How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 03


It was not all that different from cheer practice, in fact I now knew where Candy got those moves. Trent came up behind me and started dancing with me again. I ground my ass into his crotch and felt his passion for me. I turned to face him and shimmed even harder. He was eating it up, so was the rest of the team. They had all but stopped to watch me work Trent over.

Candy came up behind me and put her arms around my waist and pulled me back to her. I let my head fall back onto her shoulder and hissed through my teeth. I had no idea where that came from, but the more I danced the hotter I got. My body was no longer under my control. I was entranced by the beat and hypnotized by the rhythm. Candy's hands flowed over my body as if we were making love. She never touched my breasts or mound, but the movements were so intimate that I wanted to kiss her and was about to when she pulled away and went back to her partner.

Trent charged over to me and pulled me into a bone crushing hug, his lips seeking mine. I forgot all about Susan's rules and warnings and kissed him back with all the passion that had been building in me. I ground my crotch against his and felt his raging hard-on, he felt enormous, almost as big as Coach Withers. I wanted him then and there, but fortunately, the band shifted gears and another slow song started. Trent started revolving on the spot and I followed his lead. We were still in the same kiss, no tongues, no drooling, just a warm passionate closed lip kiss that seemed to go on forever. I broke away from his kiss and turned to the sounds of applause. The rest of the football team and cheer squad were clapping as they watched us. Trent grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the ballroom.

"I am sorry, I couldn't help myself." Trent apologized when we had reached the deck overlooking the eighteenth green. "I just had to kiss you."

"I am glad you did." I told him, stepping closer and lifting up my face to kiss him again.

"Not interrupting anything are we?" The question came from his father as both he and Trent's mom came out through the double doors.

"No, we were just cooling off and doing a little star gazing." Trent said as we stepped apart.

"Yes, the view is lovely from here," agreed Heather. "But Trent, it is almost midnight, and you have to take Janie home."

"Yes Mother." Trent replied dejectedly.

"It was so nice to meet you my dear," Jason said, kissing my knuckles again.

"The pleasure was all mine." I assured them.

"We would love to have you over to dinner tomorrow night, you, your aunt and your cousin. Can you make it?" Heather asked.

"I will check with Aunt Karen and let you know." I temporized.

"Good Trent will call you tomorrow to set it all up." She gushed at me. "Now Trent, you take this sweet young lady home, and I mean directly home, no detours, you hear me?"

"Yes Mother," Trent repeated, pulling me by the hand and leading me back into the ballroom to get my things.

"Leaving so soon?" Candy asked as she saw us collecting our coats.

"Yes, he has to get Cinderella home before midnight you know." I said smiling at Trent who burst out laughing. Candy looked confused.

"Well, goodnight you two," she said hugging me and whispering in my ear, "call me in the morning." Hugging Trent she said, "Goodnight handsome, and she went back to the dance floor.

The drive home was pleasant, and I held his hand as often as I could, manual gear shift and all. In a way I was glad he had the Porsche tonight. It put a damper on any plans he may have had to try anything. Anyone trying to get physical in a Porsche would end up in traction.

He brought me home and pulled into the driveway at five minutes to twelve. He hopped out and opened my door for me. I like to think that he was being chivalrous, but I think the truth was he wanted to see more leg. He walked me to my door and stood on the second step while I stood on the porch, this way I could look straight into his eyes.

"I want to thank you for a wonderful night." I told him. "Your parents are really great; they obviously love you very much, enough to try to embarrass you in front of your date."

"I don't know why they have to be like that."

"They love you and want the best for you. They wanted to see if I would scare easily. But I'll tell you a secret, I don't." And I kissed him. My tongue darted into his mouth before he could do anything. My arms were locked around his neck and I could feel his hands at the small of my back. He made no move to go further down, but I did. I ground my mound against him again as I put my left hand on his right and pushed it down to my butt. I was acting like a brazen little slut, but I didn't care. Trent's hand squeezed my cheek and I moaned into his mouth.

Finally I came up for air and said goodnight. Giving him another peck on the lips I walked into the house, using the same hip action I used on Coach Withers. As I turned to close the door Trent was still standing there watching me, the bulge in his pants quite obvious. If we weren't on my front porch I would have dropped to my knees, crawled back and sucked him off right then and there.

Mom and Susan pounced on me the instant the door was closed.

"That was some goodnight kiss." Susan said grinning like the Cheshire cat. "I take it the night went well."

"We saw you put his hand on your ass, you trollop." Mom said, but the huge grin took the sting out of her words.

"Well, since you saw the show, there is nothing more I need to add. Goodnight" and I headed for the stairs. Actually, I was surprised they let me get two steps before they attacked me and dragged me into the kitchen, demanding every little detail.

I told them what I remembered about the club, the party, the dinner, mostly I sighed a lot about the dancing. Both Mom and Susan hung on every word.

"I knew you would have a good time," Mom told me when I paused. "Trent has a reputation of treating a girl well. And since Susan went over the dating rules, I knew you would be okay."

"How did you... Never mind," I said looking at the identical smiles they wore. "By the way, we have been invited for dinner tomorrow with the McKabes. Can we go?" I said it casually, like it was no big deal, but the thunderous silence that it met with stopped me.

"Who invited us," Susan asked.

"Heather and Jason McKabe. Trent will call in the morning to see if we can go and make the arrangements."

"Yes, we can go." Mom replied, with great calm, like this was a regular event.

"Good, goodnight." I left them in the kitchen and headed for my room. A quick shower and into my nightie and I was ready to call it a night. As I reached for the light switch, my cell phone vibrated indicating that I had a text message.

"Janie had a gr8t time hope u did 2. Want to do it again. Trent."

"Right now. TTYL. Janie."

I closed my phone and turned off the light, I was probably glowing brighter than the lamp anyway.

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