tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHow I Became a Spanko

How I Became a Spanko


Author's note: This was the very first story I ever wrote. I thought it had been lost along with the rest of my earliest works but found a printout (in dot matrix!) when I was clearing out some old papers.

It is still my favorite. It seems appropriate that it should be my first Literotica submission. I would have submitted it some time ago, but I never could figure out what category to put it in. The National Nude Day Contest easily takes care of one category so I'll just post it under the other!

The creek and woods are mostly real with some minor liberties, though they were actually on the other side of the street from our house and were moved for the convenience of long lost sequels to this story. I really did go naked in them on many, many occasions, in full daylight. The rest is fiction. I was never caught or even seen as far as I know. I'm actually not sure to this day exactly how I became a spanko bottom.

The stories I've written were for my own satisfaction and no one other than my wife has ever read this one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it so long ago.


It was a beautiful day in May. The sun was shining and the air was warm. I was feeling frisky and enjoying being outdoors on this day, though I really should have been in school. The neighborhood was very quiet except for the birds singing with the joy of living that had infected every living thing that morning.

I'd actually started out with every intention of going to school but the sounds and the smells and the gentle sunshine had simply been too much. So I found myself out in the woods behind the house, dabbling in the little creek that ran behind the homes on this side of the street, and exploring the paths that were regaining their mystery now that the trees had leaves again. I had been out there for about an hour and had gone from one end of the woods to the other without seeing or hearing a single person. I found myself toying with the thought that maybe I was the only human being left on the whole earth. Some force had come along and just removed everyone but me. I didn't know why it had missed me, but it had.

I couldn't even hear traffic sounds. It was easy to imagine that I was completely alone in the world, sitting there beside the little cascade that was one of my favorite spots along the stretch of creek that I frequented. As I sat there the thought crossed my mind that if everyone else was really gone I could shed some of the more onerous trappings of civilization.

Here I was; an 18, nearly 19, year old young man in the full flush of his sexuality so of course one of the first things I thought of to shed was clothing. After all, they weren't needed for protection from the elements on a day like this one. I would get as close to nature as is possible for a suburban boy if I was naked as a baby in the forest primeval.

I had done this before of course, but never in full daylight and I knew that everyone hadn't really disappeared; they were at work or at school. I remember thinking that someone might really be around and I could get caught, but even as I was thinking this I was already taking my shirt off without any conscious decision to undress. Next thing I knew I was bare ass naked.

I walked out into the little clearing carrying my clothes and spread my arms wide and twirled around so as to enjoy the feeling of freedom to the greatest possible extent. I walked over to my special tree and lay the clothes on it.

I should describe this tree so you will understand why it was a special tree. It was a mature yellow poplar with a trunk probably three feet thick. Some time when it had been a sapling another tree must have fallen on it and bent it parallel to the ground. It had continued to grow but the top had headed straight back towards the sun so it had a big section that ran parallel to and on the ground for about seven or eight feet before it bent back to the vertical. There was no sign of whatever had caused the bend when I had discovered the tree as a small boy. It had been special to me ever since. I had spent a lot of time sitting, lying, and generally playing on this tree. It was a fort, a boat, a spaceship, a horse, a racecar, a dragon, or anything else my fertile imagination could make of it. So I put my clothing on its trunk and went back to the stream and stood there reveling in the feeling of every sense being stretched to the maximum.

It didn't take long before I decided that just standing there wouldn't be exciting enough. I would re-explore some of the paths through the woods with the difference that this time I would be like a wild animal flitting through woods full of predators and survival would depend on not being caught, or in this case not being seen naked in the woods by another human being.

I went back to the tree to get my clothes to carry along in case I encountered someone and needed to put them on. I picked them up but then changed my mind when I realized that I really didn't want to carry them and certainly didn't want to wear them now that I had taken them off. I didn't want to leave them where they might be seen and carried off, potentially leaving me stranded, so I hid them under the edge of the tree where they would be screened by some undergrowth. Then I started off towards the downstream end of the woods.

I followed the path, every sense quiveringly alert, moving quickly where the cover was good and stopping to scan and listen carefully at any place where I would be exposed to view. I had to watch the path carefully as well because I was only wearing flip flops, which gave my feet little protection from snags and such. In this way, flitting from cover to cover, I finally came to the roadway embankment where the woods ended in this direction.

I was really feeling daring now and wanted to make the return trip on the other side of the stream. So after a long pause to look and listen for any hint that anyone was anywhere nearby I made a fast dash along the exposed embankment to cross the culvert and so enter the woods on the other side. I stopped in the first clump of sheltering trees and shrubs to catch my breath and take another long careful look to be sure that I hadn't been seen, while savoring the feeling of danger. Then, assured that there was no sign of anyone within the range of my senses, I started back, keeping closer to the edge of the woods than I had coming down in order to avoid the softer ground near the stream on this side.

The paths that I was forced to take on this side of the creek ran close enough to the edge of the woods that I could be seen by anyone who may have been in the back yards of the homes that bordered the woods so I had to move slower and make shorter dashes and spend more time scanning for anyone who might be in a position to observe me. I saw or heard no one though, and finally came to the place where it was possible to re-cross the creek to return to the tree and my clothes.

I sat on the tree for a moment to relish the wonderfully exciting feelings that this experience had aroused and then decided that the adventure would not be complete unless I also went to the other end of the woods. I checked to be sure that my clothes were undisturbed and started off upstream.

As the band of woods bordering the creek narrowed in this direction, it also became more open. The canopy of trees became denser with few breaks for the sun to come through so the shade was much deeper but the canopy was high and there was little underbrush. I was better hidden by the deep shade but at the same time more exposed by the lack of cover. As the strip of trees narrowed towards its end you could actually see all the way through from one side to the other for the last few hundred feet. I was forced to use tree trunks as cover and to look out of the woods in both directions as I neared the end. I was moving so slowly and carefully through this section that it took longer to get to the end in this direction than it had taken to go twice the distance to the other end. It was a lot more exciting, though. Finally I reached the end, making it to the big willow at the very tip in a short dash ending with a leap up into the crotch and a short climb to the lower branches.

This was a wonderful place to rest and savor what I had accomplished in getting here. The willow branches cascaded all the way to the ground on every side except for a small gap back towards the woods. The light coming through the canopy of the tree was soft and green. The slight breeze stirred the branches and set the leaves to dancing. I could see out in every direction but could not be seen unless someone knew I was there, actually in someone's back yard. I propped myself in a comfortable position and surveyed what I thought of as my domain for many minutes. I watched a small bird flit to and from its nest about ten feet above me paying no attention to me at all. Each time it approached the nest I could hear the chirping of the baby birds inside as they vied for the morsel of food being brought to them. A calico cat went from a yard on one side of the stream to one on the other side, crossing the creek with a mighty leap almost directly under me without ever being aware that I was there. I felt like the invisible man.

Finally I climbed down and started back. I probably wasn't being quite as careful as I had been while coming in this direction because when I caught motion out of the corner of my eye I had to jump to find cover behind a tree trunk. Moving slowly, I peeked around the trunk and saw and heard a bush not thirty feet away shaking as if something was trying to crash through it. Then, to my utter consternation Mrs. Patterson, the mom of one of my school buddies, stepped around it. Why was she home? I pulled my head back and pressed myself close against the tree, which was barely big enough to hide me. My heart was suddenly pounding so hard that I just knew she would hear it even if she hadn't already seen me.

It became apparent that she must not have seen or heard me when she failed to appear at my hiding place. I peeked again and saw that she was absorbed in pruning the shrub I had seen moving. I, however, was stranded, stark naked and unable to move. She was facing towards me and would surely see me if I tried to move from my position behind the tree. There was no way I could get away and if she came even a little way into the woods she would discover me! Furthermore, if anyone was home in either of the houses on my side of the tree, they could see me. How could I have been so stupid!?

I stood there for what seemed like hours but probably wasn't more than fifteen or twenty minutes, until she went further up into the yard and started working on some other shrubs, this time with her back to me. I watched her for a couple of minutes and then, carefully choosing the path to the next tree each time, began to work my way away from there as fast as I could without being spotted.

I can't begin to describe the feeling of exultation and excitement that I felt when I finally got back to the little clearing where my tree was. After moving my clothes from their hiding place back to "my" tree, I practically strutted around the clearing. I was aware of every square inch of my body and my surroundings; the little breeze caressing my skin; the cool damp smell of the ground under my feet; the birds singing; a cloud shadow fleeting by; the silkiness of my thighs rubbing together as I sensuously strolled across the clearing. I had an erection that was tingling in its intensity.

I reached down and softly, gently caressed it and the sensation was overwhelming. I slowly walked back towards my tree while rubbing the back of my hand along the sensitive underside, paying special attention to the little bit of skin just below the head, where the sensations are especially exquisite. I sat down and then lay back on the rough, sun warmed bark and began to masturbate slowly, taking time to savor the slow build up of tension. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the wonderful pursuit of sexual release. My whole body was becoming a mass of tingling nerves.

I knew that the mountain of sensation that was building up would soon explode into a volcanically massive orgasm. I could feel that it was very close when I heard a sharp snap. My eyes popped open and I saw Mrs. Prentiss standing about three feet from me holding the two halves of a small broken stick in her hands!

In a panic, I rolled off the other side of the tree and grabbed my clothes in one quick motion. I tried to step into my underwear and run away at the same time but my foot got caught in the crotch of the jockey shorts and I managed a couple of half steps before I fell flat on the damp ground. I just lay there in abject misery over having been caught in such an embarrassing situation, by Mrs. Prentiss of all people, and then compounding it with my clumsiness.

Mrs. Prentiss was our next door neighbor. She was a young widow of about 28 or 29 years of age whose husband had been an older attorney and had left her enough of an estate that she did not need to work. She had sold her previous home and bought the house next to us because she said it was more suited to her needs and much less expensive to maintain. She volunteered for various organizations and attended classes on all kinds of things to fill her days. She had hired me to mow her lawn right after she moved in and I had been doing it weekly for the past couple of years.

She was beautiful and I had an adolescent crush on her and had spent many a pleasant hour masturbating while daydreaming about her. She had been very friendly and nice, but nothing more. There was a narrow path through the rhododendrons at the back of her yard that led into the woods. I had never known her to use it, though.

So now, here I was stretched out on my stomach, naked as a jaybird, where I had fallen after being seen playing with myself by our beautiful neighbor.

"Are you hurt?" She asked.

"I don't think so." I mumbled.

"Well, these are muddy."

I looked and saw that she was holding my underwear up giving them a critical examination. She was holding the rest of my clothes, too.

"Here, just put these on." She dropped my shorts onto my bare backside. I reached around, grabbed the shorts, got up and quickly put them on. She quite frankly watched the entire performance. My erection had completely shriveled into an unimpressive little Vienna sausage sized thing.

"You're muddy too." She said.

The ground was moist from the spring rains and as well as being on the crotch of my underwear where I had stepped on them, it was on my hands, arms to the elbows, chest, and knees.

"Come with me." She said and turned and without a backwards glance to check on my compliance, started towards the little path that led back to her yard.

I thought briefly of running away but she was still carrying my t-shirt and muddy underwear, so I meekly followed along behind her. Not another word was spoken until we were in her house and she had gone to the linen closet and gotten out a towel and washcloth.

She handed them to me and said, "Go in the bathroom and wash all the mud off. Don't forget your feet. You can use the shower. When you are through I'll be waiting in the study. We'll have a little talk."

I did as she had instructed and had to scrub pretty hard to get the dirt out of the skin on my forearms and knees leaving them pink and tender. Then, after checking in the mirror to be sure I hadn't missed anything, I slipped my shorts back on and slowly made my way on shaking knees to the study.

She was sitting on the end of the sofa and when I walked into the room she just looked at me without saying a word. I couldn't think of anything to say so I stood looking at anything but her and shifting from one foot to the other. Finally she said, "Sit down."

I looked around, trying to decide where to sit and started towards a chair across the room. She said, "On the sofa." I reluctantly came back and sat at the far end. We sat in silence for an agonizingly long time before she finally said, "There is school today?" Her tone made it a question.

"Yes." I answered.

"And you are supposed to be there." No question in her tone this time.


"I see." And then, after a pause, "You have put me in a bad position. You realize, of course, that I can't just ignore this."

"I guess not."

"The problem is that I don't like being the one who has to take corrective action on your behavior." A pause, then, "I could tell your folks but I know as well as you do what that would do to the trip you have planned for this summer. They probably wouldn't let you go."

I had been planning a multiday canoe trip with a group of friends, camping and paddling over two week's time. Her lawn mowing money from last fall and the first early spring mowing as well as any other money I had been able to earn had gone into the kitty for this trip. The whole neighborhood knew of it.

"Yeah." I sighed, totally miserable and dejected.

"All the other alternatives that come to mind are even worse. If I call the truant officer you will probably get suspended as well as missing the trip."


"If I call the police and report what I saw back there it could cause even greater consequences."

"You wouldn't do that!" I blurted.

"No." By now I could see the whole world crashing down around my ears. I'd be old and gray before my parents would let me go anywhere or do anything again. They would probably take my driving and TV privileges, too.

"I could feel her eyes on me as I tried to melt into the sofa. She sat there, saying not a word, until I finally dared a quick look at her. Then she said, "I think I shall spank you."

I sprang from the sofa in alarm and said, "You can't do that! I'm too old for that!"

"Nonsense, you are never too old for a spanking. My husband spanked me when I needed it and I was much older than you are."

Bu-bu-but...he did?"

"Yes, he did. Sometimes it is the most appropriate punishment.

"Well nobody is going to spank me!"

"Fine, should I call your folks, the school, or the police?"

I was pacing back and forth now. "But you said you weren't going to do any of those things."

"That isn't what I said and you know it..." "I said I wouldn't call the police and that I didn't like any of the other alternatives. You also agreed that it would be irresponsible of me to just ignore the whole thing..." "Now, if you can think of some alternative this is the time to bring it up. The choice is yours; take some time to think about it before you decide. I will also eliminate notifying the school as a possibility because I don't think suspending you is appropriate. You have already missed today and causing you to miss more days won't help with your education. I happen to believe strongly in the value of education and I won't be a party to anything that causes you to miss more school."

"So that leaves you with two choices. Take your spanking and be done with it and never hear about it again, or tell me to call your folks and let them decide on the appropriate punishment. I will not let you off without punishment. The offense is serious."

She had locked eyes with me and I suddenly became aware of how green hers were. I finally had to look away from her stern gaze.

I stood there trying hard to think of some way out of my predicament but nothing came to my mind. My world, which seemed so limitless a few minutes ago, had quickly shrunk to this little room with no exit in sight.

After what seemed like a very long time she said, "Well, what will it be? If you can't decide then it automatically makes the decision to notify your folks the only one available. Shall I do that, or...what? I'm not going to wait very much longer."

I heard myself say, as if from a long way off, "OK, you can do it."

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