tagIncest/TabooHow Do You Spell Relief Ch. 06

How Do You Spell Relief Ch. 06


As promised here is MY continuation of the story began years ago by BobbyT...a talented writer who failed in his promise to continue this series. I have (I think) stayed true to the premise began by BobbyT, so if you don't like to hear about huge cocks that cum in gushers and stay up forever, skip this one. Otherwise, read on and enjoy the fantasy! Remember... I said the cock stays up forever!


Jenny didn't go back to Texas that Sunday, instead she stayed till Monday night so she could buy the house down the street. She also had to see when she could take the exam to be an insurance agent in our state, so she could sell her agency before making the move. She also enjoyed fucking me goodbye after waking me with one of her very talented blowjobs.

Kim told her boyfriend – our starting quarterback – that they were through and then asked me if we could 'go steady'. I reminded her of certain 'obligations' I had with my mom, aunt, and Ms. Owens. Kim replied she hoped so because she didn't think any woman could handle me. So I told her yes.

When he heard who she dumped him for we were only half way through practice. He walked up to me from behind and rabbit punched me. It dropped me to my knees but when he thought he could land another one, he didn't expect his fist to hit the helmet in my left hand as my right fist caught his jaw solidly. Coach was royally pissed as his star suffered a broken hand AND jaw. I was kicked off the team, only to be reinstated after mom gave him a piece of her mind and a few brave second stringers told what really went down. Rumor was that being lost for the season cost him his scholarship to USC. Too bad.

The week pretty much went like this. Mom would wake me with a fantastic blowjob and after swallowing my load then she would climb on and fuck me till I came again. A stop at the library would get me another great blowjob and maybe a quick fuck, depending on if Becky swallowed or not. Lunch in the library meant Kim would be there to suck or fuck me, with help from Becky. After school and practice, Mom and I would have a quick fuck then Kim would come over and the two of them would suck and fuck me till they each had swallowed at least one of my loads as well as having me deposit another load deep inside their pussies.

I couldn't believe how much fantastic sex I was getting and was very grateful for my teenaged stamina and really short recovery time. None of these horny women seemed upset to be sharing me, instead they all seemed to be grateful for what they got AND relieved they didn't have to carry the load by themselves.

On Thursday night I mentioned to mom and Kim that I should probably take it easy on Friday so I would play better in the big game that we were suddenly huge underdogs in. They both agreed, and then Kim asked me if I could come over to her house after the game for several hours. Mom told me it was okay with her so that was the plan.

Friday morning mom woke me with her usual blow job and then told me to have a good game and that she would see me late that night or, she winked, Saturday sometime. The game was pretty much like the previous one, I scored two touchdowns on pass receptions, 3 on long runs, as well as making two interceptions, and recovering two fumbles, one in the end zone for another touchdown. We won the game 42-28. Again coach named me offensive and defensive player of the game. We talked for awhile and I was able to shower after the rest of the team had left.

Exiting the locker room Kim ran up to me and jumped into my arms giving me a passionate kiss. Then we got in my car and drove to her house. She said her folks were out of town at some convention so we wouldn't be bothered. Wow, I thought, my first time having sex with Kim when nobody else was there.

Kim literally tore my clothes off of me and inhaled my rising cock all the way down her throat pounding her nose into my pelvis. Suddenly she pulled off of me and said "Tommy, I was reading where ones sensations are greatly enhanced, you know, sexually, by wearing a blindfold while receiving oral sex. Could I try that on you? Please Tommy?" Hey what the hell I figured it might be interesting so I said yes. She happily got up and turned on some music, turned down the lights and handed me the blindfold.

After it was in place she did all kinds of checks to make sure I could see nothing. Satisfied she said "Now, Tommy, I am going to try different techniques at blowing you so just sit back spread your legs wide and enjoy. Oh and when I go from one method to another I'll have to back off of you for a moment to make sure you can tell that I actually switched. Also, some of the methods may seem real similar, okay?"

"Whatever," I said, "Just get to it as my cock is really starting to hurt."

Kim inhaled my cock to the root and really fucked me hard with her throat before pulling off of me and saying "How was that for starters?" I groaned my approval and then she played her fingers over the inside of my thighs her tongue teasing my cock head. Finally she moved her mouth on to me about 3 inches as her tongue went wild licking all around my shaft and cock head. Her hands were pumping my shaft as she sucked and flicked her tongue on me for about 3 or 4 minutes before she pulled off again. "Well, I think that was a nice change of pace, don't you?"

Then her hands again stroked my thighs and grasped my balls lightly before her tongue began licking all around my shaft, from the bottom to the top. She never missed even a small piece of my cock as her tongue reached everywhere. Finally her soft lips engulfed my throbbing man meat and sucked me to the back of her throat. Her suction was phenomenal and after several minutes I was really beginning to enjoy it when once again she pulled off of my purple pillar.

She said it would take her a moment to get mentally into her next technique. Who's complaining, I thought, before she again took my balls in her hands and handled them rather roughly. I started thinking I should tell her to take it easy but her lips beat me to it as she kissed them both before sucking one then the other into her mouth. Her hand was stroking my cock as she sucked my balls, finally she let my balls drop from her lips and she slowly slid her mouth down over my shaft. This time she pushed down till my cock head was at the opening to her throat and then shoved down till my shaft popped into her throat and her chin stuck to my saliva coated balls. Kim bobbed her head, pulling back till I was nearly out of her throat before pushing back down. After about 7 or 8 of these she pulled way back till just my cock head was in her mouth. She licked and sucked the tip as though her life depended on it. Sadly she pulled her mouth from my shaft and I wished she would hurry on to the next style.

It seemed like it took forever before she tried a new method. She grasped my cock head tightly with one hand and forced it down my shaft. As my tip was cleared her other hand grasped a hold on top of the first and also pushed down with a very tight grip. Her lips followed her second hand onto my cock head and then she began bobbing her mouth on the first 4 – 5 inches as her hands tightly jerked me off. My cock was throbbing and if she had kept it up for another 3 minutes I'm sure my cock would have boiled over but again she pulled back off of me.

As much as I liked the different techniques, I was getting frustrated by all of the long pauses in between them. Just then her wide open mouth slipped down my shaft to about the midpoint where she clamped her lips tight and slowly drug her mouth and tongue back off of me. She did this about ten times before clamping tightly around my manhood and roughly fucked the first 5 inches with her mouth. Again my balls were getting that churning feeling I get just before they boil over when she sucked hard as she pulled her mouth off of me with a loud pop.

I thought I heard something, mumbling or soft voices but maybe it was on the music, as Kim asked "So how do you like it so far?" I started to answer her when my body jerked as she suddenly slammed her mouth hard into my crotch taking my shaft fully down her throat again. She bobbed her head a couple times before she pulled back off of me again. I groaned in pleasure and agony as I really wanted to cum. "Patience, Tommy," she said.

Finally her fingers gingerly took my shaft in them and moved me back and forth as her lips placed light kisses all around my rock hard cock. Her tongue started in flicking my tip again and licking around my cock head. Slowly she took a few inches inside her mouth as she increased her suction. She kept my pillar in her mouth as her tongue slurped and twirled like mad on me. Kim was getting into this method as she kept up her tongue's loving on me while she started taking more and more of my cock into her mouth, her hands grasping the lower part of my shaft.

I felt my balls boiling over and I cried out "Oh, Kim, you're making me cum, oooooh god umph," and then my fountain spurted my jism into her mouth as she swallowed rapidly trying to get it all. As my forceful spurts subsided to a trickle, she began really pumping my shaft hard trying to get every last drop of my stuff.

As she really increased her suction on my first four inches she whispered into my ear, "How was it, lover, did you like it?" Huh? I tore off the blindfold and was shocked to see the other three seniors on the cheer squad standing around me while my cock still throbbed inside the cheer coach's mouth!

Mrs. Potter gave no sign that she was willing to let my cock go as she just kept up her attack on my happy pole. I marveled at the erotic sight of my whitish purple cock imbedded in her chocolate hued cheeks.

"Jeez, Kim, what's going on here?" I asked, startled at the sight. It was then that I noticed none of them had very many clothes on.

"Oh Tommy, after last weekend's, um, activities, Tawny, Meg and Shari wouldn't stop asking me about what they saw in your doorway." Kim said. "Mrs. Potter heard the discussion and told them that they were all exaggerating what they had seen. Anyway, one thing led to another and I thought the best way for them to know for sure was to set this up. You're not mad are you?"

My hand stroked Mrs. Potter's hair as she continued working her tongue and mouth on my cock. "No," I said my eyes taking in all the gorgeous bodies around me, "I'm not mad, surprised but not mad. Shit, Mrs. Potter that feels damn good!"

"Thanks Tommy," she said pulling off of me, "but I think you should call me Emily," then she sucked my cock again really hard making me groan. A chorus of "Not fair!" came from the other four teens surrounding us as they pulled her off of me. Emily sadly let me slip from her lips saying, "I have never tasted man juice as good as yours, god I love it!"

Surveying the young ladies surrounding me I said, "Kim, just what are the plans for the rest of the evening?" The teens all giggled, some blushed, and Emily just stared at my unattended cock.

"Well, I'm pretty sure that we can manage to do what happened last weekend, after all there are five of us, not just three! More than likely you are going to be very busy – and happy – all night and into tomorrow morning."

Emily looked confused and said, "Maybe I didn't hear everything you girls talked about. Just what will be happening for over twelve or so hours?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it would be obvious," replied Kim, "we're going to suck and fuck him until that monster goes down, right girls?" A chorus of agreement was the unanimous answer.

"Oh my gawd, you're all going to fuck him!" said Emily, her eyes still locked on my rock hard cock. "How...how long did it take three of you last weekend?"

"Well, I was not there for the first seven or so hours, but I'd say all totaled it was about 27 hours," was Kim's reply as the girls all groaned excitedly.

"I...I...I can't stay that long! I've got to get home to my husband! Oh shit!" Emily said, obviously upset. "Okay girls, here's the deal, you get to stay all night, I don't. So I think I should get first, um, dibs on Tommy, and then you can all have a blast tonight. I'll tell my husband that we're having a cheer meeting and practice in the morning, plus some shopping and I'll come back early in the morning and get my second, um, chance. Deal?"

The girls all looked at each other before finally giving her their okay. Then they got in a huddle trying to decide what order they were going to use. Kim told us to use the guest bedroom down the hall. I was really glad to have some privacy this time around.

Emily smiled as she grabbed my cock and pulled me to my feet. We walked together to the guest room and saw the lights were turned down low and the bedding had been pulled down. Emily turned to me and said, "I can't even believe I'm doing this! My husband would kill me if he found out! Shit, I've never even thought of cheating on him and look at me, my pussy is dripping with anticipation." It was! "Oh damn, I don't know if I can do this. I can't believe I sucked your delicious cock. Hell, I hate the taste of cum and I couldn't get enough of yours! Maybe I should just leave..." I silenced her by kissing her passionately, pulling her sexy body to mine.

We fell onto the bed, our legs entwined as our hands groped everywhere. "Damn you," she said, "now fuck me!" I slid my finger into her slit and found she was totally drenched. So much for foreplay. Moving between her legs, I rubbed my cock head up and down her slit before I pressed my tip maybe a half an inch into her hole.

"Last chance to say no." I said, staring deeply into her eyes.

Her face etched with determination, the coach replied, "Damn it, Tommy, please fuck me with that unbelievable cock, fuck me hard and make me cum. Oh god I need to cum!" Then she kissed me hard her tongue exploring my mouth as she flexed her hips up and onto my cock. I pumped into her about half way and she squealed her delight. My thrusts remained at that depth for 6 or 7 times before I gradually began to pound deeper into her. She cried out for me to stop when I pushed ten inches into her tight pussy. Her face had a strained look on it and she said "Don't move, Tommy. Just let me get used to your size, I've never felt anything like this inside of me. It feels like you're ripping me in two." I tried to back out a little but she stopped me telling me to stay still.

Several seconds passed before she told me to continue. I pulled back an inch or so before figuring it was now or never so...WAM...I pounded my full length home as Emily cried out "Yeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiaaaah ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttt." I didn't stop, my cock kept on hammering relentlessly into her as her clit was crushed between our pubic bones. "Oh, TOMMMMMMMMYYYYYY you feeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll soooooooooo, umph, ooof, gooooooooood! Do it, fuck me, oh shit I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggggg!" Emily locked her legs around my ass and pounded her cunt into me as I pounded her pussy with my cock.

After a minute her climax had ended and she clutched to me sobbing openly, her pussy grabbing at my cock as she sobbed. Seeing my concerned face she quickly kissed me before saying, "Oh god, Tommy, I needed that so badly! I've never cum that fast, and I haven't cum during sex in over 6 months. Oh shit that was good!" My hips started moving into her again and soon we had a nice rhythm going. Emily tried to pull her legs up farther so I lifted my body up and pushed her legs back to the sheets. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, I like that! Oh Tommy, do it, pound me with that cock of yours; push your cock where no man has gone before! Yessssssss like that, Tommy! Oooooooooo!"

Her body began shaking and her head flailed side to side as she began to climb towards another orgasm. Emily's pussy muscles went crazy as they spasmed on my cock.

Her fingers raked at my shoulders as her body was again racked with orgasmic bliss. Gibberish flew out of her mouth as she peaked and then started a slow trip down from her climax. "Holy fuck, that was GOOD! Oh god Tommy, I want to ride your cock! Roll us over so I can fuck you!"

I easily rolled over, pulling her 115 pounds of 36C-24-34 ebony beauty on top of me. "My but that's nice." She moaned, her hips beginning to rotate above me. "Your hard cock feels like it should be sticking out my mouth. God, you're so big!" Emily slowly began lifting off of me before pounding back down onto me. Reaching up I grasped her tits and adored them with my hungry hands. Her face was radiant as she controlled her movements, allowing her to ride my cock for well over 15 minutes before she finally erupted in ecstasy. My right hand had slid down her tight belly before grasping her hard clit between my thumb and forefinger. Pulling on it and squeezing hard she cried out as she reached 10 on the Richter scale. Her hips were pounding up and down on my shaft as she screamed louder than the entire cheer squad.

Slowly Emily stopped her movements; the only stimulation on my cock was the rapid clutching of her pussy muscles twitching around me. Her arms gave out and she dropped her chest onto mine, her lips meeting mine as orgasmic after shocks shook her to the core. After her breathing returned to normal she said "I hope you don't mind, but I can't fuck anymore. Besides, you can't cum in me as I'm going to have to fuck my husband when I get home." With that she lifted up and off of me before sliding down and taking my cock head into her mouth. "I've never taken any cock into my throat, but I'm sure as hell going to try to get this one in deep!"

Then she shoved her mouth down on me until my tip hit the opening to her throat. She pulled back a little and then pushed forward hard, nearly gagging as my cock went 3 inches into her throat. "Whoa!" she said pulling back quickly. Taking a deep breath she again pounded down onto me, getting all but one inch inside. This time she didn't pull off of me, just kept rocking about 2 inches off of me and then back on until she finally settled fully on my throbbing member, her nose buried in my pubic hair.

Emily sucked hard as she pulled completely off of me. Then she said "This will be the extreme test for me." Again she took me into her mouth and throat before sliding down my legs thus forcing my rock hard cock to stretch even longer when it aimed at my raised kneecaps. As she slowly inched her way further onto my even longer cock she never took her eyes from mine. When she finally had everything down her throat that I had to give her she started short movements on me as her throat fucked me. Finally she pulled back off of me and said "that was nice but until I've done a lot more of it I think I'll do it this way." She sucked hard as my cock found the back of her mouth, then she doubled her efforts as she bounced her face on me, man did she want to make me cum!

I managed to hold off for about 5 more minutes before I cried out, "Oh shit Emily, I'm going to cum again!" Hearing that she gave a forceful push, and I slid my entire 12 + inches into her throat. "Here it comes Emily; I'm cumming in your throat. Oh, unh, oh, ohhhhh, fuckkkk yeahhhhhhhh."

She took 4 spurts in her throat before pulling back so the last 4 went into her hungry mouth, her tongue frantically lapping at my cock head encouraging more jism from my balls. "Damn woman, you're sure good at that! You can blow me anytime you want!"

"Thanks, I just might take you up on that offer!" Her tongue lapped at my cock for several more minutes as she seemed determined to remove all traces of our coupling before she swallowed me to the root once more, moaning around my shaft. Slowly she pulled back off of me as her tongue madly licked the underside of my pole. "Damn you taste good! I almost didn't come over tonight, and I nearly left while the girls were working you over, but I couldn't find my clothes and then they pushed me to you and now I'm hooked. I will definitely be back tomorrow morning!" She kissed my cock head then slid from the bed and posed her sexy body before she smiled and left the room.

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