tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 03

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 03


The rest of the week was a blur as I thought about nothing than the upcoming date with Trent. Saturday morning rolled around and I was up early. I had made an appointment with Dr. Kelly about some things that had been on my mind for the last week. I didn't tell Mom or Susan about it, I just left them a note and said that I would be back in time for shopping.

Dr. Kelly saw me before the office opened; it helps to have a personal friendship with your doctor. She gave me quick exam and another hormone booster before leading me into her office and asking me what was on my mind.

"I have been having these new experiences for the last week and I need to talk to someone who won't gush all over me about it."

"Okay, tell me what has been happening."

I told her about my experiences with Jim and Helen and my upcoming date with Trent. I asked her about the feelings that have been going through me.

"How come I have been having sexual experiences and enjoying them? I never went through puberty, so how is it I am able to achieve orgasm and enjoy sex?"

"That is the result of the hormones that you have been taking. The shots and the pills are completing your puberty for you and making you a girl. As to the orgasm, I would say, judging by your description, you are able to orgasm like a woman. You have very powerful orgasms, you ejaculate, and not all women can do that."

"So I should not worry?"

"No, you are behaving exactly as you should. You are developing into a fine woman. As to dating, you should take it easy, you are growing still up."

"Thanks Dr. Kelly," I said.

"Janie, you have known me all your life and you are over eighteen. Call me Kelly."

I went home, feeling better and found Mom and Susan waiting for me. They did not ask where I had been, but I told them the truth that I had been to see Dr. Kelly and got my latest booster shot. I did not mention anything about our talk and left it at that. We finished breakfast and Mom pulled out the new fake vagina that she had bought for me. This was the one with the channel so that I could have sex as a woman. It even had a hymen, so that I could lose my virginity like any girl. She showed me how to put it on and said I should wear it for the day and my date tonight, to get used to it, and they led me out the door and into the car.

We hit the mall by storm. They had a full day planned. This was my first date and they decided that I had to look perfect. They had booked a day at the spa and we went there right after hitting the dress salon. Mom had called in another favor and arranged a private room for fitting and a meeting with the store fashion consultant.

She had a series of dresses hanging on a portable rack waiting for me, along with lingerie and shoes. I was instantly drawn to a knee length black cocktail dress. It was form fitting and had a deep v neck. There were sequins sewn all over it and it caught the light whenever I moved. Mom and Susan both complimented me on my choice, but wanted me to try on several different dresses before deciding.

The first was a white floor length off the shoulder. The material was so thin I knew that I would be completely seen if the light should shine behind me. The next was a red backless dress that stopped just about mid calf. The floor length grey silk one with the slits up the sides, to my hips was stunning. I thought the floor length would be too hard to dance in. It looked good with my blond hair, but I still held out for the black one. When I finally tried it on, they all agreed that it was the one.

Next was the lingerie, I could get away without a bra, but the shelf bra that matched the black thong was too perfect to leave behind. I wanted stockings and garters, but Susan refused to allow it. I didn't understand but Susan said that she would explain later. They chose smoke grey pantyhose and four inch stiletto heels. I could barely walk in them at first, but they did look good on me and gave my legs and behind a wonderful shape. I thought we were done, but then came the makeup. Mom insisted that we get all new makeup for the night ahead. As we left, I was shocked to see them boxing up all the dresses that I had tried on.

"What are they doing?" I asked as we waited by the cash register.

"Well, you will need more than one dress for formal occasions. Plus Jenny offered us a great discount."

They led me to the spa and on the way we went to the car to drop off the dresses and lingerie. As we left the mall I stopped in front of shoe store and saw a set of white boots in the window. They were knee high, had three inch chunky heels and zipped up the insides. They were the perfect go-go boots. Mom saw me looking and dragged me in. She found the perfect size and made me try them on. They fit like a glove. Mom said I should wear them out, and then ordered two more pairs, one for each of them. We all went to the car with our new boots on. I was surprised at the amount of whistling that we got as we walked around.

The spa was delightful. Another full body scrub, facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. They also did my hair in an upsweep. By four o'clock we were on our way home, my face and hair ready for the night a head. We got home and Susan made me sit on her bed while we had a talk.

"This is your first date and I want to go over the ground rules." She told me.

"What ground rules." I asked.

"Tonight Trent will be alone with you and will try to take advantage of you. You have to stop him. Don't give him all the goods on the first date. You will get the reputation of being easy and a slut. That will not get you the attention that you want. Cheerleaders have a reputation of being easy lays and I don't want you get caught up in that. With your new vagina you can have sex as a woman, but don't let him get that far. That is the reason for the pantyhose.

"For the first date, you can hold hands, and you will be dancing. He will probably try to grab your ass. Don't let him get away with it, at first. Stop him the first few times, but if you like it, let him do it in the third try.

"You can kiss him good night, but make sure that he brings you straight home. Don't let him try to take you for a drive. You have your cell phone, if he won't listen, when he stops the car, get out and call me. I will come and get you."

"These rules are really that important?" I asked.

"Yes, after what happened with you and the two coaches, I want you to try and develop a real relationship with a boyfriend, not just be a sex toy. Jim Withers and Helen Jacobs were very accepting, but you can't expect everyone to be so understanding."

"How did you find out about that?"

"You just told me." She said smiling, "The way you were walking after you came home the other night, you said that Helen and Jim helped you after you fell. I suspected something like that and after seeing the two coaches together at dinner last night, I knew something happened between them and that you probably had something to do with it. "

I blushed, horrified and embarrassed. "You can't tell anyone," I almost screamed.

"I won't tell anyone, but Mom saw them too, so she probably suspects the same thing. Just keep Trent under control and don't give in to temptation."

"I'll try." I promised.

"Good, now get dressed."

Susan left me to get ready, thanks to the treatment at the spa; all I had to do was put on my lingerie and my dress. I had already hung all the rest of my clothes in my closet and my outfit for the night was laid out on my bed. I checked the fit of my vagina and saw that I was still fine and would be for the next few days. My thong was tight and silky; I loved the feeling of it sliding up my legs. I had worn stockings before, so the pantyhose were not that hard to put on. The dress slithered down my frame and wrapped my body like a like a second skin. I slipped into my shoes and walked around my room and the rest of the house, getting used to them. It only took about half an hour before I was walking like I had been born in four inch stilettos.

At six thirty preciously the front door bell rang and I went to the top of the stairs when a hand pulled me back. Susan was there holding me back in the shadows, holding a finger to her lips.

"What are you doing," I whispered.

"You have to make him wait for a few minutes; you don't want to seem over eager. Plus you have to give Mom a few minutes to grill him for info." She replied in a hush tone. "Trust me; this is how it is done. He really did not expect you to be ready at six thirty."

After a few minutes, Mom hollered up the stairs that Trent was here to pick me up for the dance. Susan called back that I was almost ready. She led me into the bathroom and checked my makeup one last time. Then she checked the contents of my purse. She added some extra tissues and a spare pair of panties and two condoms. "Just in case," she winked.

I descended the stairs slowly, holding the railing. It was not for dramatic effect, but to keep me from falling on my butt. Mom and Trent were waiting for me. Mom was snapping pictures as I came down. Trent just stood there open mouthed in what I hoped was admiration. He was holding a bouquet of roses for me and he bowed to me as he handed them over. I blushed as I thanked him. Mom took them from me and said she would put them in water for me, handing me a rose with a short stem and nodded towards Trent's jacket. I slipped it into his button hole and kissed him on the cheek.

Mom came back in and insisted on several more pictures. Finally I said enough and that we had to go. Trent promised Mom to have me home by midnight and hustled me out of the door. I was expecting to see his Mustang in the driveway waiting for us, but instead was a low slung Porsche Carrera convertible.

"Dad let me borrow the Porsche for tonight. Mom said that a Mustang is not the proper way to drive a lady to ball. Sorry it is not a horse drawn carriage, Cinderella." He said smiling and bowing to open the door. I stood there for a second, wondering how I was supposed to get into a car so low to the ground. Finally I moved to the seat, sat down and swung both legs in together. I made my skirt ride up a little, but it was better than flashing my panties at him. Trent looked down at my legs and smiled at the display of flesh and nylon.

The drive to the club was quick and I found out that Trent had finished third in the championship. He seemed really excited that he was going to get a trophy. This was his highest finish in his years of being a member of the club. He also told me that his parents were looking forward to meeting me. I paled at the thought, I hadn't considered that. He said that his mother really wanted to meet me.

Before I could come up with a response, we arrived at the club. The valet opened the door for me and almost started drooling at the amount of leg I had to show getting out of the car. Trent took me by the hand and led me into the club and the ballroom. Thanks to my heels, I was almost up to his shoulder. I clutched his hand tight, terrified about seeing all these people. Trent led me over to the bar and handed me a soda. He got one for himself and led me over to a large group of people around our age. It turned out that they were the team and cheer squad from school. They really cleaned up well. We spoke for a few minutes and Candy winked at me and smiled at Trent. Trent suddenly turned when an older man tapped him on the shoulder.

"Trent, aren't you going to introduce me to your date?"

"Sorry Dad," Trent apologized. "Janie, this is my father Jason McKabe, Dad this is my date Janie Holcombe."

"Delighted to meet you Miss Holcombe," He said taking my hand and kissing my knuckles.

"It's my pleasure Mr. McKabe."

"Call me Jason. Trent has told us so much about you, but he did not do your beauty justice."

"Thank you sir," I stammered blushing.

"Jason, dear, Jason, now come with me, you have to meet my wife and Trent's mother Heather."

He led me over to a woman standing in the middle of a large group of people talking animatedly. Trent followed at a close distance, ready to rescue me, I hoped. Jason tapped the woman on the shoulder and she turned to face us. The rest of the crowd vanished as if by magic.

She was taller than I was, about five six, about forty five and in great shape. Her dark brown hair showed no sign of grey, but her eyes did, they were a dove grey and sparkled in the light form the dance floor. Her dress was an off white silk floor length evening gown cut off one shoulder. She had a pleasant oval face and a radiant smile.

"Heather darling," Jason said still holding my hand, "this is Janie Holcomb, Trent's date. Janie, this is my wife and soul mate Heather."

"Janie, it is so nice to meet the young lady that has captured my son's heart." She said grasping my hand and pulling me into a hug as Trent said, "Mom."

"It is my pleasure to meet you Mrs. McKabe; Trent has told me so much about you." This was a lie of course. He had not told me anything about them, but it seemed the polite thing to say.

"No my dear, it is our pleasure. It is nice to finally get to meet the lady that Trent has been talking nonstop about for the last week. Now, I was going to powder my nose, why don't you join me and we can get better acquainted." She led me by the hand to the ladies room, leaving an embarrassed Trent with his laughing father. As the door closed I thought I heard Jason say, "What did you expect? You have been talking about her all week, of course your mother..."

"Trent has told us all about you, but I want to hear it from you. How did you meet him?"

I launched into my prepared history and told about how we met in the parking lot and how Candy had looked after me.

"Well, my dear, you are by far the most beautiful girl Trent has gone out with, and the first to have reached him so deeply."

"What do you mean?"

"Just that my dear," she said. "Trent has had a series of dates, most of them almost as pretty as you are, but he has never talked about them as he does you. And he has never brought one to meet us before. Usually at one of these dinners, he just brings one of his friends, and he makes sure we know that it is just as friends. Tonight he asked his father to borrow the Porsche. He said he had to make a good impression on you."

I was stunned. I thought that Trent saw me as an easy mark and a piece of fluff, someone to use and toss away when he was done.

"He is even talking about the two of you coming to this year's Halloween party. Do you know what you will be wearing?"

"Um, we have not spoken about it in detail yet. Just some rough ideas." I temporized.

"Well, you should really come in a couple's costume. You know, Bonnie & Clyde, Anthony and Cleopatra. You would make a lovely Cleopatra; you have the perfect figure for it."

I thanked her, finished touching up my makeup and we headed back to the party. Trent was standing with his father, staring at the washroom door and he visibly relaxed when we came out smiling. He came over and took my arm, leading me over to kids from school. Candy and the rest of the girls gushed over my dress and makeup. They all wanted to know how the grilling went, but I just smiled and said we talked.

Dinner was served and as Trent had done so well in the finals, we were placed at the same table up front as his parents. Jason had finished second in the over twenty five category. I was seated between Jason and Trent during dinner. I still have no idea to this day what was served. I was so nervous about eating that I only picked at it. Heather did the same, commenting on how hard it is to keep our figures when the men can eat anything they want.

After dinner and the required speeches, which were mercifully short, the awards were handed out. Trent got a small trophy and his father a slightly bigger one. Then the dancing started. The live band started with some slower tunes, as befitting the average age of the members in the hall. Before Trent could say anything Jason took my hand and led me to the dance floor over my protests.

"I don't know how to dance." I told him, which was true. I had never had need to learn, and I never had planned on doing it in four inch heels.

"Just follow me and you will be fine." He said as he took me into his arms. He held me a respectful distance and stepped backwards, pulling me with him. I had no choice but to follow him and he led me around the floor slowly. I quickly got into the rhythm and got used to being led around. Every so often I saw Trent dancing with someone else, and even though I was dancing with his father, I got this sharp pain.

"You are a very good dancer." Jason said looking down at me. I just smiled and tried not to trip over myself. "You know that Trent is really taken with you."

"Mrs. McKabe did mention something about that."

"Heather darling, call me Heather." She said as she swirled by in Trent's arms.

"Yes, Heather did mention something about him liking me."

"I would say that it is a lot stronger than that. You have really gotten under his skin. Actually, I am very glad that you have. I was becoming worried that he would never find someone who liked him for himself."

"To tell the truth, until I mentioned his name to my Aunt and cousin, I had not put him together with McKabe Enterprises."

"Good," Jason said smiling. "Trent did tell us how you met, and who Candy and you both shut him down when he tried his macho act. I am glad. It shows that you are not impressed with that type of guy and are more mature than most of the people he is exposed to on a regular basis."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that when you own a large company, you tend to have people toadying up to you and your children trying to curry favor. When you treated Trent like he was just a regular guy it shocked him and made him open his eyes. He started to notice how other people reacted to him and how you did. He saw the real you and he liked it. That is why he is so..."

"Alright, that is enough." Trent said stepping up to us and letting his mother go. "You have been monopolizing on my date long enough. Dance with your date and let me dance with mine."

"Just when we were getting good," Jason said with a sigh. "Thank you for the dance Mademoiselle."

"Thank you for the lesson, kind sir." I replied with a little curtsy and a smile.

"Oh, I just love this girl." Heather said beaming.

"Come on, let's get out of here, or they will start planning the wedding." Trent said, taking me into his arms and dancing me away. Jason and Heather laughed and started to dance together.

Trent held me as his father had, but this was so that he could talk to me.

"I am sorry. I didn't know they were going to be this bad."

"It's fine. I think they are sweet, they obviously love you very much." I told him smiling. "Am I really the first girl you have introduced to them?"

"Oh man, they did not tell you that." Trent reddened from his neck to his ears.

"Yes, your mom did and I am so proud that you wanted me to be the first." I put both my hands on his chest and buried my face between them. \he put his arms around me and held me close. This was the only way I could dance with him. At over six feet, I couldn't reach his neck so I just held on to his chest. His hands never left my shoulder blades. I felt safe and protected. Even when the band stated to play some more upbeat songs, we just swayed in the centre, lost in our own world. Finally someone bumped us and broke the spell.

"Hey you two break it up or get a room." Candy laughed at us, enjoying our blushes. I looked around and noted that most of the parents had left the dance floor, but enough were still in the ballroom to make sure the party did not get too out of control. The band had hit its stride and the pounding beat was getting to everyone. The girls were shaking their booties all over the place and the guys were eating it up. It was like something out of a music video. Candy grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Trent to the middle of the floor and started to shake like a video girl. When I tried to get away, the rest of the cheer squad hemmed me in and started to do the same thing. When in Rome, I thought to myself and I started to follow them.

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