tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 06

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 06


Sorry for the delay in continuing this story, but the chaos that two sets of twins can create has to be seen to be believed. I can't believe that it has been ten years since my last update, but now that the girls are in full time school I can continue.

The next several weeks until the Halloween party were very busy. I drove Trent to and from school each day in my car. His hand healed slowly and he was off the football team until it did. Fortunately, it was only another week before he could drive himself around again and insisted on being behind the wheel, a guy thing I guess.

He made it back onto the field just before the Halloween parties and we won that game. I was getting used to being the cheerleader at the top of the pyramid and being tossed about like a rag doll. Mom and Susan never missed a game and after Trent was hurt neither did his parents.

I was becoming more comfortable with school, my boyfriend and my new friends, but I did not let it get in the way of my classes. I was quite good at computer programming and took all the advance classes I could get into. The other kids in those classes looked down their noses at me, a cheerleader slumming, until they saw some of my skills, then it was like I was one of the crowd. I tried to keep in casual, but as Mom has often told me I could make friends at a funeral. Soon, I was seen talking to the computer geeks in the halls. Talk about a scandal.

Candy tried to warn me about my reputation, but I had taken Trent's words to heart and would not do anything to hurt their feelings. The rest of the cheerleaders looked at me like I was from another planet, but I just kept on being myself, or at least the self that I was now.

When the Halloween dance for school rolled around Trent took me to pick up our costumes. The joker costume for him was easy, a purple pinstripe suit, grey silk shirt, bow tie and white and red make up. My costume was a little more reveling. The black and red harlequin suit I was measured for was skin tight and very form fitting, I could not wear anything under it. Trent paid for everything and did not tell me what he had planned. If I had known upfront, I would have killed him.

I went home and told Trent to pick me up at six and started to get ready. I took a shower and opened the box. The costume was latex. I had never thought about the material before, I thought it would just be polyester or something like that. I called Mom and Susan and showed them the costume. Both just whistled and said that I would look hot. I told them that I had no idea how to get the damn thing on.

"No problem, we will help," Susan said still giggling. She pulled out a bottle of baby powder and proceeded to cover me in it. Then with the help of Mom and Susan, I was pulled, pushed, squeezed and compressed into the suit. The final look was good, but I was not sure that it was worth the effort getting in to it. One thing was certain; Trent was not getting any tonight.

Susan helped me with my makeup, with the help of the internet. I wanted to look as much like Harley from the cartoons as possible, but without being ridiculous. With the hood up hiding my hair and the mask and white makeup I looked exactly like her. The boots had proper soles on them, so at least I would not slide around the gym like I was in the house before I put them on. The latex was hot but I was starting to like the fit and feel of it.

I walked into Mom's room and stood before her full length mirror and was amazed at how hot I did look. You could see every crease and bump on my body. My nipples hardened at the sight of me and I was delighted to see that I could tell they were hard through my suit. The crease from my fake pussy was clearly visible and I saw that I had a camel toe. Trent was going to cum in his pants when he saw me.

The doorbell rang and I checked with Susan before going down stairs. She had inflated my large hammer to complete the outfit and I through it over my shoulder as I came down stairs. Trent was looking good as the Joker. He had the makeup just right, he had taken his look from the classic movie with Jack Nicholson. We both knew that Harley was not in that one, but it still looked better than the cartoon one on him.

"You look fabulous." Trent said by way of a greeting.

"You are dead meat mister." I replied. "Why didn't you tell me this thing was made of latex?"

"I thought you knew. Why do you think they took such careful measurements when we ordered it? By the way, you get to keep that outfit. It is custom made for you."

I froze in shock.

"How much was it?"

"Don't ask, won't tell." He smiled. "Now let's go, we are going to be late for the party."

"By guys, be home by midnight." Mom called as we left. As I walked out the door, I hit him on the head with my hammer and it squeaked.

"What was that for?" He demanded.

"Just wanted to get the first shot in, I am only the sidekick tonight remember."

"You are never just a sidekick to me." Trent always knew the right thing to say.

The dance was in full swing when we got there. The rest of the cheer squad was already working the floor in their costumes. Candy was dressed as a saloon girl, corset, garters, feather boa, the works. Chelsea was a ballerina and Heather was sexy clown. The guys on the team were dressed as the usual, cowboy, astronaut, superhero. Candy rushed over to see me.

"Wow, you look hot. That is a great costume."

"You too, I love the corset." I told her.

"Come on, let's dance and wind up the guys."

She dragged me out to the floor and we started to get our groove on. The upbeat music was perfect to shake our asses to and we really went to town. The bumping and grinding was getting out of hand when a large guy in a toga stepped over to us.

"Let's keep it clean ladies." Coach Whithers told us.

"Love your outfit." I hollered over the music. "Who are you supposed to be?"

"I am Zeus, father of the gods, so if you don't want a thunderbolt up your... you will tone it down a little."

"Let them have fun my husband, it is a night for mortals to enjoy themselves. The morrow will bring enough toil to teach them not to disobey the gods." Coach Jacobs said, stepping up beside him in a similar toga.

"If he is your husband, then you must be Hera." I said laughing.

"Yes, but only for tonight. The rest of the time I am an evil witch." She said smiling.

We went back to dancing, but a little more sedate in our moves. When the DJ slowed things down, I found myself wrapped in Trent's arms. He held me so close that I could feel his hardness pressing against my stomach. I brought one hand down between us and stroked him, smiling innocently up at him I rubbed his growing hard on.

"You are driving me crazy." Trent whispered to me.

"How am I doing that?"

"The way you look and the fact that you are rubbing my cock."

"Well, this is as close you are going to get to getting laid tonight." I told him. He looked so crestfallen that I had to giggle. "Well, it is your own fault; you picked out this latex nightmare. There is no way I could get out of it to fuck you."

"I thought of that, there is a small zipper in the crotch for easy access. I want to be able to play with my harlequin for a long time to come."

"You are still not getting any tonight." I said laughing at him. "Remember what I told you at the drive in. No pussy for you and I am not prepared to give you my ass tonight."

"This is nice though."

"Yes, but I still want to get you off. I will blow you before you take me home."

"I love you." He said as he kissed me. I was shocked, I had not expected him to say it first, let alone so soon after we started dating.

"I love you too." I said him, my eyes glistening with unshed tears.

The dance continued till ten o'clock and then the school kicked us out. I was shocked to see Candy walking out with Kevin, one of the so called computer nerds from my advanced programming class. I ran over to her and grabbed her hand.

"You guys coming to Chubby's?"

"Yeah, Kevin and I are going for a bite before I take him home."

Trent drove us to Chubby's, the local burger joint and hang out for high-school seniors. As soon as we arrived I grabbed Candy's hand and dragged her into the ladies room, I had to wash the makeup off before I could eat. Trent headed for the men's room to wash his own makeup off; Kevin held a table for us, he was dressed as the perfect nerd, big glasses, long sleeve plaid shirt buttoned to the neck, pocket protector, pants to high on his waist, white socks and brown shoes, he had even stuck on some red dots for acne. Kevin was really about five ten, in good shape and dressed will, but was a total brain.

"How did you and Kevin hook up?" I demanded as soon as the door closed.

"Well, after you started talking to the nerds and showing us how cruel we were being to them I started talking to them as well, and I heard Kevin explaining a problem from math class to someone and I asked him to explain it to me. The next thing I knew I was finally getting the right answers from my homework and Kevin was tutoring me. Then I asked him to the dance. He said yes, once he got over the shock of a Cheerleader asking him. He is a good dancer and a really nice guy. I really like him. He is not like the guys I have been out with before. He listens when I talk and holds doors for me. My Mom really liked him when he came to my place before the dance. He doesn't drive so I said that I would." She was positively glowing with delight.

We rejoined the guys at the table and had burgers and fries, shakes and sodas. It was so nice to see Candy and Kevin getting along so well. They were sitting close and constantly touching. It was obvious that they were just starting to see the real person behind the high school facade. They talked about the dance the next night at the club and Candy insisted that Kevin go with her.

It was eleven thirty when I nudged Trent and looked at my watch. He got the hint and he excused us and led me to the car. He started the engine and drove me home. On the way I reached into his pants and pulled his cock out into the dark night, bent over and sucked him into my mouth.

"Are you trying to get us killed?" Trent asked. "You could at least wait until I stopped the car."

"I couldn't wait anymore." I said, licking the head. I felt the car pull over and Trent placed both hands on my head. He started to move me up and down. Luckily I had had plenty of practice over the last few weeks so I could deep throat him. I could taste his pre-cum and felt it sliding down my throat. I knew that he would not last long.

I bobbed up and down on his shaft. I used my hand to tickle his balls, it was difficult to get them out of his pants, but my hands were small enough to get inside his pants. I could hear Trent moaning above me as I worked his dick over with my tongue. I dug the tip into his slit and he jerked and shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I tried something new when he was all the way into my mouth. As my nose was buried in his pubic hair I stuck out my tongue and licked his balls.

That was all it took. Trent screamed and shot his load. I had to work quickly to keep up with the semen jetting into me. After the first shot, I just relaxed my throat and let him fire his cum directly into my stomach. Trent relaxed his body and dropped back into the seat after he had shot about five ropes of cum into me. I kept on sucking to get the last of his seed from his balls. Finally he pushed me off his cock, groaning as I vacuumed him clean as I rose from his lap.

I kissed him again with his cum in my mouth and he did not fight me about the taste this time. He dug into my mouth with his tongue seeking his own essence. We frenched for several minutes as I massaged his cock, he was stroking my nipples through my latex suit, but I would not let him go below my waist. I knew about the zipper, but he was not getting in there tonight. I felt him starting to harden and I broke the kiss and tucked him back into his pants before he got fully hard.

"Take me home baby. Aunt Karen will be wondering where I am. It is almost midnight."

Reluctantly, Trent put the car back in gear and drove me the rest of the way home. When he pulled into the drive I gave him another kiss and jumped out of the car. I wiggled my ass at him and walked into the house. I waved from the open door as he drove away then locking the door, I tore upstairs and straight into the bathroom. Mom and Susan were right behind me worried that I was hurt. They both stopped and smiled as I unzipped the crotch of my suit, sat down and peed with a huge sigh of relief.

"I didn't know that suit had a crotch zipper." Susan said.

"Neither did I till Trent told me at the dance. I have not had a chance to go since I left here." I said, groaning in relief. "Anybody got a smoke?"

They both laughed and left me to clean up. I stripped off my suit, no easy task considering how sweaty I was and jumped straight in the shower. I had to get the smell of sweat and latex off me before bed. I dried off and crawled into bed and passed out.

The next morning dawned crisp and clear. I was up fairly early doing homework. I knew that the club dance was going to go later than the school dance and I was determined to stay past midnight. Mom brought me up some toast and tea when she heard me up and left me to my homework. I spent the better part of the day working, stopping only for meals and to prepare my pussy for the night. I was becoming used to the butt plug and was keeping it in for longer periods of time. I could practice my muscle control with it in, I wanted to really enjoy having Trent inside me and make it as good for him as possible so that he would not miss my none existent vagina.

At four I started to get ready for the party. Mom and Susan were going as well, so I knew that I would need to go first to have enough time. I had completed my shower, enema and all other preparations before five and was starting on my makeup when Susan kicked me out of the bathroom, so I finished in Mom's room. She had the best lighting.

I was ready well ahead of the others and sat back down to watch the Phantom of the Opera again, I wanted to perfect my Christine performance. It was just too bad that I could not sing.

Trent arrived before Mom and Susan were ready and I just hollered up that I was going. I slid into his car and we were off before either could come down stairs.

The club was decorated for Halloween, pumpkins, black and orange streamers, floating ghosts, smoke machines and paper skeletons were everywhere. Trent and I circulated through the crowd having cocktails and made it to the bar, where Trent got me a soda. I saw Candy and the rest of the crowd over by the appetizers. We made our way over and I was only slightly surprised to see Kevin there with Candy, only this time they were a lot more comfortable with each other. They were dressed as a Doctor and his nurse, or almost dressed as a nurse. The outfit that Candy was trying to wear looked more like a shiny hankie and a few pieces of string, but the fishnet stockings and platform boots she wore looked great.

Chelsea was there with Darryl; one of the football team, this time she was dressed as a fairy he was dressed as a pirate. I could tell from the look on Darryl's face that he was not happy that Kevin had snagged a date with Candy, but the look on Candy's face was one of warning. Kevin looked completely relaxed about being there with Kevin and I hopped that there would not be any trouble.

We were seated for dinner and this time we were seated with our friends. I was between Trent and Kevin, Candy on Kevin's other side and Chelsea on the Trent's. Just before dinner I grabbed the girls and we went to powder our noses.

"How did you get Kevin to agree to come the party?" I demanded as soon as the door closed. "Last night he seemed in shock to be out with you."

"He got over that pretty quickly after he came in my mouth." Candy said smiling. "But I made him eat me first."

"You're such a slut." Chelsea said.

"This from the whore who has done more of the football team each year than anyone," Candy responded.

"At least I have never fucked a coach." Chelsea retorted.

I went white under my makeup and my mouth fell open. How could they possible know about me and Jim and Helen? Fortunately before I could do more than sputter Candy fired back.

"Hey, that was at cheer camp, and I was horny. Besides, he was cute." Both she and Chelsea started to laugh. "Sorry Janie, but we have been together too long to worry about things like this." Candy explained. "Honestly though, it is too bad I am so possessive and you have Trent, because the things that Kevin can do with his mouth are not to be believed. And he is packing more than enough meat to satisfy a girl."

"How big is he?" Chelsea asked excitedly.

"Big enough that I almost had trouble getting him into my throat." Candy said wistfully. "I will let you know about my pussy on Monday."

"Just be careful," Chelsea warned. "Darryl is not happy about you and Kevin and may try to take him out."

"Let him try." Candy said confidently. "Kevin is a third dan black belt in Taekwondo. He will mop the floor with Darryl."

We made our way back to the table and I sat back down with Trent, he pulled my chair out for me as Kevin did for Candy. Darryl made no move to assist Chelsea and was rewarded with a dirty look. I saw Mom strut in just in time for dinner; her boa snaking behind her and her hips working like there was money in it. Susan was dressed as Veronica Lake in the movie "The Glass Key", long blonde hair dark black dress, lots of cleavage, bright red lipstick; she looked like the total vamp. Trent's parents were dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Dinner was delicious, at least this time I was able to pay attention to what I was eating, not like last time. The salad was Waldorf, the chicken was skinless and sautéed with almonds and onions, the green beans were al dente and covered in butter and parmesan cheese. Desert was baked Alaska. All during dinner children went from table to table trick or treating. The club had provided candy bags on each table for the children. It was adorable and something that I had never seen before.

After dinner was the costume contest. They covered all age groups, from babies to adults. Of course the baby category was the cutest, a little girl dressed as Minnie Mouse won that one. The small children were the usual mix of space men, cowboys and girls, clowns and ballerinas. When the teen group came up I was pushed into the lineup by Trent but he was able to wiggle out of my grasp, so only I was judged. I was lucky and lost. I don't think I could have handled that. We were entered in the couples group, but did not place. Heather and Jason received third place and Mom got second in the adult category.

The dance started as soon as the prizes were handed out. Most of the parents left, the ones with small children had to put the kids to bed, the older ones had had enough and just wanted to go home. The middle aged ones stayed to dance and party like the kids. Trent and I danced most of the night. Of course Jason did snag me for a few dances and Mom had a turn around the floor with Trent.

Around eleven, things started to get crazy. Darryl cut in on Kevin and Candy during a slow dance and pushed Kevin out of the way. Kevin only took one step back and then stepped back into Candy's arms. Darryl wouldn't be ignored and pulled Kevin out of the way and took a swing at him. Kevin blocked the punch and stepped back out of range. Darryl went after him and took another swing. Kevin blocked that one as well and continued to back pedal. Trent tried to get between them, but Darryl would not be dissuaded from his intent to punish Kevin.

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