tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow Far will She Go?

How Far will She Go?


I have enjoyed reading stories on this site, and decided to try my hand at a submission. This is my first effort, and comments, suggestions, and encouragement or expressed interest are welcome. I have been intrigued by the Exhibitionist/Voyeur category, and have been inspired to create the circumstances in my marriage to experience the thrills some of the stories describe. This first chapter is intended to start the story of Jan and me, and continue the story as it occurs. So let me tell you about Jan and our marriage. If there is interest, I will describe what happens as we live the events I hope are ahead.

My wife is a woman of contrast and inconsistency. Some might call her flighty, or even a bimbo. She isn't interested in intellectual stimulation. She loves reality TV and sports, especially hockey. The game moves fast, just like her mind moves from one thought to another. Despite these qualities, she is smart but avoids any conversation that goes beneath the surface. She lives for the moment, and is so well defended that her capacity for introspection is practically nonexistent.

Jan is also a stunning beauty, she knows it, and she uses all the tools and techniques to preserve her beauty and fight the battle against the aging process. She is winning that battle.

At age 58, Jan still turns heads of men young and old, and she is constantly evaluated head to toe wherever we go. Sometimes I will get a nod of the head or a quick smile from an admirer. When I mention these incidents to her, Jan denies it occurred, that she noticed it, or that attention like that excites her or is what she seeks. It's gross, she will say, I dress for you, no one else.

I don't believe her, but she is so stubbornly superficial and unwilling to share anything about her inner feelings or desires, I have grown very frustrated because our relationship is stuck, not in neutral, but in the range of 3rd to sometimes 4th gear when I know 5th gear is where our marriage could drive for exotic, erotic adventures.

Goodness knows we don't have much time. We have been working out hard the last few months to be ready for a birthday trip to Vegas. It is there that Jan has especially loved to show her body; uptight women would say she dresses like a slut.

And that is what Jan's past was, actually. She fucked scores of men in her younger days, anytime and anywhere. She wasn't then or now sensual. She wants to fuck. Foreplay is tolerated, briefly.

We started our relationship that way, and very openly we described our sexual pasts and partners, hers many more and adventurous than mine. We both ended up divorced and living together many years, finally getting married and well past the early scandal years.

I love her, though reflecting on things, of course I wish we could get to 5th gear.

If we ever did, it would a thrill ride, and how far would we go? I started to test out some things in advance of our Vegas trip to push the envelope, or really, to give Jan the opportunity to push through the envelope.

Let me describe Jan. Her face is truly one that would launch a 1000 ships. Long, angular, revealing her Cherokee heritage, framed by graying hair she fixes in different styles to suit her mood. Jan is 5'6", probably about 145 p, with large breasts, aided by implants that actually enhance her bust (D) in a natural looking way. Her nipples are very sensitive and are easily seen in many of her conservative clothes. They are framed by silver dollar sized, pink areolas that react quickly to touch or cold with raised bumps. Watching her nipples and areolas change during sex is to see the arousal response in full glory.

Jan is curvy. Her ass is round and has gotten more defined lately. She doesn't have the ass of a 35 year old (then her ass was extraordinary). What she does have is surely the envy of women in her age group. It is well defined, fleshy, wide hipped, but decently firm. She loves to be spanked, hard, when we go at it.

Her abdomen and arms need work (as do mine of course!) and she is working hard at it with weights. Her legs are firm, long, muscular, but lean. Jan's pussy is large, with thin lips, very responsive clit, and regularly waxed smooth. I love to eat her pussy, but she is impatient to fuck, so I do not enjoy many long sessions with her amazing pussy.

Jan knows I worship her beauty, and she thrives on my attention. I buy her clothes, Vegas style and home style, and the same for her bikinis. She rocks a bikini and she loves to wear them. She will wear dresses that show her curves, and is quite happy to show off her cleavage and even allow for some good angles to see more, though she denies that she wants or is aware of putting on a show for anyone but me. I know that is bullshit, but she stubbornly maintains this pretense, much to my frustration. She is a classic MILF, and the teenage and college boys who have been through our house to visit our daughters are very attentive to Mama Jan. Her daughters have let us know she is widely admired by their male friends. Janet pretends not to hear.

This story is inspired by our have been planning for the Vegas trip. It happens in just a few weeks. Jan is feeling so much better about her body that she claims she is ready to get even sexier in her dress and bikinis. I bought sheer suits that she has modeled for me. She has always been hot and cold when we have been at the adult pool where we stay, but these sheer tops leave nothing to the imagination. I bought a high end full length dress that I will describe in a later story once she wears it and we see how far she will go.

Last week, we went to our place on the beach, and I decided to take the initiative in a surprising way to test how naïve Jan can be or, perhaps, intentionally deceptive, when she was on a float, in a bikini, under the gaze of a man who consistently came out in the water each time we did. I hope what happened will be the first step toward that goal of 5th gear in Vegas and beyond. Jan loves the scene at Vegas, and she struts there. I love to show her off, but our many times there have always left me thinking we...she...could and really does want to do more. We shall see. She even mentioned a strip club for my birthday.

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Good set up

Very good visual set up. Again, that anonymous idiot has popped up saying nothing.

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Wow I hardly ever comment but was just a lot of bull shit leading up to nothing

Wow I hardly ever comment but was just a lot of bull shit leading up to nothing

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