tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow Far will She Go? Ch. 06

How Far will She Go? Ch. 06


We stayed on the beach after he left, and Jan gave me the details of her experience with her new found friend. I had watched Jan and Ted from the water, but Jan gave me the details from her perspective.

As she walked toward the water, her heart was racing as she hoped Ted would come to be with her. She carried the float, and was reliving the raw display of her pussy and masturbation for him the day before, while on the same float as I held her steady, positioning the float for her, and him. She expected he would know she wanted him to hold the float for her this time, as they had texted the night before, late at night, after he gave Jan his number at the bar, where they had kissed and fondled each other.

She was startled from her daydreaming by his voice, asking her if she needed help in the water. She turned and there he was. He eyed her up and down in her white bikini, and Jan felt her nipples grow hard and her aerolas rise with bumps of excitement, easily seen through her wet top. She looked down, and then looked at him. Yes, she said, that would be nice. They walked to deeper water in low tide. Once they got further out, Jan asked for help getting on the float. Ted held it as she jumped up on it, and she saw him look at her breasts and ass as she then turned to lay on her back. Once she got settled, Ted went to the end and started to kick in the deep water, towards the sand bar. Jan told me it felt like she was being taken to a new man's bed, as she felt her clit tingle with anticipation. She was sure he was staring at the outlines of her vagina, hardly concealed by the wet bottom.

Once they got to the shallow water, Ted positioned the float so he stood at the side, with Jan's body facing the open Gulf. They talked about many things, and as they did, Ted cupped his hands and dropped water on her body, starting at her chest and down her belly, on her pussy, and thighs to keep her cool, spending more time and attention on her chest and pussy. Jan was achng as the water dropped on her cunt. Ted asked Jan if she was coming to the party that night, and she said maybe, teasing him as he stimulated her. He asked what would it take to get her to come, and Jan said she wasn't sure, unless he really did want her there. Why did he, she asked, and Ted described how beautiful she was. Jan said he could have anyone he wants, why an older woman, why me? Yes, that may be true he said, as he put his hand on her shoulder, but I want you to come, and I want you. You do? she coyly replied.

But tell me about your husband, is he okay with this, he asked. Jan looked at him, raised up enough to untie her top, and pulled it down, saying he is okay with this. Ted started to massage her breast and tug at her nipple, moving his other hand to her thigh. Jan opened her legs more, and he made his way to her pussy, where he traced the outline of her lips, brushing across the hood of her clit, which began to grow. This went on until Jan finally gave up waiting for him to make his move, and she pulled her suit to the side, like she did the day before, this time allowing him full access to her. He teased her, making her stay just below climax, until she grabbed his hand and pushed it. He took his cue, fucking her with his finger, then expertly rubbing her G spot, thumbing her clit until she came, as she described it, with a dizzying orgasm that almost made her pass out. He let her relax, covering her exposed breasts and gently touching her leg and shoulder until she breathed at a normal pace. He leaned down and kissed her, deeply. She was impressed with his skill, and finesse. She actually dozed off for a few minutes.

The tide was coming in, and Ted suggested it was time to make their way back, but Jan had another idea. She rolled off the float and he caught her as she wrapped her legs and arms around him. She felt his cock. It was long and hard, and she grinded her pelvis to feel it. They kissed again, and Jan said she reached down in the water and stroked his cock. She was on fire, desperate to fuck him. She pulled his trunks, and he helped to free his dick. Jan took the shaft and rubbed her pussy with the head, holding the thick shaft tightly, her hand full. Eventually, he came, and Jan watched his cum shoot in the water.

Tim helped Jan back on the float, grabbing her ass to boost her. He escorted her to shallow water, and as Jan got off the float, she thanked him. What time should we meet you, she asked. Text him at 10:00 was the answer, and he would come to the entrance to get us through the security. Come ready to dance, he said.

After Jan finished telling me these details, I really didn't have anything to ask. She relished the experience so much it was as if she relived every moment in the telling. However, Jan expressed concern about my feelings, and I reassured her. Should she dance with him? What if we knew someone at the wedding? We agreed to look around but the odds were against us seeing anyone, and even if we did, what was the harm in a dance or two?

We went back to the condo and took a long nap. I ordered food for dinner, and Jan began to get ready for her rendezvous. She went all out, shaving her legs, fixing her hair, and applying makeup. She laid out several outfits and while we had our first martini, she tried on 3 outfits: a romper, a maxi dress, and a skirt with an understated blouse. Each one fit perfectly and her wedge "fuck me" shoes ( as I call them) worked with each choice. I pointed out that the skirt was the most versatile of the 3. It took her a while to get my point, but I could see her thinking, and she announced her choice. It would be the skirt and blouse, she said, because it looked the classiest and after all, presumably the girls at the wedding would be dressed up and she wanted her look to fit in. Of course, the skirt also gave easy access to her very hungry pussy and white ass.

We stood on the balcony and watched people arrive. A dance floor had been set up, three bars were open, and the band started playing at 9. Jan looked for Ted, but couldn't see him, though she thought she did at times on the dance floor. She was actually getting jealous, and grew very anxious for the time to arrive. Once she finished her 3rd, it was time. I thought about that old saying: 1 martini, 2 at the most, 3 martinis under the table, 4 under the host. Jan and I had already agreed if we went to this party, she had full permission to do whatever she pleased, and this night, I knew she planned to fuck Ted. She had allowed her little head to do the thinking, like her old days, and Ted was going to be her fuck tonight. She confirmed this when I said let's go, and she stepped away and twirled her skirt, revealing she wasn't wearing any underwear. Easy access, just as I suggested.

We headed down, and Jan texted Ted as we approached the entry. He was on his way. Jan handed me her phone, and Ted approached us, looking sharp in his suit, the style guys wear these days with tight pants and coat. He politely greeted us both, and led us to a table where we sat down. I offered to go get a drink for Jan, which I happily did as Jan and Tim started in on conversation. I brought Jan her 4th martini, had my own cocktail, and kissed her, telling her I was going to look around, and for her to have fun. I looked at Ted and told him to take care of my girl. He replied with a smile and yes sir. The band was getting ready for its next set.

I have to admit it felt wird essentially delivering my wife to this guy, but the last two days had been such a whirlwind of unexpected sexual adventure for Jan, and me, that it seemed almost a natural thing to do. I made the circuit around the large group, and thankfully didn't see anyone I knew. It is a small world and I didn't want anyone to see what I expected to occur with my wife. I knew these conflicting emotions would have to be resolved, but not tonight. No turning back, but what our life and marriage would become remained to be be seen.

I found a spot to lean against with a good view of the dance floor. Sure enough, Jan and Ted were out there dancing. Jan looked so happy, and sexy. Yes, she is 58, but she was glowing and her beauty made her the center of attention. This was confirmed when I heard 3 guys talking about her. Man, look at that women with Ted. Is that the woman he told us about, the one he met at the beach? Yea, said one, he is at it again. Hell, he should audition for MILF Hunter. He will fuck that woman silly tonight. Look at her. She is hot and ready.

The band then started playing the always popular and predictable Brickhouse, and Jan really strutted and twirled as Ted smoothly had the right dance moves to display Jan. It was a sight to see.

When the song was over, Jan looked breathless, and she practically fell into a hug with him. They worked their way back to the table, and I kept my eye on them from a respectful distance. They were practically entwined with their legs in conversation, Ted rubbing Jan's thigh. He leaned in and talked in her ear, Jan nodded, and they got up. They took off their shoes and walked out toward the beach, hand in hand.

It was a beautiful clear night, stars and a half moon provided some light, and with the glow from the party lights, there was just enough illumination to see them walking towards the rental chairs. I followed from a distance, walking at an angle to eventually be at long Row of chairs far enough away so as not to be noticed but close enough to see them.

They sat side by side, facing my direction, and started making out. Kissing is a huge turn on for Jan, and Ted obviously knew how to play that game. He rubbed her thigh and Jan opened her legs. Ted discovered her smooth pussy wide open for his pleasure. He worked her cunt until Jan tensed quickly with her climax. I could tell she sighed and hugged him. They talked and looked out at the night sky. Then they stood. Jan took him by the hand and led him to the end of the chair. She sat down and began to fondle his cock through his pants. Did she take this position for me, so I could see? She released his belt, pulled down his pants, and then teasingly, slowly pulled down his underwear. Out sprang an enormous monster. It was very long, thick, with a huge bulbous head. Jan gasped, cupped his balls and wrapped her hand around her new toy, examining it in detail. She sucked his balls, one at a time, as she stroked him, looking up at him with hungry eyes. She had to move back in the chair so she could start sucking his dick, and she began to take him in her mouth as far as she could, using a twisting motion while stroking the shaft that extended beyond her mouth. There was no way she could deep throat that monster. She kept this up for what seemed like a long time. Her blow job skills were put to the test.

Eventually, I knew she couldn't wait any longer. She released him and stood up, deeply kissing him and whispering in his ear. He stepped back and Jan turned, and bent down to the chair, holding it with both hands, her ass confirming the invitation she gave him to fuck her.

Ted lifted her skirt. Jan's white ass cheeks glowed in the night light. She wiggled and Tim playfully slapped her, left cheek, then right. He slowly entered her, until he pushed the length of his shaft balls deep. I moved quietly closer, so that I could see and hear better. Jan was in her own world, but Ted glanced over and was aware of my presence, but he was respectful. He began to fuck Jan slowly, pacing his rhythm so that he pulled almost all the way out, then slowly back in. The shaft of his dick glistened with Jan's juices, and even in the open air the familiar smell of her sex surrounded them. Jan started gripping the chair tightly as Ted increased his pace, and her ass began to quiver with each thrust, the sound of flesh slapping grew so loud it could be heard over the ocean noise. What a sight. Jan was in a trance, moaning with pleasure. Ted fucked her silly, just like his friends said he would. He lasted for a long time, so long Jan begged him to cum. She was getting spent, fucked now like a rag doll. The frenzied pace finally ended with one last deep thrust, with Ted grunting as he unloaded his spunk deep in Jan's pussy. They rested with his cock still in her, until finally he withdrew its full length, releasing her labia of his enormous head, causing a loud pussy fart from her gaping fuck hole.

I was in an unfamiliar trance, amazed at what I had just witnessed; my beautiful, loving, sweet wife, awakened. The long suppressed sexual being had been let free. Our future was now unknown, with entirely new and until now unexpected experiences ahead.

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