tagInterracial LoveHow Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 09

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 09


Sorry its been a while getting round to the next chapter. for those of you have sent me feedback I say a big thank you. Marie had been getting herself deeper and deeper into the black submission scene with Michael and had been with 3 guys the night before.

Marie didn’t know how long she had slept, she wasn’t even sure where she was, then she remembered Michael had brought her here to the club, at least she thought that was where she was. Then she felt movement beside her, lifting her head she saw Sue. She was still asleep. Marie lifted her shoulders and looked at Sue; she was naked apart from her stockings which were covered in white stains. It hit her then what had happened the previous night. She had, No they had both been taken and used by those guys. She shuddered as she remembered what they had done to her, she had changed so much, and she couldn’t believe she had responded like that, really wanting it, needing them to fill her. Her hand reached down and felt her pussy, it was a little sore. What really struck her was that, despite the shower and douche she was still leaking cum. She moved her legs and then felt the soreness again but this was lower, further back, shuddering again, realising what they had done, what she had allowed them to do.

She swung her legs round and sat on the edge of the king-size bed. She looked around, eyes not focussing properly. Her clothes were in a pile on a chair in the corner. Standing carefully she walked over, her soreness more noticeable but she made it somehow. Lifting the clothes she sat on the chair. Her mind would not process everything, how she had changed so much, what she had allowed to happen and that she had actually enjoyed it, well most of it.
‘What does that make me?’ she asked her self.

“Wondering about what happened?” she heard someone say. Sue was awake.

“Yes I didn’t imagine it, did I?” Marie asked still unsure.

“It happened and you really got into it, admit it?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know” was all that Marie could mumble

“Too late to change your mind about it now, it happened so you have to deal with it.” Her friend told her.

Marie knew Sue was right, she would have to deal with it and get her mind straight.

The door opened and Michael walked in. “Good you are both awake now” He looked a little different to Marie, more threatening in some way. She was unable to pin point how he had changed but change he had.

He looked over at her “Get your clothes on now!” he demanded. Marie looked at him and then at Sue. She was already dressing, she knew what to do.

“I said get them on now” he shouted at her.

“Yes” she said, hardly recognising her own voice. It was shaky and feeble.

“And don’t forget what I said, stockings and no under wear Ok?” He was glaring at her.

“Yes Michael I haven’t forgotten”

“Good, when you’re both dressed come and get some coffee”

Both girls said “Yes Ok”

Marie slid the stockings over her long legs. “At least the haven’t got holes or runs” she said.

“You are lucky look at mine, covered in stains and full of runs. Lucky I keep a spare pair with me. You will have to start doing the same”

“I hadn’t thought about that but I suppose you are right.” Marie replied before she realised what she was saying. Sue thought to herself ‘She’s started to accept and that takes the pressure off me.’

They finished dressing, each helping the other to get clothing adjusted so that it looked as it should. Marie glimpsed her reflection in a long mirror as they walked to the door. Her tiny black skirt, the red top, she didn’t really recognise the woman she saw.

They were back in the club Michael was sat at a table drinking coffee and smoking a cigar.

“I’ve poured your coffee, come on sit down and tell me how you are feeling.”

They sat at the table, Marie taking the coffee and taking a long drink, it was strong and black but at least it had sugar.

“Well how do you feel?” He asked looking straight at her.

“Ok, I think” was all she could reply

“Ok, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean umm, I don’t really know how I feel right now” she said shaking involuntarily

“Well the guys thought you were something else they said for your first time you’re a natural.”


“Yes you took to it like a duck to water, being with more than one guy I mean.”

“Oh, I still can’t believe it happened and that you let it”

“I did tell you I was going to train you, to lead you to your destiny so to speak”

“I know, I know but …” Marie stammered

“You loved it last night, think about it, remember it, you loved it at the time.”

“It’s just that everything is happening so fast, that’s all.”

Michael thought to himself ‘She’s right, but it’s got to be fast if she had time to think I might lose her.” Smiling, he was proud of how he could control her.

“When you have finished your coffee I have a surprise for you.”


“Well if I tell you it won’t be a surprise will it? Hurry and you’ll see”

Marie asked “What about Sue?”

“Marcus will be here to take care of her soon, so don’t worry about her”

“You go and enjoy your surprise” Sue said to her friend

Michael and Marie left the club; the sun was high in the sky. “What time is it?”

“A little after 1230”

“I didn’t realise it was that late”

“Well you had a late night didn’t you?” he said laughing.


They walked to Michaels car and he unlocked it, He didn’t open her door this time like he had before and she realised that now he had control of her he wasn’t going to be as nice. That worried her.

They drove about 2 miles before he pulled the car in to the side.

“Here we are” he said.

Marie didn’t recognise the street but she knew the area, not one she would have normally gone to. The houses here had all been converted in to flats or apartments as the signs said.
The street itself was not what it had been when the Victorians had designed and built it. Most wanted major repairs and those that didn’t needed painting at the very least. She was wondering what they were doing here when she heard Michael say something.

“Here’s your surprise.” He handed her some keys and pointed to a blue door of a nearby house.

“What do you mean?”

“This is your surprise, since you aren’t with your husband any more you need somewhere to live.”

“What do you mean not with him any more?”

“I didn’t think you would be going back, Do you think he will want you back now?”

The thought hit her hard. She had done all those things in front of him, enjoying it and it was better sex than her and Jon had ever had. But she still had feelings for him. But Michael was right would he want her any more. ‘Just as well he wasn’t there last night’ she thought.

“Go on open the door and go on in.”

She walked up the steps and unlocked the door walking in she noticed the place had a funny smell. “What’s the smell?”

“Don’t worry it’s probably someone smoking.”

Michael thought he had smelt it before in one of those cafes in Amsterdam, the places where you could smoke the wacky baccy

She passed the remark off without further thought. Michael indicated a door on the right and said “It’s this one”

She again opened the door and walked in. The flat was not too small, she saw a living room and kitchen and two doors, obviously the bedroom and bathroom. The walls had been freshly painted and it looked clean at least.

Michael walked across the room and opened a door. Marie saw a king-size bed and above it what looked like a mirror.

“Like it? Come and see don’t be shy.”

Entering the room she looked around, apart from the bed there wasn’t much furniture, a chair and cabinet at the bedside. In the wall was a large fitted wardrobe with full length mirror doors. She stood looking around seeing herself reflected in both wardrobe and ceiling mirrors. She was getting used to seeing the mini skirt and the black stockings now and actually did a twirl in front of the mirror, smiling to herself and thinking ‘I don’t look so bad, at least I have the figure for these clothes.’

Michael came up to her and put his arms around her waist pulling her into him and grinding his hardening cock against her. He wanted this woman more than any of the others, wanted to be in her fucking her hard getting her to pleasure him. He felt her responding pushing back against him. He started kissing her neck, knowing it was a sure fire way to get her going. He felt her body tremble and heard her start to make soft noises in her throat. He knew he could get her every time, knew shed respond to his touch, his kiss, his hardness. He started to lift her skirt with his hands exposing the lace tops of her stockings and then her ass and pussy were visible, he reached down and gently started to stroke her rubbing his finger between the lips, feeling the wetness already leaking from her, he felt her clit grow as he moved around her pussy. Her skin soft, no bristles yet to annoy. As he continued her legs opened and she started biting her lips moaning louder, he had her again she was going under, under his spell soon she’d be doing anything he wanted. He pulled her top off and licked, bite and sucked her nipples, feeling them grow harder as he did, she seemed to like him biting them so he did it a little harder, she moaned even more.

“Oh yes, God yes” she shouted. “Please don’t stop Michael pleaseeee” she was almost crying in pleasure. “I’m yours” she said.

“You will do as I want now wont you?”

“Yes anything, just please don’t stop”

He pushed his finger inside her then and made her jerk; he inserted another and then started to slide them in and out. She was bucking on his hand and it wasn’t long before she screamed and he felt her cum on his hand, her juices running over his fingers and into the palm.

Marie dropped to her knees, her legs unable to support her. She reached up and unzipped him, he was naked under the trousers and she soon had his cock in her hand, stroking it up and down making him really hard. She leaned forward and was soon kissing the head, licking all around that black helmet. Slowly sucking it in to her mouth. She had lost her fear of sucking him now. She was happy to have his bulbous head in her mouth.

‘It’s twice the size of any others’ she thought to herself and sucked it again, taking a little more inside. She felt his hands slip behind her head and knew he was going to pull her on to him. She opened her mouth wider and prepared herself.

“Suck it, go on suck it like you’ve never sucked anything before. Take it whore, Suck it harder. Let me have your head, relax and let me.

Marie knew what he wanted, she felt herself relaxing her mouth and throat, trying to concentrate on him and his wonderful cock. She felt him pushing it in, she was taking more and more and soon her nose was buried in his bushy hairs. He was completely in her. Shed never done it before, she was glad she’d been able to open up this time and take it all. Just then she gagged as he started to thrust in and out. He pulled himself almost all the way out and then slid back in again, again she gagged and he pulled out, this continued until he was almost fucking her mouth and throat. She was pulling him in now, grabbing his cheeks and pulling as he thrust. He felt the seed start to rise and he was getting that wonderful feeling just prior to explosion, he quickened the pace and emptied himself in to the back of her throat. He felt her swallowing hard and starting to choke, he pulled out and looked at her. Mouth open, his juice inside, dribbling down her cheeks and chin dripping on to her chest.

Michael reached down and held his dick in his hand guiding it again towards her mouth. “You know what to do” he said looking at her eyes.

Marie quickly started to lick at the cock in front of her, cleaning it from root to head, as she did Michael could feel it hardening again, stiffing to its full length. When he thought shed done enough he said “Ok lay back and get those legs open”

Marie was very excited she lay back and opened her legs wide; she did it without even thinking. Her pussy was on fire she needed it filled, needed a cock. She thought about it and realised that it didn’t matter who the cock belonged to as long as it was big and black.

She spread herself for Michael “Oh please fuck me, fuck me hard give me your cock.”

“That’s right beg for it, you will soon be wanting cock all the time wont you?”

“Yes Michael I want cock” she heard herself saying

“What are you?”

I’m your slut” she said without thinking about the reply. She just wanted, no needed filling, she was more excited than she’d ever been.

As he spread her pussy lips with his cock he looked at her face. It was flushed, her mouth a tiny bit open, her breathing hard, her eyes almost closed. She was wriggling around thrusting her self towards him as he began to bury himself inside her.

“You’ll do anything I ask, wont you?”

She murmured “Oh yes, please don’t stop fuck me hard I want to cum I need to cum.”

“You will cum for me when I’m ready to make you cum” he told her.

“Yes but please don’t make me wait to long” she begged.

"I will fuck you as long as I want to and I don’t want you to cum too quickly”

“I will try” she said bucking her hips at him trying to get him deeper.

Michael started to slide himself in and out; she was so wet he could feel her on him. She was in hot and he was going to increase the heat and make her beg. He knew he could do it, he wasn’t being a bighead. He’d done it to several other girls. He thought ‘I’ll show her that the saying is true about once you go black’

He continued fucking her making her squirm and beg him to continue and then he fucked her as hard as he could. Taking her over the edge Marie came with a scream, she heard it but didn’t realise the noise was coming from her mouth. It sounded so strange almost animal like. Wave after wave coursed through her body it seemed to go on and on and then just as suddenly it died away as it did Michael deposited his seed deep inside her.

They both collapsed and lay there breathing hard.

To be continued. How far will Michael take this, will Marie lose her identity to him completly?

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