tagRomanceHow I Hate the Cold

How I Hate the Cold


It is 5am, -19c, and my car has an eight-inch cover of snow. I use the snowbrush to get all the powder off my poor little car. It, nor I, are used to this.

"And he calls Calgary 'mild' weather" I mumble into my scarf.

When I complain about the cold and the snow, Ray laughs at me. "You should have grown up in Winnipeg like I did, its fucking cold there in winter"

I put my key into the lock of my car, trying to twist it. It will not budge. The lock is frozen. Again. I dig into the deep pockets of my coat and find a lighter. I heat my key up and finally hear the click of the lock.

I slide into the car and hit the key. Nothing, it will not even try to turn over. The lights are dim, but work. I sigh to myself. I forgot to get the heavy-duty battery as Ray told me too. My car is southern, like me, I never had to worry about having more antifreeze than water in the radiator, or heavy-duty batteries, or snow tires, or an emergency kit in my trunk. I grew up in the south, when it snows it melts by noon.

I lay my head on the steering wheel. I look into our apartment and see the kitchen light turn on. Ray is awake and getting ready to head off to his job. I sigh again as I open my door and climb out of the car. I know I am going to catch hell over the battery.

I slam the door shut and I see Ray stare out the window. He is leaned against the kitchen counter in his boxers and a glass of milk in his hand. He gives me a smirk. I flip him off. At least that means the same in Canada as it does in the States. Ray blows me a kiss as he moves out of sight.

I go back inside our apartment, and stand at the entrance, the snow all the way up my calf high boots.

"Ray take me to work."

I hear his voice from the bedroom "Didn't get the battery eh?"

"Shut up." is my reply

"I told you last week that it would become winter any day here, and you couldn't count on a Chinook wind to stay for long. I told you to go to Canadian Tire and get a battery." He finishes his statement as he comes around the corner in his jeans and a t-shirt.

I try my best to pout. I usually get out of any argument that is my fault this way.

"Don't pout at me Cassy, I told you." Ray says as he pushes his feet into his boots.

I go back out to uncover his Pontiac from the insane amount of snow. I kick at the snowdrifts still complaining about the 'mild' weather.

Ray comes out shortly after I do. He pulls the extension cord from his car and tosses it onto the stoop. Another anomaly of Canada, block heaters, who knew?

It was bad enough I had to learn to convert everything to metric, I had to look at the bottom numbers on my speedometer, I had to figure out exactly how much gas for the car is converting it from liters to gallons, and I could now tell you sugar free, Prize, and Low Carbs in French. Now I had to deal with snow, freezing artic air that took your breath away, and block heaters.

I get into the passenger seat of his Sunfire; buckle my seat belt, cross my arms and pout. If it was not for this sexy man, good beer, and hockey, Canada could kiss my white southern ass.

Ray gets in the driver seat, buckles up, and cranks the car. It starts immediately. He fishes around in the console looking for a CD. He lets the car warm up for five or so minutes.

We do not talk. I sit and stare out the window. He puts the car in reverse and head out towards the hospital where I work. We live a short distance from where both of us work. Therefore, in no time he is pulling up to the main entrance of the hospital.

I unbuckle my belt then I feel his gloved hand on mine.

"I'll pick you up a battery today. Cheer up the snow will melt soon." He gives me that smile that melts my heart. He leans across the car and kisses me passionately. I sigh as I feel his tongue enter my mouth. He breaks the kiss and I cannot help but let out a whimper of disappointment.

"Get to work woman." he says as he leans back into his seat.

"Love you." I say as I get out of the car.

"Love you too." he says as I shut the door.

My day went as normal. One thing about being an ER nurse is everyday is never the same. You at least have different faces with the usual complaints. It is long hours of sheer boredom followed by seconds of complete terror. I love every second of it.

The day had warmed up some by the time I leave at 6pm after my 12-hour shift. I am prepared to take the LRT home; I dig franticly in my purse looking for my pass.

I come out of the sliding doors still digging around in my purse when I hear a horn honk. I look up to see my car, running in fact. Ray had come to pick me up.

"Why do you have my car?" I ask as I walk up to him.

"When I got back home I managed to get it started so I took it to work and winterized it, which you hadn't done yet."

I blush slightly, ok so I forgot to do some things.

"And my dear the car starting wasn't totally your fault. Your temperature sensor was bad. I fixed that, checked your coolant, and put in a new battery at work since it was slow today."

Ray opens the door for me and I slide into the passenger seat. He adjusts himself into the driver's seat. "Have you thought about getting a newer car? One that is a little newer and is equipped for being here?" He asks as he pulls into traffic.

"There is nothing wrong with my car." My car is a sore spot with me. It is the first car I ever bought and paid for myself. This car and I had been through a lot together, including the 2100-mile drive from West Virginia to Calgary. The day Ray took me to get Alberta license plates for my car, I felt a little sad. I begged the Motor Vehicle Department to let me keep my old West Virginia tags.

I come out of my memories to notice we are on Deerfoot, heading towards Highway 1.

"Where are we going?"


"Why are we going to Banff? We both have to work this weekend."


"What do you mean 'nope'? We have to work Ray!" I yell to him.

"I got three days off work, and I called your supervisor and guess what, you do too." he replied

"How did you do that?"

Ray smiled at me, "I told her my brother was sick and we had to go out of town."

I laugh until tears come to my eyes.

"Just a great coincidence your brother lives in the resort town of Banff huh?"

"Yup." he says.


I wake up to Ray gently shaking me "Dear we are here."

I must have fallen asleep on the two-hour drive to Banff. I stretch out my arms, and look for my gloves. I was not really paying attention to where I was. I had been to Banff before last summer. I reach to open the car door and I see where we are.

"Oh My God!" I whisper.

Ray gives a chuckle beside me. We were at the Banff Springs Motel.

We walk into the lobby and it astounds me. My knight in shining armor has taken me to a real castle!

Ray and I walk hand in hand to the front desk. I have never been to a hotel like this; there were porters and valets, and room service!

We walk to the elevator. When the doors close, Ray pulls me close for a passionate kiss. One that took my breath away made my toes curl and my knees buckle. We broke our kiss when the elevator doors opened to our floor.

When the door to our room opens, again I have to gasp at the beauty of this place. There were fresh flowers on the table and nightstand. The window drapes were open to show the awesome scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

I turn to Ray.

He pulls me into his arms and kisses me. My hands go under his shirt and up his back, my fingernails tracing the outline of his muscles. It was his turn to gasp. He ran his tongue over my lips, and back into my mouth. Our tongues dance as my hands roam over his back. Ray gives the door behind him a quick kick and it softly clicks shut.

He reaches between us and pulls the hem of my shirt. He slowly pulls it up higher, until it is over my breasts. He breaks the kiss to pull my shirt over my head.

I see his cock jump through his jeans at the site of my breasts. He lightly runs his fingers down my shoulders and down side of my body. I close my eyes, and suck in a breath. He flattens his hands and runs the palms over my stomach back up to cup my breasts. He then palms my nipples; I feel them grow hard under his gentle ministration. He kisses me again. Then gently kisses down my neck and shoulders. It seems to take forever but finally he leans over and takes my left nipple in his mouth. I gasp and my hands are on either side of his head, pulling him closer.

He runs his hands down my back. The waistband of my slacks stops him. He slowly pushes them down over the curve of my ass. No panties. For some reason when I dressed, today I did not put on a bra or panties, good thing.

He moves his hands around to my hips and pushes the fabric down lower. They quickly fall to my feet. The entire time he never stops sucking and licking on my nipples. My hands never leave his hair.

He stands up straight, his hands still on my hips. "I love you my beautiful southern belle," he says.

Then he leans in and kisses me softly. I take the bottom of his t-shirt in my hands and pull up. He raises his arms to help me get his shirt off him. I toss it to the floor. I lean into him. We both moan as we felt the skin on skin contact. He slowly guides me backwards to the bed, not once looking away from my eyes. He softly sings the lyrics to a Sloan song "You won't forget, the beautiful brunette with eyes of chocolate."

I blush slightly and giggle at his compliment. He puts an arm around me and lays me gently on the bed. My hair fans on the pillow, he stands up and looks down, staring at me. He watches my breasts rise and fall with my erratic breathing. He gaze makes its way down to my stomach, my hips, and my thighs. I start to squirm a little. I do not have a perfect body, at least not in my opinion. "God you are so perfect" he whispers. He lies down on top of me.

We kiss for a long time. Then he makes his way down my neck, trailing kisses to my breasts. He licks on one nipple while his fingers deftly roll and pinch the other. My back arches and I make small whimpering sounds. He kisses his way down my stomach to my hips. Instinctively I spread my legs as he makes his way down.

He kisses and nibbles on my thigh, slowly making his way to my dripping wet core.

His fingers softly touch my outer lips. I let out a small cry. He moves a finger farther into my folds, to my hot slick core. He kisses my other thigh as he slides a finger into me. "Oh yes" I softly cry. He kisses back down my thigh.

He pulls his finger from inside of me. He uses his left hand to spread my folds open. He slowly licks from my clit down to where my juices are flowing. He moans at the same time I do.

He starts to please me with his tongue, licking his way inside of me, and then moving to that sensitive nub. My back arches. He knows I am close, as I grip the sheets in my fists. He puts two fingers inside of me, easily finding that spot, at the same time he gently sucks on my clit. I let out a scream my body starts to tremble. I quit breathing as I feel juices flow from me. He softly kisses my womanhood as I fall back down from my orgasm.

He stands up quickly undoes his jeans and yanks them down with his boxers. He cannot wait anymore I can tell.

He climbs back between my legs. He puts his hands on either side of my head; I wrap my legs around his waist. He kisses me, as his tongue parts my lips as his cock enters me. He moans loudly as my hot, slick, tightness sheathes him. He moves slowly, we want this to last. He breaks the kiss and looks down at me.

"Open your eyes Cassy" he whispers.

I open my eyes and look into his. They speak volumes to me. He moves faster never stopping his gaze into my eyes. I try not to blink or close them. We stare at each other as he moves. Our breathing becomes harder.

"Oh" I moan as I arch my back to let him in deeper. My fingernails dig into his back. I started to tremble again. He moves harder, I come for him. I try to keep my eyes open, but the orgasm carries me away, I could not help it. He feels me become tight around him. He closes his eyes too. "Oh God" he says as I feel him climax with me.

He shoves hard into me one last time, buries himself as far as he can go, as his life drains inside of me.

He lies beside me and pulls me into his arms. My head settles on his chest, our legs tangle together. Just like, we always sleep

"This is so nice" I snuggle closer to him and nuzzle his chest hair.

"I used to dream of this. Dream of the day you would finally move here and we could be together. It was a lonely, lonely two years waiting on you." He mumbles as he is falling asleep.

I smile and kiss his chest above his heart. "I love you, you crazy Canuck."

I feel myself drift off too..

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