tagLoving WivesHow I Became a Cuckold Ch. 01

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 01


Dear Reader: Many of you have enjoyed my voyeur-cuck stories. I have written these from the point of view of the wife (Bet in Branson -- Aftermath) and from the point of view of the stud (Lynn and Bobby Chapter 3). But I have not written a story from the point on view of the voyeur-cuck. Some of you may think that Chapter 1 of the Lynn and Bobby series is such a story, but it is not because the guy being cuckolded did not get any sexual stimulation from watching his wife get fucked. In fact it made him impotent so he was an involuntary cuck. Well, here is my first story from the voyeur-cuck's point of view. I would appreciate your feedback, especially from you cucks. Did I succeed in getting into your head? Did I capture your emotions? I need to know.


Jim was my best friend. We went to college together. We were roommates and screwed some of the same girls in college. He was best man when I married Carol. Then he moved to Frisco and I moved to San Diego but he and I often go to sales meetings together, especially to meetings in Vegas. We are comfortable together. When it happened it was a surprise to both of us. How did it happen? Well, here is the story.

There was a big sales meeting in San Diego and when Jim said he was coming down to attend it, I naturally invited him to stay with Carol and me for the week. It was the logical thing to do. His first night there I grilled steaks on the patio and we sat around and talked about old times sipping our Glenlivet. Carol enjoyed hearing stories about our years as college roommates. We didn't tell her about the really raunchy stuff but she figured out that we had shared some girlfriends, both of us fucking the same girl all night. She thought that sounded "interesting."

The second night we three had a few drinks, shared a joint, and danced on the patio to some of the music that was popular when we were in college. Jim and Carol danced well together and they danced close, and although I didn't think very much about it at the time, I saw a kind of chemistry developing between them.

The third night was when it happened. An extra joint and a couple of extra drinks had made us all very loose and laughing. Jim and Carol were dancing a lot and holding each other close. She was straddling his thigh and it was clear to me that her pussy was rubbing against him through the thin miniskirt she was wearing. As I watched them my first thought was that they looked very sexy dancing together. When they came back to sit down I told them how good they looked together.

"You two looked like professional dancers out there," I said. "You ought to go on one of those TV dancing shows."

"Carol is a great dancer," said Jim. "She just molds her body to mine and never misses a step."

I thought 'molds her body to mine' sounded sexy and I thought about how her pussy was rubbing against his thigh. Then I felt a very strange new emotion -- it was not simply jealousy or sexual arousal -- it was a strange combination of both. I had never before had such a feeling. I was aroused but I was jealous at the same time. These emotions seemed to work together somehow.

Carol leaned over and put her hand on my knee. "Do you mind if we dance again?"

"Not a all. I enjoy watching you," I said. Again I felt that new emotion. What she said made me eager to watch them dance again -- to see her mold her body to his.

"Are you sure?" Carol asked. She knew something was happening and wanted me to know it too.

"Yeah. I'm sure."

This time they danced to a slow tune and there was no hesitancy as they moved close together and she straddled his thigh. As they danced with his back to me I thought he moved his hand down and briefly stroked her ass. Carol did not do or say anything. She just held him closer. Then he put his hand on her ass again and kept it there. He was obviously playing with her ass, although he had her turned so I couldn't see his hand. I thought to myself, 'She didn't stop him. She likes it!' The thought excited me somehow and I felt a tingling in my crotch.

I thought, 'What the hell is going on? My best friend is playing with my wife's ass and she likes it and it's turning me on.' I just sat there getting more jealous because I loved Carol -- she was my wife and she loved me. But I was getting more sexually aroused at the same time, thinking about her wanting to fuck Jim. When the dance finished they came back to the patio table and sat down. Things were clearly different now.

"I need another drink," Carol said. "I really need another drink."

"Me too," said Jim.

I poured their drinks still asking myself what was going on. They looked at each other as they sipped their drinks. Their faces seemed to radiate sex from one to the other. I could tell that they were attracted to each other. My jealousy and arousal continued to increase. Another romantic tune started to play and Jim reached over and took Carol's hand.

Looking at me, he said slowly and carefully, "May I dance with your wife again?"

Suddenly I realized that this was the time I could stop things, simply by taking Carol's other hand and saying it was my turn. Jim knew I had seen him playing with her ass. He was also sure I knew she had enjoyed it. Their attraction to each other was open and obvious now and he knew I must have seen it. Time stood still as Jim and I looked each other straight in the eye, communicating silently. He was asking my permission to fuck my wife. Somehow I knew how much my answer to that question meant.

"Yes. Please dance with her," I said, finally. My voice was husky and I suddenly felt a very strong sexual arousal.

Carol looked over at me. Her face was very tender and loving. "Are you sure, darling, really sure?"

I looked at her directly. "Yes I'm sure," I said knowing exactly what she was really asking me. Both had now asked my permission. And I had given it.

As she stood up, she leaned over, kissed my cheek, and whispered, "I love you." Then she moved into Jim's arms and they began to dance. I knew it was too late to change anything now. He was going to fuck her. And I had given both of them my permission to fuck. At that very moment I suddenly felt a new emotion. It was helplessness. I was so turned on that I was helpless to stop what was going to happen. I had to give my permission -- my sexual arousal left me no choice. He was going to fuck my wife and she wanted him to fuck her. That's when, finally, I realized that I wanted to watch him do it and, finally, I admitted to myself that I was a voyeur-cuck!

This time he didn't hide it at all. His hand was on her ass as they left the table. She pressed her pussy tightly against his thigh and started what looked like a subtle humping motion. The music was slow and they did not move around much -- just danced a few feet from me, letting me watch everything. After a couple of minutes they stopped dancing and she lifted her face up and he kissed her. It was a long lingering kiss and their tongues were obviously entwined. He put both hands on her ass and caressed her, then he moved his hands slowly up her body, pausing briefly to caress her breasts, then, holding her face in both hands, he continued to kiss her passionately.

"Oh God!" Carol said as they finished that kiss. Then she pulled his head back down and kissed him again. His hands moved back to her ass, then he started to lift up her miniskirt in the back. They knew I was watching but they had my permission to do whatever they wanted.

My jealousy and sexual arousal now blended together with my helplessness in a new and strange way. I loved her and I couldn't stop them and I didn't want to stop them. Oh God! I had a rock hard erection bulging in my pants. I wanted to watch them fuck! And my jealousy tortured my gut even as what I was watching gave me a rock hard on and made my balls tingle. I started to stroke my cock through my pants, thinking 'He's gonna fuck her -- and she wants him to fuck her and I can't do a damn thing about it.'

I couldn't help myself -- I felt big time sexual arousal. Before I realized what I was doing I had unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock and started to stroke it. I knew they would see me but by now I didn't care any more.

When Jim got Carol's skirt up to her waist he put his hands inside her panties and started to play with her naked ass. Carol turned to look at me, almost like she was going to ask permission again. Coarse sexual arousal was obvious in her face. She saw me playing with my dick and her eyebrows went up in a moment of surprise, and then she turned back to Jim, as though I had given my permission again, and started to unbutton her blouse. Slowly, off came her blouse, then her bra, then her skirt, and finally her panties -- all just a few feet in front of me as I sat there masturbating and watching my wife strip naked for my best friend.

Carol has a magnificent body. Five six, 115 pounds, flowing brunet hair, big firm tits with large nipples -- now erect - and a big, thick, hairy, brunet beaver at the apex of fabulous legs. Her skin was bronzed from the sun except where a tiny bikini left her breasts and butt creamy white. Just a strip of white skin above her beaver stretching around to the twin white triangles on her ass.

Jim's hands moved swiftly over her body feeling her tits and ass and finally one hand found her pussy and began to play with her. She was ready for him. I could actually hear the wet squishy sounds of a horny pussy wanting to get fucked and when I heard those wet sounds I could hold it no longer -- I groaned and began to ejaculate huge gobs of thick creamy white semen up into the air. It fell back on my trousers and on the floor in front of me. I just sat there panting -- my dick dripping in my hand.

Jim picked up my naked wife in his arms and carried her into the house. As they passed by me, both of them clearly saw my dripping penis in my hand and cum on my pants and on the floor. I sat there in helpless embarrassment for a moment after they were gone, breathing heavily, and thinking 'He's gonna fuck her in our bed and she wants it.' Then I had another thought. 'Will they close the door? Oh sweet Jesus! I want to watch him fuck her. Please don't close that door. Please don't.' I was helpless to change what he was going to do. I would have begged him shamelessly on my knees. I had to watch!

I got up and rushed into the house, expecting the door to be closed and knowing if it were I would be frustrated and masturbating and listening outside a closed door while my wife was getting fucked in my own bed.

Thank God! The door was open! They were in the middle of the king-sized bed with Jim on top, fucking like newly weds. Carols legs were high in the air bouncing as he pumped strongly into her. She was grunting with each thrust, her eyes tightly closed, and her arms around his chest pulling him close. I could see and hear his balls slapping her ass just like when he fucked some slut in our college apartment. I undressed and lay down on the bed beside them, my body bouncing up and down as they fucked. Her hips were lifting up to him, matching his rhythm. God! She wanted it. She really wanted it!

I had another erection now -- hard and demanding and I started to stroke it. They fucked steadily for several minutes and my eyes seemed frozen on her pumping hips that were lifting her wet pussy up to meet his thrusting. I could hear the wet squishy sounds of their fucking. I found myself masturbating in the same rhythm as their fucking. Then Carol took her right arm off of his back and reached over and grabbed my left hand and squeezed tightly.

"Oh God," she said, "I'm gonna come -- I'm gonna come! Fuck me harder! Oh sweet Jesus! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Her body started to tremble and her nails bit into my hand. Jim started to grunt and I knew he was pumping his load and suddenly so was I -- my cum was spurting high into the air and falling back on my belly. Carol kept trembling with a sustained and increasing orgasm -- moaning loudly.

When her trembling finally ceased, she reached over and grabbed me and pulled me close to her with her hand on the back of my head. Then she kissed me passionately -- a big wet kiss.

"Thank you baby! Thank you! I love you! Oh God I needed that so much. Thank you."

I kissed her back as Jim rolled off of her body to the other side. He was sweating and panting for air. She lay between us, panting, and I could feel the slippery sweat on her body.

"Oh sweet Jesus, that was good," said Carol.

Then turning to Jim she said, "Was I good for you baby?"

"Fantastic," said Jim. "Jerry, your wife is a fantastic piece of ass! Really great pussy!"

Carol rubbed the cum off of my belly and showed it to Jim. "It looks like Jerry enjoyed himself too." Then she laughed -- that musical lilting laugh. I didn't know whether she was laughing because she was happy or because her helpless husband jerked off watching another guy fuck her. At that moment I didn't care.

That night the three of us slept in that king-sized bed and I was awakened once when I felt the bed bouncing. Jim and Carol were fucking again and, of course, I got a hard on and jerked off. The next morning I was awakened again by their fucking. This time it was daylight and I saw more of the action, but I was embarrassed that they could clearly see me masturbating. That morning, Carol lay there getting fucked, holding my hand, and watching me jack off right up to the moment she had her orgasm. That first time and every time afterwards, when she had finished fucking him, she kissed me and said, "Thank you."

Jim stayed the rest of the week and each night was the same sexual marathon. My dick had bruises from jacking off so much. After Jim went back to Frisco, Carol and I fucked a lot and I discovered that talking about her fucking him was a real turn on for me and we did that for several weeks until Jim came back down for a long weekend of marathon fucking. I watched them and jerked off as before. As before, each time he finished her off, Carol kissed me and said thank you. She always wiped the cum off my belly, laughed that loud musical laugh, and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it too."

The three of us vacationed together several times and took several cruises. Each time we enjoyed a king-sized bed. Of course Jim's long weekend visits continued a couple of times a month. Our threesome continued for over three years until Jim met a gal in Frisco and married her. I was best man at his wedding. His new wife was not as liberated sexually as was Jim. We hinted around a bit, but nothing ever came of it. I asked Jim if he wanted to come down without telling her, but he said he didn't want to risk it. He was in love.

Dear Reader: This was Jerry's introduction to cuckoldry. It was fairly tame because Jim was a very nice guy and was Jerry's best friend. I think you will agree that Jim treated Jerry quite well. There will be a second chapter where Carol screws a real bull and Jerry learns a new kind of cuckoldry -- how to adjust to a dominant bull that his wife likes to fuck. Please, all you cucks out there, give me feedback to help me get inside the voyeur-cuck's mind. Do I have your emotions right? I can write better only if you help me. What do you feel when you watch?

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