tagLoving WivesHow I Became a Cuckold Ch. 04

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 04


Dear Readers: Thank you for your feedback. It has helped me make my stories better. And to those of you who get mad at cuck stories -- ask yourselves why. I appreciate your many suggestions.


It had been almost two months since Carol and I started our relationship with Ray. Every Friday night he arrived, having told his wife, Joan, he was going to his lodge meeting. We fit together well as a threesome, even though I had to adjust to his behavior as a bull. Carol and Ray taught me my new duties -- getting him ready and cleaning up both of them after their initial encounter, on the rug in the family room.

He still took her into the bedroom and locked the door to enjoy their "private time" and Carol still refused to tell me what he did to her. My dick still got black and blue from masturbating and listening outside that locked door. But most importantly, sex between Carol and me during the week returned to that same wonderful experience that we had during the three years with her fuckin Jim. Carol and I needed this relationship. It provided the spark that turned on sex for both of us.

Ray's wife Joan did not suspect a thing and I saw her at the club regularly to be sure it stayed that way. She was trying to improve her golf and I gave her tips and even a lesson here and there. We became good friends and saw each other regularly at the club.

Late one afternoon, the four of us were sharing drinks and conversation next to the club pool. When it was time to leave, Joan asked me a question.

"Jerry, would you do me a favor?"

"Sure," I answered. "What is it?"

"The golf store at the mall is having a sale. You said I needed a new putter. Will you help me pick it out?"

"I'd be glad to. Why don't you and Ray follow us to the mall."

We parked at the entrance near the golf shop. Both of us had those big SUVs that were so popular because of all the room in the back. We went in and Joan and I started to look at the putters. There was a place to practice on Astroturf and Joan started working with each putter. I helped her.

"You guys are gonna take all day," said Ray. "Carol, why don't we go find something to do?"

The two of them left and Joan kept practicing with different putters under my guidance. It took almost an hour, but we finally found one she liked and used well. As she was signing her credit card receipt Ray and Carol walked up.

"That's gotta be a damn good putter," said Ray. "You took long enough finding it."

We laughed and headed back to our cars. The sun was starting to set as Ray and Joan drove off. Carol took my arm and opened the back door.

"Get in here," she said.

"Why?" I asked. The seats were all folded, giving full space on the floor. Our SUV has dark glass on the back windows so no one could see us in the dim light.

Carol laid on her back, pulled up her skirt, and spread her legs. She had no panties on.

"Where the hell are your pants?"

She reached under the seat, pulled them out, and waved them in the air.

"What the hell have you been doing?" I asked.

Carol laughed that musical laugh that I loved so much. "While you and Joan were selecting her favorite putter, Ray was using his favorite putter on me. Look what I've got for you, baby."

She spread her legs wide to show me that big pussy of hers. It was swollen from sexual arousal and gaping wide, with thick creamy cum dripping out. I could see strands of sticky cum on both her inner thighs. It was like throwing a light switch -- I got so horny so fast that it seemed impossible.

"Jesus!" I said trembling. I buried my face in that dripping, cavernous pussy and sucked out the juice, enjoying that wonderful musky taste of Ray's cum. That horny bastard had pumped a big load. Later she told me it was two loads. When I was finished Carol had a very clean pussy. Then I rolled on my back, pulled my pants down, and started jerking off. Damn I was horny.

Carol tickled my balls and whispered in my ear. "I knew that horny bastard was gonna fuck me when we walked out of the golf shop. He led me out here. He stripped me down buck-naked and played with my tits. He turned me on and my pussy got dripping wet. Then that hairy bastard fucked me hard -- just the way you saw him do it last Friday and the hair on his chest tickled my tits and then he ... "

I groaned and started pumping my load into the air and up on my belly. I laid there breathing heavily and Carol continued to whisper in my ear.

"... have no idea how good that big dick feels. We both came real quick. Then we rested about ten minutes and that horny bastard fucked me again. Damn it felt good. I was thinking about making you eat me out."

I started to get hard again. "Stop it! I want to take you home and fuck you."

"You're in charge baby," Carol said and then laughed that happy musical laugh. God how I loved her!

I drove home fast and we went right to bed and, miracle of miracles, my dick, bruises and all, rose to the occasion. Carol had her third orgasm of the afternoon. Damn I loved that woman!

One Saturday morning, a month later, I was helping Joan with her swing on the diving range. The place was almost deserted. I was standing behind her, my arms around her, trying to show her how to keep her hands in front of the ball. Suddenly she dropped the club, spun around, pulled my head down and kissed me.

Jesus! What brought that on?

"I couldn't help it," Joan said. When your body is close to mine I get so turned on I can't stand it. Ray's not doing it to me anymore. I told him he was too rough."

This was a surprise. We had become increasingly friendly over the past months. Our bodies had touched when I showed her how to hold a golf club, but I never dreamed she felt this way.

"Your body excites me too," I said. Then looking around to be sure it was safe I kissed her again.

"Take me home," she said.

"What about Ray?" I asked.

"He's in LA for the day on business."

She drove me to her home and when we got inside the door I kissed her again. She pressed her body against me hungrily and I reached down and played with her ass. Then I picked her up and she pointed the way to the bedroom. Both of us were frantic to get naked.

We got in bed and I kissed her warmly as my hands stroked her body. She seemed sexually inexperienced. I thought about Ray's muscular, hairy body and the roughness when he fucked Carol. Should I behave that way? Something warned me that tenderness would be better.

I caressed her body gently and moved my lips from her mouth to her breasts, sucking on her nipples till they were hard. She had small breasts but they were very sensitive. I tickled them with my tongue and then moved my lips to her belly. Her body was milky white because she never wore a bikini and was rarely in the sun. Her bush was sparse, not the thick hairy beaver I preferred.

I took my time, moving slowly and gently. As I caressed her inner thighs, she spread her legs and I explored her with my tongue. When I reached her clitoris she started to tremble and moan as though it were a new experience for her. She spread her legs wider and raised her knees up in the air.

"Take me! Oh God! Take me now," she pleaded.

I continued to stimulate her with my hands and tongue and she grabbed my head in both hands and pulled me up for a kiss. Our tongues stroked each other in a deep wet kiss. She acted more like a teenager than a mature woman.

I rolled over between her legs and very gently rubbed my hard cock against her labia. She was dripping wet and ready, but I was slow and gentle and kept stroking her.

"Take me! Hurry, please!" She was frantic now.

I entered her slowly and she began to hump wildly trying to get me in deeper. I began a slow and gentle stroke and, to my surprise, in only a couple of minutes her body began to shudder and I felt the contractions of her orgasm grip my cock like a strong hand. I kept fucking her slowly and steadily. When she finished her orgasm she began that frantic pumping of her ass again. In only a few minutes she had a second orgasm.

I had never before fucked a woman who did this. She had her third orgasm as I pumped my load, filling her pussy with cum.

We lay there breathing heavily, with me still on top and my dick getting soft inside her. I kissed her -- a long wet kiss and then rolled off of her sweating body.

"I never had it that way before," Joan said breathlessly. "You were so gentle. That's the best sex I ever had in my life. The only man who ever had me was Ray and he was nothing like you. He was rough and fast. He gave me a few orgasms when we were first married, but now he doesn't do it to me very often."

We rested and talked. Mostly about how much she enjoyed being with me. It was as though she were falling in love with me. Then she talked about the way Ray treated her, which was bad. Then I fucked her again as gently as before and again she had multiple orgasms - at least two. We talked some more and then she said something that scared the shit out of me.

"He's not very nice to me," she said. "And I think he's playing around. He goes out alone every Friday night and claims he's going to his lodge meeting. But I found out that he hasn't been to lodge for over two months."

Oh Shit! How did she find that out? What's she going to do about it? When I asked her my heart almost stopped.

"I've hired a private detective to follow him every Friday night. He starts next week."

Well, I thought, that's the end of our Friday sex orgies.

We dressed and she drove me back to the club. My mind was working fast. What the hell do I do? I could hear myself saying, "Oh by the way Ray, I was fucking your wife the other day and she said she hired a ... " Yeah that would really work!

When I got home I grabbed Carol and headed for the patio with ice and a bottle of Glenlivet. She looked puzzled and asked me what the hell I was so upset about.

"I fucked Joan this afternoon," I said simply.

"I saw that coming baby. She had that look in her eye. It was obvious to me that the horny little bitch wanted your body. Was she a good fuck?"

"She was an interesting fuck. She had five orgasms."

"Five orgasms! Holy Mary Mother of God! What the hell did you do to her?" Carol said with envy in her voice.

I chuckled. "What's more important than her orgasms is what she told me. She found out that Ray has not been to lodge meetings for two months and she's hired a private detective to follow him."

Carol started to laugh. "It's a damn good thing you fucked her. Imagine what would have happened if she showed up here some Friday." Then she laughed that beautiful musical laugh that I loved (or hated depending on whether she was with me or with that bastard behind a locked door).

"What the hell are we gonna do?" I asked.

"Oh that's no problem. I can take care of that. I hate to lose that horny hunk though. He's really a great fuck. The hair on his chest tickles my tits and you have no idea how good a pair of heavy balls feel slapping you in the ass."

"No. I have no idea."

Carol laughed and continued, "I'll call him and tell him she's hired a private dick. If he asks how I know I'll just tell him I got it on the ladies' grapevine. You can be sure he'll start attending lodge meetings. He's so afraid of her Daddy kicking his ass off the payroll he's got no choice."

I felt better. We kept sipping our Glenlivet. Then Carol said with respect in her voice.

"Jesus! Five orgasms! How the hell did you do that? How did you fuck her?"

"I figured Ray was such a rough bastard that she might respond to gentleness. So I was gentle and slow. I made love to her."

As I described my sex with Joan in detail, a strange thing began to happen. Carol started to turn on! Her breathing got heavy and she got that horny look on her face. I gave her more and more details and she got more and more horny, even trembling slightly.

"This never happened to me before," she said. "Thinking about you fucking that horny little bitch is turning me on. And it's making me jealous. And after what I did to you, having secret sex with Jim, I can't very well tell you not to fuck anybody you want. And that makes me feel kinda helpless."

Carol was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. "I'm sure you want to use that tight little pussy again. My pussy is so damn big and loose, I'm jealous about her tight pussy. Jesus! I never felt this way before. Pick me up like you did her and carry me to bed. Don't make me beg for it like you did her. Hurry. Please."

I carried her to bed and fucked her, whispering in her ear about fucking Joan. She was as horny as I've ever seen her. God! It was just like me turning on when I imagined her fucking Ray. This was a whole new sexual experience for both of us. She said we were perfectly matched sexually and she was right.

The next day Carol called Ray and he was scared to death. He understood we had to still be friends at the club but he couldn't risk fucking Carol again. It was about a week later that Carol and I were at the club and saw Joan.

"Let me talk to her," said Carol. "You check out the pro-shop."

It was a full thirty minutes later that Carol picked me up and said, "Let's go home."

"What's up?" I asked as we drove home.

"She's coming over to our house," Carol said.

"What for?" I asked.

"She wants to fuck," Carol said with a laugh.

"Jesus! What the hell happened?"

"We had a girls talk and I invited her over," Carol said.

"You had a talk about fucking me?" I was astonished.

"I told her I loved you and your pleasure came first. I was jealous but I wanted you to do whatever you wanted. And you wanted her. Be sure to kiss her nice and sweet when she come in the door."

Joan arrived a few minutes after we got home. I gave her a big kiss and put both hands on her ass and pulled her pussy close. I looked at Carol and she had that horny look on her face. I picked Joan up and carried her into the bedroom. Carol followed, helped us undress, and then stripped. We three lay on the bed, Joan between us. I kissed and caressed Joan. Carol started stroking Joan's tits, then kissed her nipples and got them hard. She helped me caress Joan's body.

Then Carol said to Joan, "I'll get him ready for you" and started sucking my cock. I was hard and she got me harder. My cock was slippery with her saliva.

Joan spread her legs. "Take me. Oh God I'm ready."

I got between her legs and Carol put my cock into her. I started to fuck her slowly and gently. She pumped her ass eagerly and moaned. Carol reached down with one hand and tickled my balls. Her other hand was on Joan's tits - playing with them while she sucked her nipples. Just like the first time, it was only a couple of minutes before Joan had a big noisy orgasm. I kept on fucking her slowly. When her orgasm was finished Carol moved up and gave her a big wet kiss on the mouth, their tongues entwined. Then she started whispering in Joan's ear. Hardly a couple of minutes elapsed before Joan had her second orgasm.

When that orgasm was over, Carol said to me, "Okay baby -- finish her off." Then she moved her hand from my balls to her pussy and vigorously stroked her clit.

I started fucking Joan harder and she lifted that tight little pussy up to me. I felt my orgasm coming and, as I filled her pussy with cum, Joan had her third orgasm. Carol had her orgasm licking Joan's tits and the three of us collapsed in a panting sweaty mass and rested.

"Jesus that was good," said Carol. "I never knew it could be that way."

Joan started laughing. She looked at Carol. "Do you realize what you kept whispering in my ear?"

Carol chuckled. "Tell him," she said.

Joan leaned over and gave me a short kiss. Then chuckling she said, "Carol kept whispering over and over, 'Tighten up that little pussy for him, baby. Tighten it up. He likes a tight pussy.' Well, I kept it as tight as I could. Was it tight enough?"

"It was. You have a tight little pussy, baby. I like it."

"Did you feel my contractions when you brought me off?"

"I felt them baby -- they just about squeezed my dick off."

We rested and talked. Joan said what a brute Ray was and it was amusing to hear Carol sympathize with her. I knew it was the brute in Ray that turned Carol on. Carol secretly squeezed my hand when she agreed with Joan that Ray was a brute.

After about fifteen minutes, Joan asked me, in an almost childish voice, "Are you gonna do it to me again?"

"I'll get him ready for you baby," said Carol and started sucking my cock.

"You don't have to do that," said Joan.

Carol took my cock out of her mouth briefly. "Yes I do, Joan. I owe this man any woman he wants."

I knew she was talking about her secret time with Jim. When she got me ready she put my cock into Joan again and I fucked her softly as before. Joan had two more orgasms and Carol jerked herself off again kissing Joan. Then we three had a quick shower -- together -- and Joan left for home, kissing me sweetly at the door.

Sitting on the patio having a drink afterwards, Carol said, "You better keep on fucking her. She needs it. And maybe we do to. Maybe it'll charge our batteries now that we don't have Ray anymore. I learned something important today, baby. I learned what you feel like when you watch me with another guy. I felt the same things: Jealously and sexual arousal and another one - envy. I envy that little bitch her tight pussy. It's better than mine isn't it?"

"Baby, nothing is better than your pussy. Besides, I envied Ray that ten inch cock, but now I'm not so sure I need it. "

"You don't need it baby, you really don't."

Suddenly, Carol burst out in that musical laugh and almost choked because she was trying to laugh and talk at the same time.

"Oh my God. I just thought of it. Who's the cuckold now? I can't wait to see the look on that arrogant macho bastard's face when we casually mention that you're fucking his wife. He can't do a damn thing about it and keep his job. He'll just have to let you keep on fucking her. God! I want to see his face."

We both laughed together and fixed another drink.

Then Carol gave a big sigh. "But I'm sure as hell gonna miss that bedroom sex."

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