all you can say is ‘it was a dream come true’, it makes me wonder what you really think of me, most men would be throwing me out now and calling me all the names under the sun. I just can’t understand you!”

“I’m sorry Marie I can’t help how I am, I loved what I saw, and I know it might make you think I’m weird but I can’t help it honestly. I have always loved watching sex on films and in magazines and when we saw those sex shows in the Far East I knew I wanted to see you with someone else.”

“Don’t you mind at all, not even about the fact that Michael is black?”

“No I loved seeing his dark skin against yours and his cock is so much bigger than mine, I often wondered if it was fact or fiction about them. He laughed as he said it.

“What sort of man are you Jon?”

“I am sorry Marie I can’t help how I am”

“I don’t know what to say to you Jon, I really don’t. I wasn’t expecting this reaction, even if you did keep on about it being a fantasy.”

Marie got up and went and showered, there was no sign of Jon when she returned. She called his name but got no answer. Had he gone?

She looked at the clothes hanging in her wardrobe and felt butterflies in her tummy as she realised she didn’t have any choice but to wear these, either that or spend more money on getting her old style back. She handled the new clothes and thought to her self. She did like the way they made her look and feel. She had always been a bit of a show off and now she had clothes to do that. She thought about Jon again, on checking, she found the house empty he had gone. ‘Maybe he was angry after all?’

She went back and lay on the bed, exhausted she fell asleep.

“Was that the phone?” She asked waking from her slumber.

She looked at the clock and saw that she had slept for 6 hours and it was starting to get dark outside.

Reaching over she picked up the handset and answered. “Hello?”

“Hi there it’s me” it was Sue her best friend. “How are things? Jon was here a while ago and told me what had happened. Are you Ok?”

“Yes fine but confused.” Marie explained what had gone on and the way that Jon had reacted.

“I have chatted to a few girls on the web and they say that their hubbies were the same. Most said that they played with their little dicks as they watched their wives fucking. So it’s not as unusual as you think.” She paused “It sounds to me like you have a green light to carry on”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that, I was a little upset that he was happy I suppose. I expected some anger at least.”

“Well most guys would be I suppose but as I said it doesn’t sound that unusual a reaction, judging by what I was told on line. There are even chat rooms for white guys to chat to black men about wives and others with similar topics. I will show you if you come over.”

“I don’t know what to do; I feel I ought to wait for Jon he may want to talk about this.”

“Leave a note and tell him where you are or call his mobile and tell him you are coming over to chat to me”

“Ok I’ll be over in a while and thanks I need to chat to someone about this.”

“See you soon Marie, bye”


Marie climbed out of bed and dressed. She had forgotten all her old comfy underwear had gone until she opened the top drawer. Thongs were all she found and ended up slipping a sheer black one on. It just covered her bald pussy, which was visible through the thin material.

She went to her tights drawer but could only find stockings, mostly black or very dark brown. There were a few suspender belts and she chose a black one to match her thong. Her Bra’s were all gone too, in their place were sexy and tiny ones. Not the practical ones she was used to. Her tits needed the support though so she again chose a matching one. It barely covered her nipples.

A black top and skirt finished the outfit. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled she actually liked what she saw. Michael was right they did make her feel sexy, but did they make her look sexy or slutty she wondered.

‘Oh well’ She said to herself ‘I don’t have much choice it’s either this or something similar. I wish he’d left my jeans!’

Marie decided to walk to Sue’s house as it was only a few minutes away. It was dark now and the streetlights were on. At least there won’t be too many people around she thought.

A few cars passed her as she walked, several had sounded their horns, and the men driving had waved. One had even shouted to her about giving her a lift. That hadn’t happened for a long time!

It took 5 minutes more to walk to Sue’s house; she didn’t know this neighbourhood very well as Sue had only lived there a few weeks. There were many cars parked on the road and most looked like they would fall apart if you went to close! When she had visited before she had driven. She hadn’t noticed these things then.

Sue opened the door as Marie was about to press the bell. “Hi come on in and be quick I’m chatting to someone on line. I told them you were coming over; I think you might be interested in what’s being said.”

Sue took her into the lounge and Marie saw two chairs pulled up to the computer. Sue hurried and sat at the keyboard and began typing. Marie sat and saw she had told the other person she had arrived and was next to her.

The other person had a screen name of Sub Wife and from the screen it looked as though her and Sue had been chatting for a while.

Marie noticed that the topic of the chat was black dominant men wanting submissive white women. Sub wife’s real name was Ann and she had told Sue that she was ‘into’ black men in a big way.

Reading the conversation, Marie thought that it could have been her chatting to Sue. The story sounded so similar to what had happened to her. Except Ann had been seeing black guys for ages and had left her husband to live with one.

She described how he had changed her from a housewife into a slut and how much she loved sex with him and his friends. She even described in detail what had occurred in a bar. She told Sue that she had gone there with her guy and he had insisted she wear no underwear and that several guys had fingered her while she sat at the table. She ended up going into a back room and having four of them use her, she had ‘sucked and fucked’ them and she had loved it.

Sue asked her about her husband and Ann had replied, “He loved to watch, when he could and he encouraged me all the time. He loved me being a whore. He bought me loads of outfits to wear, most make me look like a cheap hooker but he liked me like that. He wasn't happy when I moved out though."

Marie was thinking to herself, ‘Maybe Jon isn’t so strange after all?’ She looked at Sue and saw that she was sitting with her legs spread, which made her skirt rise up. Marie saw that one of her hands was under her skirt. She appeared to be rubbing herself.

As the conversation continued and Ann described how she was being used, Marie found herself getting excited, again she looked at Sue and saw she was really rubbing herself and her breathing was becoming faster and deeper. Seeing her friend rubbing herself made Marie even more excited and she could feel herself getting wet. Instinctively she spread her legs a fraction to make herself more comfortable. This made her skirt ride up and now her stocking tops showed.

Ann was telling them about a party where she had been stripped to stockings, garter/suspender belt and made to stay like it for an entire weekend.

There were about 20 black guys at the party and they had all fucked her at least twice. She had fucked so many she was sore and could hardly walk. She hadn’t known many of the guys but had let them have her and none of them used protection. They had used her anally and orally as well and she said she had loved it all.

Reading this was making Marie and Sue very horny, they both sat with their skirts hiked up, rubbing their pussies. The room smelt of their pussy scent and neither could take their eyes from the screen.

Sue suddenly said “Touch me Marie; please rub my pussy I need it rubbed. Please finger me please.”

Without thinking about it Marie reached over and began to rub and finger Sue, she was very wet and her clit was swollen and hard, almost as she touched her, Sue came and screamed. Marie felt juices leak as Sue closed her legs trapping her hand. Marie’s fingers slipped inside the wet hole and she began to stroke the inside walls, exploring her friend and making her squirm.

Sue looked at Marie, she leant forward, and they kissed. Her hands started to explore between Marie’s thighs and soon they were lost in each other’s pussies. Marie came, followed quickly by Sue for a second time. Sue quickly typed a message to Ann and said goodbye and said to Marie "lets get naked and enjoy ourselves." With that, Sue stripped and turned as Marie was slipping her top off. Sue unzipped her skirt and slid it down Marie’s legs, she pulled the thong to one side, and started to kiss and lick Marie’s pussy, Marie almost fell from the feeling and the fact that her shoes were so high. She kicked them off and grabbed at Sue’s head pulling it on to her pussy even more. Sue licked, sucked, and fingered Marie until she let out a scream and came. She held Sue there until the feelings subsided. She pushed Sue back, spread her legs, and started to return the favour. Licking, sucking, and fingering her. Her spare hand, grabbing tits and nipples. Sue was moaning loudly, begging Marie to do it harder, to shove her fingers in deeper and to pull her nipples harder. They were lost on each other, enjoying each other’s bodies and finding ways to give more pleasure.

Marie woke to find herself cuddling Sue’s naked body, they were still on the floor, and both covered in their love juices. It had been incredible. Marie loved sex with Sue almost as much as she did with guys; Sue was special and a very good friend.

They lay together for ages, not saying much. Suddenly Sue asked “What time is it?” when Marie told her it was almost 9.30pm she screamed and said”Oh god I’m late, I’m supposed to be meeting someone at 9.20 I didn’t realise the time had gone on”. She stood and reached for the phone, Marie could hear the phone ringing and then she heard it answered. Sue was apologising and saying she’d be there as soon as she could be. Marie heard the guy on the other end say “On the way go and get your friend Marie, Michael is here and wants you to bring her too”. “Are you sure about this?” Sue asked. “Just do it and maybe I won’t get to cross about you being late. Sue hung up.

“What was that about I heard some of what he said?”

“I have to meet Marcus and should have been there at 9 and now he says Michael is there and wants me to bring you.”

“What was that about being sure about this?”

“I was just asking if he was sure about picking you up that’s all.”

“Oh come on Sue, we have known one another long enough now. Please tell me what’s going on?”

“Ok they are at a private club; it’s a place where anything goes. I was supposed to go there, meet Marcus and several of his friends, and ‘entertain’ them. Have sex, fuck them, you know.”

“Oh and now I am supposed to go too?”

“Marcus said Michael wants you there, sounds like you are going to be ganged too. Are you ok with it? I can always say I couldn’t get hold of you.”

“I have nothing to go home for and if I don’t go Michael wont like it and it sounds like it might be fun.”

“I loved the first time I went with more than one guy it was wild being taken at both ends.”

“Will the clothes I have be ok?”

“Yes fine, except loose the bra and thong, you won’t need them, they won’t be on long enough to matter, and you don’t want to loose them completely and have to get some more, do you?

“Ok let’s get ready and go then.”

To be continued:

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