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How Emma Found Love


Here is my entry in the Valentines Day Contest. This is a story of fictional characters all of whom are over the age of 18 years of age. I do not give up my rights to this work by placing it on a public platform. I would like to extend my thanks to Kate who took the time to edit this work. As this is a contest entry please rate it and I do need your feedback to improve.


How Emma found love

Emma Black -- "call me Emmy" -- was not a beauty, but she was not ugly either. She was a plain girl who had given up even trying. She was five foot even and only 96 pounds. Her body was not an asset, to her mind. Her black hair was cut in an old-fashioned style, the main attribute of which was its ease of care. Her face was not distinctive in any way but she also did not use makeup -- what would be the point? She had what she saw as a modest 30A/B cup size bosom and her legs were too slender and shapeless. Her bottom was a nice start but it needed work -- she saw that as useless. Her favored clothing did nothing but help her disappear in a crowd, which was her intention.

Emma never had been asked out in high school. Her interaction with boys was limited to their teasing and jeering. She had had a few girlfriends but most girls shunned her. She was not welcomed by the popular girls, who treated her worse than the boys did. Emma retreated into studying and learning. She had nothing else. She was very bright. She was kind to a fault, and her fellow students found that she enjoyed helping them with schoolwork. Such was the totality of her interaction with most of the student body. Most of the faculty liked her a lot; she listened well, did her work on time, answered questions in class. She did not show off by answering every question, only those asked her directly.

Emma was very soft-spoken, and she was often told to speak louder. She walked from class to class with her head down. Emma's greatest joy was her music -- she played piano, guitar, and oboe, all very well. She graduated valedictorian of her class and could not get out of speaking at graduation. For the first time, her classmates found out she was so lonely and not the stuck-up smarty pants they thought she was. Her valedictory address was funny and had a message most people her age needed. It was entitled "We all need friends to help us through". Many of her classmates felt shame at the treatment Emma had received at their hands.

When she went to university it all began again. Emma knew how to cope -- study and disappear into the walls. Her roommate, Kelly O'Malley -- "Call me Kell" -- was popular and liked Emma a lot. She saw a shy and fearful, but brilliant, girl who needed a friend. Kelly tried to include her roomie when she was going out but Emma would always decline. She would be so outclassed by the stunning girl that Kelly was. Kelly was tall, at least six feet. She was busty, too. Emmy had no idea how big but they were big, and there were those long, muscular legs. Her rump could have been a national monument. Then there was her head. Long red hair topped off everything and hung down to that rump. Her face could have been stolen from a fashion model.

No way could Emma not be laughed at next to Kelly. Kelly thought Emma did not like her so she kept to herself.

They did eat together as often as they could. Emma's signals were not ones of dislike but more of out-and-out fear of people. One night as they were preparing for bed, Kelly asked, "Hey, Emmy, did you have boyfriends in high school?" Emma's face contorted as she tried not to cry. "No, Kell. I've never even been on a date."

Then the waterworks started. Kelly was stunned. She had never known a girl who had not been out. Now she saw Emma's real problem. Emma had no self esteem, she did not believe in herself as a woman, she didn't even try to look nice. Why didn't her mother help her with her looks? She needed to work out. Her legs and ass would tone right up. Emma's bust shape was not bad. My God! Didn't Asian chicks look stunning with small boobs? But they knew how to cut their hair and wear cosmetics!

Emma was to be Kelly's first semester's project. It was going to be hard, as Emma had no interest or money for what she saw as frivolities. One afternoon as Kelly returned from class she heard someone playing the piano in the meeting room. She looked in to see who it was and saw Emmy, head down with tears running down her face. There were quite a few people listening to the fabulous music. It was a blues ballad. Kelly knew the words; it was a very sad song indeed. When Emma finished, the room was filled with clapping. Emma's eyes snapped open and were instantly filled with fear. She needed to hide. There was no place to run away to without going through the crowd. Kelly walked up and put her arms around her roomie and walked her to their room, keeping her safe. Someone or something had really fucked this girl up badly. She had to help her somehow.

As Thanksgiving approached, Kelly asked Emma what her plans were. "Emmy, you going to your parent's house for Thanksgiving?" The response was a very sad look. "No, Kell. My Mom died giving birth to me. My Dad flipped out, put me in a convent, and left me. I could go see the sisters but I don't have enough money this semester so I will stay here. I won't be alone -- the school puts on a dinner for people like me." Kelly saw the unimaginable shame on Emma's face. No wonder this girl did not know how to dress or do makeup or her hair or date boys! Nuns don't teach those skills!

Kelly asked Emma if she wanted to come home with her but Emma declined. Kelly lived across the country -- it was just too expensive. Emma had a full-ride scholarship but there was no spending money. She had had a job in the summer and tried to save some money but it had to last the year. Kelly was so angry about her roommate's plight, but there was no one to blame except maybe her father. Emma is so smart. If someone taught her, she could learn the skills the other girls had.

Kelly went down the hall and collected helpers. Eva Olsson had styled hair for a living before she started back to school. Her roommate Nora Freeman was expert with makeup. When Kelly explained Emma's history, the two eagerly volunteered to help. All three came to get the small girl and do a makeover on her. Everyone liked Emma well enough and, when they understood why she was as she was, they all wanted to help. Eva looked Emma over, deciding what to do with the girl's hair.

Eva said, "Come on, Emma. I think we have to fix your hairstyle. A small girl like you will look so hot with a shorter cut." Emma stared at the drop dead gorgeous girl. She wasn't as tall as Kelly but her body was magnificent. She had long, well toned legs that she liked to showcase, and a sexy hard bottom topped the legs off. Her waist was slender and led up to two huge boobs, Ds or above. Then, to top every thing off, her hair was mid-back length, very blonde, and curly. Her eyes were an almost unnaturally deep blue color and she had full lips. Emma could never look like that. Why even try?

"I am not ever going to look pretty like you three. I don't have the body or face so don't waste your time," Emma softly stated in a small hurt voice. She thought they were teasing her as the other girls had.

She liked Nora. She had the deepest ebony skin -- it was flawless. Her hair was a medium Afro, her eyes deep brown pools. There were those lips, full as her heritage decreed -- they looked so lovely. She was slender but also muscular. She had a nice bust, firm and large for her frame -- she didn't even need a bra. Her behind was to die for, firm but with a little bubble to it. She had the legs of a runner. She was on a full ride track scholarship and she was really good. Again, Emma felt so overshadowed.

Nora hated the tone she heard. This girl had given up. "Emma, you don't know what a stunner you are! Girl, give us a day and you'll see for yourself." Emma hated being made fun of. She had not asked for any help for a good reason; it just would not do any good! Emma wanted to just hide in bed. She thought Kelly liked her but now it looked like she had instigated the taunting. She tried to hold back her weeping but lost to the pain that wracked her soul. The three others were taken aback. They were seriously attempting to help and it was hurting Emma badly.

Nora picked Emma up and held her tightly. "Emma, we are not making fun of you! I know you have been treated so poorly by some girls. We want to show you there is a sexy beautiful woman inside of you. We aren't in competition, baby; we want to bring out the true you. Don't you dare keep thinking you have no attractiveness! All women do! We want to help bring it out! Oh, God help you! You have so much pain inside you --let it go." Now Nora was shedding tears of her own, as were Kelly and Eva. Upon seeing this, Emma understood just how sincere these women were. Her mood brightened and she found a smile to put on her face.

"I'm sorry. People have made fun of me all my life. Except for the sisters who raised me. If you still want to try to help me, I'm willing and will shut my ungrateful trap." She then hugged Nora back and kissed her cheek. Eva held out her hand for Emma. In the other hand she held a case. Emma took the hand and gave the Nordic stunner a peck, too. Eva led her down to the showers. "This way there will be less cleanup for us." Nora and Kelly followed with a desk chair for Emma to sit on and Nora with her makeup case. Word had gotten around and the room was full of dormmates all interested in what would emerge from the makeover.

Emma was frightened by the number of observers but held herself together as she was sat down in one of the stalls. One of the girls she did not know wrapped a sheet around her to keep the hair off her clothing. Eva took out a comb and started to really assess the hair. It had no natural curl, which was preferable for the style she had in mind. She started to snip away the excess hair, in the end leaving a short everyday cut with bangs that brought out Emma's big eyes and pink lips. When she was done, Emma was shocked by the amount of her hair was on the floor. She must be bald!

Eva stepped back and tugged Emma's hand to indicate for her to stand so the others could see. She followed directions and stood on shaky legs as Eva led her to a mirror. There were murmurs around the room. Emma was knocked off balance by the face she saw. The hair was so pretty! It made her face look so sexy! She wrapped her arms around Eva and hugged her, finally whispering, "How did you find that in me, Eva? Thank you so much." The room broke out in applause. The crowd was wowed by the transformation that had happened before their eyes.

Nora moved the chair out in front of one of the changing benches and had Emma sit back down. She opened her large makeup case and picked out a foundation that would fit the porcelain skin Emma had. Nora took her time, slowly highlighting Emma's high cheek bones. Next it was 'eye time'. Shadow was applied for a subdued nighttime look, and liner and mascara were added. Emma's lips were lit up with a crimson lipstick, drawing the eye to pretty full lips that she didn't know she had. When Nora was finished, another walk to the mirror brought gasps and wolf whistles. Emma was trembling when she saw the face she did not recognize as her own. It hit her hard. She WAS pretty! Well, at least her face and hair were. Her body needed work.

A girl Emma did not know walked up to her. She was just Emma's size. She handed Emma a dress. Self-consciously Emma undressed in front of the others and put on the dress. It fit her so well! The feeling was new to her. She looked at Kelly, whose face showed shock, as did Eva's and Nora's. She looked into the mirror and saw someone who was not her, could not be her. She turned to the girl who had given her the dress -- she was smiling really big. "Thank you, ahh...?" The girl finished for her. "Janie, Emma. My name is Janie. You can keep the dress. It actually looks better on you."

The day had been hard on Emma. To much emotion and angst for her to process, so many girls who seemed to care. It was dinner time so she, Kelly, Eva, and Nora went to the dining room to get food. At least that is what the university called it. The four made their selections, mostly salads with hard-boiled eggs and tuna or ham, which was safe most of the time. As they ate, a group of guys approached them. Emma did not know them but the other girls did.

A tall, dark-haired guy spoke. "Hey, Kelly, Eva, Nora! Who's the new girl?"

Kelly answered between bites. "Jason, that's my roommate. You've seen us together before."

"I only saw the mousy one. Did you get a new one since then?"

Emma was having fun so she answered. "I've been Kelly's roommate all semester. I just had my hair cut and put on some makeup and a new dress. Same girl here."

The group of guys exclaimed as one. "No way!" One added, "She was never this hot. Really, who are you?"

The four girls were finished and got up to leave. They walked over to the tray return and separated the flatware from the plates and left. The guys were still standing by the table with mouths agape. The girls laughed at the idiot boys all the way back to the dorm. Nora made Emma twirl slowly in front of them.

Nora looked at Emma. "After classes we are going to the gym tomorrow. OK."

"Am I that bad, Nora?"

"Girl, we can all be better with a little work."

"What do I need to fix?"

"To be honest, you are so tiny the only things I see, Emma, are your ass and general muscle tone. Hey, Kelly, do you want to come along?"

"Nora! You know I hate working out!"

Eva, ever the sarcastic one, added in. "Me, too, and it shows. If Emma's going, so am I, and you, too!" They all agreed to let Nora train them. After all, she did have a killer hard body. Kelly could have pointed out that running the four hundred meters had a lot to do with that. Nora was the NCAA record holder and damned proud of it.

Eva left them. She had something to do. Nora told Emma she would be by in the morning before class to help her with daytime makeup. Emma was overwhelmed by the concept of day, night, and parties all having different makeup. Life had not been glamorous before but it was easy. She thought What will I do for clothing? I can't live in one dress. Eva had thought of that also. She left and was asking for donations from the other girls to help buy Emma some decent clothing. At the end of the evening she had $114 -- not much. Eva had lived through hard times and knew how to make it go furthest.

Eva and Nora decided shopping was more important than training after class. They planned where to go. Number one were resale shops, where there were some designer clothes sometimes, and Emma's size meant they might find some good stuff. Next were consignment stores, and Goodwill and Salvation Army. They had to get Emma some clothing. Happy with the plan, they plotted their driving out for the next day. Eva had a car that would hold all four -- they knew Kelly loved shopping.

In the morning Emma showered and dressed. She wished she had underwear as nice as the dress Janie had gifted her. All she had was plain old white cotton but it was clean and did the job. When she was almost done there was a knock at the door. Emma opened it to a smiling Nora and her trusty makeup case. Nora showed her how to do simple daytime or work makeup, not nearly as complex as last night. Nora had sample sizes of all the products and gave them to Emma so she would have enough for the rest of the month.

Emma rushed off to class. She was never late and did not want to start now. The class was small because of the topic, Religion. Emma found it very interesting. She sat in her normal place. The instructor, Ms. Jacobs, looked the room over and stopped when her eyes reached Emma. She had an irritated look on her face. "Miss, I did not accept any audits for this class. Does anyone know where Ms. Black is today?" Emma was so enjoying her new makeover, she raised her hand, to the obvious irritation of Ms. Jacobs. "Young lady, why are you still here?"

"Miss, I'm supposed to be here. I'm Emma Black."

Ms. Jacobs's face went red with the embarrassment she felt deeply. "What did you do to yourself!? Damn! That is one good makeover."

"Some of the girls in my dorm helped me out last night. I'll tell them you thought they did well, Ms. Jacobs." Helen Jacobs was wondering how she could get that kind of help. Of course, she would pay for it.

The class was more interesting than ever. Afterwards some of the students who had not noticed Emma before came up to talk to her. Emma was confused by one girl. She wanted to get Emma to go out with her, just as two of the boys had. She declined as sweetly as she could to them all. This new desire for her company was well outside of her place of comfort.

When she returned to her room she saw a note that had been slipped under the door. Workout is off. We're taking you shopping for new clothing so be ready at 10:30. Nora. Emma had no money for shopping. Period! It was nice of them but she could not pay. She sat at her desk and worried how to tell them without appearing to be an ingrate, something the sisters had taught to her never to be.

At 10 Kelly came in and Emma confessed her situation. Kelly's response puzzled her -- she just waved it off. By 10:30 Emma had gotten herself agitated about the whole thing. She did not want her new friends to pay her way. When Eva and Nora knocked, she jumped. Kelly answered the door and related Emma's worries. Eva smiled at her and told her that she had solicited donations from girls in the dorm and others she knew. She now had $205. It was not a vast sum but they would make do as they knew good places to shop. The girls all piled into Eva's Toyota. They all loved shopping! This was new for Emmy.

Fitting Emma was a pain -- sometimes she wore a size zero, others a two, and then there were size ones also. She had to try everything on. This was not something she had ever done before. The other three girls kept a steady flow coming. At the first shop they found a tight, flattering red dress with a Nordstrom's label. So dates were covered. Next were skin tight jeans that Emma said she thought were way too small. There were some tops that made her bust look bigger than it was and three cute skirts that could mix with the tops. Emma then bought some bras and panties, much to the complaints of the others. The trip continued. They found Emma some really nice shoes. She was worried about the three-inch heels -- she had never worn heels. There were some flats and low heels as well -- they were all well-made shoes.

They returned loaded with fashion for the little woman they had taken under their collective wing.

Most of the clothing were junior sizes, but to Emma's eye it was the best she had ever had. Kelly wanted to take her out to get a burger and a very excited Emma accepted. She asked Kelly what she should wear. Kelly told her to wear the jeans and one of the tight tops they had found for her -- without a bra. As she dressed, Emma suddenly realized she did not have the funds to eat out and told Kelly to go without her. Kelly shook her head and told Emma it was her treat. They went to a local pub that students favored and were an immediate hit with the males present. Kelly was asked to dance several times but declined. When Emma was asked she froze, not ever having experienced this before. Her face flushed bright red. She was so far out of her comfort zone. Kelly finally told the guy she was not feeling well.

The boy left, muttering about them being stuck up bitches. Emma heard, and it upset her a lot. They ate the burgers and fries in peace after the last invite. Kelly was thankful Nora was not there. Nora didn't like men anyway and would have beat that kid's ass. All in all, it was as much fun as Emma had ever had. Kelly started to think of ways Emma could earn some cash. She needed some independence in her life if she was ever to grow into a real person.

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