How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 15


It had been a little tough at first, but after Heather reminded me to think that all these pictures were for Trent I had no trouble. I made love to the camera and the last shot of the day was the pinstripe one. I think I nearly melted Peter's lens.

"I think that is going to be enough for today." Peter said and Carol nodded.

"You are not going to be able to top that last look darling." She said smiling broadly. "That is the look I wanted. I think that we may be able to use that one to headline the ad campaign."

"I agree." J.D. said from the door. "I just saw that last shot and that is the money shot. Peter, I want everything on the disk now, we can all go over it tomorrow morning and pick out what we need. Janie," she said, turning to me, "you have some time off, but I am going to need you on Monday to take some more shots, a little more revealing this time."

Both Mom and Heather perked up at that point, looking concerned, but I beat them too it.

"How much more revealing?" I questioned.

"Bathing suits and lingerie," J.D. said calmly. "Nothing nude, I promise." She looked concerned at me, probably thinking that I was going to bail on her.

"Cool," I said smiling. "This is going to be great." Both J.D. and Carol started beaming, but Mom and Heather looked at each other.

"Now darling," Carol said sweetly, "here is your first perk of modeling. Take whatever you want home with you, take it all if you want."

"Really," I said startled.

"Of course," Carol said grinning. "You are going to be the face of CMS Fashions and I want you to wear it as often as possible. If you are going to be our model then having you wear my stuff in public will be the best advertising method out there, especially when you start attending college in September."

"And here is your first pay check," J.D. said, handing me an envelope. "You earned it."

I thanked both of them and went back to the dressing room to find that Katheryn had already packed up my clothes and had the racks waiting for me. I changed into the short red dress with the V neck and the matching red shoes. The dress stopped just below my butt, and the heels made my legs look exceptional. I took most of the rest of the clothes, but J.D. and Carol both insisted that I take the pinstripe suit.

On the way home in the limo I opened the envelope and nearly had a heart attack. I had not planned on earning that much money from a single photo shoot. I handed the check to Mom and Heather and Mom just stared at it, Heather looked at it smugly and nodded.

"Good, I see that they have paid for the shoot and included the advance on the next one." She said. "That will keep you interested. Also, did you see the note in here reminding you that you are exclusively tied to J.D. for modelling?"

"No, but I remember that that was a condition of the contract." I said, and Mom nodded in agreement. Basically, I couldn't model for anyone but her clients and currently CMS Fashions had me locked up.

"The next check will probably be the same, but within a week of the pictures going online you will probably start seeing even more."

"Why," Mom asked.

"Because I pushed through a clause in the contract that states that Janie gets a percentage of every item sold based on one of her pictures." Heather said confidently. "Even if you only do this years' line, you will be making money for years to come."

"Thanks Heather." Mom said, "that is really more than I expected."

"No problem." Heather said grinning. "I have to take care of my girl."

"If only for your son," I said grinning back.

"Well him and Jason, he would skin me alive if I let anything happen to his dance partner."

"Let's go celebrate." Mom said.

"Home please, Geoffrey." I said through the open partition.

"Of course Miss Holcombe," came the smart reply.

"But I thought..." Mom said.

"You two have been sitting and sleeping all day, while I have been slaving away in front of baking lights and flashing cameras. I am going home to have a swim and relax."

"Fine," Heather said, "we will just have Geoffrey drop you off and we will head out for dinner."

"No you won't." I said firmly. "Dinner is in the fridge from last night and you two are not allowed out without supervision."

"Well, as your mother I outrank you, so I will just tell Geoffrey to take us out." Mom said smugly.

"I am sorry Ma'am, but I have my instructions from Miss. Holcombe. Your residence is the only destination that I am instructed to drive to."

"Well I sign for the limo bills, so Geoffrey has to do what I say." Heather agreed just as snippily.

"No Ma'am," Geoffrey said to Heather. "Mr. McKabe instructed me to follow only Miss. Holcombe's orders."

"But..." Mom said.

"You can't..." Heather said.

"We have arrived Miss. Holcombe." Geoffrey said, stopping in our driveway.

"Thank you Geoffrey." I said politely. "We won't need you tomorrow, but can you pick us up at the same time on Monday?"

"Of course Miss. Holcombe," he said with a smile.

The four of us went into the house, Geoffrey bringing up the rear with all the clothes. I tipped him this time, despite his protest and thanked him again. He tipped his hat, wished us a pleasant night and departed.

Mom headed into the kitchen and started dinner, Heather headed downstairs and started going through the wine cellar, which took about a minute as it was mostly empty. The wet bar was reasonably well stocked and she went into the kitchen with a pitcher of martinis for her and Mom.

I took my clothes upstairs and hung them up in my walk in closet. I could tell that I was going to like this business.

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