tagIncest/TabooHow Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 02

How Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 02


I watch my gorgeous eighteen year old daughter Sadie sashay down the driveway to her car, and ask what I've done to deserve this - she's going to model for me!

My business as a freelance web designer is a little slow at the moment, which is probably a good thing because I'm going to spend the day designing Sadie's site.

I notice that I've left my camera on the coffee table. I examine it further. The tech geek in the shop reckoned that it can film movies whilst taking high quality pictures. I'd better read up on that, it could come in real handy later.

I've got a rough layout ready, so I start to load some of the photos I took yesterday into it. Oh wow, she's hot. I start to massage my dick.

I keep flicking through the photos, my dick getting harder as the pics get hotter. I release my cock from my trousers and start to pump.

Oh God, there's that pic where she's showing off her arse. I'm going to cum.

Is that the front door? It can't be, she should be at school!

Oh no, it is. I can't hold it.

"Hi Daddy...what are you doing?"

She comes into the room just as I erupt.

I see her eyes flick from my dick, to the screen with her picture, and then back to my dick. Her eyes are lingering...is she staring at my dick?

"Sadie, um, what are you doing home? Er, give me a sec will you?"

"It's okay Dad, I'll just go up to my room, and you can pop up when you're ready."

She backs away towards the door as I hastily tuck my cock back into my trousers, and grab some tissues to clean up.

"No, it's okay, stay." I figured she'd seen it all now anyway, and it was only going to get more awkward if we didn't talk now. "Why aren't you at school, is everything alright?"

"I got sent home because I'm apparently not dressed appropriately. Can you believe it?"

She dropped into one of the chairs, and her skirt rode up giving a generous view of stocking top and bare thigh. She'd unbuttoned another couple of buttons of her blouse since she left this morning, and you could clearly see the inside of her tits as she, just as clearly, wasn't wearing a bra.

She crossed her legs, pointing a sexy 4 inch heel in my direction. She looked incredibly hot, but I can see why they didn't think it suitable for school.

"I think you look amazing darling."

"Thanks Daddy. I'm supposed to get changed and go back, but is it okay if I just miss the rest of the day?"

I had a quick think. This was an opportunity.

"On one condition - you do some more modelling for me, in what you're wearing now."

She didn't even pause to think about it.

"Sure. I suppose we need to get a few sets done for the website, don't we?" She gave me a wicked grin, and a wink. "Do you want to start now?"

"Actually, I've signed us up to a couple of other sites, so that you can get an idea of what they're like, how the models pose, that kind of thing. Do you want to have a look at those while I get us something to eat?"

"Good idea."

I hurry off to the kitchen, and get myself sorted out. God, how could I have let her catch me doing that? And why doesn't she seem bothered about it?

Oh yeah, food. I set about getting some sandwiches. I can hear the occasional "ooh" and "wow" from my daughter in the other room, so she's obviously found something she likes.

I re-enter the living room with the plate of sandwiches, and set it down on the coffee table. Sadie doesn't look up from the screen.

"See anything you like?" I ask.

"This girl is so hot."

I watch my daughter, but she doesn't move her eyes from the screen. I peak to see which site she's looking at. Ah, it's the one I picked especially, with the girl who looks like Sadie's friend, Trudy.

She's looking at a pic of the girl lying on the ground with her butt in the air, with two fingers in her cunt and one up her arse. It's one of my favourites.

I notice that Sadie's thighs are apart, and there is a slight smell of sex in the air. We need to get started with the photos while she's so obviously horny.

"Here, take a sandwich, then we can get started."

"Okay, thanks."

Sadie peels herself away from the computer, and I get the camera ready. I'm far too excited too eat.

"Daddy, how much money do you think we can make from this website?"

I don't look up from what I'm doing as I reply: "That depends on how far you go, dear".

She seems satisfied by that answer, and looks to be mulling it over.

"Okay, the plan this time is that I'm going to take video of you as well, so I won't say a word. You can say what you like, but direct it at the camera. When you've finished, blow a kiss, or just wave goodbye, and I'll stop recording."


She looks almost as excited by this as I am.

"Can we put a bit of music on?" she asks.


I start filming as she moves over to the sound system, and bends at the waist as she selects a CD. As she bends over, she looks back at me, and she catches me filming her. I spot her smile to herself, and she bends over a little further.

The music starts, and she starts to sway to the rhythm. She sashays back to the middle of the room, and stands, facing me.

She stands there, hands on hips, letting the tension build. She blows at a stray strand of hair that has fallen over her eye, and smiles at the camera. Then she starts moving.

Wow, she is dancing so slowly and seductively. Is this what she does when she goes out at night? How is she still single?

She peels off her jacket, and grabs hold of her breasts, kneading them and pushing them together. She blows a kiss at the camera, and turns around.

Slowly, oh so slowly, she bends over, running her hands down her legs until she has a hold of her ankles. I have a perfect shot up her skirt, and move closer and get on my knees to get a proper close-up view.

She doesn't seem to mind, and holds the pose until I move back away. My breaths are coming quickly now, and my heart is trying to find the quickest way out of my chest.

She slowly stands back up again, and does a quick little twirl, letting her skirt flutter in the air, and allowing a brief glimpse of her thong. She eases herself down onto her haunches, keeping her legs together, before slowly moving them apart. Again, I zoom right in to get a fantastic view of her crotch. Her black lace thong is so small she has to shave herself, and I swear I can see a little moisture glistening.

She slowly eases herself up again. I can see the confidence flowing through her as she realises that she is in complete control. She lifts the front of her skirt, again letting me film her crotch, and she runs her fingers across her pussy.

We both moan, and she giggles.

Turning round, she unzips the back of her skirt, and the back of her thong comes into view. She eases the skirt over her hips, and still keeping her legs straight, leans over and pulls her skirt down to the ground.

My dick is trying to force its way out of my trousers.

She turns to me again, and rubs her breasts through her blouse, then rubs her nipples with just a couple of fingers. She moans and pouts at the camera, then starts to undo the remaining buttons of her blouse.

My breathing stops as I wonder how far she is going to go with this.

I hear a giggle as she turns around, so that her back is to me, and she eases the blouse off her shoulders, and lets it drop to the floor.

Her bare back looks fantastic, and she waves her arms out to the side, making it clear that there is nothing covering her breasts. Swaying again to the music, she cups her fabulous tits with her hands, and turns slowly around.

Facing me now, wearing only a thong, garter, stockings and hot high heels, and with just her hands preventing me from seeing her tits in all their glory, she has never looked so amazing.

She moves one arm so it covers both nipples, and lifts the other hand to blow a kiss goodbye. She holds the pose for a moment.

"Dad, are you going to stop filming now?"

I snap out of it, and lower the camera.

"Was that okay Daddy?"

Was it okay?!?!

"It was incredible darling."

Smiling, she turns around and picks up her blouse, slipping it back on before I can see any more. She picks up the skirt, but doesn't bother to put it back on.

"Dad, I've just realised I didn't get a new bikini yesterday, and there's a pool party this weekend. Is it okay if we take some more pictures later, I want to pop down the shops and get something nice."

"Sure honey, I'll get this set sorted out for when you get back so you can see what you think." I think I did a good job of hiding my disappointment.

"Thanks Daddy."

She's still holding the front of her blouse shut as she leans forward to kiss me on the cheek. As she moves away, her free hand brushes against my cock, and as she starts to climb the stairs, I start spewing sperm in my trousers. Just before she disappears out of sight, she glances back with a wicked grin on her face, seeing the panicked look on my face.

Did she mean to touch my cock then, or was it an accident? And does she know that she just made me cum?

I clean myself up and get to work on the website again.


There's the sound of the shower. Another morning, time to get up.

As I throw on some clothes, I try to get over the disappointment of not getting to shoot some more film of Sadie last night. She had rung to say that she had bumped into a friend at the shops, and she stayed out until after I'd gone to bed.

Preparing breakfast for my little girl, I think back to how hot she looked when she left yesterday. Now, for just a simple trip to the shops, she's started dressing incredibly sexily.

I hear her coming down the stairs, and turn to the doorway to great her.

Fucking hell!

If I thought yesterday's school outfit was hot, this would break the thermometer. She's wearing a blouse that must have been a couple of years old, because it's far too small for her, and she's tied it underneath an incredible cleavage. She must have cut another couple of inches off her skirt, because it now barely covers her crotch, and if I could look from behind, I'm sure it wouldn't cover her arse. And she's finished this ensemble off with a pair of thigh-high black leather boots.

"Morning Dad. Do you like my new boots? I saw them yesterday, and just had to get them."

She does a little twirl, and I can indeed see that she must be wearing a thong because I can see the bottom of her bare arse cheeks.


"Thanks Daddy." She comes forward to give me the usual kiss on the cheek, and it's oh so gentle. I am rock hard in my shorts.

"Darling, if you got sent home yesterday for dressing too sexily, what the hell are they going to do to you today?"

"Hopefully send me home again. Then I can come home, and we can take some more photos."

Cunning plan. I like it.

"Darling, I could just ring the school and tell them that you're not well today."

"Daddy, you're bad! And with my exams in a couple of weeks, too."

Quite honestly, at this precise moment, I couldn't care less about her exams.

"You sit down and eat your breakfast, I'll ring the school, then fire up the computer so you can see how yesterday's set turned out. I've nearly got the website ready to go, I think we should just have another set or two before we launch."

"Excellent. Thank you."


The video that I edited last night is just uploading as Sadie enters the living room.

"Just in time, sweetie, the video's ready when you are."

"Cool." She drops down next to me on the couch, and snuggles close to try to see the screen. Her right tit is pressing into my arm.

"Dad, I can't see it too well, there's a reflection on the screen."

"Well, you have it then." I start to pass the laptop over to her, but she stops me.

"But then you won't be able to see it."

"That's okay..." I'm interrupted as I see the flash of an idea across my Sadie's face.

"I'll sit on your lap, have the laptop on my lap, then you can watch it over my shoulder." She looks chuffed with this idea, and the thought of having her sat on my lap is both exciting and worrying.

Before I can begin to protest, she lifts herself onto my lap. It's been a few years since she was sat there, because I realised it was starting to get dodgy...for the very problems I am now encountering.

Because my dick is so hard, and her skirt is so short, my cock is pushing between her legs, against her panties. I can feel that her crotch is slippery, so she must be wearing that latex thong again. Oh God, I'm not sure that I'm going to survive this.

She wiggles her arse to get comfortable.

"Is that okay for you Daddy, not uncomfortable?"

It's fucking heaven and hell merged into one.

"No dear, I'm fine."


She moves to press the play button for the movie. Every little move she makes goes straight to my dick. This is going to take monumental self-control.

The movie starts and, no more than 5 seconds in, I have to close my eyes. I can't cum with my daughter on my lap!

I hear the moan from the video, and Sadie moans along with it! She's getting turned on from watching herself cavort on film.

"Dad, this is so hot."

All I can manage is an "Uh-huh".

Finally, it's finished, and Sadie moves off my lap.

"Wow, that's really good. I like when you zoomed in on my fingers when I ran them along my pussy, that was really hot."

"Yes it was, that should get some members rolling in."

I've done it! I've got through it without cumming in my pants.

"I'm going to go get changed into my new swimsuit, I'm sure you'll like it."

"Okay dear."

I'm setting the camera up for the next video, when Sadie calls from upstairs.

"Dad, I'm ready. Why don't you film me coming down the stairs, and we can start the video like that?"

"Okay. Don't forget, then. I'll keep filming until you blow me a kiss or wave goodbye. Okay?"

"Okay Daddy."

I point the camera at the bottom of the stairs and wait. I hear her coming, and resist the urge to move the camera - I want her to move into the frame.

Ooh, she's wearing her white shoes with the 4 inch metal heel. And...

Good God, I've died and gone to heaven. The bikini she's wearing, if you can call it that, is the tiniest I've ever seen. It's white, matching her heels, but is almost see-through. I swear, I can see her nipples easily through the two tiny triangles of fabric, and that's where I zoom in first.

She continues walking towards me, and passes me to stroll to the centre of the room.

She stands there, letting me sweep down her body - I can see her pussy lips! I can definitely see them through the flimsy scrap of material. It can't be much more than an inch wide, and I can see now that she is completely clean-shaven.

She waits for me to complete my sweep down to her heels, then back up to her face. I zoom back out and take up my normal position. She strikes some poses, while I struggle to keep myself calm.

I wonder how far she's going to take this - she can't remove any clothing without going further than she's gone before.

So she surprises me by pulling the two tiny triangles covering her nipples away from her tits, showing them to me in all their glory.

She pouts at the camera, pinching and pulling at her very erect nipples, and she moans. Her tongue, complete with piercing flicks out to lick at a nipple. She lifts the tit towards her mouth, sucking it. She's purring now, and so am I.

Biting her nipple, stretching it away from her tit, she looks straight at the camera and groans. She reaches behind her back and unties the top, letting it fall to the ground.

She turns around, getting down on her knees, running her hands over her arse, kneading her cheeks. She pulls them apart, and I can just see the edges of her arsehole either side of the piece of string that is her bathing suit.

Again, I wonder how much further this will go.

She leans right forward, arching her back, surrendering her butt to the camera. I zoom in as she runs her fingers over her pussy lips.

She turns around, still on the floor, and spreads her legs wide. Again she rubs her pussy, moaning louder now. A finger slips beneath the fabric, and she starts to rub her clit. The moisture from her pussy must really be flowing, her suit is now nearly transparent.

She stands up, facing away from the camera, and bends at the waist. Her legs straight, she looks back at me, and licks her lips. Slowly she starts to pull her thong down her long legs. The crotch doesn't want to leave, stuck to her cunt with her juices.

Finally it breaks free, and I can see her lips unobstructed for the first time. Like the rest of her, they are a thing of beauty, just perfect.

She rubs her pussy again, more violently now. She slips a finger inside and lets out a little yelp of delight. She forces it in further, then another finger, until she has two fingers buried in her young cunt. She tries briefly to stick a third in, but it's too tight and she seems satisfied with two.

She removes her fingers and straightens up, and I think for a second that that is as far as my daughter is going to go. But she isn't finished.

She looks around the room, as though searching for something, and looks frustrated. She looks at the floor, and I can see the thought process as she looks at her feet.

She lifts one foot of the floor and removes one of her sexy heels from it. She lifts it towards her mouth, looking at it carefully.

Slowly, she starts to lick the metal heel, up and down, then sucking it, the whole 4 inches into her mouth.

She sits herself down on the floor, legs spread wide, and holds the stiletto heel of her shoe pointed at the pussy. Surely she isn't going to...

She does. Looking straight into the camera, she pushes the heel of her shoe into her steaming cunt with a loud grunt.

Slowly she starts to move it out, then in again, until she starts to pump herself quickly.

Quicker and quicker she gets until suddenly she stops. Reaching over to her other foot, she removes that shoe as well, giving the heel some loving lubrication from her hot pierced tongue.

She holds that heel to her pussy, and slowly starts to push it in. As she pushes one in with one hand, she pulls the other almost all the way out with the other, until she gets into a rhythm.

Her moans are getting louder and louder, and I begin to wonder if any passers by might hear her through the open window. The thought turns me on even more, as I watch my young daughter fuck herself with her high heels.

She stares into the lens of the camera, and starts to pump the heels in together, at the same time. The pitch of her moans rises, until she is almost screaming.

Suddenly she shudders, collapses onto her back, and twitches uncontrollably on the floor, dropping her heels but still rubbing her clit.

She slows down, eventually coming to a stop. She sticks two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, and lifts them to her mouth.

"Oh, tastes so good."

She blows a kiss to the camera, and smiles.

I lower the camera slowly, and stare at my daughter, spread on the floor in a pool of her juices, still smiling at me.

"Was that okay, Daddy?"

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