tagIncest/TabooHow Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 08

How Far Will My Daughter Go? Ch. 08


The Saturday morning after the Friday night before. My mind is blown. I don't know where we're going from here.

I shift in my seat – my arsehole's still a little sore and I'm finding it difficult to get comfortable. I switch the TV off. I wasn't watching it anyway.

Finally, the bathroom door opens and out struts Sadie, naked but for tan leather knee-high pointy-toe stiletto boots, and carrying a flimsy summer dress. Her hair is pulled up in a girly ponytail and her makeup is naturally done, except for her eyes which have the now-constant heavy dark eyeliner. My dick hardens.

"Dad, have you got any scissors?"

"In the suitcase. Why?"

She smiles at me wickedly: "This dress is too long."

She lays the dress out on the bed – a sheer summery dress with a flowery pattern that buttons up the front. I'd say it was short enough to be quite daring already, but quite daring isn't enough for Sadie anymore.

She takes the scissors to the dress, cutting a good six inches from the bottom.

"Darling, are you sure that isn't too much?"

"I'm sure. Though it's a bit late now!"

She throws away the leftover fabric and pulls the dress on, buttoning it up. The material is so sheer that I can clearly see her darkened nipples and the silhouette of her tattoo through the dress. From my low seat, I can just see the bottom of her pussy.

"What do you think Daddy?"

She gives a twirl. The floaty fabric lifts and her arse cheeks poke out the bottom of the dress.

"Sadie, you're going to get arrested wearing that."

"Could you see my bum when I spun around?"


"Good! Let's go."


It's nice to be in the city where no-one knows who we are. We can be a couple.

As we lazily wander the shops, I put my arm around my daughter; then let it slide down to her arse. She smiles up at me lovingly, wiggling her bum in my hand. My fingertips trace the bottom of her dress and she moans lightly as I touch her smooth skin.

I notice the obese old janitor across the concourse suddenly stop his conversation and, mouth agape, point Sadie out to his equally-disgusting mate. They stare and the janitor readjusts his crotch.

I whisper to Sadie: "You're being watched".

"Mmm, I know. Ooh, I like that dress."

I follow her gaze to see what she's spotted – a tube dress in the same tan leather as her boots, and it's got to be less than two foot from top to bottom. She pulls me toward the shop.


While I wait for her to try it on, I peruse the nearby items. It's odd how many of these things I would have classified as almost slutty just a month or so ago, but Sadie's current style now makes most of these items seem quite staid.

She comes out of the dressing room and she's wearing her summer dress, not the leather dress she took in there to try on. I raise my eyebrows questioningly. She smiles.

"I love it, but I want to keep it a surprise." She winks at me.

I pay and we head for the exit. Sadie stops me a second: "Is the janitor still over there?"

I peek out the door.


She smiles wickedly and undoes two buttons at the top of her dress. The two sides fall apart to provide a very deep cleavage – everyone can clearly see the inside of her tits.

"You tease!"

She grins, takes a step forward and then stops again, and undoes the bottom button on her dress. When she walks toward me, I catch glimpses of her cunt as the fabric is nudged by her firm thighs. Only three buttons now hold her dress closed.

I can only shake my head.

We leave the store, my hand gravitating naturally to my slutty daughter's arse. The janitor and his mate again stop their conversation to stare, and I give Sadie's bum a little squeeze. She giggles.

I stop her to give her a hot, sloppy kiss with lots of tongue. I still love the feel of her tongue piercing; it gets me hard every time. She reluctantly pulls back.

"You know what would look hot with this dress?" she asks. "My clamps with the chain between them."

"The nipple clamps? You really like those, don't you?"

"Oh God, I do. I really wish I had them on right now, that would make me so wet. Imagine the chain dangling between my tits, and everyone knowing that there's only one thing they could be connected to. Or two things." She giggles and pinches one of her nipples, then twists it hard, making her moan.

"Why don't you pop back to our room and get them? I'll get our normal table in Giorgio's and meet you there."

She smiles. "I love the way your mind works." She kisses me, sucking my tongue. "See you in a minute."

I watch her sashay away, turning every head she passes.


Giorgio's is our favourite restaurant. The food's good, but I've always liked it more for its relaxed atmosphere. In our usual corner booth, we can be undisturbed. But we've never done the sort of things in there that my dirty mind is planning for this time.

I glance at my watch again. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. It should only have taken her ten minutes, maximum, to get to our room and back. It's been thirty four minutes and counting.

She probably got so turned on that she stopped to masturbate, but still...

I stare out the window again, scanning the crowds bustling through the mall. Where is she?

I spot her, walking quickly toward the restaurant. Something doesn't seem right. She's walking a little funny and – why is she hugging herself? Something's wrong.

I get up to meet her at the door. She seems dazed but gives me an odd smile. I notice now that her lip is cut; her left cheek glows red. She isn't hugging herself so much as holding her dress together. She has only the top two and the bottom buttons done up. And...is that cum on her face and chest, and between her legs? I put my arm around her and lead her to our table.

"Honey, are you alright? What happened?"

She slides into the booth and I scoot up right next to her, putting my arm protectively around her shoulder again.


Flatly, she replies: "I just got raped."

I can't believe it.

"Are you okay? Please, baby, are you hurt?"

"I'm fine Dad."

"Who was it?" I reach for my phone, "I'm going to call the police."

She puts her hand over mine, and softly says "No".

"No? We've got to report it sweetie."

She whispers: "I loved it."


Louder now: "I fucking loved it." Her wicked smile returns. "I came so hard. Twice."

I'm stunned.

Just then, the waiter interrupts. I'm speechless, so fortunately Sadie speaks for us – he only had eyes for her anyway. She asks him for fifteen minutes to make up our minds, and he leaves.

My daughter smiles at me sweetly. I ask: "Honey, what happened?"

"I was walking back to the hotel and there was a queue for the lifts, so I took the stairs. I reached the door and I was grabbed from behind. A hand went over my mouth and the other lifted me around the waist. I struggled but he was big and strong."

"Who was?" I interrupt.

"The janitor. He carried me down another flight to what must have been his office in the basement. His friend was holding the door open and they threw me back on the desk and tied my arms down to the table legs."

I notice the rope marks on her forearms, and gently rub them for her. She smiles, letting go of her dress. It falls open, her beautiful tits nearly falling out.

"They ripped my dress open and stuffed a rag in my mouth. The friend complained that he wanted a blowjob and the janitor laughed and said 'Are you gonna trust her not to bite yer cock off?' The friend said 'Okay' and said 'I'm gonna fuck her tits then.'

"He climbed on top of me. I struggled but he straddled my waist, slapped me, and squeezed my tits really hard. The janitor said I must be a slut, the way I was dressed, so he was going to treat me like one. He stuck two fingers in me and, it felt like he was punching me, he pumped so hard. I moaned! I was so surprised, but I liked it."

She pauses for a drink, wincing at the pain in her split lip. I smile sympathetically for her to continue.

"The friend got his dick out – it was only little – and started rubbing it over my tits. I heard a zipper, and something big prodding at my pussy. I thought the janitor was trying to stuff all his fingers in me or something, but it was his cock. It was huge! He slammed into me and, God it hurt, but it was so good! I moaned but cos of the rag, I guess they thought I was complaining. He told me to shut up and spanked my arse. I moaned more.

"That's when the friend started pinching my nipples, really hard, and that's when I came. It was unbelievable, and I guess the janitor realised cos he said 'Fuck, she really is a slut. You enjoy that, huh? I'm gonna fuck yer dirty little arsehole then'.

She squirmed in my arms. I recognised that squirm – she was turned on.

"He pulled out of my cunt and just pushed his dick into my arse. It didn't want to go in but he just kept pushing until he forced it in. I screamed. It's a good job I had the rag in cos somebody probably would have heard me, and I didn't want it to stop.

"The friend pushed my tits together and started fucking his dick between them. The janitor was fucking me so hard the whole desk was juddering across the room. I could tell we were all getting close.

"I stared up into the friend's eyes, trying to communicate that I loved what he was doing. When he finally looked at me, he came and started spewing all over my chest and face."

She rubs her throat, finding a bit of leftover cum. She sucks it off her fingertip with a grin.

"That set me off, and I guess that set the janitor off too, cos I felt his load fill my arse. It was incredible, I don't know if I've ever cum so hard."

She shivers and smiles at me. I'm still speechless. What do you say to that? As a father, I wanted to find and kill the fuckers who just raped my little girl. But as a man and as her lover...I had to admit, I had a hard on.

My gorgeous daughter smiles up at me. "Don't get me wrong, I loved dominating you last night Daddy, but I think I'm a submissive kind of slut." She winks at me and rubs my crotch. I look down at her and see her swollen pussy glinting in the soft light.

I grab the bag with her new dress. "I think we need to get you changed out of that dress, it's ruined."

She smiles as I take her by the hand and lead her to the toilet.

As it's only a small place, it has a single unisex toilet, large enough for a wheelchair user so there's a bit of space. I usher her inside and lock the door.

She looks at me, coquettishly biting her bottom lip, but she bites it where its cut and she winces. She smiles at me anyway and pulls the flimsy material off her. I can see the scrapes, bite marks and bruises, and the cum stains over her breasts and down her legs. She holds her hand out for the new dress.

"Aren't you going to wash up?" I ask.

"No." She replies, "I like it."

I take the leather tube dress from its bag and hold it out to her. She unzips it and steps daintily into the tube. She pulls it up her body – it's a really snug fit so she really has to pull hard, but she gets it up to her tits. The dress pushes them up, almost obscenely. She settles the dress so it just covers her areolas and no more, then straightens the rest of the dress. It would be tiny on a normal girl, but as Sadie is quite tall, it just barely comes below her crotch.

"What do you think?" she asks.


She eyes the tent in my trousers and smiles. "Now you can see why I wanted to save it for later."

She turns to face the mirror and leans over the sink slightly to examine the marks on her face. The tan leather rides up her arse, clearly displaying her shiny cunt and arsehole. The stiletto-heeled boots make her legs seem impossibly long, and I move toward her, tickling the inside of her thigh. She giggles – the same giggle I remember from all those excited Christmas mornings and birthdays when she was growing up. And now, her she is, lewdly on display. For me. For her father.

"You are a slut, aren't you?"

"Yes Daddy. I'm your naughty little slut." She pulls the dress up a little further and it rises over her hips, showing me the tattoo she got for me – the Chinese symbols for Daddy's Little Slut.

My fingers trace up her legs to her tight cunt; the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. She moans and pushed back against me, trying to get my fingers inside. I resist, teasing us both.

"Daddy, please!"

"Please what?" I slip my little finger between her folds.

"Fuck me! Take your little girl and fuck her like the fucking whore she is!"

I slap her arse as I fumble with my other hand to get my fly open. She moans: "Harder".

I hit her again, and again, harder each time. The slap reverberates around the close tiled walls.

"Oh yes oh yes oh yes..." she repeats as I line my cock up with her cunt, and plough straight into her.

"Oh my GOD that's amazing! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Bent over the sink in a public toilet, I hammer into my darling daughter while she pulls the top of her dress down and starts pulling and pinching her pointed nipples.

"Do you want me to fuck your arse?" I ask.

"Don't ask me, just do what you want with me! I'm a slut! I'm YOUR slut!"

I pull out of her cunt and, remembering what she described earlier, force myself all the way into her tight puckered arsehole without warning.

"Ooooooh yes! Rape me! Rape your daughter!"

I reach around her and roughly grab a tit, mauling it, using my nails to dig into her nipple flesh...

And she cums explosively, her sphincter gripping my cock so hard that I immediately blow at my deepest inside her. I can't remember cumming so hard, it feels like I'm firing it up into her throat from below.

On shaky legs, we both wait until the other is recovered enough to move. Eventually she lifts her head slightly, and I withdraw from her. She gasps, and sighs contentedly.

I stagger to the toilet and sit down, trying to get some composure.

Sadie totters to me and sits on my lap, kissing me gently on the lips. I kiss her back, and we stay like that for a little while.

"I love you sweetheart. Always."

"I love you too, Daddy. From now on, I'm yours to do whatever you want with. Always."

Now there's a promise I can't wait to help her keep.

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