tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 13

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 13


Morning found the ship already docked in Miami and we were able to disembark with a minimum of fuss. Anna & Adam exchanged emails with Trent & me before we lost each other in the masses and we had several hours until the flight back home, so we hit the nearest mall.

I still had over fifteen hundred dollars from my winnings the first night on the ship and we spent a most of our time window shopping. The flight home was comfortable, and I got to sit with Mom. Trent and his parents were on a different flight and I figured it was time to talk to Mom about the college thing.

"Mom, I've got a problem."

"You're pregnant." Mom said deadpan.

I froze for a split second and then sighed, "Nothing gets by you, does it. What am I going to do?"

She laughed and said, "what is it baby?"


"What about it? You submitted everything before the deadline, I am sure that there is a letter of acceptance waiting for you at home right now."

"No, there is probably a letter of rejection and an order to see a shrink about the dark and dismal pictures I took."

"Why would you think that?" Mom asked.

"You saw the final disk I put together for submission." I said stiffly. "Not one nice picture in the lot, and it certainly wasn't what they asked me to put together."

"Well," she said, drawing out the word, "I wouldn't worry about that too much."

"How can I not worry, I have just blown my shot at college because I was being a stupid mopey schoolgirl."

"I think it will be fine." She said firmly. "Try not to worry about it, and if they turn you down, then it was not the school for you. Now get some rest dear, it is a long flight back and you only have one day to recover before school starts."

Mom tilted her seat back and left me staring at her in shock. How could she be so cavalier about my future? I was going thru hell, and normally she was so supportive. I sat back in my seat and stared at nothing for the rest of the flight.

We made it home just before dinner and Mom ordered out for a pizza. We were all too tired to try and cook, plus all the rich food on the cruise made us want normal food for a while. I was in my room, sorting out my clothes when Mom came in and flipped a large thick envelope at my head. I ducked and it landed face up on my bed. I stared at the return address, the registrar's office at UCLA. I couldn't move. I knew it had to be an acceptance letter, they don't send big envelopes to tell people they didn't get in, but I still couldn't move.

"Either you open it, or I will." Susan's voice came from behind me.

I picked up the envelope like it was a dead rat and carefully tore it open. A large folder was inside and a letter stapled to the front. I held my breath as I read it.

Ms. Janie Holcomb:

Congratulations in being accepted for the fall semester...

That was far as I got before the scream of delight came from my throat. I looked at Mom and saw a smug little smile on her face.

"Don't say it." I said sternly.

"Say what," she responded, the very picture of innocence. "That I told you so, I would never dream of it." She had to duck the pillow I threw at her.

I finished reading the letter in a state of shock. I had been accepted at UCLA for photography and a minor in computer sciences. We had the money, thanks to Dad, but still I was worried. This was going to be a big change for me. I put the folder on my desk and went to throw out the envelope when a smaller envelope fell out. It was a standard letter size and had the return address of a modeling company.

I knew it had to be a mistake, but it was addressed to me. I opened the envelope and the letter it contained was even more surprising that the acceptance letter.

Ms. Janie Holcomb;

I represent a small internet modeling client for our firm. They are very interested in new faces to model their swimwear and lingerie line. One of the members of the applications board is related to me and was kind enough to forward me a copy of your disk with your fashion show. I think you might be perfect for my client. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can discuss your future.


J.D. Timerson.

I read the letter twice and then headed downstairs. I had a feeling I knew what had happened, but I wanted to confirm my theory. I found Mom and Susan in the kitchen opening the pizza box.

"Oh good, you're here. I was about to call you." Mom said with a smile.

"Mom, did you submit my fashion show disk to UCLA?" I demanded without preamble.

"Yes dear, I did." She said without pause. "Why?"

"What do you mean 'WHY'?" I retorted. "You knew I didn't want to send that disk. How could you?"

"Simple, I slipped it in before you asked me to mail it. I was not about all that hard work you did on the first show to go unnoticed."


"Enough," Mom said sternly. "It isn't that I didn't think your second disk would have got you in. It is just that I wanted the admissions board to see both sides of you. Now come and eat."

I stared at her in shock. She had totally betrayed my trust and now she just wanted me to sit down and eat with her. I opened my mouth to say something when Susan spoke up.

"How did you know?" She asked.

"What?" I asked still in shock.

"How did you find out about the second disk?" Susan said again. "It was labeled second submission; they shouldn't even have viewed it."

I handed her the letter from the modeling agency and sat down. Susan read the letter and handed it to Mom with a smile.

"Looks like our little girl is going to get more attention than we thought." Susan said to Mom with a wry smile.

"This is..."

"An excellent opportunity." Mom interrupted. "After dinner we can look this company up on the internet and see what they do. Also, I will contact a few friends to see if they have heard of them. Now eat."

"No," Susan said sternly, snatching my plate away. "If she is going to be a model, she is only allowed to eat salad."

"Gimme that." I demanded, pulling on the plate.

Dinner passed with more laughter now that the cat was out of the bag and I had accepted that Mom and Susan had put one over on me for my own good. We hit the net and did a search and found that the modeling company was a small private company with a very exclusive clientele. They dealt only with small clothing companies but were very well placed. Mom called a few friends and they promised to get back to us in a couple of days with a report on the company. We also contacted the Better Business Bureau and they had a clean rating there.

Monday found us all back in our routines. I got to school on time for my workout in the pool and ran into Candy. She was taking a more leisurely swim than I was and was a golden brown. She had obviously spent her break on the beach, or in a tanning salon.

"How you doing?" She asked me. "You look a lot better."

"Fine, nice tan." I said smiling at her.

"Yeah, spring break in Florida. It is a wonder I survived. How was the cruise?"

"Great, the accommodations were spectacular, the food was too good, I think I put on about fifty pounds. We made some good friends and I tried a few new..."

"We." Candy pounced on the word.

"Yes, WE." I said emphasizing the word. "As in Trent and I. We sorted out a lot of things on the cruise and are back together."

'YES." She hollered.

I didn't know how was happier, her or me.

"He is my boyfriend you know." I said with a dark look at her.

"I know, and I am glad the two of you finally got your heads out of your respective asses and sorted this out." Her smile gave way to a sudden frown. "You didn't give in to him did you?"

"If you mean go all the way, no, I am still a virgin, and he respects that I am going to remain one for a while yet."

"Good," she said fiercely. "You can't let him bully you into anything."

We stepped out of the pool and headed for the showers.

"But how are you going to keep him interested if you want to stay a virgin?"

"There is more than one hole down there you know."

"You mean you let him..."

"Yes," I said with a smile. "And I love it."

"You slut." Candy whispered.

"Not really, I can't be a slut if I am still a virgin." I said with a wicked smile, and then yelped when she flicked my ass with her towel.

"Cheeky bitch." She said with a laugh.

"Have you heard from any colleges yet?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I got into USC. You?"

"UCLA for photography and computer sciences."

"Cool, we can live together in LA." She cried cheerfully.

I just smiled and laughed at that. I had not thought about that. I could not keep my secret from her if we lived together.

"We'll see, I have to find out what Trent is doing first."

"You don't want to share an apartment with me?" Candy said looking hurt.

"I think that would be cool, but I would much rather share a bed with Trent."

"I'll say it again, SLUT." She giggled and we finished getting dressed.

Lunch found us at our usual table, the whole crowd comparing Spring Break stories and discussing college acceptance letters. Trent was beside me and we snuggled. He had already told me that he had been accepted at USC and West Point. He was torn between where to go and I was trying very hard not to pressure him into anything, but the thought of him going into the army scared me.

Kevin was sitting with Candy and he told us that he had been accepted at UCLA for the same computer sciences class I was in, but he was majoring in it. He said that after class he needed to talk to me about a new computer program he had come up with and need someone to look it over and beta test it for him. I was flattered.

Half way through lunch Mom texted me with the results of the search on the modeling agency. They had checked out and a couple of her friends had worked for them before. They were very picky and extremely exclusive. Candy looked over my shoulder and read my text at the same time I did.

"What modeling agency?" She asked.

I gave her the name and she looked confused.

"Why are you worried about them?"

"I got a letter with my admissions letter that they want to meet with me."

All conversation at the table stopped and everyone turned to look at me.


"You got offered a modeling contract? Chelsea asked shocked.

"No, they just want to meet with me to talk about some pictures for a small client they have. Nothing special."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Trent asked.

"Because I wasn't sure it was real or what I was going to do about it." I said firmly, upset that it had come out this way. I wanted to tell him privately after I found out what I could about the company but that plan was toasted now.

"Give me the name." Trent demanded, pulling out his phone and punching a speed dial number.

I gave him the name softly certain that he was mad at me again. Just what we needed after we got back together on the cruise. Trent nodded and got up from the table and walked away talking as quietly as possible in the chaos of the cafeteria. He returned a few minutes later and pulled me back into his arms and kissed me gently.

"What was that all about?" I demanded.

"You will see later." He said shiftily, and changed the subject back to break stories, discussing the SNUBAing we had done on the cruise. I was still concerned but his smile and arm around me was very comforting.

After last class my phone rang and I didn't recognize the number, but I answered it anyway, it was Jason.

"Hi beautiful." He said as soon as I said hello. "You are on a conference call with me and Trent."

"What's up?" I asked now completely confused, I was meeting Trent in about an hour after practice.

"I wanted to explain this to both of you since Trent asked. I checked out this J.D. Timerson. She is a very good advertising executive. She deals only with small companies but has built herself a very profitable niche. She is definitely above board. You can trust her not to take advantage of you. She made her way up the ladder from a model to a photographer, to advertising then started her own company. Well thought of in the business. Tough as nails in negotiations, but takes good care of her people. That help?"

"Terrific, thanks Dad." Trent's voice came over the line. "I just wanted to be sure that this wasn't some fly by night company that takes advantage of people for nothing."

"No, definitely not. J.D. is good people." Jason said firmly. "But Janie, when the time comes to meet with her, take your mother with you, or I can assign someone from our LA office to represent you."


"Maybe it best if it was either your mom or how about Heather?"

"Yes, I think I like it better if it was someone I know." I said still bewildered at the speed of which things were happening.

"I thought so." Jason said. "That way no one else will need to know about..."

"That is what I was thinking too." I said. "Thanks Jason. I will talk to Mom and we will let you know."

"No problem sweetheart." Jason said, and I could hear his smile.

"Thanks Dad." Trent cut in. "Janie I will see you after practice. Bye Dad."

Jason chuckled as he said goodbye and he cut the connection. My phone rang again a second later and it was Trent.

"Honestly, you'd think you were his girlfriend."

"Well he was very charming on the cruise, and at the Christmas party, and Thanksgiving, the fall dance at the club..."

"Enough." Trent said with a huff and then laughed. "Mom would kill him if he tried anything with another women."

"Not to mention what she would do to the other woman." I said with a laugh. "Gotta go. Practice."

"Me too. Love you." And he hung up.

Practice was not too bad. I was glad that I had done the yoga on the cruise. It was obvious which of the girls had not done too much over the break. Candy was sweating and cursing by the end of the workout and Chelsea collapsed on the mat when Coach Jacobs finally called it quits.

"I will never drink that much again." Chelsea said panting for breath.

"Serves you right." Barb said, only slightly winded. "Look at Janie. No practice in months and she barely broke a sweat. I heard all about the rich food she ate on the cruise too. So off your ass and get to work."

"Leave me out of this." I said. "I was working out before the cruise, just not cheering."

Chelsea shot Barb a dirty look and rolled to her feet. Candy stormed out of the gym with Chelsea right on her heels. We found them both in the showers, sitting on the floor letting the water rain down upon them.

"You okay?" I asked Candy.

"Just sore." She responded tiredly. "And mad at myself. I am the captain and I should know better than party for a week without working out."

"You will be fine in a few days. Take it easy. You okay Chelsea?" I called across the shower room, getting only a grunt in reply.

"She will be." Candy said, smiling faintly. "She partied even harder than I did and she only got home last night at about one. She is just tired."

I cleaned up, changed and headed out my car to find Trent waiting for me. He swept me up in his arms and kissed me soundly. His tongue worked into my mouth and ran over my teeth. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my body around his. My hands held his head and I was on one leg as the other hooked behind his and pulled us tight together. I ground my crotch against him and could feel him harden even through the fake vagina I wore.

He finally broke the kiss and looked down at me smiling.

"What was that for?" I asked breathlessly.

"I missed you." He said simply.

"You spoke to me an hour ago."

"I meant last night. I got used to sleeping with you last week and I found my bed a very lonely place last night."

I snuggled into his arms and murmured my agreement. A horn honked and we both turned to see Candy pull up and scream at us to get a room. I flipped her off and pulled Trent's face down to mine for another searing kiss. I heard her laugh as she pulled out of the lot and headed for work.

We broke it up after a few more minutes and several cars honking as they left. I hopped into my car and drove home. I needed to talk to Mom.

She was cooking dinner when I got there and saw that the table was only set for two.

"Where's Susan?"

"She has a lab tonight and won't be home till about ten. Just you and me," Mom told me as she slid the pie into the over. "Come make the salad."

"Just let me drop my stuff and change Mom. Right back," I tore up the stairs and flung my bag on my bed and changed into white tights and loose t-shirt.

I started the salad as soon as I got into the kitchen and we sat down to eat shortly after that. The meat pie was great and Mom had ice cream for dessert for us.

"Mom, I wanted to talk to you about this modeling thing."

"I thought you might." She said with a grin. "Jason called right after he called you and gave me the run down. I think it might be a great opportunity for you."

"I think I want to try it, but I am a little worried about my clit."

"Don't be." She said firmly. "You can wear the vagina for the photo shoots. If you can wear that monokini that Heather bought you at Thanksgiving you will be fine."

"It is not just that. I am worried about this Timerson lady finding out and saying that I did something dishonest."

"Don't' worry about that either. We can make that a part of the contract if you wish."

"Do we have too?"

"I think we should at least let J.D. know about it, if only to keep up our end of the bargain."

"I am not sure..."

"Trust me." Mom said confidently. "Heather will make sure that you are well taken care of."

"Heather." I said with surprise.

"Yes, she has agreed to represent you. If that is what you want."

"Yes it is, I just didn't know how to phrase it so that you didn't think I didn't want you involved."

"I know you want to keep me involved." Mom said with a smile. "I also know that you want to get out on your own and try different things. But I still want you to be represented by someone who knows what to look for, and Heather would be a better choice than I would, and it would make sure that we don't have to have any more people that know about you than necessary."

"Thanks Mom, you are the greatest." I said hugging her.

"I know." Mom said smugly. "But I still intend to be a very visible presence while you are doing this modeling thing. So be ready for it."


"Now, get to your homework young lady. You are not a model superstar yet."

"Yes Ma'am." I replied meekly and scampered from the kitchen before she could do more than shake a fist at me.

The rest of the school year passed with a minimum of drama. A few more fights and break ups, more homework than any sane person should have assigned to us. The swim team placed second in the state finals. Heather got me a great deal with J.D.

We flew down to LA over a weekend and met with her. She was a very beautiful woman in her mid forties. I recognized her from several ad campaigns that I had seen when I was younger. Jason was right, she was tough as nails, but she had more than met her match with Heather, who did some of Jason's corporate negotiations.

She got me a great deal, top dollar, a private dressing room, and private shoots. J.D. wasn't too fond of the idea, but after Heather made her sign a non disclosure agreement and told her about me J.D. gave in on everything. I even found out that the member of the admissions board at UCLA was her husband. He would pass photos of girls that he thought would be good for J.D.'s business on to her and then drop the letter into their admissions or sometimes even rejection letters. Most of the girls tried it and gave up, but many stayed the course and put themselves through school on the money that J.D. paid.

My first shoot was scheduled for a week after graduation and I was put on a strict diet when I signed the contract. I wouldn't see any money till after the shoot, but Heather had told me that was normal. They had to see if I could do what they needed in front of people I didn't know before they put a lot of money into my career.

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