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How I Became a Cheerleader


My name is Jamie, but now I go by Janie. I live with my mother Karen and my older sister Susan. My father was a financial wiz and took a small inheritance and turned it into a large trust fund. He was killed in a car accident when I was six. I don't really remember that much about him. I have lived with two women for as long as I can remember. I once asked Mom why she never remarried and she said that no one could take the place of my dad.

When I was twelve, just starting puberty, I came down with something that still has doctors scratching their heads. They gave it some fancy name and as a result I spent most of that year either in the hospital or home and missed the entire year of school. When I turned thirteen the symptoms just went away, the end result was that I was a year behind and stopped maturing with the body of a twelve year old. I had no body hair, facial hair or it seemed any chance of ever completing puberty. When I got to my third year in high school I was already eighteen before the year was over. Now at twenty four, I am only five foot two, weigh ninety eight pounds soaking wet, and have a penis that is only three inches fully erect.

Being so small in stature, I was constantly picked on and bullied in school. My sister who is bigger and a year older took care of me while we were both in the same school, but when she went to high school and I missed a year and then went back, I lost my protector. I made it through, but high school was worse. Susan graduated two years before me and I was again alone. My third year was hell. I spent most of the time hiding and running from bullies. At the end of my third year I told Mom and Susan that I could not go back for my senior year.

I was adamant that I could not face another year in fear. Mom and Susan said that they understood but that I had to finish school. I had the brains for it, and not going to college was also not an option. The money was there and Susan was having such a great time at college, Mom wanted me to have the same experiences. They told me not to worry; we would come up with something and talk about it later.

The next night, they dropped the bomb shell on me. At dinner, Mom asked if I could go to school and be accepted, would I continue. I told her of course. I loved the learning, but not the bullying I had to suffer. But of course there was no way to stop my being picked on by my size. I looked like a little girl.

"Exactly," Susan said. "What if we could make you into a girl? Then you would fit in. You might be a little petite, but still acceptable."

"You want me to be a girl?" I was shocked. "How could you suggest that?"

"Because it is the only solution," Mom said. "If we transfer you to another school, it will be the same thing, but if we transfer you as a girl, then you would be accepted. Girls kill for the slim petite body that you have."

It was true that I have the body most women want, but that is not the solution that I was willing to accept.

"Couldn't I be home schooled, or take correspondence courses."

"No, I can't be here to do work with you. I have to work and your sister has classes. I want you to be around people, not hiding here." Mom worked as an aerobics instructor, she did not have to, but liked to keep busy and in shape, so this did both for her.

I flatly refused to become a girl and left the table without eating. I locked myself in my room for the next few days, coming out only when they were both out of the house. Both of them tried to talk to me, but I would not listen. The idea would not leave my mind, the seed had been planted and the more I thought about it, the more possible the idea became. I searched the net and found several sites devoted to transgender individuals, not just sex sites, but information sites, chat rooms and conference sites. I spoke to several people in the chat rooms about what my problem was and who my family suggested I deal with it. Surprisingly enough, they all supported the idea. After about four days, I came out of my room for dinner with my family.

"I am sorry for the way I acted at dinner the other night, and for the last few days." I said to both of them before they could speak. "I realize that you are just trying to help me and now that I have had some time to think about it, this might be the best solution." Mom and Susan looked relived at my acceptance of their idea.

"We have been so worried about you." Susan said. "We thought you might try to hurt or kill yourself."

"No, I wouldn't do that, but I needed to get my mind around the idea."

"Well, Susan and I have been doing some planning in case you decided to agree." Mom told me. "Also, we were only going to give you until tomorrow morning, and then we were coming in after you. I knew that you were okay when I came home the first day and saw that you had eaten something and I could hear you moving around up there."

"Now the first thing we have to do is start letting your hair grow out a little. I will make an appointment with Dr. Kelly after dinner." Dr. Kelly was our family doctor, as well as an old friend and she had seen the entire family through every cough and sniffle. She ran a lot of interference for me the year I was sick, protecting me from overzealous specialists, who sometimes forgot that there was a person behind the symptoms. "After that we will go shopping for a new wardrobe for you. If you are going to pull this off, you have to start learning now."

"But how will you be able to get me registered at school as a girl?" I asked, somewhat surprised at the speed this plan was proceeding.

"Simple," Mom said, "I have a friend in one of my classes who works at the school board. I will just ask her for a favor and have you transferred to the new school as a girl. Your transcripts are all electronic and can be made to be a girl's with a few simple key strokes."

"But how will I be able to do gym class?" I asked suddenly horrified.

"Not a problem, with all the swimming you did for the last few years, I will get her to give you extra credit for it and you will be listed as having all necessary gym credits."

"But ..." I sputtered.

"Just relax," Susan said for the first time in the conversation, "We have this all covered. Just relax and trust us."

The next morning, the three of us headed off to see Dr. Kelly. Mom had arranged for us to meet with her before office hours. They quickly explained their plan to her and then Dr. Kelly asked them to give us a few minutes alone so that we could talk and she could give me an examination.

"Are you sure about this Jamie?" She asked as soon as the door closed.

"Yes, if this will stop the bullying. I am willing to do anything."

"Well you know there are girl bullies as well." She noted. "But I don't think that you will have to worry about that. Now let's take a look at you." She gave me a full examine and then a shot on the butt. She called Mom and Susan back in after I was dressed and handed Mom a prescription.

"This is for some hormone pills for Jamie. I just gave her a shot of the same. I want to see her back in two days and then Monday next week for the same. She is to take four pills a day until Monday, then cut down to one. This will get her a jump start and hopefully she will have a little better figure by the time school starts."

Mom thanked Dr. Kelly and we left the office for a light breakfast before hitting the mall for a shopping blitz. They had me dress in some of Susan's old clothes after leaving Dr. Kelly's office so that I would look the part when we hit the mall. I wore a pink T-shirt that said princess on it, tight low slung jeans with deck shoes and ankle socks. I felt like a complete loser until we got to the restaurant for breakfast and noted that people were not looking at me like a freak, but as a cute girl.

During breakfast Mom and Susan filled me in on the rest of the history they created for me. I was now Janie, Mom's niece. My parents had taken a job overseas for the next two years and had left me with Mom, or rather Aunt Karen to finish school. Most of this was true, Mom's sister had just left for a two year contract overseas with her husband, but they did not have children, yet. They only lived a few hours away from us, but far enough to make it easy that no one in town had met me.

The waiter at breakfast treated us very well; the look in his eyes did not give even the slightest hint that we were not three ladies out for breakfast. We ate light fruit salads for breakfast. Mom warned me that now I had to be careful of what and how I ate. I had grown up with two women, so following their lead came fairly easily to me. By the time breakfast was over, I was praised by both of them for behaving like a perfect lady.

We went out into the mall and the first shop we went into was Victoria's Secret Pink. This store was geared for the younger college crowd or older high school girls. There we picked up all new underwear and lounging pants. The sales girl was my age and when she asked how come we needed everything new I froze in panic. I had no idea what to say to her. Mom jumped in with a readymade answer.

"Oh, poor Janie just flew back into town and the airline lost all of her luggage. We have to replace everything, clothes lingerie, makeup the works."

"Oh, you poor thing," the sales girl gushed. "That is terrible. Those stupid airlines, I lost one of my suitcases the last time I flew and I never did get it back. My name is Candy, let's get you set up."

The next two hours were a blur. Candy Mom and Susan had a great time picking out all kinds of lingerie for me. Mom must have spent more than five hundred dollars, not including a large tip for Candy and a mention to the manager of how helpful she was. From there we went to a cosmetic store and they showed me all the tricks. They told the lady behind the counter that I was only thirteen and they wanted me to learn makeup right. From there we went to the Limited store and Mom dropped another fortune on my new wardrobe. It was a good thing dad was such a financial wiz, this was getting expensive. The last stop was the DMV to get my license changed to Janie; again, Mom called in a favor from a student in her class. We were in and out in twenty minutes and I was officially a girl. I did not want to go through with this step, but Susan explained that I did not want to be pulled over dressed as a girl and produce a license that said I was a boy, or get carded at a club.

We went home and the lessons really began. I tried my hardest, and it paid off. I was becoming Janie. At Mom and Susan's insistence, I dressed as Janie for the rest of the summer. I went out in short skirts, blouses, high heels and eventually a bra. The hormone pills and shots Dr. Kelly gave me worked my body into a b cup and a slightly smaller waist and slightly larger hips. I looked like a girl. Mom had even ordered me a fake vagina from an online store, the kind cross dressers wear to hide their male organs. This one was so lifelike, I expected to see it get wet just sitting in the box. It was small and matched my flesh tone exactly. Mom showed me how to tape my clit back between my legs, hide my balls up inside my body and glue the fake pussy in place. It fit so well that even I could not tell that I had a dick. I was forced to pee sitting down, the head of my dick fit in to the fake pussy so that no one would notice any difference. The glue was irritating until I got used to it. I only had to take it off about once every week. Three weeks before school, I received confirmation that I had been accepted to a different high school as Janie. To celebrate Mom and Susan planned a day at the spa.

My hair had grown out into long blonde waves that hung down to my mid back. My fingernails were now a little longer, I insisted on that. After two weeks on the pills, I had to cut them back to a length that I could still use my keyboard. The day of pampering was wonderful, the mud pack felt weird, but the manicure and pedicure were delicious. They cut and shape my nails and hair. When they were finished Mom handed me a new bag with clothes. Inside was a red thong bikini, a short denim skirt, white blouse and three inch heels. I had practiced with heels at home, but these were bigger than any I had worn before. Just before I was let up to get dressed, Mom had them pierce my ears, two in each. That smarted, but with my new hair it looked great.

The three of us left the spa and I could feel the admiring glances from men we passed. Mom insisted that we take a turn around the mall and window shop. I think the truth was that she wanted to show me off. We even stopped in at Pink and saw Candy. She gushed all over my new look. Again, Mom bought me more lingerie. I was surprised at the amount of underwear she said I needed, but I had to admit that the feeling of all that silk and lace against my skin was appealing. Now that I looked more feminine Candy asked what school I was attending. She was surprised and delighted to find out I was a senior at her high school. She told me that she would see me the first day of school in the senior parking lot and she would show me around.

Feeling better that I already had a friend at school; we left the store and went home. Mom suggested a swim, so that I could get used to the bikini. I had been swimming in Susan's old one piece and felt a little out of place in it. Both she and Mom wore bikinis and I wanted to fit in. After about an hour in the pool, Susan suggested I sunbathe. I agreed until she said I should be nude. I was horrified at being naked outside the house, but Mom said it was a good idea, no tan lines and they would join me. The house had a high fence and no one could see us so I was talked into it.

We covered each other in lotion and I was surprised to see that being naked with Mom and Susan felt so completely natural, like we were just three girls. The hormones had not affected my penis, but it was so small anyway that it did not matter. Mom informed me that until school started I was to do this every day. She wanted me to have a good tan when I got to class. I asked about the fake pussy and she said that a bottle of colouring came with it so it would still match my skin. The rest of the summer flew by, I got tanner, more comfortable walking around in heels and underwear. In fact the dress inside the house seemed to be only heels and panties. Mom and Susan wore bras as they needed the support, but I was high and firm. My breasts stood out proudly from my chest, tanning nicely. My nipples hardened at the slightest touch of clothes or flesh. Strangely, my penis, or clittie as Mom and Susan started to call it, did not get hard as often, must have been a side effect of the hormones.

The first day of school rolled around and I was up early. I had my uniform on and make up done before Mom or Susan even made it to the shower. The short skirt and white blouse, knee socks and maryjanes made me look like a child, instead of an adult, but that was the requirement. I was sitting down stairs picking at my fruit for breakfast when they both came down. Mom was dressed in a bright pink leotard and matching pants. She had a class at ten. Susan was just in her panties and bra, her first class was not until noon, but both of them wanted to see me off to my first day at school. I appreciated the support, but still could not stop the butterflies in my stomach. Finally I just gave up, grabbed my backpack, kissed Mom and Susan and headed out the door.

My old beater of a car was not great, but it got from a to b without trouble. Mom insisted I clean it up and keep it that way. A lady would never drive such a filthy car as a guy would. I made it into the senior parking lot half an hour before first bell and sat in my car almost having a panic attack. I was insane to think I could pull this off. I was just getting ready to start the car and drive home when two cars pulled in on either side of me.

"Well what do we have here," came from the car on my side. My window was open slightly and looked over to see a Mustang loaded with what could only be football players. They were all the size of boulders.

Before I could say anything or start my car I heard from the other side, "leave her alone Trent."

I spun my head and saw a smiling Candy staring out of the driver side of the other car, filled with cheerleaders, judging by the uniforms.

"That is Janie, she is new and you stay away from her." Candy told him sharply, stepping out of her car. "How you doing Janie?"

"Fine," I stammered.

"I know it is hard coming to a new school, but just let us show you around." Candy said.

"Yeah, I'd love to show you around honey." Trent piped in with the required amount of cat calling from the rest of the guys.

"Trent, I told you to back off." Candy said angrily. "Janie is not going to be going anywhere with you. Come on Janie, I will take you to the office so that you can register."

I did not tell Candy that I was registered until we were well away from Trent and the rest of the guys. She led me to the office and we picked up our schedules with the rest of the cheerleaders. With my blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and my bright blue eyes and small frame, the only thing I was missing was the uniform and I could have been one of them. As we were about to leave the office a teacher called Candy's name.

"Candy, can I see you for a minute?"

"Sure Coach." She replied, and then said to me, "wait here, I will be right back." She strolled confidently over to the teacher and they had a long discussion, during which Trent and the boys showed up.

"Well, look who is here waiting for me." Trent leered at me. The rest of the girls gathered around me to protect me when Candy came jogging back over. She hit Trent on the shoulder, not that she could hurt him.

"I told you to leave Janie alone Trent. She is out of your league. Come on Janie, we need to talk."

Candy led me out of the office and down the hall to our lockers. She was just three lockers down from me and she tossed her stuff in before joining me at mine.

"Janie, I have wonderful news. Jennifer graduated last year and that leaves us one short on the cheer squad. The football coach saw you and told our coach about you and she wants you to take her place. You are the most petite girl she has seen and she figures that you would be perfect. Will you try out, PLEASE?"

I was stunned. How could I be a cheerleader? Things were moving so fast that I did not know what to say. I had been at this school for less than an hour and I was already marked as cheerleader material. I wondered what they would say if they knew the real me. I told Candy I would think about it and talk to aunt about it.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was suddenly accepted by the popular kids. I was surrounded at all times by the girls on the squad peppering me with questions on how so I would talk to Aunt Karen, did I cheer at my last school, my past everything. I answered what I could but stayed as vague as possible. Candy and I had three classes together and lunch. The only class we did not have together was gym. My transcript showed that I had completed all my gym requirements and I took calculus instead.

That night when I got home both Mom and Susan were waiting for me. When I told them about tryouts they were both thrilled. I could not believe it. They wanted me to tryout, and when they found out that Candy was on the squad, the decision was made. Mom signed the consent form before dinner and put it back in my backpack. Susan came downstairs dressed in a leotard and handed me one.

"Time to practice," she said, pulling me down to the basement. Five minutes later I was in my own hot pink leotard stretching with my sister as Mom came down and joined us in the work out. They showed me the moves that I would need to remember. I had done well in gymnastics at my old school and all the swimming had kept me in shape and limber, but I had never had to move like this before and it took several hours for me to get it right.

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