tagLoving WivesHow I Became a Cuckold Ch. 06

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 06


It had been several months since Carol and I had started our relationship with Ray's wife, Joan, and we had a great threesome going. Joan had been naïve when we started but she had learned a lot and was now quite comfortable having sex in a threesome. Carol had given her what she called her "mother-daughter" lectures and Joan's sex knowledge had improved. I enjoyed fucking two different gals – one liked it rough and the other liked it gentle.

When Ray found out he had been cuckolded it broke down that macho ego and he had become a fairly humble guy. Joan told us how nice he began to treat her at home, but of course no sex. I told Joan that he was fucking the gal she had nicknamed "Mrs. Robinson," who was divorced and led a lonely life. Joan had decided that she did not want to end up like that. She talked to us about trying to get back with Ray, and she wanted us to help. But, Ray was simply too aggressive and tough when they had sex and that turned Joan off completely.

Carol had a plan. She and Joan would go out to dinner. I would invite Ray to our house and have a long talk with him. As we planned it, we kept discussing "The Talk" and kept adding and subtracting things I should say. Essentially the idea was to involve him in group-sex, so he could see how Joan responded to tenderness. We thought they loved each other. Ray was a strong man – not a wimp - but he had to understand that it was his roughness with her that turned her off.

With all the planning, it seemed like we began to do more talking than fucking and tonight was no exception. We sat on the patio drinking Glenlivet and talking about "The Plan." We were trying to decide whether to invite both Ray and his new ladylove, Mrs. Robinson. Joan was not enthusiastic about the idea but Carol disagreed.

"You've got to have her here. If you decide not to fuck Ray, what do you expect him to do? Play with his dick?" Carol said. "Besides, we've talked about her a lot and it's time you saw her in action. And you need to see just how horny you're gonna be if you lose your husband."

"What if I decide not to ... not to ... you know?" said Joan.

Carol said, "You don't have to fuck him if you don't want to. You can just watch him fuck Mrs. Robinson."

"I just don't want that Robinson bitch here!" Joan shouted angrily.

"That's the most encouraging thing I've heard you say," said Carol with a laugh.

Joan looked at her in surprise. "Encouraging? Why?"

"Because you're jealous!"

"I'm not jealous! I just don't ... I don't want him to ... okay ... okay, I guess, maybe, I am little bit jealous."

"You want him back," said Carol.

"Yes I do if he's not so rough. Okay. Invite her. What if he gets drunk? He gets mean when he gets drunk."

"Trust me," said Carol. "Jerry will water the scotch a little and he'll only get a few drinks. His pecker will still work and he'll be gentle as a lamb. You've seen how gentle he is around the house."

Carol looked at me. "You got all this? You know what to say?"

"Yeah. I know what to say," I said, hoping I could say it right.

The night of "The Talk" Ray came over around seven and the girls were already gone. I had ordered in Chinese and we had a light dinner and then went out to the patio where we sipped Glinlivet. To his credit he was humble and honest.

I started at the bottom line. "You want your wife back?"

"I want my wife back. I love her."

Then I hit him with the truth. "You need to learn how to fuck your wife."

"I know how to ... " he said, then got control. "Okay, what do you mean?"

"Get hold of your macho self, Ray, I'm gonna tell you what she needs. I've been fucking your wife several times a week for months. She's never had less than two orgasms to my one. When was the last time you felt her pussy squeeze your dick in an orgasm?"

He leaned forward, almost macho, then, he got control. He paused, thinking. He let out a deep sigh. "I don't remember."

"You fucked my wife. Do you remember her pussy grabbing your cock?"


"You fucked Mrs. Robinson. Do you remember her pussy grabbing your cock?"


"But you don't remember feeling your own wife come?"

He hung his head. He was ashamed. "I don't remember."

"Okay, Ray. Tell me what the problem is."

I had never seen this strong man so humble. "I don't know how to fuck my wife."

"Great! We got to square one. Now lets try for square two. Who does know how to fuck your wife? I know it's hard to say it, but say it."

He paused, and then said very softly, "You know how to fuck my wife."

"Great! Now let's try for square three. How are you gonna learn to fuck your wife?"

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said softly, "I'm gonna have to watch you fuck her."

"Bingo! We're there and we haven't even started our second drink."

"But I'll be a cuck!" He shouted angrily.

"Ray, face it! You're already a cuck! You just haven't watched your wife cuckold you."

He started to tremble as he thought about watching his wife spread her legs for me.

It wasn't true, but I couldn't resist saying it. "And you might even enjoy watching – a little voyeur pleasure you know – and then you'd be a full fledged voyeur-cuck." I laughed.

"It's not funny!" He shouted.

"It's gotta be funny, Ray. You laughed at me when you made me get you ready."

He remembered that. "You're not gonna make me ... I mean ... you know?"

"Suck my cock? You want your wife back bad enough. And I could make you do it in front of your wife. You made me do it in front of Carol. And you both laughed. You think, maybe, Joan might laugh?"

That broke him. He got a picture in his head of himself, on his knees, sucking my cock and Joan laughing at him. Any remaining macho just vanished. He was a strong man, but he sat there, helpless.

"Please don't. Please don't make me do that," he begged softly. Now he was ready to listen.

"Maybe I won't have to. But, Ray, keep it in mind because I want you on your very best behavior. You know what I mean. You behave and watch and learn and perform - and by the end of the night you'll fuck your wife gently and she'll have orgasms and you'll have her back again. You misbehave or don't learn and you'll lose her – maybe forever."

He nodded. "I'll do what ever you tell me to do. I want my wife back. I tremble when I see how beautiful she is around the house and watch her leave to go over to your place, knowing that you're gonna fuck her. I'm ready to do anything she wants to get her back."

Now that he was tame, I gave him "The Talk" that Carol and Joan and I had worked out. He took it well.

When the girls got back, Ray was long gone. They were eager for news.

"What did he say – what did he say" they both chorused.

"He'll be here and bring Mrs. Robinson, and he'll behave," I said. They were delighted.

Then we went to bed, relaxed, and I fucked them both – one rough and one gentle. It's nice to have a choice between two pussies. It's even nicer to choose both.

The big night came at last. Carol and me and Joan and Ray and Mrs. Robinson all sat on the patio drinking scotch. The girls, as instructed, had on micro-mini skirts, chase-me catch-me fuck-me spike heels, and the usual suspects underneath. They were hot. Mrs. Robinson, in particular, seemed enthusiastic. I think she saw two couples that might provide her with sexual pleasure for months to come.

We played music, drank Glenlivet, and danced. We massaged ass and played with boobs and we swapped off, except Ray didn't dance with Joan. Five horny people. Mrs. Robinson's big tits got a lot of attention and Ray spent a lot of time playing with Carol's ass.

Early on Mrs. Robinson said to Joan, "I understand you're hoping to get your husband back?"

"Well," Joan said, "he's a rough bastard, but he's my bastard and I want him. I don't want to live alone."

Mrs. Robinson looked sad for a moment. "I know what you mean, honey. Good luck."

We danced and gradually the girls stripped down. They were beautiful, dancing naked in spike heels. Three beautiful bodies – all naked and all different. They were more fun to dance with when they were naked. Then we headed for the bedroom.

The girls wanted to see Mrs. Robinson deep-throat me first, so I sat in a bedroom chair with my legs spread and a hard cock sticking straight up. Mrs. Robinson got on her knees between my legs and Joan and Carol kneeled down close, to watch. She was giving a lesson.

"Just take it like this," she said, putting the head of my cock in her mouth. Then she mumbled around my dick, "and then just swallow it." And she did. Down she went - down till her lips were buried in my pubic hair. Then up again, then down, her lips moved from my curly pubic hair back up till the head of my dick was exposed. God! She was good.

"Oh my God," said Joan. "She's taking all of it!"

Carol said, "You gotta respect that! I gotta learn that." She held my head in her hands and kissed me. "Oh yeah baby! Enjoy it!" Then she said to Mrs. Robinson, "Oh yeah honey! Do him! Do him!" She deep kissed me and held my head tight. Damn! It was quick. When I groaned and pumped my load, the girls cheered and laughed.

I fell back in the chair breathing heavily. And the girls kept laughing.

"Jesus! I want to learn how to do that," said Joan. "How the hell do you take it so deep and not gag?"

Mrs. Robinson looked up. Her mouth was full of cum. "Mmum Muum," she said as she got control and swallowed it. "You've got to concentrate. Don't think about gagging. Think about pleasing the guy. When you take it deep, think about how his dick feels when it rubs up against a pair of soft tonsils. Think about him – not yourself."

Joan leaned over and went down on my cock. The expression on Ray's face was priceless. I was getting soft but she got almost all of my dick into her mouth.

"I can do it! I can do it!" She screamed as she let my pecker fall out of her mouth.

"You gotta do it when it's hard honey," said Mrs. Robinson laughing.

"It's a start," said Carol.

We talked and laughed for a few minutes, then, Carol looked at Joan. "Are you ready baby?"

"As ready as I'm gonna get," Joan said, with a big sigh.

I picked her up in my arms, tenderly, and carried her to bed. I knew Ray was watching along with everybody else. This was a very important fuck.

I laid her gently on the bed and kissed her. Then I began to work on her body with my hands and tongue - soft and gentle. My tongue started on her nipples and I worked down to her belly. It was the way I usually did her so she knew exactly what to expect and she was comfortable. She was moaning and getting aroused. She spread her legs for me. When my tongue got to her clit I thought her body was going to explode. She started trembling. I kept stimulating her. Then she started to beg.

"Oh God take me. Please take me."

I kept teasing her. I wanted that macho bastard to hear his wife beg me. Carol was watching, as was Mrs. Robinson. But for me the only one who mattered was Ray. I wanted him to feel like a real cuckold. He had made me suck his cock to get him ready to fuck my wife. I wanted him to feel the same humiliation I had felt. Even though, I had enjoyed it, and I knew he wouldn't.

I took my time moving between her legs. Her hips were humping now. She really wanted it! I rubbed the head of my cock on her dripping pussy.

"Oh yes! Oh God yes! Do it! Please!"

It was shameless begging now. I glanced at Ray. He was trembling and his eyes were frozen on my cock rubbing her pussy. I could see he didn't like it – he was a very unhappy cuck - but he knew if he wanted her back he had to be strong enough to see what she needed. What hurt him most was the knowledge that his wife wanted to fuck me. I knew that feeling – Carol always wanted to fuck him. I slipped my dick into her slowly. She was humping to get me deeper, but I was teasing her, slow and gentle and she kept begging.

"Oh God I need it."

Then I fucked her slowly and gently. She settled in and humped just like always. It was a gentle, loving fuck. Carol was whispering in Ray's ear to keep him steady and tell him what excited Joan most. Then Joan had her first orgasm. She had three, about two minutes apart. She was much more turned on than usual. Finally, when I pumped my load she had her fourth. Ray just watched and trembled. I think he was in awe. For the first time in his macho life, he saw the woman he loved, ecstatically enjoying sex. And it was with another man! Just as I had seen Carol enjoy it many times.

"Oh sweet Jesus," said Mrs. Robinson, "I wish I could come like that. He brought her off four times. Damn! I'll bet that tight little pussy of hers felt good."

I got out of bed and Joan laid there breathing heavily. Carol had been whispering in Ray's ear but now he was whispering in her ear and her face was a picture of lust. She was stroking her clit and nodding her head yes.

"Do me Ray. Do me - please. It's been so long and I need it. God! I need it" She said it out loud, not caring who heard her.

Ray rubbed lubricant on that monstrous cock of his and Carol dropped to her knees on the rug and presented her ass to him. She was gonna take it up the ass, just like she took it in that locked bedroom – only this time her pleasure would not be private – it would be public, for all of us to watch.

Ray got on his knees behind her and put the head of that enormous cock on the tight sphincter muscle of her asshole. He glanced back at me to see if I was watching. Holding her hips so she couldn't get away, he gradually increased the pressure, moving his hips steadily forward. Her tense sphincter muscle slowly yielded and when it suddenly gave way she screamed and groaned as that huge cock plunged deep into her ass hole.

"Oh! Ahhh! Oh! Oh my God. Ahhh!"

Then she begged him, just like his wife had begged me.

"Fuck me! Oh God Ray please! I need it!"

Joan had never seen this kind of sex before but Carol had told her about it in what she called her "mother-daughter" lectures. Joan got up on her elbow in bed and watched with fascination as Carol took that monster up the ass. He had one hand on her tits and the other playing with her clitoris and it was obvious to everyone that she loved it. She was ecstatic with pleasure.

Ray settled into a slow and gentle fuck, whispering in Carol's ear. It must have been dirty because suddenly Carol giggled and then gave that loud, titillating, musical laugh that had tormented me so much when I heard it through that locked bedroom door. Jealousy gripped my gut – just like before. That bastard was enjoying himself and so was my wife. And with shame, I admitted to myself – so was I.

Mrs. Robinson walked over and embraced me. "I'll do that for you," she said and started stroking my cock. It was only then that I realized that I had gotten an erection and had been stroking it as I watched Ray fuck my wife. Mrs. Robinson had read me like a book and I was embarrassed and humiliated.

"It's okay," she whispered. "Some guys like to watch. There's nothing wrong with that."

She held me, lovingly, as those familiar feelings of jealousy and humiliation and arousal flooded my body. I needed this just like Carol needed to take that big cock up her ass and somehow Mrs. Robinson knew it.

Joan joined us in a three-way embrace and we stood there watching Carol's ecstasy. Carol laughed and giggled as he fucked her. Then she started to grunt like an animal and I knew she was working for her orgasm.

"Look at her face," Joan said. "I've never seen her look like that. And listen to her grunt."

"Yeah," said Mrs. Robinson. "She's in whores' heaven right now."

Carol suddenly cried out. "Oh my God! Play with my tits. I'm gonna come!"

And then loud moans of ecstasy followed, as we three watched her whole body start to tremble.

"She likes it," said Joan. "She really likes it. Do I tremble like that?"

Mrs. Robinson chuckled. "We all do honey – we all do. That is, when we're lucky enough to get serviced by a guy as good as the studs we got here tonight."

Then she squeezed my dick, laughed, and whispered to me, "You damn well better learn to shove this thing up her ass, baby, if you want to keep that horny bitch at home."

Ray and Carol embraced each other and laid down on the floor. I stroked Mrs. Robinson's ass, as we watched Carol and Ray rest for several minutes. Then Joan walked over and took Ray by the hand and helped him to his feet. He looked at her with surprise and then pleasure as she led him to bed.

Carol joined us. "Keep your fingers crossed. He's always tender with my ass but he's a brute when he fucks pussy."

"I like a brute between my legs," said Mrs. Robinson, "and I think you do too Carol."

"Yeah I do, but you saw what Joan likes. Oh look at him. Oh yes!"

Ray had Joan on her back and he was stroking her body and tickling her tits with his tongue just like he saw me do. She had her eyes closed and was moaning softly. His tongue worked from her sensitive breasts down her belly and through her bush. She spread her legs for him – moaning as she did so. Then he started working delicately on her clit. He was taking his time and he was very tender.

"Oh yes Ray, yes. I'm ready," she said.

I felt Carol shudder. "Oh shit! What'll that horny bastard do now? If I said that, he'd just ram that big sausage home with all the subtlety of a stud stallion."

Ray kept on tonguing Joan's clit gently. And Joan started to moan louder. His hands stroked from her breasts down her body and under her ass and Joan began to tremble when his fingers worked back up to her sensitive tits.

"Oh please baby. I love you. Take me!"

Ray kept on caressing her just like I had done. She was getting more aroused every minute. Finally, when it seemed she could stand it no longer he moved slowly between her legs and, with a gentleness I thought impossible for a big man, he eased his cock into her and began a slow rhythmic stroke. Her arms pulled his hairy chest close to her body and her hips lifted up to him and started humping vigorously. But Ray's movements continued to be slow and gentle.

In barely two minutes, just like with me, she began to moan and her body trembled in orgasm. Ray kept fucking her gently till she finished and she began working for her second orgasm, pumping her hips eagerly again. Carol looked up at me and smiled.

"I think that rough brute has finally learned how to fuck his wife, thank God. But they've got a lot of sack time to make up."

I had been watching Ray and it was only now that I saw Carol's hand on Mrs. Robinson's pussy and heard the wet sounds of a horny pussy. Mrs. Robinson slowly laid down on the floor, spread her legs, and guided Carol's head to her pussy.

Carol buried her face in that big, wet, horny pussy and her tongue moved from clit to wide spread pussy lips, sucking out the juice, noisily. Mrs. Robinson had a big pussy with engorged lips hanging out at least two inches. That's gotta be the second biggest pussy in San Diego, I thought, right after Carol's. I got down on the floor and kissed Mrs. Robinson and started playing with those huge tits that I had been admiring all evening. I felt Carol's hand on my testicles and she gently pulled me down between Mrs. Robinson's legs.

"This lady needs to get fucked," Carol said to me. "And don't be gentle. Fuck her like a whore. That's what she likes."

"I know baby – I just fucked her two weeks ago," I said.

Mrs. Robinson chuckled. "Yeah and I've been horny ever since waiting for another fuck. You know how I like it, baby. Do me rough – do me rough!"

I did her rough.

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