tagLesbian SexHow I Had My Secretary...Ch. 2

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 2


How I Had My Secretary Seduce My Wife Ch. 2

I was exhausted after watching my wife Sharon, and my secretary Linda, going at it like two sex- starved nymphs. Linda brought my wife to so many crescendos' and then let her hang until my poor, beautiful, wife had to literally beg Linda to let her have a climax. Linda definitely had the advantage because I told Linda the ways to get Sharon a little crazy, and the one thing I told her was that Sharon just kept wanting more and more orgasms and the only way I could last was to get her just about to her peak and then back off, otherwise I would cum in a matter of fifteen minutes or so. Watching my wife having a mind blowing orgasm in itself, is the most beautiful and erotic thing that I can think of.. I will always try to have her keep her eyes open while she is going through a volcanic orgasm, like Mt. Etna in Italy, because she glows as I look into her eyes and I feel as though I can see right into the depths of her soul.

But as exhausted as I was, what they did after they got back into bed brought back the blood circulation to my aching cock. Let's face it guys, as we get a little older, women can run circles around us when it comes to endurance in the sex department. Let's put it this way; we can beat them in the 100 yard dash, but they can clobber us in the 26 mile Boston marathon.

Linda going down on my wife was one thing, but was my wife going to be talked into doing the same to Linda'. I could tell that between the work-out and the shower, Sharon now was completely sober. Not the she had been drunk, but the alcohol had her lose some of her inhibitions when it came to lesbian sex when Linda first initiated it.

They were lying on the bed, both of them refreshed from their showers. They were at the touchy feely stage of foreplay, but I have to admit that Linda was doing most of the touching and Sharon was being a little hesitant, I could tell that she just wasn't quite sure as how to respond. They were both enjoying this as well as getting aroused again. (God bless women, I would be crashing right about now.) However, I forced myself to stay awake because I wanted to know if my wife would reciprocate and go down on Linda's beautiful bald cunt, even though I knew in the back of my mind that with Linda's prompting it would be a fact.

'Well beautiful, are you up to some more fun'' Linda asked my wife and being aware of Sharon's hesitation..'Oh god yes Linda, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your touch. I wish that we could make love all week-end.''Hey, what about me,' I Thought to myself. With that said, Linda took Sharon's hand and moved it on to her breast.'You know Sharon, what I would like for you to do to me is give me a good breast massage, I love to have my tits worked over and my nipples pinched and pulled.' When Sharon hesitated for a moment Linda said,'Just play and stimulate them as you would with yours.' While Linda was instructing Sharon on what to do, she had her hand between Sharon's thighs and was putting pressure on her pussy and flicking her clit. Linda knew just how to keep my wife in a constant state of arousal.'OH YEA,' Linda moaned. Her nipples grew hard as Sharon manipulated them as if they were her own,'that's it, your hands know exactly what I want, but now I want you to suck on them, chew on them as if you were my teething baby. Oh fuck yes, that's it.'

While Sharon was working Linda's sensitive nipples, Linda, in her growing excitement, was massaging Sharon's pussy more vigorously and that was evoking moans from both of them. Linda, with her free hand, took Sharon's hand and moved it down her stomach and then slowly to her prominent mound.'Sweetheart, I want you to start playing with my pussy. See how wet I am. I want you to put a couple of your fingers into my cunt and feel how hot you've made me.' I could tell that Linda was aware of Sharon's growing excitement and that Sharon was becoming more aggressive in her actions.

I could even hear the swishing sound that Sharon's fingers were making in Linda's hot love hole.'Now Sharon, bring your fingers up to our mouths so that we both can lick off my sex juices together.' As Sharon obeyed Linda's request and brought her dripping fingers up to Linda's mouth, Linda pushed Sharon's fingers into Sharon's mouth. Sharon was caught off guard but she had no choice but to suck off Linda's juices.'Now baby, give me a deep tongue kiss so I can taste myself in your mouth.,' as she pulled Sharon's mouth to hers.

Damn, they looked like they were swallowing each others tongues, but after a couple of minutes they broke it off and Linda asked,'how do I taste'' Linda could see that Sharon was not quite sure as to how to answer and then added,'How do I taste compared to you' You do taste your sweet cum don't you' I thought that you tasted yummy and I want to drink more of your honey.' Sharon was a little embarrassed to admit that she often tastes her love juices, but she only does it when she thinks she is alone, not knowing that many times I have her on video doing exactly that, and I know she loves the taste. She loves cum and loves to swallow; hers or mine.

But much to my surprise, Sharon did admit to Linda that she in fact did enjoy the taste of her own juices and told Linda that she really enjoyed hers every bit as much, if not more.'I Love the feel of your smooth mound.' Sharon told Linda,'does it take a lot of time to keep it that smooth and does it feel better when someone goes down on you'''You better believe it sweetheart, and as soon as you give me some good fucking head with a shattering orgasm, I'm gong to treat you to your first pussy shave and you're going to find out for yourself how much better it feels to be tongued without that messy hair.'

Now I knew that Linda was getting overly excited because whenever we started talking about hot sex when we were in the office, I was aware that her vocabulary would go from refined to vulgar, i.e. shit, fuck, cunt, cock and then she would dash off to the ladies room to relieve herself with a good fingering orgasm. I enjoyed hearing her talk that way, from her I didn't find it distasteful or disgusting, but what I enjoyed even more, when she came back from the rest room, she would always have a nice glow and would say,'O.K. boss, I got to get back to work.' as if she just snorted a line, but then again, who needs to snort anything when a good cum will give you the same high. WOW!! I wish I had a hidden cam in the rest room, maybe I'll put one in there soon.. As you can tell, I'm a voyeur, and have been one since I knew the difference between boys and girls.

Linda slowly pushed Sharon's head down towards her waiting pussy. Her lips were engorged as her excitement filled them with blood and from my view, it looked like her thick cock like clit was throbbing.'Ooohhh, c'moonn honey, get that long hot tongue down there and start licking my boiling cunt, I feel like I'm going to explode soon.' Linda spread her legs as wide as she could to give Sharon complete access to her drooling love hole. I think that Sharon was thinking,''now it's pay back time,' for when Linda held her back from cumming.

But Sharon herself looked like she was wound up like a spring and ready and anxious to have an orgasm of her own. Then she did it, my sweetheart got her face into Linda's dripping pussy and started going at it like it was the'last Supper.''OHHH FUUUCK YEESSS' Linda shouted.'That's it lover, your tongue feels fantastic. Now put a couple of fingers into my cunt and finger fuck me like I tell you too; curl the end of your fingers upward as if you were trying to rub my clit from the underside. That's it, do you feel that ridge'' YEEESS, that's it, you've hit my G-SPOT, now massage and put some pressure on it. Ohhh Fuuck YEESSS baby, rake your fingers across the area and start nibbling on my clit, YEEEAA, suck it hard. ooooohhhhhhhh shhhhhiiiiittttt, ii'mmmmmcuuuuuuummmmminnng. Quick, put your mouth over my hole so I can squirt your mouth full of my delicious cum.' Her entire body was pulsating as squirt after squirt shot into Sharon's mouth. Sharon was swallowing Linda's cum, but some of it was dribbling down her chin. Her face was soaked with cum

While Sharon was swallowing the cum that Linda was squirting out, (much more than I squirt,') she had her hand under her and was grinding her own hot pussy into it and she came, as well as I did. So that left us all shaking from orgasms and breathing hard. This time I was the one that almost passed out.

By this time it was early Saturday morning and I was feeling like a zombie. The girls were once again in the shower and Linda had Sharon sitting on the built-in bench with Sharon's leg spread wide. She gave Sharon's clit a couple of licks and then started shaving my wife's pretty, curly pussy hair, she even got some of the fuzz that was around Sharon's asshole.

When she was through, Sharon's pussy looked beautiful, as if she was a pre-pube little girl; I loved it.'Now baby,' Linda said,'lets get you back into bed and I'm going to let feel the difference between a hairy pussy and a bald one. Sharon giggled a little but I noticed that she enjoyed the feeling as she kept rubbing her hand over her now totally exposed pussy lips.

When they got back into bed, Linda told Sharon to turn around so that her head was by Linda's feet.'I want you to do the same to me as I'm doing to you.' Linda told Sharon. Linda started to suck on Sharon's toes, one by one, as if she was sucking a cock. Sharon started doing the same to Linda. Linda squished Sharon's toes together and put them all into her mouth and was sucking away as Sharon did the same. They worked their way up each others sexy legs until the were at that place were we all came from and will cherish it until we die.

Their lips were glistening with their wetness, again Linda told Sharon, almost in a whisper,'do to me exactly as I do to you.' I could tell by Linda's voice that again, she was in a heightened state of arousal. Linda softly licked the folds of Sharon's hairless pussy and the went down and started to lick around Sharon's rosebud. I knew Sharon loved that because she always has me play with her butt hole. Sharon let out a little moan.

Linda put one finger and then another into Sharon's, now very wet hole and Sharon was now doing the same to Linda. Sharon was now a BI sexual woman. She didn't have to be prompted to doing anything, her female sexual instincts took over and she was into it as much as Linda.

As the licked, sucked and teased each others cunts, that were now in an explosive state of arousal, Sharon took her fingers out of Linda's engorged hole and then worked her lubed fingers into Linda's back-hole and started to finger fuck her in her butt-hole. Linda, caught off guard, not expecting Sharon taking the initiative, groaned loudly,'OOOOoooohh FUUUUuuucccck,' and then did the same to Sharon. I could tell from the way Sharon's body trembled from her being finger fucked in the butt hole, that she had a mini orgasm.

Then they went right for each others clit and after they both had their final orgasm'I hope,' I say'I hope' because I'm ready to pass out. Then they went head to head and almost devoured each others tongues as they tasted each others cum covered faces and mouths.

'Did it feel different when I licked you on your hairless pussy'' Linda asked.'OH GOD it was so much more sensual,' Sharon said.. The were just fondling each others bodies when Sharon asked Linda if they could'get together' again soon.'Damn, my secretary is going to replace me with my wife.'

They got out of bed and Sharon said that I would be calling soon to tell them I was on my way so she better change the bed sheets, (they were soaked with their bodily fluids, mostly their cum. I wanted to smell it because that smell is like an aphrodisiac to me.) and just clean up a little before I get home.

I quickly and quietly ran to my car and came rushing into the house.'Oh honey, I thought you were going to call first.' Then she said,'You look awful, are you O.K.'' I told her that I was up all night with my friend and we had so much to talk about.'So Linda, I see you decided to stay over and keep Sharon company.' It pissed me off that without any sleep they looked as refreshing as if they had just slept all night and I looked like I was on my last leg to hell.

'Guess what Bob,' Linda and I have a lot of things in common and we plan on getting together more often.' As Sharon said that I glanced over as Linda winked at me.'That's great hon, I knew that you and Linda would really hit it off.' Then I thought to myself,'geez, I better find out who is having a sale on video tapes, I think I'm going to need a hell of a lot of them..

P.S. I want to thank the many that said how much they enjoyed my story. If any of you out there want to leave your e-mail address, I would like to get back to you to find out what it was that you liked. The first part of this story was the first that I have ever written, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated from either male, female, gay or lesbian.

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