tagMind ControlHow I Became Mayor Ch. 03

How I Became Mayor Ch. 03



I used to be one lazy SOB. A little overweight, not very motivated, and well, slovenly. All of that changed when one afternoon when I was plopped on the sofa and the TV remote quit working. If you knew me then, you would know how much this pissed me off. I got up and changed the batteries, but the damn thing still didn't work. So I took off the cover and started messing with the insides. (I am a plumber by trade, so I had no idea what the hell I was doing in there.)

Well I messed around with it for a few minutes, using some of my plumbing tools, then got pissed off and threw it. "Piece of shit!!" I yelled. I went over and picked it up and put the cover back on it. As I was stupidly pointing it at the TV and pushing the useless buttons, my girlfriend Kimberly walked in.

She was short, plump, and not all that pretty, but she usually put up with my shit, and didn't yell when we argued, so I kept her around. She said, "What are you bitching at now?"

"The goddamn remote is busted! Look!!" I pushed one of the buttons.

She got a faraway look in her eyes and said, "What do you want me to do?"

I was pissed. "Fuck you!" I said. "You can suck my dick, you bitch!"

No one was more shocked than I was when she walked over, pulled down my sweatpants and started sucking my cock.

Chapter 3 - Looking for a New House

The next morning we set off to start touring houses. Brenda drove, and we stopped at her house so she could change her clothes. I drank coffee in her kitchen while she dressed and got ready to go. I'm afraid we both looked a little rough after our night of fucking. As most women can, however, she fixed her face, and I must say, looked a hell of a lot better than me.

The first two houses did nothing for me. They were obviously owned by women living alone, and were way too girly. Sure they could have been undecorated and repainted, but I'm a lazy SOB, so that's not what I was looking for at all. Brenda was very apologetic about 'wasting my time' with them, but I wasn't upset. She just really wanted to please me.

The third house, however, looked awesome from the street. I had driven by it many times, and always noticed it. It was brick and stucco on the outside, and a 6-foot brick wall surrounded the property with a nice iron gate in the front. I found out from Brenda as we were touring it that Mayor Thompson owned it.

Thompson was a plump, bitter old lesbian, in my opinion. I'm sure she did a good job as mayor, because the people kept electing her, but every time I saw her picture in the paper she looked like she had just bitten a lemon. She had a considerable fortune, and more than one home. Brenda told me that she was selling this one so that she could spend more time at her lake home, in preparation for her retirement. Perfect!

The house was better than I expected. Not only did it have a gorgeously manicured yard, it had 5 bedrooms, a large recreation room, a 4-car garage, in-ground pool, and a wine cellar separated from the rest of the basement. I couldn't imagine a better place for me to live. Brenda was very excited showing it to me. I could see her nipples poking out through her conservative blouse.

We met the mayor for lunch and after a few minutes of pleasantries, I pushed the button on the remote, and both women said, "What do you want me to do?"

I told Brenda to ignore my conversation with the mayor, and to eat her lunch as she normally would. She would remember only that the negotiations went well.

I had lots more instructions and questions for Mayor Thompson. She was planning to retire at the end of her term, but I gave her instructions to step down from her post in one month, and to support me in the campaign as her successor. I decided that sitting on my ass in the mayor's office was a far better job than being a plumber. And I also realized that 3 of the 5 members of the city council were women, so with my trusty remote control, I could do basically whatever I wanted.

I told the mayor that she didn't need the money, so she would sell me her house for the same price I was selling mine for, and not think twice about it. If people asked, she met me when I was fixing her sprinkler system, and decided to do something nice for the community, since she was retiring and leaving, and that she loved the house and knew I would take good care of it.

I also left her with the suggestion that she should exercise more and watch her diet, and that anytime someone addressed her as "Mayor Thompson," she would become aroused and her nipples would get hard. I also left her with the suggestion that she really wanted to help me be mayor, so she would do everything she could.

I pushed STOP when I had finished her instructions. We finished our lunch, Brenda was very charming, and the mayor was very friendly. After we ate, I made the mayor a lowball offer on her house, she negotiated me up to the price I had told her, and then we struck a deal.

I said, "Thank you, Mayor Thompson," knowing it would arouse her. She smiled. We ended our meeting, and I sent Brenda to her office to work on the paperwork for my new house, and to get my old one sold.

I decided to knock around town for a little while before heading home. I spent a little time using the remote on random women and giving them suggestions to vote for me for Mayor in the next election. I grew bored with this, so I ducked into a local bar.

The bar was a nice enough place, if nothing fancy. There were a few businessmen in there having lunch and the place was fairly quiet. I was thirsty, so I sat down at the end of the bar and ordered beer. I chitchatted with the bartender as I drank, and had about finished my 2nd beer when a girl came in to ask for directions.

I call her a 'girl' because she couldn't have been more than 19 or 20 years old. She was dressed casually, in hip hugger jeans and a baby-doll T-shirt. I could tell she was wearing a red bikini top under her shirt; it was tied in a bow behind her neck. It was obvious she had a tight young body under her clothes, and my cock took immediate interest in her. She was supposed to meet her friends at a nearby park for some volleyball, but had taken a wrong turn and was lost.

I volunteered to give her directions before the bartender could say anything. I suggested we step outside so I could point out landmarks to her and get her going her in the right direction. I paid my bill and we walked out. As soon as we were out the door, I pushed the button on the remote. "What do you want me to do?" She said with that faraway look in her eyes.

I told her that she would insist that I ride with her so she didn't get lost, and hit STOP. She blinked and said, "Hey, would you mind just riding with me? I'm terrible with directions, and I'd hate to get lost." I agreed, and followed her to her car. Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail that bobbed as she led me to a white SUV parked near at the curb a few doors down.

Once we were in the car, I hit the button on the remote again. "What do you want me to do?" She said. I decided that since I had nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon, I would spend it with this pretty young thing as my sex slave, while I waited to hear from Brenda.

I said, "Tell me your name."

She said her name was Wendy Harris.

I asked her if she had anyplace to be this afternoon, and she said no, just the volleyball game. I had her call her friends on her cell phone and tell them that she wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it. I told her she really wanted to be my sex slave for the afternoon, that she was looking forward to doing whatever I told her to do, and that she would drive to my house and gave her the directions. Then I hit STOP.

She smiled at me and started the car. During the short drive to my house, I asked if she had ever been a sex-slave before, and she giggled cutely. "No, this would be my first time." So I asked her some more questions about her sexual history, and found out that she had had one serious relationship and a few one-night stands, but nothing nearly as adventurous as picking up a total stranger twice her age in a bar and being his slave for the afternoon. But she was definitely excited by the prospect.

We pulled into my driveway; I decided to see how far she would go being my slave without using the remote on her. I could always use it if I had to, and I would certainly use it when we were finished so that there wouldn't be any long-term lasting effects that might haunt me later. So before we got out of her car, I reached over and grabbed her right tit, which was closest to me. She flinched and looked at me.

I said, "You are my slave, and I can do whatever I want to you."

She kind of giggled and said, "I'm sorry, you startled me."

"You're sorry, what?" I said, looking at her sternly.

"I'm sorry.... sir." she said, and looked away from my gaze.

I said, "You will call me master now, and if you forget, you will be punished. You will also not speak unless I give you permission. Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes.... master." she said, and giggled a little again.

"Good, now get out and follow me to the front door." I took a stern tone, as a parent with a petulant child.

When we got in the house, I led her to the living room and told her to kneel on the floor. I had her take off her shirt and her red bikini top. I then wrapped the bikini top around her neck and tied it like a collar. I made it tight enough that she could feel it, but not so tight it would choke her. I told her this was her slave collar, and that she would do whatever I told her until I removed it.

I sat back on the couch in front of her, and looked her over. She was pretty enough, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes that were probably enhanced by color contact lenses. She was tanned, and had a petite figure and a youthful tight physique. She had smaller, firm rounded breasts that were probably a B cup, which were tipped with small, pink, cone-shaped nipples. She had a flat stomach and a pierced navel.

I told her that my slave needed to be inspected. I told her to stand up and take off the rest of her clothes. She removed her pants, revealing the bottom half of her red thong bikini, and nothing else. She stepped out of the bikini bottoms and revealed a completely bald pussy with puffy lips. She stood before me naked except for her slave collar. I let my eyes roam up and down her tight body.

She was probably no more than 5-2. She was not embarrassed by her nudity or my gaze, but not completely comfortable, either. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. I told her to turn around, and bend over at the waist. She did, and placed both hands flat on the floor. Her ass was tight, round, and gorgeous. I could see that her pussy was moist as well.

I left her in that position, and stood up and stripped myself naked.

Then I said, "You are a dog. Get down on all fours like a dog." She did. I told her to bark, and she did. I said, "Follow me like a good dog, slave." And I walked to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge, with Wendy following me, crawling on the floor. I opened the beer and took a deep drink. Then I poured some into a bowl and put it on the floor. She lapped it up with her pretty pink tongue. While she was drinking, I got a cucumber out of the refrigerator. It was about a foot long, narrow at one end and very thick at the other.

I told Wendy the dog-slave to sit up, and she did. I told her to open her mouth. I stuck my cock in her open mouth and she started to suck it. I pulled it out and said, "Bad Dog!" sharply. I grabbed her hair and said sternly, "Open your mouth!" I put my cock back in her mouth, and this time she kept it open.

I rubbed my semi-hard dick over her tongue and lips. Then I told her to lick my balls. She lapped at my balls like she had the bowl of beer. I stuck my cock in her mouth and told her to suck it. She slid her lips and tongue up and down my hardening shaft.

I pulled my dick out of my slave's mouth and walked back to the couch. She followed me, still on all fours. I sat down on the couch, legs spread. She crawled over between my legs and sat back in a kneeling position. I reached over and grabbed her slave collar and pulled her head into my lap.

"Quit acting like a dog and suck my cock, you little bitch!" I said.

"Yes master." I could feel her hot breath on my balls.

Then she went down on me with enthusiasm. The little slut had talent. She was down to the base of my 8-inch cock and back to the tip. I was deep in her throat and her fingers tickled my balls. Her little hand, slippery with her saliva and my precum pumped at my shaft between strokes.

"Ooohhh, you are a dirty little bitch. You like sucking my fat cock, don't you?"

When my cock was good and hard, I again grabbed her by the slave collar and made her stop sucking my dick. I told her to lie down on her back on the floor, and I gave her the still-cold cucumber from the fridge. I stood over her, slowly stroking my meat while she started rubbing the cuke on her cunt.

I told her that a good slave would get as much of that cold vegetable in her snatch as possible. She giggled again and licked the cuke to get it wet. She opened her legs and slid the skinny end inside her. She worked it in and out of her soaked pussy until she was moaning and shivering and had about 9-10 inches up inside her.

Then I had her remove her all-natural dildo and lay down on the couch on her back. I picked up her legs and held them straight up in the air as I pushed my dick inside her pussy. She was not very tight and I slid in her easily. The velvety inside of her cunt was still cold from the cucumber dildo, and the chill feeling was intense on my shaft.

I started fucking her with steady, long strokes. She may not have been experienced, but she had natural talent. Every time I thrust into her, she would squeeze her cunt muscles around my cock, and she would let out a little squeal of pleasure when I hit bottom. My dick was still tired from the long night before with Brenda, so my orgasm was still far away.

I banged her faster and harder until she gripped the couch cushions and shuddered with her climax. While she was still coming down from her peak, I pulled out of her and had her stand up, bending over the seat of the couch, and holding on the back of the sofa for support. I slid my wet cock into her from behind, and started fucking her hard.

I grabbed her ponytail with one hand and her shoulder with the other hand and slammed my dick into her harder and harder. She screamed with pleasure. I suddenly stopped and pulled my cock out of her, and she almost collapsed. "You like it when I fuck you hard, slave?" I said.

"Yes, master." She said, out of breath.

"Beg for it." I commanded, still holding her hair, and rubbing my swollen cock on her dripping slit.

"Pleeeeaaase!" she wailed. "Please fuck me master. Fuck me hard like the slut I am." She wiggled her tight ass against my stomach.

I let go of her hair and sat down on the couch. I said, "You have been a good little slut. You can climb on my cock and fuck me. As hard as you want."

Wendy didn't hesitate a moment. She sat on my lap, facing me, and slid my dick back into her pussy. She worked up and down my cock, forcing the head into her G-spot harder and harder with each stroke. I grabbed her small nipples and pinched them hard. She gasped, and then wailed with the beginning of another orgasm. She sank the full length of me into her, and rode out her climax on my lap.

When it had faded, I lifted her chin and looked into her face. "Are you a good little slave?" I asked?

"Yes master." she panted. Her eyes were bright with excitement - the little slut wanted more!

"Good little slave." I patted her on the head. I then had her get off of my cock and she stood shakily and turned around. Facing away from me, she re-mounted me with her feet braced on my knees and her one hand on the seat of the couch. Her other hand guided my cock back into her pussy. I gripped her tight little ass with both hands.

Her cunt was much tighter in this position as I helped her slide up and down my pole lifting her ass with my hands. Her free hand played with my sac and tickled my asshole as she rode me harder and harder. She was moaning and panting with the effort as I felt my orgasm approaching.

When I was close to the edge, I ordered her off my dick and on to the floor. She kneeled between my legs and slurped up my slimy dick with her tongue, sucking and licking my cock with abandon. I grabber her hair and fucked her head until my balls finally exploded into her hot mouth. My cum oozed out onto her tits and the floor as she struggled to contain it all. She continued to lick and suck on me until I told her to sit up.

I noticed there were two drops of cum on the floor, so I made my little slave crouch down and lick them up. After all, I was trying to sell the place and wouldn't want to leave a mess.

When we had caught our breath, I pushed the button on the remote and gave her more instructions. She was to rinse off quickly in the shower, get dressed, and leave. She was to drive to the park and join her friends. She would remember not feeling well, but stopping at the bar and using the restroom, and starting to feel better. I also left her with a suggestion that, subconsciously, eating cucumbers would get her aroused, and that sometimes, when no one was around, she would enjoy masturbating with a cuke. Then I pressed OFF, and she set off to shower and dress.

I dozed naked on the couch until she had gone. It was then I realized that I hadn't heard from Brenda, so I decided to give her a call.

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