tagFirst TimeHow I Lost My Virginity at 18 1/2

How I Lost My Virginity at 18 1/2


This is a true story about losing my virginity. Very few people know about this.

I was 18 at the time almost 19 and was on holidays with my parents and my older sister. We were staying on a resort island on the great barrier reef. Of an evening they had various theme nights and this night there was one of a tropical type thing. We got ready to go with my sister and I doing the fancy dress thing. We both wore grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts. She helped me try and look a little older so I could get into the nightclub section after dinner.

We had a lovely dinner and our parents left us telling Lisa my sister to make sure I didn't get drunk or anything. Because it was so busy this night I got in ok. Lisa and I found some guys we had been talking to earlier in the day and sat with them. They began getting us drinks, dancing and just having so much fun. One of the boys Brad said to me don't tell your sister, if you want when I get you an orange drink I'll get a vodka and orange so she doesn't know. Cool I thought as we flirted and had fun.

Later in the night one of the security men came over and asked if I was 19. I think he really knew I wasn't and told me don't get drunk or he'll get in trouble for letting me stay in there. As the night went on I began feeling really tipsy, as I danced with Brad I almost fell over so he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. As we danced he had his hands wandering all over me, I let him keep going as I was enjoying it. He whispered in my ear that I looked really sexy and hot. I was feeling really good and knew I was getting a bit aroused with all the drink and the attention.

My sister asked me later if I was ok, as she thought I looked a little pale. I told her not exactly maybe I should go to the ladies room. As we got inside I was sick. She helped clean me up and we went back outside, Brad saw I wasn't too good so offered to take me back to my room. The security man had been watching us all night and saw what was happening so he came over and Lisa said Brad is taking her back to our room. He then whispered something to my sister and she said ok that would be good if you could. Lisa said to me once we were alone that Peter the security guy would take me back as he was worried I may be taken advantage of.

We left them all there as we began to walk back to my room. Peter said just one moment we'll go by his room so he can get a drink. Not thinking anything of it I said ok. He took my hand as we walked to his room, telling me how he thought I looked so sexy and much older than 21. I told him I was actually almost 19 and he said no way. We began talking about the night and he said he saw Brad feeling me up as we danced. Once we got back to his room I was feeling a lot better from the fresh air I think. He got himself a drink, asking I would like one. Ok if its alright I do feel better now I said, he gave me a mixed drink and I sat on his bed as we chatted. We talked for ages about all sorts of stuff, from boys to school to shopping and what I liked and about him and his job.

It was a while later I caught him looking up my skirt and closed my legs. He said oh don't do that I was enjoying the view. I blushed and he said there's no harm in looking your a really pretty young woman. I felt flattered and being drunk I guess I became a bit naughty, opening my legs so he could see my knickers. Sitting there talking and knowing he was looking at me began to get me a little hot. He began asking about my boyfriends and what we had done. By now he was sitting right opposite me, running his hand up my leg.

He said something and I fell back laughing on the bed, knowing my skirt had ridden up also. He now had a clear view of my knickers as he moved over next to me. He looked into my eyes as he ran his fingers down my face, pulling me towards him as he began to kiss me. I kissed him back feeling our lips on each others, feeling his tongue in my mouth, his hands wandering all over me. Without me really realizing, he had undone my top and removed the grass skirt. We continued to kiss and he removed my bra, he kissed my breasts all over and played with my nipples which by now were so hard. I knew I was getting really turned on, as I could feel my face, my neck, my chest all hot and flushed.

He began to rub my pussy thru my knickers which by now were actually wet thru. Then he put his hand inside them and began to remove them. I pushed away from him saying no not there. He stopped and said to me what do you mean no not there. He looked really cranky, so I told him I was a virgin and not ready to go all the way. By this stage he had all his clothes off and had the biggest penis had had seen, not that at 16 I had seen many really.

It was now I realized I may have gone to far, he said just let me kiss you a little and play. Ok I said reluctantly as he kissed me all over, his hands all over me. He put his hand in my knickers again and felt how wet I was. I was really really wet I could feel my own wetness myself. He began to finger me and suck my nipples.

I knew I had let him go way too far and asked him to please stop. Maybe another time we can I told him. No way he said pushing me back onto the bed. He got between my legs and pushed them even wider apart. I felt his cock at my pussy, he rubbed it up and down my wet, juicy sex. I pleaded with him please don't I'm a virgin. He seemed to just ignore me and he pushed his mouth over mine kissing me. I tried to get him off me, but as he was probably twice my weight I had little chance. I felt his hot cock as he began to push it in me, opening me as he went. I just squirmed and closed my eyes hopping he may stop.

As he pushed further into me I felt my whole pussy hurting, he was stretching my more than I had ever been. Then I felt a sharp pain in my vagina, realizing he must have just broken my hymen, he pushed further into me till I thought I could take no more. He stopped for a moment, looking down at me with his cock all the way inside my poor little pussy and said god girl you are so tight you must have been hey.

I just lay there crying to myself, I had wanted my first time to be so special with someone really special that I loved. Then he began moving back and forth in me. My legs were pushed up and got even deeper in me, as he began to fuck me. This wasn't making love this was being fucked. Now I really understood the difference.

He was pounding in and out of my now seriously filled vagina, my clitty was getting pounded to by his pubic bone I think because every time he slammed deep into me it felt it too. I just lay there letting him do as he wanted, then I began to feel my pussy sort of throb on him. I realized my own pleasure was building even when I had not wanted it to happen. I knew I was going to orgasm and I tried so hard not to, I didn't want him to think that he gave me pleasure. I could feel my juices all leaking from me, from him slamming in and out of my now soaking wet pussy. I felt him all tense up and he said I'm going to cum in your sexy little cunt. Then I felt his hot cum squirt deep into my womb, which sent me off. I couldn't do anything I knew my pussy was squeezing him, and began to shake and moan as wave after wave of pleasure washed thru my whole body. It lasted for what seemed like ages, but in reality it was probably only 20 or 30 seconds.

I lay there disgusted in myself, as he looked down at me and said see u did like it too. He was still in me as I looked the other way, trying not to even look at him. Then he began doing it again to me, I said please no more you have had me lets stop now. No way you little slut he said I'm having you all night.

It was about 5.00 am when I woke up, still in his bed. I hopped out slowly so as to not wake him, grabbed all my things and left. As I walked down the path back to my sisters and I room, I cried to myself thinking about what had been done to me. I was really sore, my pussy, my legs, everything seemed to hurt. As I walked in the door Lisa said where the hell have you been?

I just looked at her and cried, telling her what happened she said lets go and see the police. No no we can't, eventually I persuaded her to just leave it. You could say it was a bit of an awakening.

Anyway that was the start of my sexual adventures. I'm fine now and looking back maybe I was a little to naïve.

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