tagLesbian SexHow I Became a Teen Lesbian

How I Became a Teen Lesbian


Before I started thinking seriously about boys, I had thoughts about other girls. This began in more or less "innocent" ways. Fooling around with girlfriends at parties, if we felt sure no one would discover us. I'm talking about innocent little kissing dares, touching tongues to see what it feels like, and ... maybe even a little light touching under bras, and sometimes under panties.

When I first got to college I learned that a lot of girls, especially Juniors and Seniors, were openly bisexual or lesbian. And I guess because it's considered cool, typically the hottest and most popular girls were into girls. The guys were always way more attracted to girls who were known to be into girls. It was an open secret that many of the female professors seemed to look favorably on girls who had "gone lez". There were always rumors about hot little newbie lesbians suddenly seeing their grades go up to A's, coincidentally at the same time they were taking classes with certain hot professors with a reputed taste for coed pussy.

Well, who can blame those poor women? I mean, how could they NOT indulge in some of that eye candy once in a while. But never did I really think I would actually have sex with a girl. NO WAY, I told myself. I don't care how cool it is. I like cock!

But then one of my girlfriends would magically produce a Penthouse magazine at a dorm party, and we would look at what her "gross, perverted brother" liked to look at! Other girls would want to see, too, and some would put on a huge show of how disgusted they were, especially by the girl-girl layouts. Lots of loud assurances that they thought this was nauseating and insulting to women and on and on and on.

But as it became not so "new" anymore, more and more girls, I noticed, couldn't help but keep looking. A few of us, even if we stayed more or less silent, were fascinated with the images of strikingly beautiful models completely nude and kissing other beautiful girls, licking and sucking their hard nipples, and even ... OMG!! ... running their tongues through luscious, wet, spread open pussy lips! Really eating pussy! Actually pushing their tongues deep into another girl's beautiful, silky, wet, pink cunt! And looking like they really LOVE eating pussy!

And THAT made me so wet. I couldn't get those images out of my head. And I didn't WANT to. I WANTED to see much more. I couldn't wait for the next time one of my friends would whisper in class, "Hey, I just found my brother's new Penthouse. Wanna come over to my dorm room later and see? My brother is SUCH a fucking gross pervert ... he shouldn't be looking at that!!"

I would quickly say yes, and agree he is a total perv. But I couldn't wait to see two, or sometimes three, or four (!) really hot girls having full-on lesbian sex!

I guess at least one good thing about this is that by becoming so intrigued by lesbianism, I didn't feel the urge to give up my virginity too soon to the first boy who came along and said something nice to me. Not that I would have been THAT easy, but still, I knew plenty of girls who were, and sometimes getting into trouble, and the guy wasn't even all that hot or wonderful or "the one". So, maybe this helped me dodge a bullet? Who knows.

So, I guess it was inevitable. Here is how I got my first taste of sex, and in fact lesbian sex:

My best friend since high school was Addie. We ended up going to the same college and rooming together. Her mom and dad divorced when Addie was 15. We lived in a pretty affluent area and lots of people had pools in their back yards. We didn't at my house, but Addie did. And it had a high privacy fence to protect us from any unwanted attention. So, when we were home during breaks from college, sometimes we would lay out by her pool in very tiny bikinis. I mean TINY. And if we were feeling very brave and sexy, we would go topless.

I learned from Addie that her mom had left her dad for another woman. I guess it wasn't really a surprise to her dad. She said he knew her mom was a lesbian - or at least bi, and very much preferring women - before they got married. And even after the divorce he still had a thing for women who were lesbian or bi.

Only a year after the divorce her dad married Laurel, a younger woman who - again, surprise surprise! - was a lesbian! Well, maybe bi, but way more into girls than men.

I think she was about 34 or 35? I have to say she was a very sexy woman. Total hottie. Addie and I were both barely 18. Turned out that was Laurel's "sweet spot".

Addie always knew where her dad and stepmom hid porn, and a LOT of it was lesbian porn. Again, big surprise! No idea if it was her dad's or her stepmom's. Like that mattered? So between Penthouse magazines at dorm parties, and the many sleepovers at Addie's house, you can guess I had seen a lot of girl girl porn while I was still pretty young. And, honestly, I liked it. A lot!

Over time, as Laurel got to know us better and since she would hang out with us a lot, she would ask us to pretend we were models and put on modeling shows for her, or sometimes even for her and some of her girlfriends. If she had a few other women over and they were lounging around the pool, soaking up rays in their micro bikinis, she would call out to us to come join them, get some sun. We would, and Addie and I always got tons of flattering compliments on our hot teen bodies and sexy perfect asses and impossibly firm little sporty boobs. It was all true, and we didn't mind the adoring attention at all, but you would think we would have picked up on the signals. They were ALL hitting on us. But we were young and naive.

Sometimes Laurel and her friends would bring their sexy "slutty" club clothes for us to model for them. These were super short, body hugging black mini dresses and ultra micro mini skirts that really did not cover your crotch! And usually they asked us to try on very tiny panties. Sometimes they would egg us on and dare us to wear NO panties, saying that's what hit girls at clubs prefer.

Since I had pretty small tits, the tops they asked me to model were sheer and my rock hard little nipples were visible right through them! Laurel and her girlfriends really loved these shows and, I admit, me and Addie would get very turned on.

After we had modeled for Laurel and her friends many times, and in increasingly skimpy or risqué clothes and underwear, I noticed Laurel started having a digital camera on hand, and liked to have us pretend this was a fashion modeling shoot. Laurel liked to take LOTS of pictures during these modeling shows, and she really got into pretending she was a fashion photographer. She gave us ideas about posing, how to stand, how to walk, how to look at the camera. How to look at each other. How to stand next to each other, or sit or lay on a couch or a bed together.

Eventually she started arranging us in more suggestive poses. She constantly told us we looked really hot together. A lot of the poses she had us do were at least kind of lesbian-ish, but she explained that this was normal in modeling. She would tell us how it was just the way the fashion industry likes models to pose. Very common. Not at all unusual.

As we got more comfortable posing for Laurel, she asked us if we were aware that a lot of girls today were into girls, and how it is perfectly normal, that its really very common. Addie and I weren't total idiots, we could tell she was carefully getting us comfortable with lesbianism. And frankly, it was working. I mean, we were already pretty open to it. Probably strange that we had not already experimented like other girls we knew, but her encouragement was helping us move from having a secret lesbian fantasy to now maybe actually experiencing girl-girl pleasure. We were really enjoying her coaching and encouragement, so we never said anything to discourage her. We just posed as she asked us to.

As the poses got sexier, I think Addie and I both sensed that this was going in a more and more exciting direction. Finally one hot, sunny Saturday morning when Addie and I were hanging out, Laurel sat down near us by the pool and, after some small talk and build up, she came right out AND ... asked us if we would shave our pussies completely bald, so that we could pose for her wearing just our tiniest micro panties and bras. She said she wanted us to pretend we were Victoria's Secret models. I was getting very wet and very turned on. Just being asked made me wet! It felt so nasty and yet wonderful at the same time. I couldn't help imagining the girl girl layouts I had seen in all of those Penthouse magazines, and the library of teen lesbian pornos Addie's stepmom and dad had "hidden" away, which were really hot!

So we shaved. Soon Addie and I were completely smooth. And things rapidly went from "innocent & sexy" to "naughty & way sexy".

Laurel had me pose lying on my back, and then she gently had me spread my legs ... only a little at first, but then a little wider, then more, and eventually really wide apart. She snapped loads of pics and told me how sexy I looked. Soon she posed Addie on top of me on all fours, with her ass high in the air and her face cheek to cheek with my face, and ... this was SO HOT ... she then pulled Addie's panties down ... only a little at first, "just enough to tease". It was just barely enough so that her ass crack was slightly visible.

Lots more camera flashes. Laurel started encouraging us to kiss. As we did, very tenderly and lightly, Laurel kept taking more pictures and we could hear her breathing getting faster and more excited. We could even hear her almost moaning, very quietly, under her breath. She told us how hot we looked, like we were professional models. Her encouragement continued, telling us to just relax and be sexy, to pretend we were being romantic, like lovers.

We were getting more and more aroused, kissing and touching in just panties and bras, and with Addie's panties slightly pulled down! Laurel completed us and then ... she urged us to really make out, "like the hot models in your Penthouse magazines".

Whoa! She knew? Well, that cat was obviously out of the bag! Of course we both knew exactly what she meant, and it was so exciting and pleasurable that we didn't hesitate and started to really French kiss! It wasn't my first time kissing a girl with tongues like that, and yet in this situation it almost felt like it was my first time, so exciting and so erotic, and I totally loved it.

I didn't realize it but while Addie and I were kissing, Laurel gradually slid Addie's panties off her ass and then the rest of the way down her legs ... and then all the way off! That by itself got me so excited I thought I would cum! After another few minutes and plenty of camera flashes and more encouragement from Laurel, she gently reached under me and unsnapped my bra and took that off too.

Laurel was taking so many pictures, we were practically in another world. It happened so gradually that soon Addie and I were totally nude, as Laurel stripped away our scanty underwear. Laurel paused like she was unsure about the next pose. But then, in a husky, almost whispering sexy voice, she said that she wanted us to pose in the 69 position!

Laurel had Addie lie back and spread her legs ALL THE WAY apart, with her bubblegum-pink pussy lips full and soooo wet and flared open. And she posed me on top of Addie on my hands and knees, my ass now up high, as she positioned us perfectly with our faces only inches from each other's steaming hot cunts. She kept telling us we were doing great. As Laurel picked up her camera and started snapping away again, she told us it's okay, to go ahead and have a taste ... just a taste.

Soon Laurel was almost purring, promising we would love it, how pussy is so delicious, how every girl should know what pussy tastes like ... and after a moment, Addie and I each took our first long, slow, wonderful taste of pussy. I instantly loved it!

Soon we were both pushing our tongues deep into each others cunts, sucking and tongue fucking each other. I loved really loved Addie's pussy, sucking on her pussy lips, blown away by how her cunt tasted, how it felt on my tongue, her hard little clit ... everything! And Laurel kept photographing us and giving us ideas and telling us we were the hottest two girls she had ever seen (which confirmed she had seen plenty!). This went on for hours and we literally "went totally lesbian" for Laurel, loving every moment, every smell, every taste.

I could feel Addie's long, creamy tongue licking up and down my slit, then her lips covering my whole cunt and sucking, pushing her tongue deeper as she sucked my pussy lips into her warm mouth and drove me to an ecstasy I had never known before.

Her pussy was wet and musky and only a hint of tangy, completely delicious and wonderful, and smelled vaguely of piss, but not in a bad way at all. Like a light, faint, sweet piss mixed with thick honey and so erotic and heavenly. I ran the flat of my tongue up down her wide spread cunt lips, her labia splayed open and puffy, a deepening pinkish coral crimson, smooth on my tongue, inviting me to suck and lick and tongue fuck deeper.

My stomach tightened up and I could feel my whole body trembling. Addie was too! Both of us had our mouth locked onto the other's hot cunt. I pushed my hands underneath her tight, perfect ass so I could pull her pussy upward, pushing my tongue into her cunt even deeper, sucking and licking her. Addie's hands were on my ass too, pulling my pussy down onto her lips and tongue as she French kissed my cunt and twirled her tongue around by bullet-hard clit. I returned the favor and attacked her pencil eraser clit, sucking and tonguing it as I sucked her pussy lips back into my mouth.

I felt my core and abdomen tightening up more, and realized my orgasm was approaching. And suddenly, I think at the same time, Addie and I both let out shrieks of pleasure as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy ripped through our sweaty naked teen bodies. We kept our lips sealed around each other's smooth, bald cunts as we both kept cumming and cumming. Her juices flooded my mouth, a thicker mixture of honey and piss and girl juice. I exploded too, all over Addie's face and neck and tiny tits.

Laurel had a stunned, somewhat amazed look on her face. She caught everything with her camera and was still flashing away. We loved the thrill of having just posed like Penthouse girls. I knew I would do this again in a heartbeat!

And ... Addie and I knew from then on we were going to always be into girls. It was too "right" to not happen again. I sensed I still had an interest in a nice BIG hard cock once in a while, but pussy was my new drug and I wanted to overdose as much as possible!

Laurel did not join in sexually on that occasion, but she and I had a lot of wonderful experiences in bed together after that, and she introduced me to a wide variety of things women can do together.

She used to tell me I ought to become a lesbian porn model and she could be my personal photographer and manager. She wanted to see me lick and suck and eat as much beautiful pussy as possible, and I wanted that too. She set up many more photo shoots, often with either me or Addie or both of us, but also with a bevy of other young girls posing with us, usually for their first time. Laurel introduced so many really hot young girls to lesbian sex. Like it was her mission in life.

Later, Laurel would host private parties for Addie and me and our friends. There used to be, like, five or six of Laurel's girlfriends, all "Cougar MILF's", pretty much all in their 30's and early 40's, and maybe 12 or 15 girls from our college. The parties always wound up with the women getting the girls naked and making out with us and eventually eating our pussies. Or us eating their's or each other's. Us putting on lesbian shows. Total pussy fest.

No doubt in my mind those women turned dozens of the best looking girls at my college into lesbians. It was amazing fun!

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