tagIncest/TabooHow Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 04

How Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 04


It's been nearly a week since that first time, when my eighteen year old daughter fucked me, but what a week!

We spent most of the rest of the weekend fucking in almost every room, and every position we could think of. Eventually we stopped filming it for her website because it was getting too difficult to make sure that people wouldn't be able to tell that it was me. We decided we'd still film it, but keep the vids for our own private use!

It was then that we started to make love. It's not just fucking anymore, though we do still do that, but now we make love to each other. We share a bed every evening and sleep in each other's arms. We're in love.

On Sunday, we went into the city again and bought her a load more sexy items. My favourite is probably a pair of black leather hipster jeans, they hug her arse so nicely.

But the best purchase was what peaks just above those jeans. She got a tattoo on the small of her back, the Chinese symbols for "Daddy's little slut". It's discrete enough that she could cover it if she wanted too, but the slutty outfits she's been wearing recently show it off a treat. It's a real turn-on to both of us that no-one else knows what it means, but we do!

A few minutes ago, I got a call from her to say that she would be home from school in ten minutes, and to have the camera rolling when she walked through the door. It's her last week before her final exams, so I'm making her complete her schooling before she becomes my live-in model and slut!

Ah, here she comes. I film her walking down the driveway, her tiny skirt flapping as her hips sway. Since the headteacher caught her fucking another pupil, she's had to fuck him everyday, so she's been able to get away with wearing the sluttiest school outfit you've seen this side of a pornstar. Her tits are nearly falling out of her top, and her knee-high black leather boots with silver buckles all the way up the sides are hardly within the usual school rules. But then, she's no ordinary schoolgirl.

I regret for a moment that we won't be following the new ritual of this week, where she comes home from school and tells me about who she's fucked during the school day, then me fucking her wildly.

But the fact that she wants me to film her arriving home must mean that she has some kind of plan, and my dick is already solid in anticipation.

She walks in through the front door, and into the living room where I've been waiting for her. She smiles at the camera.

"Hello lover."

She moves towards the camera and nearly kisses the lens (we found out once before that when she actually kisses the lens, it can blur the picture and ruin a really hot video of me fucking her doggy-style!).

"My headteacher says that, as it's my last day tomorrow, he's going to fuck me up the arse."

She bends over the back of a chair, her skirt rising to reveal a completely bare pussy and areshole.

"I don't want that bastard to take my anal virginity, can you fuck my arse please?"

She spreads her arse cheeks, and looks back over her shoulder, pouting at the camera.

Well, what else am I going to do?

I quickly pull down my trousers, and thrust into her pussy to try and get some lubrication.

This is an unexpected bonus. When we became lovers, rather than just fuck buddies, my daughter and I had a chat about whether she was still going to fuck other guys. She still wanted to, as long as I didn't mind, and I wanted her to because the thought of her slutting herself about the school was a massive turn on.

I get her to lick my fingers, and slowly work one into her arsehole. It's so tight! I'm not sure I'll even manage to get my dick in there.

I'm going to bloody try though. I try to get a second finger in her, but it's a struggle.

I thrust into her a couple more times, hard, and she's moaning now.

"Please, please I want your cock up my arse."

I pull out of her cunt, and line my dick up with her tiny rear hole.

"Do it, fuck my arse."

She stares back at the camera, and arches her back.

I push forwards slowly, her hole starting to spread open.

"Ow ow ow, that hurts."

Finally the head of my cock pops into her hole.

"OW, stop there. Let me get used to it."

I stand still, waiting for her next move. Slowly, she starts to rock slightly, backwards and forwards, working no more than an inch or two into her arse.

She stops, takes a deep breath, and in one sudden movement, slams herself back towards me, impaling herself on my pole. She screams - one long scream, eventually morphing into a moan.

I can't believe how tight it is.

Again, she starts to rock back and forth slowly, before pulling forwards, my dick nearly out of her arse, then slamming back again, groaning.

"God, it hurts so GOOD! I love it, fuck me."

I start to move in and out, watching and filming my cock stretch her tight hole, myself looking at the "Daddy's little slut" tattoo on her lower back and smiling at how true it has become.

"No, I said fuck me. Fuck me hard."

She starts to increase the pace, forcing herself back onto me.

"Fuck me like the slut that I am. Fuck me! I LOVE HAVING COCK UP MY ARSE!"

I've never heard her talk so dirty, she's obviously loving it. I slam into her as hard as I can while still filming it with my free hand.

Very suddenly, she cums. Shuddering and lurching violently, I've never seen her cum with so little warning. I stop thrusting for a moment while she orgasms.

"Don't stop, God, don't stop, keep fucking my arse."

So I do, and it seems to be prolonging her orgasm. The spasms in her arsehole are getting me close, and I don't think I can hold back much longer. She still has the magic ability to be able to tell, even when I'm in her arse.

"I want you to shoot up my arse, I want to feel your cum coating me, filling my dirty little arsehole. C'mon baby, cum for Sadie." She looks back over her shoulder with her fuck-me eyes, and blows me a kiss.

With that, I burst. She starts cumming again, I can't believe it.

Eventually, I finish, and pull slowly out. I quickly get to my knees, getting a close up of her hole.

My cum starts to dribble out, first a small drop, then a large glob sliding down towards her soaked cunt lips. She wipes it up with a finger, and moves it to her mouth.

"Thank you so much, that was incredible."

She delicately licks her fingers, her tongue piercing glinting before it gets covered in sperm. She swallows and emits a low moan.

Tired but smiling, she waves goodbye to the camera, my cue to turn it off.

I lower the camera and smile at my young daughter.

"That was incredible."

"I know, Daddy, I had no idea I'd cum that much! Thank you so much."

"Are you kidding? Thank you. That was so hot."

"I wanted to share something special with you, and it was the last virginity I had left."

"Thank you sweetheart, it was amazing. Why don't we go shower?"

"Actually, while I was in there this morning, I had an idea. Why don't you bring your camera, and I'll get changed quickly?"

This sounds intriguing.

"Let me clean myself up a bit first, okay?"

"Okay, I'll meet you in the bathroom, five minutes."

She runs up the stairs, obviously looking forward to whatever she's got planned.

I go up to the bathroom and clean myself off. As I'm in there, Sadie struts in.

"I thought we could do a wet t-shirt shoot, Daddy." Her smile flickers between sweet innocence, and dirty fucking whore.

She's wearing a skin-tight white top that's already nearly see-through, her nipples clearly visible. It stops just above her pierced belly button. A black latex thong isn't so much covering her mound, as splitting her lips, and she's kept on her sexy knee-high boots.


She moves past me, brushing her hand against my crotch as she does, and starts the water running, while I get the camera ready.

We have one of those bath-tub-and-shower-in-one things. Sadie tests that the water is warm enough out of the shower-head and, seemingly satisfied, turns to me.

I nod to indicate that I'm rolling camera.

"Hi guys." she says, "I've just been arse-fucked for the first time - God, it was so good - so now I need to clean up. Hope you enjoy!"

She turns and steps into the bath.

Holding her tits under the stream of water, she rubs her nipples through her top. Her t-shirt goes completely see-through instantly, so clear that she may as well not be wearing it, except of course that it's fucking hot.

She pirouettes, getting her arse wet. She spanks herself once, twice, a third time, each time getting harder, and each time her moan getting louder.

Turning her now-red arse to camera, she slowly peels her thong down her long legs, over her shiny boots, and off.

Fingering her cunt, she takes hold of the shower-head and points it between her legs.

"Oh fuck, I'm so horny right now."

She rubs the shower-head up and down her pussy, moaning and muttering obscenities to herself, losing herself in the pleasure.

Then, suddenly, she stops.

I'm surprised as she drops the shower-head into the bath, and gets on all fours. I wonder what she's going to do next.

She edges herself backwards, and...

Oh my God, she's not...she's rubbing her pussy up and down the tap.

Her eyes lost with lust, she looks into the camera.

"I'm so fucking horny, I need something in my steaming hot cunt NOW!"

She forces herself back onto the faucet, it disappearing between her folds. I can't believe she's doing it, but she's fucking herself on the bathroom tap!

"God, it's so big."

It does look huge in her tiny pussy, but it doesn't stop her from thumping herself back onto it until her arse cheeks slap against the side of the bath.

She orgasms hard and fast, staring into the camera as she does.

It takes her a few moments to compose herself, but she isn't finished yet.

"I did come in here to clean my arse. What do you think guys, can I fit the tap up my arse?"

No. There's no way, but I'll be happy to film her trying.

She forces a finger into her cute arsehole, then another finger from her other hand. And she starts pulling.

"Ooh, I don't know guys, my arse is awfully tight."

She keeps working it though, until she has four fingers inside her arse.

"Let's try now."

She backs herself up again, her cute little bottom wiggling as she does, and I zoom right in. I have to get this.

She rubs her arsehole over the tap, and tries to get the tap head lined up.

She starts to push, but it's not going in. She pushes harder, and starts to scream.

"Oh my God, it hurts so much."

I think momentarily about stopping the tape and stopping her from doing this to herself, but before I can, she gives it one last huge effort and the tap pops past her sphincter.

"Oh my fucking GOD! Oh God. Oh God."

She just keeps muttering over and over. I wonder if she's hurt herself, but she starts to move slowly, almost imperceptibly, backwards and forwards. Her pace quickens.

Now her "Oh God"s are more in pleasure than pain.

She reaches behind her and holds onto the hot and cold tap as she slams herself backwards ever harder.

"Oh God. Oh my God, I'm going to cum."

She twists the taps as she starts to orgasm, sending a burst of water up her arse, and she cums like a crazy woman. She's bucking wildly, throwing herself forward and away from the taps. Water bursts out of her arse, and she collapses in the bath, shaking and moaning.

I again resist the urge to turn off the camera and see if she's okay, and I just wait.

Slowly, she comes back to life enough to wave to the camera. She smiles, and closes her eyes blissfully.

I lay down the camera, and see to my daughter.

"Are you okay?"

"Knackered, but buzzed. That was fucking amazing! I've got to do that again."

I sit and watch her, wondering what she could come up with next.

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