tagIncest/TabooHow I Came to Love My Brother

How I Came to Love My Brother


I don't know if I should be telling you this or not, but this thing has been burning inside me. I really need to tell someone.

I have an older brother, which I idolize. Even though he was 6 years older, he was my friend, protector, and confidant - I was one of those baby surprises. Brad ended up in NY working for a fashion photographer. At the end of my senior year of high school, my parents sent me to my brother's place so I could check out some of the colleges. They thought that if I liked one of the schools I could stay with Brad and they could skip the cost of room and board.

Although he was shooting for a studio downtown, Brad had his own photography studio in the old house he was renting. He would ask me to help him when he was shooting nudes so that there would be another girl in the studio. When I told Brad that I thought his models were gorgeous, he just said that was why he was photographing them. He then said that I had nothing to be ashamed of that I was as good looking as they were. I told him that if he really thought that then would he shoot me. He just laughed and said no - he would stick to the models.

I couldn't stop thinking about shooting myself so after he went to work downtown I set up the studio the same way he had it for the last boudoir shoot, set the camera on remote and stripped. Climbing into the bed and pulling the sheet up around me, I started shooting with the remote trying to recreate the same poses from his last shoot. It was a rush, as the lights would flash each time I took a picture. Soon I was posing fully naked and shooting every angle I could think of. Problem was that before I could finish I heard Brad come in the front door and go upstairs while talking on his phone. I hurried off the bed, turned off the camera and lights and ran and into another room with my clothes and dressed. When he came downstairs, I asked why he was home early. He said he needed the camera in the studio and before I could say anything, Brad got the camera I was using and left. I was so anxious the whole day waiting for Brad to come home. I was in the kitchen staring at a box of spaghetti when he came home. He called me into the living room, sat me down on the couch and started to yell. He was furious! I kept hearing the same things over and over.

How could you be so stupid? Why would you let me leave with a camera filled with nude photos? Worst yet, my sister - shit! What were you thinking?

Brad had never yelled at me, at least not like this, and I had not thought about what would happen if anyone saw the pictures. As I sat there watching him yell at me the tears started streaming down my face. All I could say was how sorry I was. After what seemed forever, Brad sat down on the couch next to me and when I leaned into him, he wrapped his arms around me and held me without saying a word.

After a while, I again told him how sorry I was. He asked me what made me take the pictures. I told him that after watching him shoot the other girls I wanted to find out how I would look. Brad grunted and then said that actually, if I wasn't his sister he would hire me in a second. I was completely surprised at what he said and after a big breath asked if I could see them. Brad hesitated but then said to come into the study and we would look at all the shots.

In his office, he pulled two chairs in front of a large monitor and loaded the shots. I curled up into my chair and waited for what I thought would be plenty of embarrassing pictures. We did laugh at the first couple of pictures of me holding the sheet and looking awful at being sexy, but then as the sheet dropped, Brad became silent. There I was, all over that large screen with my small round breast and erect nipples. As the photo show continued soon I was fully nude and displaying everything in front of my brother. I must admit that my body is fit. As a cheerleader and dancer, I spent a lot of time keeping in shape. I do not have one of those "sex pack" stomachs, but my tummy is flat, my legs are nice and my butt is small and round. But, no matter, I had never seen all of me posing like this before - wtf.

Soon brad was leaning forward and murmuring to himself. All I could make out was good angle, need more light on the thighs, too much shadow. I didn't know if I should talk or not, but I finally asked him what he thought about the pictures. He leaned back and put his hands behind his head. He murmured that he could do some really good work shooting me, if he could forget I was his sister. I shot out of my chair and jumped into his lap facing him. I put my hands on his chest and begged him to shoot me. When I felt his chest, it was not like the high school boys I had dated. The time Brad had spent in the gym had paid off. His chest was broad and muscular. As I sat in his lap with my hands on his chest, I also became very aware that I was sitting on a hard erection.

Saturday morning was filled with following a "model's grooming list" - clean hair, close shave, and light makeup. I heard him call me into the studio about an hour before sunset. He planned to shoot me at different places in the studio - the couch, bed and fireplace. There were several large umbrella lights stationed throughout the studio that would make me the center of attention. Some were strobe lights that went off only when the picture was taken and some were on all the time. When it was time to drop my robe I hesitated. This was different from when I was fooling around doing selfies. This time my brother was on the other side of the lights ready to photograph his baby sister in the nude. But, this is what I asked for and wanted so I let the robe fall to the ground and asked where he wanted me to go. Just as he had done with the other models, Brad started calling out directions on where I should stand and how I should move - drop your chin a little, bring your shoulder up, no- left shoulder, good.

I tried my best to follow his directions, but he became frustrated that I wasn't moving the way he wanted me to, so he started moving me himself. I should explain that I am short and on the small size while Brad is like 6'4" and well built. He did not have any trouble moving me into whatever position he wanted to shoot. His hands were gentle, but firm as he moved me into position for each of the shots. He was totally engrossed in taking the pictures and although he did not seem affected by touching and feeling my bare skin, I was.

I think some would argue that I crossed the line with my brother that night, but I think it was when he was touching and holding me. Just like the little bendy doll I had as a girl, Brad would move me - my arms and legs, push gently on the small of my back, push my stomach in, rest his hand on my neck and back, slid against my breasts and nipples with his arm. There wasn't much of me that he didn't end up touching and with each touch of his hands; I became more and more aroused.

Although I did my best not to get aroused, it didn't take long until I was wet with excitement. All I could think about was how he was making me feel. I tried to show with each pose that I was not a little girl any more.

When we stopped shooting, Brad said I should grab a shower and something to eat, that he wanted to start working on the pictures and would get something to eat later on. I begrudgingly left the studio to take a quick shower. As I stood nude in front of the mirror, I wondered how the pictures would turn out.

I knew that Brad would be adjusting and cropping the shots and would not want company, so I got something to eat and flopped in front of the TV. I fell asleep sometime during the movie I was watching and woke around 2:00am in the morning. The house was dark except for the light from the TV and from down the hall. I made my way quietly down the hall to the open doorway of Brad's office. As I stood in the doorway, I could see that the large screen monitor had a slideshow, displaying beautiful images of me. I could not believe how good I looked in the pictures - not a little girl, but an alluring sexy woman. It was then I noticed that Brad's hand was moving back and forth in his lap. Coming into the room and around the chair, I could see his hand stroking his cock. I admit I had tried to imagine how big he was ever since I sat in his lap, but I had not come close to how impressive it was. When he noticed me, he moved to pull his pants up, but I stepped in front of him and put my hands out to stop him.

He started objecting, but when I took hold of his pant legs and pulled his pants off he became quite and let me have my way. Kneeling down between his open legs, I got my first good look at my brother's cock. It was maybe 7" long and had nice thickness from the base of the shaft up to the head. My appearance had made him lose the erection he had been playing with. Ignoring Brad's protests, I leaned into his thighs and took the limp shaft in my hand. It was warm and soft to the touch with a pool of pre-cum smeared across the top of the head. I took some of the slick fluid onto my finger and made a silver thread in the light. Wrapping the shaft in my hand, I brought my tongue across the top of his cock to get the rest of the pre-cum that was left. I could feel Brad's hands on my head as I brought the tip of his cock just to my lips - just barely touching. Pretending to take him into my mouth, I started and stopped several times before sucking the head of his cock past my lips into my mouth. I gripped the base of his shaft to control how much of Brad's cock I would let in. My intentions were to suck by brother off until he came in my mouth.

Although I'm sure you are calling me a slut by now, I have not been with that many boys. Yes, I had fucked once, but it was not all that it was cracked up to be. So, I learned how to give a blowjob to keep from fucking.

When I thought that I was getting him close, Brad pulled me up and laid me down on the office rug. Pulling my pants down and off, he ran his hand up my leg and thigh, gently pushing my legs apart. When he traced the camel toe in my panties with his finger, the fabric became instantly wet. As I pushed sown on the waistband, Brad pulled the panties off and spread my legs even further apart. I was fully exposed to my brother as he brought his fingers down and spread the lips of my pussy so that his tongue could slide from my hole up to my waiting clit. Pushing the small fold aside, he started licking and sucking my clit. I felt his finger playing around the opening of my pussy before entering knuckle deep. The way he brought me up and then down before cumming was something I had never experience before - when I did cum it was immense. When he came up off of me, I grabbed his face and kissed him with all the passion within me. The taste of my cum on his lips made me want him more than ever. As we kissed, I pushed on him until he was on his back.

Sliding down, I went down on him again until his cock was full and stiff. I moved back up on Brad until I could position the head of his cock at my pussy hole. I was completely wet as I slowly let him enter inside me until he filled me. I felt some pain as the girth of his cock stretched me, but as he started thrusting, the pain changed to the kind of pleasure that fucking was supposed to be. I only stayed on top of Brad for a few minutes until, with little effort; he pulled me around on the rug, raised my legs and started quick deep thrusts. I felt his hands on my breasts, each tit filling his hands as his cock slid in and out of my pussy. I was wrong. Although I did not think I would have an orgasm a second time, seeing my brother arch his back as he pushed his cock as deep as it would go to cum inside me brought me over the edge. WTF! I was in love with my brother, but was he in love with me?

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by Anonymous

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by ncgrandpa08/13/18

Nice first story

Very nice first story. Yes it was a little rushed, but very good for a first time. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

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by Onefortheroad5607/24/18

Slow down! And regroup.

This could have been a really good, hot story from the beginning. And it still can be. There seemed to be a rush for our heroine to bang her brother. Well, now that it is done, why not have them come tomore...

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by RodThrustin06/24/18

This tail tale is too short.

Sorry, but like sex often is, this story is done too soon.

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by o2baPrince05/25/18

Great story.....

I am looking forward to the next chapter!

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