tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow Far will She Go? Ch. 05

How Far will She Go? Ch. 05


Jan got his number. After getting felt up in the hallway to the restroom while I was at the bar. Wow. I was surprised, but this seemed a logical step after the last two surprising days at the beach.

When we woke up the next morning, I knew this was THE line. If we stepped over the line, things would never be the same. But things had been stale. I knew that. So did Jan, but she is so superficial with expressing feelings she would never admit it. No, Jan's strength wasn't thinking, empathy, or introspection. She is the epitome of conflict avoidance if there is anything critical of her. She is, however, happy to express her displeasure.

This personality type creates an impression Jan is a bimbo, easily led, and her scores of one night stands and down to fuck attitude years ago probably served as proof of that fact to uptight, so-called high class women. Add to that her beautiful face, her prominent breasts (surgically enhanced) and a very willing pussy, she rightly earned the label "slut" back in the day. When she finally realized I was committed to take care of her and her kids, she became a "proper" woman. She was still a smart ass, playful, and aggressive. She is also simply one of the sweetest people on the planet, especially when she is happy, which I tend to with great focus.

There is an obscure but wry and clever song by a great songwriter called Little Head that may be the best way to describe Jan sexually. Jan was poised to return to the days when she let her clit, her little head, do the thinking. As the song says (though written from a man's perspective), "she's so easily lead when the little head does the thinking."

The morning after the bar incident, Jan woke up slowly.

Good morning, I said finally.

"Good morning," she replied.

Jan told me she hadn't slept well because she kept hearing pings on her phone.

Really, who from, one of the girls? Jan looked down and said "it was him."

The dude from the beach and bar. Of course I knew.

Have y'all talked? Jan tensed up and said "maybe."

Let me see them, I demanded with mock indignation.

She handed over her cell phone, and this is what I read.

"Hey" was her start at 2 a.m. in the morning. SHE had gotten HIS number. That meant she had decided to reach out and start the texting.

Hey back, was his reply. "Who is this?"

Well played by Ted. This response challenged her, pissed her off.

Jan. That's all she typed: Jan.


"Yes, we met at the bar."

"OMG, I was hoping it was you. How are you?"

"Fine. How about you? Get yourself a girl last night?"

LOL he wrote. "Hell no. But I saw a mighty fine looking woman today at the beach and tonight at the restaurant. She is incredible. That's the girl I want to get."

This text exchange started a long conversation that revealed Ted was in town for a wedding. He had been at the beach by himself because he didn't play golf and that is where the other groomsman had been. He told Jan an after- wedding party was set for tonight on the beach. Ted invited Jan and her husband to come, and he would meet us at the entrance where security would have to let us pass.

Of course, the texting wasn't just about that. Flirting back and forth, Jan told Ted about herself, and he responded to her questions. At the end of the string, Jan said, "See you at the beach."

Wow baby, I said after reading the exchange. Pretty hot.

"Are you mad at me," which is always her stock response.

No, not at all, I replied. You should go for it.

"Oh, he can't really be interested in me. I am way too old for him."

Bullshit. He has seen what you have to offer and clearly he wants it, wants you.

"What about us, you and me? I don't know if you could handle it, and if you can't, our relationship will never be the same," she replied.

Sweetheart, I don't know how far this will go, but I love you AND I know you really well. I have no doubt you have been and will be faithful to our marriage. If we agree, then I don't consider you having this flirting fun as being unfaithful, or adultery, like we started out. This is very different, and very private. No scandal, no scarlet letter.

She looked at me and then lowered her eyes. "Last night was more than flirting dear husband. I kissed him. I let him touch my breasts."

True, I replied, but is there something you haven't told me?

After a long sigh, "I touched him, too. I felt his cock."

You did, huh. I would have been shocked if you hadn't, sweetheart. I remember those early days with you. Ted is a lucky guy, and he hasn't even gotten past first base yet. Tell me more.

"It was sooooo hot, making out, feeling his hands on me. We could have been seen or caught. There wasn't much time. But I couldn't help myself and I put my hand on his cock. It felt huge. I was so wet. If I hadn't pulled away, I don't know what would have happened."

Haha. I know what would have happened! You would have fucked him, or better yet, he would have given you a good hard fucking. Or both actually. In whichever restroom had an empty stall!

"Well, I am glad I didn't. It would have changed us, our relationship, our marriage. I will never do anything to jeopardize us."

Jan, like I said, if we agree, then it is our marriage, our agreement. Nothing will be lost, and maybe our marriage will get a boost.

"Really? What are you saying?"

I am saying you haven't done anything wrong, or against my wishes. You are in control of this situation. Tell you what, don't make any decisions. Let's go the beach and you and this fella named Ted can spend time together. If he keeps you interested, then we can talk later and decide if we will go to that party. If we go the party you and I both know what will happen, so if we go, then you know you have my permission to do whatever you want.


As is typical for her, Jan whispered a half hearted "deal."

Well, text him and tell him you will be out there at noon.

She did. He replied "So, will I. I hope you will bring your float!" Then he added a devil emoticon. Jan replied with thumb up, kissing, and heart emoticons.

I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast. As I walked out of the room, I said you better start to choose your bikini for today, and I want a fashion show.

"Yes sir!"

This was a routine for us. When Jan has new clothes, she models them for me, and we usually end up fucking after Jan has felt the thrill of trying on new clothes, looking at herself in the mirror, and then showing off to me. It is a rush for her. And it was clear Ted was a rush for her.

I looked up and Jan was wearing the same bikini as the day before. Pink and black, with regular bottoms, and as I described earlier, the inserts in the top had been removed. Jan twirled and stuck her ass out asking, "should I wear this again?" I was tempted to say yes only because I knew Jan looked great and she would unite the neck straps so her top would surely find a way to fall off, but that would have been the wrong answer. So I said hell no. Ted has seen that one. You need to pick another one out for him today.

She scrunched her face in a pout and walked away with an exaggerated swing of her ass.

A few minutes later she returned, wearing a white bikini. This one is smaller and tighter than the other one. The top is very low cut, so that her tan lines are exposed, and the cut of the suit shows the full size of her large fleshy teats. It isn't a sheer top, but when wet it sure is close to shear.. The bottom rides higher up her ass, and the outline of her pussy is easily seen. I eyed her up and down as she twirled and modeled. I whistled and said that is the one.

"Do you like it?"

Yes, but today, more importantly, I have no doubt Ted will love it.

"Do you think so?"

I walked towards her and started to manipulate her nipples underneath the suit. They grew and hardened. Yes, I think so, as I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, rubbing my hardening cock against her pelvis. We kissed. I undid the top and massaged her breasts. I started to rub her pussy but stopped abruptly, and said I needed to finish breakfast.

"Awwww, come back here and fuck me," she asked.

I was tempted, but I wanted her horny as hell for the beach.

Jan changed out of the suit and gave a treat she had never done before. She walked out buck naked, and stayed like that for the next hour, which seemed to pass slowly. She even walked to the glass doors from time to time, and looked out at the beach, talking about Ted and wondering if he would be in the same beach chair or move closer to ours. Would he wear the same swim trunks or something different. Would he be alone? I came up behind her and held each breast in my hand, and pulled at her nipples. I pushed her against the glass. I didn't know if anyone was looking, but if they were, Jan gave them quite a show.

Finally, after a naked breakfast, it was time to get ready. Sun screening is a totally nude task, and this time, I watched Jan apply the lotion, encouraging her to cover all areas. After all, neither I nor she knew what would happen in the sun, with him. It was my turn to do her back, and white ass, covering more area than normal, then around her waist to her smooth mound. Ummmm, she purred. Then a sharp slap to her right butt cheek got me a playful turn and push. Okay mister, she said, pushing me away.

After letting the lotion dry, Jan took extra time with her hair and hat. She was finally ready, and we made the trek down to our rental chairs, ahead of schedule. Jan started to fidget, looking for Ted. I could tell she was nervous and worried he wouldn't come, but he appeared, and sat in the same chair as yesterday. Jan wasn't sure what to do, it was low tide and the water was calm. Ted and Jan were stealing glances at each other, and I realized he didn't know if he should make a move towards us without invitation, especially with me there. I suggested to Jan that she head to the water, with the float.

As she did, I watched her walk away. She cut an amazing figure in the white bikini. A full grown woman. As she started in the water, Ted got up and walked to her, getting near Janet at waist level. Jan turned, and they started talking. I saw Jan hold the float, and Ted walked to the other side, to steady it. Jan tries several times to get on, unsuccessfully, and I could see them laughing. Finally, Jan got on her back and centered, and John began pushing the float in deeper water, from the end where Jan's feet were. She rested her hands behind her head and this made her round, full breasts more prominent. Ted made his way through the deep water to the sand bar. He maneuvered the float so he was at Jan's side, positioning the flat toward the open water. He was clearly enjoying the view, a view no one else had.

I got up from my chair and walked down the beach a few yards and then went in to the water, flanking Jan and Ted until I had a view of her from toes to head. I was in the water past my shoulders, and Jan couldn't see me, if she had wanted to, but I was pretty sure I was the last thing on her mind.

They talked for quite a while, and from time to time Ted cupped his hands and dropped water on Janet's chest, belly, pussy, and legs. Jan reached up and undid the top tie to her top, and she shifted to expose more of her teats, and spread her legs out wider.

Ted put his right hand on her shoulder, and moved it slowly toward her breast. Jan was still, perhaps pretending to have her eyes closed, but I know she was purring, making noises of approval as Ted's hand slowly pulled her top down, and began playing with her left breast. Then, his left hand moved to her thigh, and up to her mound, rubbing her pussy through the suit. Jan opened her legs more. Ted had carefully kept the float in a position so none of this could be seen from the beach. I have to admit it was a thrill to see this guy enjoying my wife's body. I have always been proud she is mine and excited to see how men lusted after her, and I had been encouraging her for years with revealing clothes and lavishing compliments. It was time for me to put up or shut up, and strangely, I didn't feel jealous. I felt pride and also happiness that Jan was now allowing herself this pleasure, without guilt. And I had no, problem allowing this to happen.

Jan reached down with her right hand and pulled her bottom over to the side, holding it to allow Ted unrestricted access to her pussy. He started fingering her up and down, and she raised her ass so he could play with her honey hole. As this went on, I knew Jan was close, and then she bucked and shuddered with an orgasm. Ted expertly helped her keep steady and come down slowly. Jan pulled her right hand back and Ted moved to his right, leaned down, and passionately kissed Jan. After a few minutes, I could tell Jan was talking quietly to him, and she tied her suit back, and Ted helped her in the water. Jan can't swim, and by this time the tide had rolled in so that Jan could not stand. She faced Ted who held the float to the side while Jan hung around his neck, her legs must have been locked around his waist beneath the water.

I saw Jan's left hand unclasp and she put it under the water, where it stayed for several minutes. It looked like Jan was bucking, and I later learned Ted had pulled out his cock. Jan was alternating rubbing it on her pussy and giving him a hand job. Eventually, they both seemed to settle and be quiet, until Ted started moving toward the beach and shallower water. Once Jan could stand comfortably, they walked to Jan's chair. Jan turned and looked for me, but if she saw me, she didn't let on. They talked a bit more and Ted went back to his chair. He gathered his things and left. Jan watched him walk away. He turned, looked one last time, and left the beach. Jan turned on her front and laid down flat on the chair.

I made my way back and sat in my chair.

Are you ready for a beer?

"Yes, that sounds great. Where have you been?"

Swimming, I said. Are we going to that party tonight?

"Yes we are, if you are still okay with it."

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