tagLoving WivesHow Do We Look, Baby?

How Do We Look, Baby?


Author's Note: This is my first entry in the Loving Wives category. As this most likely will be the first story many of you have read from me, I issue a disclaimer. I believe the difference between erotica and porn is not the level of heat at the end, but how we arrive at that heat. I enjoy trying to tell a complete story and not just rushing to the 'good stuff'. Having said that if quick stroke stories are what you prefer this work will not be to your taste. I'll also warn that my penchant for hardcore BDSM factors into this tale. On a final note a big thanks to fellow author Larasscasse for his editing assistance. Now onto the story, hope you enjoy it. Lovecraft68.


I jerked awake and looked at the clock to see that it was eleven thirty. I sighed disgustedly, here we go again. Greg had told me he would be in by ten thirty and I'd fallen asleep waiting for him. I don't know why I thought tonight would be different. Maybe because when I'd walked into his office and opening my robe, playfully flashed him the hot little black and red bra and panties I'd just bought, he'd smiled and told me I looked hot. Then again I should have known better. As soon as I'd told him he should show me how hot he thought I was, he'd made a show of holding up some folders and saying he had to finish some work.

I resisted the urge to ask him when he thought he might find time to work on me, but held back. That would lead to another argument and guarantee there would be no chance at sex. Instead I briefly considered dropping to my knees, sucking on his cock, then hopping on. No matter how engrossed in his work he was, Greg never seemed to turn down my mouth. I quickly shook off that thought and with a forced smile and a "Don't be long, baby," I walked out of the room.

"Maybe a few weeks ago I'd have used my mouth to entice him, but why the hell should I? Would it kill him to come onto me for once?" I wondered if he were still working or just trying to outlast me. That was the pattern over the last few months - I'd go to bed hopeful and eventually get tired of waiting and fall asleep. I would wake up when he slid into bed and either be too tired to go after him, or he would claim he was exhausted.

The last few months; as it had countless times lately the thought of what had changed during that time entered my mind. Up until this point Greg and I had a pretty good sex life. Maybe not as hot as I would have liked it, but I had come to terms that I was higher drive than he was and didn't mind killing some batteries here and there when he wasn't in the mood. Then Greg changed jobs. The money was better, but the work more difficult, the hours longer and since then our bedroom activities had all but ceased.

In fact the once a week I could get out of him was so formulaic and unsatisfying, I didn't know why I kept looking for it. Some nights it was as if Greg were forcing himself to fuck me. A quick suck on my nipples, sliding his fingers up and down my clit as if her petting a dog and then either rolling over on me, or rolling me over and fucking me for what if I were lucky these days was a couple of minutes. During the fifteen years we'd been married, Greg had always been pretty affectionate, now I was lucky to get a kiss goodbye, hello and goodnight.

Disinterested was the word I would use. However, when I'd spoken to my best friend Holly about it, she used another word - Affair. According to her all the signs were there; a new job meant meeting new people. Greg was leaving earlier, working later and was now taking clients to dinner and had Saturday meetings. Holly had point blank told me her thought was it was the same client and a female one.

I told her Greg would never do that to me. We might be struggling with his new lifestyle, but he would never hurt me that way. As much as I denied them, Holly's remarks did concern me enough to speak to my sister Karen about it. Karen, who was four years older than me and whose husband was a couple of years older than her, brought up the simple fact of a physical issue. At forty two Greg and I were no longer kids, but where my sex drive seemed to be increasing he was going in the other direction.

Greg had also put on weight, didn't eat right, was under a lot of stress from work and always seemed stressed. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility that was true. Especially when Karen pointed out that a guy would rather make any excuse in the book to cover up the fact he couldn't get it up right anymore. She had suggested I keep trying and that was what I'd been doing. I'd tried everything from giving him a nice massage to relax him, to new lingerie, to even one night on a whim dressing up in an old cheerleader costume.

Each time I'd gotten some, but it was quicker than it used to be and except for the time with the cheerleader outfit I'd had to really spend a lot of time using my mouth to get him fully hard. That of course led to the sex being quick. Lying there getting frustrated despite my best efforts not to be, I thought of the other half of the problem. Greg was making no effort to make me happy. It was weeks since he'd gone down on me and even then he'd looked as if he wanted to roll his eyes. Every time he got off quick I would ask him to make me cum and he would, but as if he were going through the motions.

The last time he'd sucked on my nipple while stroking my clit and when I opened my eyes he was staring off into space as if he weren't even interested he was fondling his wife's pussy. Things like that were making it tougher and tougher to hang in there without point blank saying, "I think you need to start taking some pills." It's not like I minded masturbating here and there. In fact sometimes a nice long playful session could be fun even when I was getting some, but to rely on it was another story. I was too into sex to be happy with the only hard thing ever being in there a vibrator.

I turned my head at the sound of the floorboard creaking in the hallway. I heard the bathroom door and knew Greg would be coming in soon. Part of me wanted to just say forget it; he was dodging me, but damn it I was horny! Deciding to try again, I kicked the sheet off and stretched out in the middle of the bed. Turing my head towards the bureau I looked at my reflection in the long mirror over it. It wasn't as if I were unattractive. I jogged twice a week and went to the gym every other morning. That regiment had kept my long legs looking good, my ass nice and firm and my stomach was still nice and flat.

Add to that my long blonde hair and blue eyes and I still noticed a lot of men noticing me. If Greg was suffering from a lack of desire, I certainly didn't feel responsible for it. Never mind the fact that there was little I wouldn't do. The only thing I'd ever turned Greg down for was anal sex. Even with that I would let him slip a finger in now and then or even a slim vibrator. I just didn't like the idea of a cock up there. I heard the bathroom door open and on a whim leaned up and reaching back, removed my bra and tossed it to the floor.

I put my arms over my head further pushing my tits out and spread my legs open. My tits were on the small side, but because of that they were still high and firm. Reaching up, I gave my little pink nipple a playful pinch to make sure they were hard and waited for Greg to come in and see me spread out for him, wearing only the skimpy thong. The red lace barely covered my freshly shaved pussy and despite of my recent lack of success just lying on the bed like this was getting me wet.

The door opened slowly as Greg was no doubt trying to enter silently and when he appeared his initial reaction was to stop and stare. I smiled as I watched his eyes trail up and down my body. I would have done the same, but in the shapeless black sweat pants and baggy t-shirt he was wearing it wasn't like I was getting a great view. Greg closed the door behind him and walking to the foot of the bed said, "Wow Brenda I..."

"I like that reaction." I interrupted him with a laugh.

"I thought you'd be sleeping it's almost midnight." He finished.

Greg walked over to his side of the bed and picking up the alarm clock began to set it.

"Wow Brenda you look hot! Was a little more of what I was looking for." I said disgustedly as I rolled over onto my side to watch him.

"You do look hot," Greg said without turning around. "By the way I have to go in for seven tomorrow."

"That sounded sincere." I sighed, "And since when do architects start at seven am?"

"Since we're behind on the project and need to have something for a meeting at noon." He replied, putting the clock down and sitting on the bed his back to me.


"Yes, Brenda?"

"Am I so bad to look at you have to keep your back to me?"

I'd said it with more emotion than I'd wanted too. I was pissed and I was fine with him knowing that, but the words had come out framed in the hurt I felt.

"Of course not."

I guess there was something to be said for guilt, as rolling over onto his side to face me, He kissed my cheek and said, "Brenda you are as beautiful and sexy as you were back when I met you."

"You don't make me feel that way anymore." I meant what I said, but this time gave him a pout.

The pout used to be my deadliest weapon when we fooled around. My lips were soft and full and if I do say myself, quite talented. My pout would always make Greg envision me pouting over his cock and he could never turn it down. That is until now.

"Brenda please, just because we haven't been having sex as much doesn't mean I don't think you're..."

"As much? Try not at all lately." I said shaking my head, "Greg can I ask you something?"

"There's no one else Brenda!" he snapped, "Jesus, I mean...."

"That's not what I was going to ask." I said softly as warning bells and Holly's voice went off in my head, "Why would you think that?"

"I...because I guess that's what men and women think when you know....things slow down."

Greg hadn't hesitated at all and I felt a flood of relief. He'd never been a good liar so at least I could relax about another woman. So it was time to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

"What I was going to ask you is if you need help."


"Yeah, like...." I shrugged, "Pills or something."

"You think I can't get it up?" he asked rolling his eyes, "I'm tired from work and stressed and because I'm not all over you. I need fucking Viagra?" he grunted, "Little full of yourself, aren't you, Brenda? Sorry if I'm not hard at the sound of your voice."

"I used to be full of you!" I snapped, "Now I got a draw full of batteries and I'm not full of myself, but I'm lying here with my fucking tits a foot from your face and you're not even looking at them."

"I've been looking at them for years, I..."

"Oh, I'm sorry! Should I get new ones? These aren't good enough anymore?"

"That's not what I meant." He sighed, "But you're pissed and there's no point in explaining anything, think what you want."

Sitting up, he pulled the sheet up and lying on his back, closed his eyes. "Besides," he said, reaching out to shut the lamp off without opening his eyes, "If you need your tits stared at Chad does that ever time he's here so don't worry, you have a fan."

"How dare you!" I growled at him. "Don't you mention him and make it sound like I'm doing something wrong! Chad does all our yard work because you don't."

"I work remember? And Chad does the yard work because he's hoping to trim your bush when I'm not home."

I started to speak and forced myself not to. I wouldn't be baited. Granted there was a part of me that wondered if Chad, the very attractive nephew of our next door neighbor, was into me. He was always staring and although he was only twenty was pretty damn ballsy, flirting every time he came over. I'd be lying to say it wasn't a turn on, but then again, he might just be playing up to me to keep getting me to pay him to take care of the yard.

Greg was quiet and I was prepared to roll over and call tonight for what it was; another failure. Just before I did I caught sight of the picture of the two of us on the nightstand. It was taken on our tenth anniversary and we were on the beach, Greg was behind me, his arms around my waist and we were smiling into the camera. We had never fought like this. I needed to relax and keep trying. I'd never wanted to be one of those couples who lost their spark.

"I'm not Mrs. Robinson, Greg. He's a good looking kid and he's full of himself. Thinks every woman is on the prowl."

Greg didn't respond and at first I thought he was going to feign sleep, instead he opened his eyes and turning to look at me said, "Well you are over forty you know, so you fit all those hot cougar fantasies."

"Yeah, you think I'm a hot cougar?" I asked.

"Hot yes, but a cougar to me would be like sixty and that's nasty." He laughed.

"Okay, so how about I'm your hot wife?"

"I agree to that." He rolled over on his side and kissed me. "My very hot trophy wife."

"I like that!" I laughed, "Can I quit the office?"


He smiled at me and tugging on his sweat shirt I said, "Baby, lose this rag and show your wife how hot she is."

"Brenda, I really am kind of tired."

"Honey, I'm horny!" I gave him the pout and cupping my tits held them up, "Come on and play with me!"

Greg paused, looked as if he were going to continue, but when I reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants he smiled and sitting up, took his shirt off. Laying back down he rolled over to me and started kissing my neck. I sighed and closed my eyes, grateful I'd kept pushing. Greg was sucking gently on my neck and I moaned when his fingers found my nipple. His other hand was trailing down my stomach and felt like it was trembling. I started stroking his cock through his pants and frowned as he didn't seem to be getting any harder.

Greg's entire body seemed tense and when his mouth left my neck and trailed down to my tit he sucked my nipple into his mouth so quickly it hurt.

"Easy baby," I said my hand beginning to stroke him harder, "It's not a race."

"Sorry," he murmured and began gently tonguing my nipple.

"Let's get these off." I pulled on his pants.

Releasing my nipple, Greg rolled onto his back and lifting his legs pulled his pants off. I went to roll over and begin kissing him, but he quickly rolled back over onto his side and sliding his hand down my stomach, slipped it into my thong. I'd been so pent up that even the little attention he had given me had me wet and I groaned as his fingers slid through my lips. He went back to sucking my nipple and again I noticed how tense he was.

"Relax, Greg. See baby, this is what you need, get you all calmed down."

Greg grunted something, but I didn't hear it over my yelp as he shoved his fingers into me and started pumping them. I didn't consider myself delicate, but he was jerking them in and out of there like an awkward teenager rather than my lover of the last two decades.

"Greg, easy! I....oh!"

He slid his fingers out and began rubbing my clit. I began thrusting my hips into his fingers, desperate to get some relief and reaching down, grabbed his cock again. He was still only semi-hard and I began pumping him while his fingers worked my sorely neglected button. I winced again when he began sucking my nipple harder and his fingers were pressing uncomfortably hard against my clit. His fingers were moving faster and despite my discomfort, I could feel my legs starting to tremble.

"Oh, yes." I moaned, "Oh..I... no, don't stop!"

Greg had started to move his hand and I quickly clamped my legs around it.

"Honey, I'm right there! I..."

"Forget it, Brenda." He said disgustedly. "I...I told you I'm tired, I...I can't even get it all the way up."

He wasn't lying. His cock was no harder then when I'd started playing with him. Greg pulled his hand from between my legs and resisting the urge to whimper in frustration or point blank ask him, why should that mean I can't finish, I said soothingly, "Hey, it's okay, baby."

"Just let it go Brenda," He grabbed my wrist. "We'll play tomorrow, I promise."

"Greg, just relax." Pushing him onto his back, I slid down the bed and rolled over between his legs. "I heard a rumor your trophy wife is a hell of a fluffer."

Before he could respond I grabbed his flaccid cock and taking him between my lips began sucking gently. He was so soft I couldn't really bob my head. Instead I just sucked and swirled my tongue around the tip. No surprise, Greg stopped protesting and moaned softly as I began sucking harder. I moaned as well at the feeling of his cock beginning to stiffen. I would get him hard, climb on top and after he got off, we could get back to my needs.

Greg was getting hard enough that I could begin to move my head and I couldn't help notice that his stomach was starting to get in the way. He'd really begun to let himself go. That was a topic for another time. For now I slid a little further down between his legs and propping myself up, started making a show of taking him down to his balls. It wasn't that hard, first off because he still wasn't completely hard and truth be told Greg was about average in size, not like a couple of guys I'd fucked before him, one of them had been hung...

I shut off that thought. Sadly I'd been fantasizing more and more about previous lovers as well as a certain young landscaper we currently had. I didn't really worry about it; it was natural to think about what you weren't getting. Now however wasn't the time. I began shaking my head back and forth as well as massaging his balls with my free hand. Greg was breathing hard and his hips were starting to rock. I looked up at him, my blue eyes wide and started to make little whimpering noises. Greg had always been a fan of the 'little girl' routine and I was damn good at it.

Disturbingly, I had a hard time seeing up to his face over his stomach, but he moaned out, "Damn you look hot Brenda."

I removed his cock from my mouth long enough to ask, "Aren't trophy wives supposed to be?" then went right back to sucking him.

He was fully hard now and I could feel my pussy dripping at the thought that it was going to be feeling that cock very soon. I sucked him another few seconds then lifting my head, quickly slid up to straddle him. I hadn't been on top in a long time and again I had to pause and sort of push his stomach up to be able to get into position. I reached back and grabbed his cock to guide him into me and noticed he was already starting to soften. I quickly lowered myself down, but my pussy was so wet his head slid through my lips instead.

I moaned as it felt damn good, but when I slid him back and tried to shove him in he was too soft. Again fighting my frustration, I held his cock and started rocking my hips, sliding him up and down the length of my hot wet flesh. I looked down and could see Greg looked frustrated, he was also sweating and flushed. He opened his eyes and started to say something, but I grabbed his wrists and putting his hands on my chest said, "Play with them, baby."

Greg cupped my tits, but that was it, just held them. I looked down into his brown eyes that used to light up at the sight of his wife's naked body, but now looked as if he could care less. His cock wasn't getting harder and I told myself to just give up. But my pussy was wet and I needed it so bad, I kept going. With an air of desperation, I slid back between his legs, took him back into my mouth and started sucking him fast and hard.

I would get him up and this time keep him in my hand while he rolled over between my legs. There was no way I wasn't getting any tonight and if he was having problems maybe fucking me once would make him feel better. I took him all the way down and began repeatedly deep throating him. Even in his annoyed state, Greg couldn't stop moaning and his cock was now rock hard. His hips were moving and I was getting ready to move when he cried out.

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