tagLesbian SexHow I Had My Secretary...Ch. 4

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 4


When I heard my secretary, Linda, asking my wife Sharon, to invite our sexy neighbor over, that is a widow, over for lunch, especially when Linda found out that she hit the jack-pot since the young widow had an eighteen year old beauty of a daughter living at home. I felt as though I had let loose a serial bi-sexual predator.

When I arrived home around dinner time, I heard my beautiful wife humming cheerfully as she was getting everything set on the table, including candles, for our evening feast. I gave her a big hug, my rigid cock poking into her groin, then a nice wet kiss.

"Oh lover, you're just in time, I fixed your favorite dish and after we eat, I can take care of your problem." She said that with a big smile and then I gave her another kiss.

"So how did it go today, and by the way, where is Linda, I thought she was going to spend the week-end with us?" I couldn't believe it, my wife looked so radiant, in fact she was glowing, all this considering that she hadn't slept more than two or three hours out of the last twenty-four. "She just left about an hour ago, her boyfriend got her on her cell phone and was really pissed because he wanted to spend the week-end together. Linda said that the only reason she didn't tell him off, was for the fact that every now and then she likes a nice big, stiff cock pounding into her hot cunt." After she said that, she let out a little giggle.

Like I said before, Sharon is quite modest and as a rule didn't use words like, COCK or CUNT. I can see that Linda is going to be quite an influence in my wife's life. "You seemed to like Linda and I think she likes you. How did the two of you spend last night and today; do anything exciting?" She gave me a big smile and then said, "honestly, you would have thought that we were long lost sisters, we had so much to talk about. I really like her a lot and she is so much fun to be with."

"So what did you talk about, or is it a big dark secret?"

"C'mon Bob, you know that I don't keep secrets from you. We mostly talked girl talk, you know." Oh yeah I know, I thought to myself, especially I know about Linda's "Girl Talk."

Now was the time for me to start pushing her into a corner, I just wanted to know how much of what happened between them she would honestly tell me. I keep thinking that some day in the future I'm going to give her the shock of her life when some romantic evening I tell her, "you know hon, I think that I'd like to watch some sexy video's." What do you think, would she dare put arsenic in my dinner, or would she look at me with a big smile and say, "Oh lover, I really want to see these, this is great."

"I think I told you about Linda being BI., did she push any of that on you? I mean like how woman/woman sex is so great, and all that kind of stuff.." Sharon looked at me with an expression of a saint, "no, not really. To tell you the truth Bob, I got a little tipsy after a couple of drinks and can't recall all of the things that we talked about." I looked at her, hey, she was being cool. "How come she slept in our bed with you, why didn't she sleep in our guest room?" She thought for a second and then said, "Oh yeah, I was going to tell you that, I hope that you're not upset about her sleeping in the same bed? Anyway, at bed time we were both a little tipsy and we wanted to keep talking to each other until we fell asleep."

She said that so innocently, if I hadn't watched the whole thing on the monitor, I would have believed every word of it. "Linda told me that when she is with a sexy lady that she has trouble keeping her hands from touching her, did she touch you at all, especially when you were in bed together?" I just wanted to see how she would respond but I didn't want it to go any further at this point, I knew my wife well enough that in due time she would give me all the details, but since she was still floating on cloud nine from the sexual high that she was on, I would leave it that way.

"Gee Bob, you're certainly asking me a lot of questions. Yes, she did touch me and I didn't object at all, in fact they were very tender I enjoyed the feel of her touches. From the look of the tent in your pants, I think you're ready for a little touching, so why don't I take care of your problem." With that said, she reached over and started pulling my stiff rod out of my pants and started lapping the head of my cock with her tongue and sucking on my cock with a vengeance. I couldn't believe it, she was still horny. "Go baby, suck that cock. Ohh Yeaahh, that's it," I said as she started licking my balls and ass-hole as she was pumping my rod, It was only a matter of minutes before I shot a full load down her throat.

The remainder of the week-end went great. Saturday eve she gave me a great massage, we sat in the Jacuzzi, she had an orgasm or two from the jets, (I was too sleepy to count,) and then I went to bed for a well deserved sleep. Sharon was still on a sexual high and for all I know, she could have stayed in the Jacuzzi and getting herself off for most of the night.

I asked a doctor friend of mine, (as well as a client,) about her strong sexual drive. He is the one that works with women that are having trouble getting pregnant or trouble getting aroused and having an orgasm. When a woman comes in to see him right after they have had sex, he has her go into a private room and masturbate to an orgasm, this gives them a better chance to conceive. For those women that have trouble getting aroused, he will either have them try Viagra, and if that doesn't do it, he will give them small doses of testosterone, (male hormone.) After a couple of weeks of the viagra or the hormone treatment, he has them also, go into the private room and masturbate. He video tapes the woman as they masturbate and has them wired up to analyze the intensity of their orgasms. (Now you know how I got to watch so many women masturbate. He told me that my wife has a high level of testosterone and that's why she has such a strong sex drive as well as all that energy.

Monday when I arrived at work, there was old sunshine herself, she smiled and said, "hi Bob," and then went into her office. I said good morning but I was going to wait for her to come back into my office, I was sure she would in just a matter of a short time. Sure enough, in a matter of less than an hour, she came bouncing back into my office and said, "Well Bob, aren't you going to ask me how things went with me and your beautiful, sexy wife?" I looked at the broad grin on her face and said, "oh yeah, I forgot, how did it go with you and Sharon, did you enjoy your stay-over??" I should have asked her if she enjoyed my wife. She answered with a very sweet, "it was great, I really like Sharon and we just hit it off like a couple of old friends." Where have I heard that before.

"O.K. Linda, cut the crap, where you able to seduce my wife?" (Some day in the near future, I'm going to show here the video's, maybe I'll show both of them, Linda and Sharon, at the same time.) "I guess, we did a lot of hugging and kissing as well as a lot of touching and feeling. All in all, I'll say this much, your wife is one hot gal." With that said, she gave me a big grin and walked back into her office. I think she wanted me to beg for her to tell me what happened . Little does she know.

"Since you're going to be on your trip next week, and Sharon will be all alone, how about me staying over at your place to keep Sharon company. The receptionist takes all the calls and I can take my lap-top to your house and if you need anything from me you can just e-mail me or call your house and I'll be there.?" I thought to myself, "is this a good idea? Am I going to have to compete against Linda for my wife's attention. Then again, maybe Linda will move in with us and they both can share me." As I was thinking of my answer to Linda's request, I could see that she was all charged up. Again I thought, "shall I ask her to give me a blow-job if I give her the O.K." I was sexually exhausted so that wasn't a good idea. So I blurted out, "sure Linda, that would be fine." I felt like saying, "just remember bitch, she's mine," but I didn't. As an after thought, I said, "Linda, it's O.K on my terms., I've always wanted to fuck you and if I agree, you have to let me fuck you while you're going down on Sharon. Do we have a deal?" She hesitated for a few seconds and then said, "to tell you the truth Bob, I've been waiting a long time for you to hit on me, you got a deal."

The great thing about this wireless electronic age, you can do just about anything when it comes to surveillance, regardless where you are. Everything in my home is computerized; I can turn on the cameras, the audio, manipulate the Jacuzzi, control the heat, etc. etc. When I'm on a trip, however, I take the videos of my wife with me, (they are better than the porno channels in the hotels.) I must point out again, I'm not spying on my wife because I don't trust her, it's because I love her so much that since I can't be with her all day, at least I can see what she does, especially while on my business trips.

This trip was going to be different, my competition was going to be with her, in my place, in my bed. I went to the electronic store and bought a commercial type recorder that will record for up to five days, (the length of my trip.) I think I was more excited about setting everything up than what was going to happen. It's just the James Bond in me.

"Bye Hon," I said as I took the cab to the airport. "Wait, she didn't say 'have a safe trip and hurry back.' I found out later, that I was no sooner out the door when Linda showed up at the door. As the saying goes, " you made your bed, now sleep in it.."

"So Sharon, we're going to be roomies for the next few days, I hope you're as happy as I am." Sharon looked at Linda sheepishly, "Oh yeah Linda, I really like the idea of having you keep me company while Bob is away." Now I saw a side of Linda that I wasn't aware of. "Sharon, as long as I'm here, you'll do as I say and ask, is that understood." Sharon looked at Linda with a strange expression on her face but didn't know exactly how to respond. (I'm guilty. I once told Linda a while ago, that Sharon had a tendency of being a little on the submissive side)."Sharon, while I'm here I want you to be naked all the time, is that understood? I want to enjoy your beautiful and sexy body. However, there will be times that I will allow you to put some cover-up on." Again my wife wasn't quite sure as to how she should answer. Linda moved up to Sharon and pulled off Sharon's house dress. "C'mon Sharon, I think you can take off your panties and bra by yourself. DO IT."

Sharon did it. I'm not sure, as I looked at the tape, if Sharon was reluctant or she liked the idea of a woman ordering her around. "Oh oh, Sharon, you're getting stubs around your cunt, you haven't shaved since I did it for you when I was here last week-end. That will scratch my face as if you were a guy. Now go get the razor and lather so you can shave it to the smoothness that I had for you last week, I want your cunt as smooth as a baby's ass. Another thing, I'm going to give you a depilatory that won't irritate your delicate cunt lips and I want you to use it as soon as you see the slightest trace of any stubble's

Sharon brought out everything she needed, including a towel. "Sharon, I want you to put the towel on the floor and then sit your sexy little ass on it." Sharon did as she was told. To tell you the truth, I think Sharon was enjoying it. "O.K., lather up those sweet lips and then go all around it, from your ass-hole to above your clit. I want you to put some enthusiasm in it, do you understand me?" Sharon nodded her head and went at it.

"Look at you, your just shaving and I can see your lips parting and getting all engorged with blood. I can even see your little clitty trying to poke out of it's shelter and your nipples look they are ready to explode. Are you so horny that you can't even shave down there without getting all excited? Now stop it or I'll have to give you a spanking." But poor Sharon couldn't help herself from getting all aroused, especially with Linda watching her every move. I noticed on the video that when Linda thought that Sharon was pre-occupied with shaving her pussy, Linda was moving her butt on the chair and squeezing her legs together.

"That's it Sharon, I told you that I would spank you if you continued to get all aroused. Wash off that lather with the hot water and towel and I want you to lay across my knees." Sharon started to object. Linda yelled, "NOW, SHARON." Sharon obeyed, albeit reluctantly.

Linda hiked up her skirt and now Sharon was laying, face down, on Linda's thighs. "Sharon, you must understand that if I'm going to take Bob's place, you must be obedient, if not, then I have no choice other than to punish you." Sharon's mound lie right on top of Linda's thigh. "Now I'm going to spank you on your butt, however, I will only give you a dozen slaps, even though they will be hard I'll only use my hand. If you persist on being disobedient, I do have a paddle that will hurt you a lot more."

Linda started swatting away and by the time she was up to the 6th smack, poor Sharon was moaning away, but I also noticed that while she was making the sounds of pain, it was obvious that she was grinding her hot cunt into Linda's thigh. After Linda got through with the twelve smacks, Linda told Sharon to get up. "Now do you see what you did? You got your slimy juices all over my thigh." Linda's thigh was covered with Sharon's juices. " Come here this instant and lick these juices off my leg. Every last drop, I'm soaked." All poor Sharon could say was, "I'm sorry Linda," as she started to get a towel."

"Put that towel down, I want you to lick it all off with your tongue.

"Because you acted like a horny slut, Sharon, I don't want you to even think about getting off until I tell you that you may. Remember, I don't want you to touch your self or try any other sneaky way to give yourself an orgasm. Is that understood?"

"But Linda, I thought that we were becoming good friends and now you're being mean to me." Sharon said as she pouted. "I am your friend Sharon, but since Bob is gone I want you to know that I'll be taking his place. Now come over here on your hands and knees and start licking my juicy cunt., now that you got me all excited."

Sure enough, Sharon crawled over and like a good little sex slut, started sucking out the flowing juices of Linda's love canal. "That's it Sharon. Now I want you to go to your fridge and get one of those delicious sausages that we had last Saturday for breakfast." Sharon obediently got up, didn't ask any questions and without a stitch on went over and took out the large sausage . "Sharon, I want you to put them under the hot water so that it will be nice and warm." Sharon came marching in and looked quite proud of herself as Linda looked at the long fat sausages and told Sharon that she did a good job and would be rewarded.

"I want you to lick my ass-hole, ohh yeah, that's it, now spit on my tiny butt-hole and then try to push your tongue in as far as you can. OHHHH yeeaahh, that's it babbbyy. Now start licking up my crack and put a finger as deep as you can into my butt-hole. Gaaaawwddd, you're a natural slut slave. Lick up my cunt hole, that's it lover. Ohhh fuuuck, your tongue feels sooo hot. Quick, shove that monster sausage in my love hole. Ohh Wooow, no wonder you and your Mom like this better than a hard plastic dildo." I have to tell you, these sausages are almost two inches in diameter and about ten inches long. "That's it , fuck me with that piece of meat. Huuurrrry, suck on my throbbing clit and fuck my butt-hole with your finger." I have to tell you, Sharon was into this as much as Linda was. Her fingers and mouth were going wild as she pumped that beautiful sausage in and out of Linda's hot cunt. "Ohh shiiitfuuuckkpiiiss" yelled Linda. "BaaabbyyI'mmmcuumminnng." and did she ever.

They were both on the floor, the sausage still implanted deep into Linda's hot box and they were holding each other tight as they kissed deeply with much passion. I have to admit, it was a beautiful sight and there is no way I could feel the slightest jealousy.

They finally got up, but as they got up, Linda told Sharon, "I want you to take the sausage out of my cunt, even though it feels so good, but I want you to lap up all my juices." The sausage was literally dripping with her sweet nectar. I could tell that Sharon must have had an orgasm herself, (often when she gives me a b-j, she gets off just from the pleasure she gets of getting me off.) Sharon lapped it up without any hesitation and then Linda gave her a nice tongue kiss.

"Sharon!! I think you should call your neighbors over for an afternoon tea or a cocktail, I really want to meet them." Sharon looked at Linda and said, "I thought that we could have a little more time for ourselves before we had them over." What she meant was that she wanted more sex. Little did she know that Linda had planned for my sweet wife to have a lot more sex.

"Hi Cindy, are you and your Mom going to be doing anything this afternoon?"

"Oh hi Sharon, well my Mother is out right now but I'm not doing anything." Sharon quickly, and vey quietly whispered to Linda that only the daughter was home. Linda told her to tell her to come on over. "well why don't you come over, I want you to meet a friend of mine."

"Sure, when would you like me to come over?" Again Sharon asked Linda and was told to tell her as soon as she wants. Sharon hung up the phone and said. "I'm naked and I need a chance to put something on before she gets here."

"Go put on that light summer robe that you had on last Saturday, but I don't want you to have anything else on."

"With that robe, anyone can see me as if I was naked,. I just put that on for you."

"Sharon, you heard what I said, now do it."

"Another thing, I want you to put out that sausage that you fucked me with and I don't want you to wash it, just put it on a serving tray with some crackers. I'll mix us up a nice cool summer drink." Sharon asked what kind of a drink and Linda told her "Ice tea," however, she didn't say that it was "long island ice tea."

I'll try to get chapter five as soon as possible!!!

Want to thank you all again for the nice comments, and please, I need all the help that I can get. Any constructive criticism is very welcome. I've never composed anything longer than a paragraph, well maybe two.

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