tagIncest/TabooHow Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 07

How Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 07


"Trudy can't make it here for a couple of weeks, she's busy with her new job."

My daughter, Sadie, looks really sad as she tells me the news, and I must admit, it is disappointing. I've been waiting years to see the two of them get it on.

I hold her in a hug, letting my hand slip down to cup her tight arse.

"I tell you what, why don't we go away this weekend? We could stay in that fancy hotel in the city for a couple of nights, go shopping, see the sights. It'll be nice."

"That sounds great, Daddy." She kisses me tenderly.

"I also thought we could do that thing we spoke about."

"Ooh Daddy, are you finally going to let me tie you up?"

"As long as I've got a mask on so that we can film it for the site..."

She jumps into my arms, nearly knocking me over.

"Thank you Daddy! It'll be so hot, you'll see. I'll need to get a few things before we go though..."

I can take a hint, but I've got a special surprise for her. I take a credit card out of my pocket and give it to her.

"This is a company credit card. Your website's been really popular, so the card's got a pretty high limit, go get whatever you like."

"Thank you Daddy!" She kisses me again, this time deeply, and I can tell that she's struggling to pull herself away.

"I've got to get to the city, I've got a lot of shopping to do!" She gives my rapidly hardening dick a quick squeeze. "But hold that thought."

She picks up her keys and phone and, with a quick kiss goodbye, rushes out of the door.

I watch her stride down the driveway and once again marvel at the outfits she now seems to carry off with complete confidence while in public. The headline is the pair of black leather hipster jeans she's wearing, which ride so low and hug her arse so tightly that, when she bends over to get in the car, I can clearly see her tattoo just above the top couple of inches of her arse crack. She's also wearing a shiny pair of light blue stiletto heels and a pale blue top that comes to just beneath her otherwise uncovered breasts, with huge great slits across the chest that leave just small strips of fabric half-covering her tits - how her nipples remain covered, I have absolutely no idea. Her hair, recently highlighted so that it's now a dirty blonde, is tied back in a rough ponytail, with strands left hanging coquettishly across her porn-star eyes.

I pinch myself and, not for the first time, wonder what I've done to deserve such an incredible daughter and lover.


It's finally Friday, and we're bombing down the motorway to the city.

It's been a painful last couple of days, mostly because Sadie banned me from having any sexual contact, including masturbation. With Sadie around the house, it's been an absolute bloody nightmare, and she seems to be going out of her way to tease me.

Take now, for example. I'm trying desperately to keep my eyes on the road, but Sadie's in the passenger seat with her denim skirt around her waist and her mobile phone in her pussy.

"Can I borrow your phone a sec?" she asks.

I dig in my pocket and fish out my mobile.


She starts pressing a few of the buttons, and I realise what she's doing. She's got her phone set on vibrate, and she's going to ring herself.

She emits a long moan, and reaches her delicate fingers down to rub her clit.

Suddenly, we both jump as the lorry alongside us bellows his horn. We may not have noticed him, but he most certainly noticed Sadie, and he obviously appreciates the show. He gives her the thumbs up and grins inanely.

My teenage daughter blows a kiss to the fat brute and lifts her top, leaving her glorious breasts on display for the lorry driver and anyone else who might look in.

This is going to be a great weekend.


After arriving at the hotel, we got a quick meal and headed up to our honeymoon suite. I could tell that Sadie was eager about the upcoming evening, and I must admit that, although I was slightly scared as to how far she'd want to go, I was horny as hell.

"Daddy, while I go get ready, can you set the two cameras up, put the mask on, strip, and lay naked on the bed?"

I nod. She picks up one of the large bags that she brought with her, and heads into the bathroom.

We got a second camera so that one can capture the overall scene, while the other can get some closer shots.

I get out the black leather gimp mask that Sadie got for me. It has flaps for the mouth and each eye, so that I can be closed off completely if she wants, but I'm going to start with them open as she instructed me earlier.

To be so completely subservient to my daughter is going to be a little strange, but my dick doesn't lie. It springs out to its upright position as I remove my trousers, hard as a rock.

I get on the four-poster bed, naked but for the mask, and wait to see what wonders Sadie has in store.


An agonising thirty minutes later (it felt more like two hours), the bathroom door finally eases open. I watch the doorway in anticipation, but she's teasing me even now, waiting just that little bit longer before revealing herself to me.

Oh my fucking God. I've died and gone to a strange mixture of Heaven and Hell.

My little girl is wearing a skin-tight, black latex catsuit. It has a silver zip that runs from the neck, down over her chest and stomach, between her legs and up to the base of her spine. It is done up so that there is just a hint of her magnificent cleavage. A pair of black latex thigh-high boots lengthen her legs. Her hair is loose and messy. She licks her deep red lips with her pierced tongue, seemingly in hunger at seeing me lying naked at her mercy.

She is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

She walks confidently over to me, cuffs and chains dangling from her delicate hands. She jumps on the bed and straddles me, lifting my hands to the posts at the top of the bed and cuffing me to them. Then she chains my legs to the foot of the bed, one to each corner, so that they are kept apart.

She leans forward and licks my face, from my chin, slowly up over my lips and up to my forehead. She repeats it a couple of times, more urgently. She kisses her way down my body, sucking at my nipples and leaving red lipstick marks behind on her way down to my groin. Very gently, she kisses the tip of my penis.

Again she licks her lips, and she gives me the most wicked smile. She gives my cock one long lick, then gets off the bed.

She stands, facing me, with her legs slightly apart, and runs her bright red nails up her thighs, scratching at the latex stretched tightly over her body. She runs her hands all over, groping herself, squeezing her tits violently. She looks right on the edge of losing control to her lust.

She rubs her cunt through the latex, and reaches behind her, pulling the other end of the zip forward until her arsehole and pussy are available. She quickly plunges three fingers deep into her wet cunt, and lifts them to her mouth, sucking hungrily.

"Slave, you are not allowed to cum unless I say you can. That is an order, not a request."

I nod. What else was I going to do?

She sashays back towards me, her hips swinging, the latex clinging and emphasising.

She climbs onto the bed and straddles my face. Her juicy cunt is just inches away from my mouth, but she's teasing us both, easing forwards then pulling away quickly as I snake my tongue out to get her.

I'm too quick for her, and I just manage to catch her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moans and looks into my eyes as she lowers herself back to my mouth, and I lock my lips around hers, fucking her with my tongue. She cums in no time, washing my chin with her juices.

"God, this outfit makes me so damn horny."

She removes herself from me, and closes the zip of her catsuit/second skin.

"This is just too tempting. If I don't do something with this, I'll stay here all day." And with that, she takes one of the flaps on my mask, and closes it over my mouth.

She struts back over to the other side of the room, picks up a bag, and brings it back over next to the bed. I can see her pull a thin chain, about two feet long, out of the bag, but she's trying to hide it from me.

She turns back to me and begins working on my nipples - alternating between sucking one, and tweaking the other. Suddenly, she bites and pinches, hard, at the same time, and a shot of pain flashes through me. But, despite myself, I moan.

She repeats it, and again, and I'm actually quite enjoying it. Then she stops.

She pulls out the chain, and I notice it's got a small clamp on either end. She rubs one of them slowly across my now-red nipple, before easing it on. Slowly she tightens the clamp, and I moan. I can't believe I'm enjoying this.

Sadie looks into my eyes and gives me a dangerous smile. Without further warning, she gives the screw a big twist, tightening the clamp on my nipple, and I scream in pain and surprise through my mask.

She kisses the painful nipple tenderly, meanwhile attaching the other clamp to my other nipple. She tightens that one hard as well, and I stifle a scream.

She straddles me, slowly rubbing my dick between her arse cheeks. She yanks on the chain, my nipples stretching painfully from my body. She giggles, and reaches back over to the bag.

She pulls out what looks like a sheath made of thick black latex, with a strap, and a cup for the balls to go into. She moves back onto my legs, and slips the sheath over my cock. It's a really good fit, the latex not having to stretch much to accommodate me, my balls cupped comfortably. She runs the strap around under my bum and fastens it in place.

"You don't get to feel my pussy, but I get to feel your dick inside me. This whole evening is about my pleasure, got it?"

With that, she lifts herself above my cock and impales herself on it with a loud moan.

The sensation is slightly odd - I can vaguely feel something, but it's more the idea of what she's doing that's the turn on. That, and the view of my baby girl wearing a latex catsuit, getting herself off on my dick.

She bounces on my cock at incredible speed, yanking the chain attached to my nipples, and it looks like she's getting close again already.

She reaches over to her bag again, and pulls out a strap-on dildo. Woah, this might be going down an unexpected direction. We have agreed on a safe-word for me to use if she starts going too far, but I promised myself I wouldn't use it. I want to see how far she wants to take this.

Somewhat surprisingly, she ties the strap-on around my neck so that the 'blunt' end of the dildo is resting against my mouth. She licks up and down the shaft, still humping my dick but at a slower pace now.

She removes herself from my pole with a delicious pop, and moves her cunt up to the strap-on.

"See how you like this."

She moves her hole down onto the dildo, forcing herself all the way until her clit is rubbing against my nose. She starts to grind, and stops herself right on the precipice of another orgasm.

She spins herself around so that we're now in a 69 position. She takes my still-sheathed cock into her mouth, sucking my cock as she humps the strap-on.

Again she stops herself just short, and removes the strap-on from my neck. She moves back down my body and ties it around my waist. Facing away from me so that I get the most fantastic view of her latex-encased arse, she places my cock at her pussy and the dildo at her arsehole.

"I've been looking forward to this."

She eases herself backwards, making sure that both poles move smoothly into her, and once she's full, she ups the pace.

Her ferocious movement on my dick and the proximity of her orgasm have me perilously close to cumming myself, but I remember her order for me not to.

I'm trying so hard, but when she cums, and surprises me by slipping a finger into my arsehole, I can't help myself. I spurt, covering the inside of the latex sheath.

Even in her post-orgasm bliss, she still bursts into a fit of anger.

"I thought I told you not to cum, slave!"

I can't tell if she's acting, or really pissed off.

"Sorry, Mistress."

"Sorry won't cut it."

She removes herself from my cock and the dildo, unties the strap-on, and unlocks the shackles around my wrists and feet.

"Turn around, face on the bed, arse in the air."

I do as I'm told, and she gets a longer chain from her bag. Handcuffing me again, she reaches the chain to the far posts and secures me in place. Then she ties my feet, one to each poster on the bed, and gives my arse a hard slap.

She removes the sheath from my cock and shows me the contents.

"You're going to have to be punished for that. Now, eat it."

Wow, this I never expected. Although most of my cum had already dribbled down the side whilst I was still lying down, there is still some of my seed on the latex.

"Lick it. Now."

I do as I'm told. It's a bit salty, and not particularly pleasant. I can't see what Sadie sees in it, but she can't get enough of the stuff.

"That's more like it, a bit of obedience."

I can hear her moving about behind me, but can't see what she's doing.

Suddenly I feel her fingers by my arsehole.

"It was me sticking my finger up here that set you off, wasn't it?"

I don't reply, and she sticks a finger up inside me. It feels a little uncomfortable, but in an undeniably erotic way.

She removes her finger for a second, but when it returns, it is wet and slimy. I presume she's got some lube on there, and it doesn't take her long before she has two fingers screwing my hole. I never in a million years thought I would enjoy this, but it feels incredible.

Just as the pumping was getting up to full speed, she withdraws. I know by now, though, that this can't be the end. I've already guessed what's coming next.

The strap-on is pressed against my puckered rear hole, and Sadie forces it in with little resistance. She keeps pushing, sliding it all the way up to the hilt.

"I've always wanted to fuck a man like this. You're the lucky guy. Don't worry, it'll only be a couple of seconds."

She thrusts in a few times, and I hear her unzip her outfit.

She pulls out, and moves over to the phone.

"Hello, room service? Can I have a bottle of champagne brought up to the honeymoon suite please? Thanks."

God, what's she planning now?

She moves next to me, her catsuit unzipped down to the waist, her tits spilling out.

"You know." She stands next to me, fiddling with another pair of nipple clamps. "The first time I tried one of these on, I came immediately. I fucking love them."

This is news to me, but I watch intently as she attaches them to her own nipples. She looks blissful, yet pained - I think from trying to stop herself from cumming too soon.

"Okay, we haven't got much time before room service gets here."

She reaches into her big black bag and pulls out her massive double-ended dildo. Oh, no way is she going to do that. It won't fit.

She, of course, has other ideas.

"This'll be fantastic."

She takes one end of the long tool, and holds it against my arsehole. I prepare myself for the pain, but for some reason I hold back from using the safe-word. The large dildo surprises me by popping past my sphincter, and Sadie wastes no time in forcing it in deep. Despite myself, I'm moaning.

She withdraws the dildo and slams it back in again, twice, a third time, each time it reaching deeper inside me.

Sadie lines herself up with the other end of the dildo and spears her pussy onto it.

My God, it feels incredible. I can feel the connection between the two of us.

She starts moving, and I don't think I can take much more of this before I cum again. Fortunately, in a way, I'm saved by a knock on the door.

Sadie pulls herself away and, without covering herself up, answers the door.

I can hear her beckoning the room service in, and I can see the person come into view. It is a young man, I'm guessing early twenties, probably Spanish, and the look of shock on his face is quite amusing.

Sadie is trying to convince him to stay.

"Look, you won't get in trouble for this. I need a yes or no answer. I'll let you fuck me, however you want, if you fuck my man here in the arse."

WHAT?!? What did she just say? Again, I think about saying the safe-word, but I'm curious now. Will he say yes?


Wow. Am I going to go through with this? Sadie issues instructions.

"Excellent. You get undressed, I'll just amuse myself for a moment."

She moves back to me, slaps my arse hard (my arse that still has the dildo stuck out of it), and sticks the other end of the dildo up her own arse. We both moan.

The room service guy gets undressed quicker than anyone I've ever seen, and I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment. Sadie beckons him to her, and takes his cock into her mouth.

In no time at all, he's hard and ready. Sadie holds onto the double-ended dildo and removes it from my arse, keeping it in her own hole.

She picks up the bottle of champagne and sits beneath me, her mouth lined up with my cock. Slowly she enters the top of the champagne bottle into her tight snatch.

"God that's cold! Okay, you can fuck his arse now. Don't stop 'til you cum up there."

Oh God, he's going to shoot his cum up my arse. I look back and see that his dick is quite big as he easily slides it into my stretched hole. Inch by inch, it actually feels pretty good. Now, I'm not gay, but this is enjoyable.

So now, I'm bent over and tied to the bed, nipple clamps secured, with a possibly illegal immigrant fucking my arse. Sadie, still in her black latex catsuit, has a champagne bottle in her cunt, a dildo in her arse, and my cock down her throat.

I've never been hornier.

The other guy obviously isn't used to these kinds of situations (who is?!), and grunts that he's about to cum. Sadie picks up her speed, and I can feel the start of the chain reaction as the guy cums up my arse. That triggers me to the most incredible orgasm, his hot sperm inside me spurring me on to pump a huge load into Sadie's throat, which triggers her off.

We all jerk, shudder and moan, given over to the most amazing moment of our lives.

Slowly, we all come back to our senses. The guy is first to move, and the reality of what he's just done has probably just hit him. He quickly gathers his things and runs for the door.

"But you haven't fucked me yet!" Sadie looks slightly disappointed.

The guy looks back, as though weighing it up in his mind, but decides to leg it.

"Don't worry, dear, I'm sure you'll get an opportunity later."

My words are muffled by the mask, but I think she still made out what I was saying. She smiles at me.

"This is still only Friday night, I guess. The weekend's only just beginning."

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