tagIncest/TabooHow Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 01

How Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 01


I've been dreaming of this for years, and tomorrow is finally the day.

Tomorrow, my daughter, my glorious little girl, finally turns eighteen.

My plan has been growing as she has, blossoming into a work of art rarely seen on this planet. Her 5 foot 9 inch frame stands on a wonderful set of pins - legs that are long and nicely defined from the running she does twice a week. Her tiny waist and flat stomach are a fine contrast to the curve of the small of her back, which leads down to an unbelievably tight arse. Her tits are large for such a slim figure, but aren't so large that she looks top-heavy. But even this incredible body is put to shame by one other thing...

Her face. She has this amazing ability to look cute and innocent one second, and hot and slutty the next. She has a cute little nose, her pale brown eyes could pierce Kevlar, and her smile...my GOD! Her smile could melt metal, nevermind a heart. All this beauty is framed by wavy, shoulder-length auburn hair that she normally allows to fall across her face, which accents that cute/slutty look.

I am totally in love with this creature, my Sadie, and I want to share my daughter's beauty with the world.


I am woken by the sound of the shower. Ah, she's up! I jump out of bed, and hurry down to the kitchen, wanting to have her favourite, chocolate chip pancakes, ready for her before she comes down.

I am just pouring the orange juice as I hear her come bounding down the stairs. She rounds the corner and comes into view and, oh thank you, she's wearing my favourite tight top without a bra.

"Morning Daddy."

"Happy Birthday sweetheart."

She jumps into my arms, and I hold her close for a very-nearly-inappropriate amount of time, savouring her body held tight against mine.

"Thanks Daddy. Ooh, chocolate chip pancakes!"

She kisses me on the cheek, and my heart misses, well, it must have been more than one beat. How have I lived with this for so long?

She sits down at the table, folding one slender leg beneath her and cuddling the other one to her chest.

"Are you sure you don't want to do anything more exciting than shopping today? I mean, we do that every Sunday."

"But Daddy, you said we could go into the city, and we never go there."

It's true. We live out in the sticks, which is one of the ways I've managed to keep the greedy mitts of boys away from my little girl. That, and the jail-term that I did for causing grievous bodily harm to some guy who was cracking on to my girlfriend of the time. A reputation for being dangerous does have its benefits.

That girlfriend, who dumped me shortly afterwards, turned out to be the mother of my daughter. I got locked up, she moved away and never told me that she got pregnant. It was only 12 years later when she died in a car accident that I found out about Sadie, and she came to live with me.

I look at Sadie tucking into the pancakes, and allow myself a little smile.

"I'm just going to get ready darling, I'll be back in a minute."


Today I make a conscious effort to not wack off in the shower - it takes great self-discipline, but if today goes as planned, I'll have some physical evidence to supplement my mental wank-bank.

I get dressed, putting on a tight pair of underwear and loose-fitting trousers, hoping that they won't tent too much. I walk downstairs and shout out to Sadie.

"Okay, are you ready? Let's go."


She walks from the kitchen to join me by the front door. She leans over to put her trainers on, and the Y of her white thong peeks from the top of her floaty summer skirt. I allow myself a quick ogle.

We walk out of the front door, and she stops, looking confused.

"Who's parked in front of your car Daddy?"

I dangle a set of keys in front of her.

"It's yours. Happy Birthday Sadie."

"Oh my God!" she squeals, and jumps into my arms for the second time this morning. "I can't believe it. Thank you so much Daddy!"

"It's my pleasure, sweetheart. Do you mind driving us into the city?"

"I'd love to!" She runs over to the small convertible, and jumps over the door into the driver's seat. It's only a small old thing, I couldn't afford anything really nice on my freelance web designer's wages, but my gamble that a young girl will like anything with a drop-top seems to have paid off.

We bomb down the motorway, wind in our hair, Sadie singing along with the radio, and it's all I can do to stop myself from staring at her. Her skirt is riding high on her thighs, and the cool breeze is causing her nipples to stand out through her thin top. My dick is straining painfully, but I'm glad that my tight trunks are preventing too much of a bulge.

Finally we pull into the parking garage, and head for the shops on foot.

The first shop we come to is one of her favourite clothes stores. She leads me around, looking at the skirts. I spot something glittery out of the corner of my eye, and turn to look at it. Wow, she'd look hot in that.

"Darling, look at this, this would look fantastic on you."

I hold up the tiny metallic skirt. It can be no more than 10 inches long.

"Dad! I can't wear that!"

"Why not? You've got the figure, and if you can't wear it at your age, then when can you?"

"But it's tiny."

"It's not much smaller than the one you're wearing now." That was a lie, the skirt she's wearing must be nearly twice as long.

She's actually thinking about it! I didn't expect her to go for something so hot so quickly.

"I dunno. I do like it, but...I'm not sure."

"Why don't you try it on if you're not sure?"

"Nah. Ooh, I like this one though." She's spotted another skirt that I like the look of - it's black cotton, a few inches longer than the metallic one I'm now hanging back on the rack, but it has a slit up one of the thighs.

"That's nice, we'll get it. Is there anything else in here I can get you?"

"Are you paying Daddy?"

"You didn't think I was going to take you shopping on your birthday and expect you to pay for everything, did you?"

"Thanks Daddy!" She kisses me on the cheek, and I try to rearrange my trousers without being noticed by all the other young girls in the shop. I swear, they never looked like this when I was their age.

We go to the checkout, and then in a couple of other stores. I manage to convince her to get a few more "grown-up" items.

We stop in a shoe shop.

"You're going to have to get some nicer shoes to go with these new outfits, dear. How about these?"

I pick up a pair of classic 4 inch heels, in hot pink.

"Ooh, they are nice. Can I try them on?"

A young male attendant comes over to help my stunning young lady. He stammers, and looks very shy. Sadie doesn't seem to notice, but he keeps suggesting more and more different styles because he keeps getting a peek up her skirt every time he helps her put another pair of shoes on.

She's got about seven pairs of hot heels scattered about her by now, and can't decide which she likes best.

"We'll just get them all." I say.

"We can't do that, there's loads of them."

"Yes we can, and you should get some boots as well. How about that pair over there?"

The attendant gets a few different pairs of boots for her to try, and I have to suppress a grin when I see how excited he gets when zipping the boots up to her knees.

"We'll take them all, son, thanks very much for your help." I think we made his day.

I insist that she wears a pair of the boots now, so that she can get used to wearing heels that high. She picks a tan leather pair that goes well with her summer skirt and top. She walks up and down the shop a few times, and has the hang of it immediately. She's a natural.

I tag just behind her as we leave the shoe shop, enjoying the new sway to Sadie's hips as she strides out. Her skirt flips from side to side, and she's getting even more admiring stares than she used to. Even the women are staring at my gorgeous young daughter.

"Darling, I just want to pop in here a second and get something. Why don't you have a look at where you'd like to eat?"

I head quickly into a techie shop, and pick up a digital camera. If all goes to plan, this should come in useful later.

When I exit, I see two lads chatting to Sadie. When they see me headed her direction, with a face like thunder, they make their excuses and head off quickly.

"Can you believe it, Daddy, those two boys thought that you were my boyfriend!"

I did conceive her when I was still pretty young (as in, not of legal age), but this still gives me food for thoughts that hadn't previously crossed my mind.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we walk a little further down the road until I point out a sign in the window of one of the stores.

"Look. Free tongue piercing when you get your belly button pierced. Do you still want your belly button done?"

"Can I? You always said I couldn't." she pouts.

"But you're eighteen now."

"Cool. I'm not sure about the tongue piercing though."

"You may as well go for it, it's free."

She thinks about it for a second.


We head into the store, and I get Sadie to pick out the jewellery she wants while I have a word with the proprietor.

What Sadie doesn't know is that I have a bit of a thing about pierced tongues, especially when they're licking cock, and I asked the shop to do me a favour and put the special offer on until I came along.

My old friend behind the counter gives me a wink, and takes down the sign advertising the deal. I pay for the two piercings, with a little extra as thanks.

I hold my daughter's hand while she has her tongue and belly button pierced. A single tear rolls down her cheek when she has her tongue done, which I softly wipe away.

The small chain that hangs from her navel looks so delicate and cute on her tanned and flat stomach, yet when she sticks her tongue out, the stud looks so hot. She's maintaining that cute/slutty thing, that's for sure.

"I think that's everything Dad. Can we go home now?"

"We haven't finished yet. There's one more thing we need to get for you."

"What's that?"

I say nothing, and lead her into a lingerie store.

"Daddy, I can't get this with you here!"

"Why not? I end up washing it for you, so I'm going to see it anyway."

She's gone a very endearing shade of red. "But Dad..."

"But nothing. Come on, it's about time you had some sexy undies."

It takes a bit of encouragement, but eventually I manage to get her to look at some of the sexier stuff that she wouldn't normally wear.

"How about a garter and some stockings?" I suggest. "They'll be much better for wearing to school than those tights you wear now."

"I dunno."

"Look at this set, this is lovely." I pick up a black lace garter belt and thong set, and Sadie has to agree that it is nice. I pick up a couple of things, and eventually I manage to get her to pick a couple of things she likes. She surprises me when she picks up a black PVC thong.

"Do you like that?" I ask.

She starts to put it back on the rack, but I stop her.

"Go on, get it. You don't ever have to wear it if you don't want to, but at least you'll have the choice."

Wordlessly, and without looking me in the eye, she picks it up and puts it with the rest of the items she's selected. I had no idea she might like PVC and latex, and this is a huge bonus. It's also a huge boner, my cock is as hard as it can be in its cotton prison.

She stands by the door as I pay. As I join her, she leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I grab a quick glance at her tits, and see her nipples trying to poke through her top. She's turned on!

As we struggle back towards the car under a pile of bags, we pass the first shop we went in. I decide to give it one last shot.

"Are you sure you don't want that skirt?"

"Which one?"

As if she didn't know. "That metallic one. It would look fantastic on you."

"I'm not sure. I don't know when I'd ever wear it."

"That doesn't matter. You should at least try it on, see what you think."

"Okay." She agreed!

We go into the store, and I wait as patiently as I can for her to change. Finally, the curtain is pulled back.

Holy fuck! "I am buying that for you, whether you like it or not. If you're not going to wear it anywhere else, you can wear it around the house and give your old man a treat."

It was the first time I'd ever been so explicit about how sexy I thought she was. I mean, I was always telling her how beautiful she is, but beauty and sex is a different thing, right?

She looks at me and, just for a second, a funny look comes across her face.

"Okay Daddy. I like it a lot better now it's on anyway. I'll just get changed again."

As she turns to go back into the changing room, it strikes me that there is no way she could be wearing the white thong that she was wearing earlier under that tiny skirt.

When she returns, I pay for the skirt (and another one of the same length that I saw in black leather, but I haven't told her about that one), and we head for home.

The journey is relatively quiet, both of us a little tired from the day's exertions.

Finally we arrive home, and I give her a hand up to her room with her bags.

"Okay, fashion show." I declare.

"Of course. I hope it all fits."

I head downstairs, settle down on the couch in the living room, and unpack my new camera. Fortunately it takes the same batteries as my old one, so I'm ready to go.

I hear Sadie heading along the landing and down the stairs, so I know she's wearing some of the hot heels she got. My anticipation is soaring.

She walks through the door, and it's a good job I'm sat down. It's not a particularly revealing outfit she's wearing, but she looks incredible. I start at her sexy black boots, follow upwards to the jeans that look like they're sprayed on, and finish with a pink t-shirt that looks at least two sizes too small.

"What do you think Daddy?"

"I'm stunned. What happened to my little daughter?"

She sticks her tongue out at me, and I catch another glimpse of her tongue stud.

"I meant it in a good way." I add, "You're not a little girl anymore, you're an incredibly beautiful and sexy young woman."

"Sexy? You think so?" She pouts and does a little twirl.

Bloody hell, who is she kidding?

"Can I try out my new camera, take a few photos?"

Please say yes. Please say yes.

"Sure." she shrugs.

Thank you Jesus.

"Okay, now strike a few poses." Where did she learn to pose like that? "That's it, excellent. You should be a model."

"Oh, Dad, stop."


"Yeah, whatever, I'm going to try on the next outfit."

As she's getting changed, I load some of the pictures onto my laptop. She looks stunning, but then she's always been photogenic.

As she comes back down the stairs, she starts talking.

"...don't remember picking this up, but it was in the bag with some other stuff."

She comes through the door wearing the tiny black leather skirt! A white blouse that she's tied closed instead of using the buttons, and silver high heels complete the look. A look that has me literally drooling.

"Fuck me."


"Well, you look absolutely...I can't find the words. Wow."

"Thanks. You don't think it's a little too..." She does a little twirl.


"I was going to say slutty."

"Slutty? No. You look gorgeous, my dear."

"Thanks, but you're biased."

"Okay then, have a look at these photos and tell me that you aren't a beautiful woman."

She leans forward to have a look at the photos on the laptop screen, keeping her legs straight as she does. Though I'm getting a great view down her top, I wish I were behind her to see up that tiny skirt.

"These photos are great. Your new camera's really good."

"It's not the camera. When I said that you should be a model, I meant it."

"Dad, I'd never get a job as a model."

Not true.

"Nowadays, you don't need some modelling agency to employ you, you can just create your own website."

"Do you mean porn? I've heard of those porn sites Daddy, I'm not doing that!"

"No, not porn. There a lot of sites where the girls strip down no further than to a bikini, and I'm sure they make a load of money at it."

"Really? I'm not sure I could do that though."

"Why not? I can take the photos and set up the website, all you have to do is stand around looking gorgeous, which is what you do everyday anyway."

"I'm not sure."

"I tell you what, why don't we do a photo set now, and you can think about it."

She's thinking about it. I think I've got her!

"Okay, we can take some photos now, and I'll let you know in the morning."


I direct Sadie into some poses while I take some pictures. She can't know, but for some of the shots I'm zooming right in on her tits and arse. I know I said earlier that my dick had never been harder, but this is surpassing even that.

Now she's got her back to me, bending forward a little at the waist...is that a hint of shiny black thong I can see there? Where the hell did she learn to pose like this?

She curls her fingers underneath the hem of her skirt, ready to roll it up over her tight cheeks.

The doorbell goes.

Good God, I swear I'm going to kill whoever that is.

"Oh no, is that the time?" Sadie cries. "That'll be Trudy, I'm late!"

Sadie runs to the door and opens it to a cry of Happy Birthday from her friend.

Trudy is another hottie. Not in my daughter's league, but her dark red hair and a figure that's incredibly curvy for an eighteen year old has given me enough to wank to lesbian fantasies of the two of them for the past few years.

Trudy lives near where Sadie used to live with her mother, so they don't see each other very often. I should have remembered she was travelling up for this.

Sadie leads Trudy into the room. Trudy looks even better than when I last saw her, and the white jeans she's wearing look fantastic clinging to her curvy hips and arse.

"Hi Mr J. How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks Trudy, and how are you?"

"Good thanks."

Sadie interrupted our polite exchange. "I'm just going to get changed."

"Why?" The idea of her going out in that outfit suddenly got me really excited. "You should go as you are."

"Dad, I can't go in this."

"Why not?"

"Trudy, tell him."

I looked at Trudy, hoping she would side with me.

"Sadie, I think you look great. Besides, we're running late."

That'll do.

"Okay, let's go."

They head towards the door, and I follow to see them out.

"Don't stay out too late, it is a school night, don't forget. Just because Trudy is going to miss school tomorrow, doesn't mean that you can."

"Yes Daddy." She gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for a wonderful day, and all my wonderful presents."

Trudy rushes them out of the door, and down the drive towards her car. I follow with hungry eyes. They pause for a second for Sadie to show her new car off to her friend.

"Ooh." Sadie quickly turns around and runs back up the driveway to whisper to me. "I'll let you know about that thing tomorrow morning, I promise."

One more peck on the cheek and she totters off, jumps in the car, and they disappear off into the distance.

I close the door, walk back into the living room, and load those latest pictures onto my laptop.

I free my cock. It pops out and swells to a size I've never seen it before.

I quickly load the last picture I took of Sadie leaning forward, showing off her arse. It only takes a couple of pumps of my cock before I'm spewing cum all over the carpet.


The morning after, I wake slowly to the sound of my daughter in the shower again. Better than any alarm clock. I didn't get much sleep, and I didn't hear Sadie come in until late.

I struggle to the kitchen and start breakfast.

Sadie comes downstairs, and I'm surprised to see her wearing a pair of her new sexy black heels. She looks incredibly bright and sunny considering she can't have had much sleep.

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