tagLesbian SexHow I Had My Secretary Seduce My Wife

How I Had My Secretary Seduce My Wife


I'm one of those lucky guys that goes to bed with a very beautiful and sexy wife, Sharon, who is sexually insatiable and then go to work to a very sexy secretary, the only problem is that my secretary, Linda, prefers women.. She is not an out and out lesbian and she does have a boyfriend.

Let me start from the beginning. I married my wife, Sharon, five years ago, she is smart, fantastic body, (she works out almost every day,) and is strikingly beautiful. At 5'7" with 36b tits and all in a 120 package, I have everything!!! right? She just loves sex in any position, loves it in the ass, loves giving me a blow job and loves to fuck and cum as many times as I can last, and if I can't satisfy her, she'll masturbate until she is satisfied. Does it bother me to see her masturbating?? Not at all, in fact sometimes it will fill up my sac so that I can fuck her again and shoot more cum into her beautiful cunt. I've come home many times catching her getting herself off, and when I look at her, she'll just say," warming it up for you, lover.."

Well, here is my problem, Linda, (my secretary,) will come into the office looking like she just got back from a getting a full body massage and is totally glowing from the experience..... " Linda, don't tell me, you just found a new lover," she knows that I mean another female to spend the night with..She loves telling all the lurid details, lick by lick and she knows that I get a throbbing hard-on every time she gives me all the details, including how she seduced another sweet young virgin.

About a year ago my wife and I had gone to visit a friend of mine, Tom.. We had gone to college together and we would get together three or four times a year. On this visit he had also invited another one of our buddies, Jim.

After a couple of drinks, the girls were busy getting some food for us in the kitchen and we were in the den, Tom whispered, hey guys, I got a terrific tape that you'll enjoy. The guy that made it works for me and he had his girlfriend and her girlfriend get together for some fun one night after they had a few drinks. His girlfriend and her friend are both BI.. However, he didn't tell them that he was recording the two girls going at it, and wow, they were wild and you could tell that this wasn't just a put on, they really got into it and got each other off a few times.

Not long into the movie, the three of us were breathing hard as well as sitting there with bulging dicks in our pants. They were in every position in the book, and then some. They used a strap-on cock to fuck one another in all positions, mostly the doggy position. They both had long tongues and knew how to use them, the blonde girl had a large throbbing clit that the black hair girl was nibbling on that drove her crazy, let me put it this way, their nipples were hard as well as their clits and their cunts were pouring out their love nectar, in fact, one other girls, the blonde, ejaculated into the mouth of the of her friend. All I could think of at this point is how soon can we leave so I can go home and fuck my horny wife. Not only were they good looking but I was thinking how much the blonde looked like my wife. No sooner had that thought gone through my mind when Tom blurted out, "you know Bob, that sexy blonde looks almost as hot looking as your wife."

No sooner had Tom said that and my wife, Sharon, stuck her head in to tell us the we could have a bite to eat. The expression on her face when she saw what we were watching made her face turn red as a beet, but I knew she had been watching the movie at least a couple of minutes before she said anything. She looked at the screen for a few seconds, maybe longer and then, I'm sure, saw the bulges in our pants and made a quick retreat.

Sharon in no way is a prude but I think the shock of walking into a room with three guys with hard-ons watching a porno video with two attractive gals kissing, sucking and eating each other out was a little too much. She wasn't pissed but more shocked.

On the way home we talked about it and she asked me, "Bob, I noticed the three of you were all hard, is looking at something like a real turn on??" I said Sharon, "it's every red blooded guy's wet dream. What can I say, it's a real turn on." Then I told her how horny I was and that she was going to get a royal fucking when we got home. Then I asked her, "wouldn't you like to try something wild like that? Who knows, you would probably really enjoy it." Her response, "don't even think about it. There are only a few thing that satisfy me, your mouth when you kiss me on my upper or lower lips, your cock either in my pussy or in my mouth, and if I don't have that, then I'll let my fingers do the walking." However I noticed one thing as I was describing in more detail as to what the girls did to one another and how they kept giving each other mind blowing orgasms, I detected from my wife's sex smell that she was wet, very wet and was starting to squirm. I know from my wife's body language that she was getting very aroused. I have to say one thing, I know that as horny as my wife is, she would never have an affair with another guy. The question is, how about a woman??

I just casually mentioned it a couple times again but got the same response so I figured I better drop it or she might just decide to cross her legs and let her fingers take care of her needs. I will make this one comment about her masturbating, I've spied on her many times, (hidden cams,) with her not knowing I could see her, there is a difference on how women, as well as guys, do it in your presence or when they think they are alone, alone, Sharon drops every once of any inhibitions and really fucks herself wild, either with her fingers or one of her vibrators. I have shot my load more than once just by watching her go at it, without even pulling my cock out of my pants. She will pull on her nipples, stick fingers into her cunt and in her asshole, she loves to put things up her but when she is masturbating. She has a variety of vibrators and dildos' but more often, she just likes her fingers..

I got to work one morning and Linda couldn't wait to tell me of her last conquest. She described every little detail, the girls response, at first resisting and then getting off like the fourth of July. By the time she finished my pants were wet with my pre-cum.."What's the matter boss, get a little excited"?? "OK Linda, do you want to keep your job??" "Hell yea boss, where else could I go and find a good looking, horny stud like you?? Who could I talk to about my conquests??"

I laid it on the line, I would have rather laid her on my desk and fucked the living shit out of her hot cunt because she had me so worked up, but I knew she wouldn't be interested. "If you want to keep your job you have to do exactly what I ask of you, OK.??"This what I want you to do." She knew I wouldn't ask for a blow job or to let me fuck her.. "I want you to seduce my wife." She looked at me for a couple of minutes with an unbelieving look on her face. "Tom, You're not serious, are you? I mean I couldn't wish for a hotter looking woman to make love too, but hell, wouldn't that blow your ego??" I looked at her and my mind could see the picture before me, Linda and Sharon, two super sexy and attractive gals going at it like a couple of starved animals, my cock was throbbing.

I wasn't going to tell her anything more than I would invite her over for dinner and drinks Friday evening. What I didn't tell her or Sharon, that I would get a call from an old school buddy of mine. I timed it so I would get the call around 10:pm and then I would tell the girls that that I hadn't seen this guy for years and we were really close. He was leaving the following morning and I wanted to see him before he left. I would then tell the gals that I might be pretty late and if Linda had too many drinks or was too tired to drive home, she should sleep over.

Sharon knew Linda but was not aware that she was BI-sexual. Linda had been over a few times before and Sharon seemed to really enjoy her company. In fact Sharon would tell me from time to time about how sensuous and pretty Linda was and wondered how I could get any work done with her in and out of my office all day. She also knew that Linda would wear some pretty provocative clothes at times.. She thought that it would be great to have her over for dinner.

Sharon is not a heavy drinker and it doesn't take much for her to get a buzz on, on the other hand, Linda could handle her drinks. I knew both of them enjoyed a good vodka martini so I stirred up a batch of very dry drinks and let it chill in the fridge.

At 7:30 sharp, Linda arrived. I took one look at her and almost shot my load. I said to myself, "now I know how Linda seduces these gals." She had on a shear, without a bra and almost invisible, skin colored blouse that left nothing to the imagination. You could see her breasts as if she hadn't had anything on and her nipples were very prominent, or I should say , "extended." She also had on a mini skirt that , at best, was about three or four inches below her butt, and from the tight fitting skirt, I could see no panty lines. When Sharon saw her, all she could do is stare. Now my wife is not shy about wearing revealing and sexy clothes, but all she could say to Linda, "WOW, I'm glad you have a boyfriend, I would worry about Bob not coming home for dinner." All Linda said, "Sharon, first of all I don't dress like this in the office, and secondly, all I hear from Bob is how much he loves his 'hot' beautiful wife. Sharon picked up on the "HOT."

I served the drinks and after a couple I could see that my beautiful wife was in the mood. Probably for my stiff cock or my tongue on her hot cunt. I had told Sharon that Linda didn't like to eat heavy meals at night. I said that because I didn't want Sharon to lose her buzz. After dinner I told them that we should go back into the den and relax. Linda thanked Sharon for the delicious meal.

We were in our den and I poured the gals another drink, I knew that Linda was a drinker but I didn't want Sharon to get too high, I wanted her to know what she was doing..

I was going to get the call in about another half hour so I thought that I would start talking about sex. With Sharon, it didn't take much to get her hot, all I had to do is mention something sexual about someone I knew and go into considerable detail and I would watch her start her body moving, she would squirm ever so slightly, in a manner that I knew was that she was getting hot. She also would get wet enough that the scent of her sex would be enough to get me as hard as steel, I loved it and from the expression on Linda's face I could tell that she was having the same feelings. " Linda, tell Sharon about why she doesn't have to worry about me having sex with you. I had rehearsed this part with Linda at the office. "OH Bob, that's something I told you but I don't think that Sharon wants to hear about it." Now Sharon's curiosity, plus the buzz she had going, got the best of her. "Oh Linda, you have to tell me, what is it.??" I have to tell you, Sharon was wearing a light summer dress that hugged her body pretty tight and she never wears a bra because her tits are 36b and they stick straight out. When she starts to get sexually excited, her nipples get engorged and if you're looking at her, all you can do is stare at those sexy nipples trying to poke through her dress, and that's exactly what Linda was doing as she licked her lips. "OK. Sharon, I told Bob this once when I got carried away just talking about sex. My boyfriend, Phil, has a cock on him that is about as thick as my wrist and 10" long. So you see, there is no way I could have sex with another guy and get as much satisfaction. Another thing that he loves to do is have sex with me and he pretends to be another woman, first he blind- folds me and then he lays me down on the bed totally naked. Sometimes he'll put wrist and ankle straps on me and has me tied to the bed posts. He'll leave me like this with my legs spread as far as they will go.. He then puts a dab of my favorite body lotion on his body. With my eyes blind -folded and smelling the female scent, I feel as though a beautiful, sexy woman is looking at me in this obscene way, it gets me soo hot thinking about a woman that I don't know is looking at my naked body. thinking about her looking at me this way makes my pussy wet and I know she can see my sex open and dripping the nectar from my cunt. I can cum without him even touching me. He has full, soft lips and when he goes down on me he is as gentle as if he was a woman. I can cumm till I pass out..I love it." At this point I thought that I should defend myself and said to them " I don't have puckered lips and I only have a puny 6.5" cock, but it satisfies Sharon... Then the phone rang. I explained to them about my buddy and I could see the pained expression on my wife's face and I knew it was because she was ready for a hot fucking session tonight but she wasn't about to object, even as hot I knew she was..As Sharon and I went to the door, she said quietly, "try not to be too late." She was on fire and I knew one thing for sure, she was as ripe to be seduced as any woman could be, I said, " no honey, but I'll give you a call when I'm on my way back."

I dashed out the door and jumped into my car, I didn't want to miss anything, even though I had hidden cameras in strategic locations, along with speakers and was recording everything in my little office down in my basement.

I parked my car about a block away and quickly ran back home. We have a back door that leads directly into the basement. The door is locked and I have the only key to open it. When my wife asked about the door, I tell her that it just goes to my tool shop that I work in sometimes and with all the dangerous tools, I don't want her to go in and hurt herself. The truth of the matter is that I have secretly taped her on many occasions of her masturbating and thinking I'm either not home or I'm down here doing some little project. Guys, there is nothing like watching a video of your wife going at it and not being aware she is being watched. After watching her have a couple potent orgasms, I'll quietly leave that room and come in the front door and am ready to immediately fuck my wife.

As soon as I was down in my little 'hobby shop' I turned on my monitor to see exactly what I was recording, my heart was in my mouth. Clear as a bell, they were still in the den and I was intent on listening every word that was said. "Linda, when you were talking about your conversations with Bob in his office, I noticed that he refereed to me as "his hot wife," I didn't know he talked that intimately about me to anyone." "Well Sharon, I have to be honest with you, sometimes we'll be talking and certain things will be said before we realize that we said it, it happens know and then." "Like what Linda, I'm curious but it won't make me mad at him." "Sharon, I shouldn't be saying this to you and you know how much Bob loves you. One time we were talking about sex and I told him that I often masturbate and most of the time I'm pretending I'm with another beautiful woman, like you." I could see the expression on Sharon's face and I know this was starting to really turn her on.

Linda stood up and asked Sharon if she could have another drink and would Sharon like one as well. Sharon stood up and said, "oh, I'm sorry Linda, I should have offered you one sooner. I'll be back in a sec, just remember where we were." When Sharon stood, her nipples were straining to poke through her dress..

Sharon broke a speed record, she was back in no time, she didn't want to miss a word that Linda had to say. But as she entered into the den, she stopped dead in her tracks. She caught Linda slouched down on the couch, her legs spread wide apart and was rubbing her cunt. I could see the shinning of her wetness. My cock was as hard as a steel rod.

"I'm sorry Sharon, I didn't expect you to be back so soon, I'm so embarrassed I was starting to feel soo damn horny and I thought that I could get myself off before you came back. Please excuse me." If Sharon wasn't on fire before, from her body movements I could tell that she was ready to explode, and Linda knew exactly what she was doing. I had told Linda about some of the things that would get Sharon started and now she was going to put that information to work for her seduction of my wife..

Sharon was almost trembling from her state of arousal. "I hope you didn't get offended when I said that I masturbate often when I think of a beautiful woman like you?" she asked Sharon.. And then asked Sharon, "truthfully, have you ever fantasized about another woman making love to you?" Sharon hesitated and then said, almost in a whisper, "I never really thought about it but a while ago we were at some friends home and Bob and a couple of his friends were watching a video of two beautiful girls making wild, passionate love to one another. I happened to walk in and when I saw what they were watching, for a couple of minutes I couldn't take my eyes off the screen..I have to admit, since then I have thought about how it would feel, however I've never told Bob about it."

That gave the opening she was looking for, "Sharon, you're very beautiful and very sexy and I have to admit that I envy Bob." Linda got up and sat down next to Sharon. Sharon was opening and closing her legs, I could tell that she was trying to get herself off by squeezing her thighs together without touching herself, as she does sometimes when she does the Kegal exercises. The way she was sitting, Linda's dress was up far enough to expose most of her hairless pussy and Sharon was taking in the view with wide open eyes. Linda put her hand on Sharon's thigh and in a very sultry voice said, "Sharon, can I help you?" Sharon didn't say a word. My wife was now Linda's' to do as she pleased.

Linda slowly moved her hand up Sharon's thigh as Sharon put her head back on the cushion and closed her eyes. Linda had her hand up to my wife's panties and then told Sharon, very seductively, "it's getting warm beautiful, let me take this dress off for you." Sharon didn't resist and let Linda strip her, all that Sharon had on now was her thong panties. Damn" she looked so hot and my cock just couldn't take it any longer, I blew my load. Then Linda very quietly stripped down naked and gently started to caress Sharon's breasts. Sharon's body was awesome. I know how sensitive my wife's breasts are because sometimes by just sucking and licking them, she will have an orgasm. "Sharon, your breasts are absolutely beautiful, so firm and your nipples are so hard. I knew from the first time I saw you that you had a fantastic body, you are so beautiful." That was the truth but I know from my personal experiences that that kind of compliment will get you almost anywhere with a hot gal.

My wife was softly moaning as Linda was kissing her on her neck, earlobe and then went and gave Sharon a deep tongue kiss as she was massaging Sharon's breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Sharon moaned louder and then thrust her pelvic up as if she was fucking a cock. I realized that Sharon had her first orgasm from another woman. Linda said to Sharon in a way as to not break the spell, "c'mon beautiful, let's go lie down on your bed." Sharon could not stop herself even if she wanted to, but I could tell that she definitely wasn't interested in stopping anything, she was in a state of euphoric sexual bliss and I could tell that this was going to be a long night of sensual pleasure for Linda, Sharon and as well as for myself. However, the next time I'm going to make it a three-some with me in with them.

Sharon gently laid my wife down on our bed and gave her a couple of kisses on her body. Sharon was well aware of what Linda was doing and she looked at Linda, for the first time being aware that Linda was totally naked and standing beside the bed admiring her. "Linda, you are more beautiful than I had always imagined. I new you were attractive but after seeing you naked like this, I can't believe Bob didn't attack you," Sharon said with a smile. "But of course the fact that you prefer a woman, I guess that explains it."

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