tagRomanceHow I Met My Goddess

How I Met My Goddess


I was working for a mid size restaurant company ( I can't tell you the name or type of food or you would immediately know who it was ) . I was the manager on duty one night and doing a final check of everything before I left. I checked the hot line to make sure all the equipment was turned off and then I went to the back dock to make sure the gate was secure. When I looked out the gate I saw a woman sitting on the sidewalk with her back against the wall. She was obviously homeless and it was going to be a cold night. I felt sorry for her. "hey, there!" I called out. She turned around to face me and I could see that she was a young girl maybe 18 years old, probably a run-away, we get a lot of those here in the big city. "please mister, I just need to sit a while, I have been walking all day." She said.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"San Diego." She replied. We continued our conversation for quite some time, and I found out that she indeed had run away from home. She left three weeks ago after a horrible fight with her father. She was not your typical abused teenager, her father had never taken advantage of her, or anything like that. She was just sick of all the fighting and yelling everyday in her house.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her. "Yes, but I am not one of those tramps that will fuck you for a cold slice of pizza."

"How about for a hot slice of pizza?" She looked at me like I just slapped her, but then I laughed her and told her I was only kidding. Who was I to take advantage of someone down on their luck anyway. "Listen." I said. "We have some leftovers from tonight's dinner rush that I can give you, and sometimes the managers forget to secure this gate, it sticks if you don't pull on it hard enough it will not lock. Anyway, you can come in her to get out of the cold." I could see that she was grateful, but still a little wary of a strangers good will.

"Just be gone by 6:00am when my boss gets here." I went inside to fix a plate of food, and when I came back outside she had come inside the gate and set up a crate to sit on and lit a cigarette. I gave her the plate of food, and she took it thanking me. "I usually work nights with Monday and Tuesday off." I said. "If you need help come by after closing." She stood up and kissed me so very tenderly on the cheek. "Thank you." She whispered in my ear. I went back inside and finished my check and then went out the front door to get to my car. I thought about her all the way home that night.

Almost a week later I saw her again at closing, she was waiting at the back door for me to come out like I had the previous week. I got her some food and we sat and talked while she ate the food. She told me all about growing up and what her life had been like. She also shared with me the month that she spent living on the street and how that had changed her. "I am going to go on a limb here, we really could use some help in the dining room a couple of nights a week, and that might help you get back on your feet." I told her. "No one hires without a phone number and address."

"I do all the hiring, and my boss does not care as long as the staff is pretty." She smiled at that while looking at the ground. "I can offer you a sofa to sleep on until you get on your feet. I will even get you the uniform you need to start working." She ran into my arms and kissed me deeply on the lips. "Woah, let's get you a shower, come on." She looked at me sideways and said. "Are you going to try something, funny?"


"Then you must be queer?"

" No, I am not queer."

We got to my house and I sent her straight to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She spent the next hour showering, shaving her legs, and making herself pretty again. I knocked on the door to offer her a robe. I even found a shirt and some boxer shorts she could wear. She came down stairs a little while later and stood at the bottom, waiting for me to turn around. "Wow!" I said as she did a little runway turn. She looked like a totally different person. She had washed, conditioned, and brushed out her long blonde hair so that it hung to just above her ass. She had bright eyes, and a wonderful smile.

She came over to the sofa and sat next to me. She turned sideways so that she was facing me and told me how grateful she was for everything I had done for her. She bent her head down and kissed me on my check, then she grabbed my face and turned it toward her so that she could kiss my mouth. The kiss became more passionate and so probed my open mouth with her tongue. I felt a stirring in my pants as we continued to kiss. She ran her hand down my chest and rested it on the bulge rising in my pants. She rubbed at me with her hand in an adolescent fumbling kind of way that alerted me her inexperience. I broke the kiss and looked in her eyes.

"Yes, I am 18, and yes I have been with a man before." She said to me before I could even ask a word. "And yes, I really want to do this." She said as she kissed me again. This time when her hand went to my pants, she aimed for the zipper and my belt. When she finally had my manhood free, she looked at it and caressed it as if it was the first one she had ever seen. She lowered her head and kissed the tip. The angle was not right for her, so she got down on her knees in front of me and continued stroking my cock. She kissed the head again and licked all around it.

She pulled more and more of me into her mouth, and her hand dropped down to cup my balls. She licked up and down the shaft, and then would swirl her tongue around the head. She deep throated my cock and rubbed my balls with so much passion and energy that I thought that it would be her cumming from the blowjob. Her breathing was heavy and she had worked one hand into her shorts to massage her pussy. I was close to my orgasm and so was she. I arched my back as the first rush of cum exploded out of the tip of my cock. She swallowed greedily and sucked harder to get the rest of my love juice. She continued to lick all around the shaft even after she had cleaned up every bit of my cum. She came up and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you." She said. "Maybe It should be me thanking you, that was the best blowjob I ever got."

"I would like to go to bed now, this will be the first time in a month that I get to sleep on clean sheets, and I want to savor every minute of it."

We went upstairs and I showed her to her room. She bounded on to the bed and jumped up and down on the thick mattress. She blew me a kiss goodnight and I retreated into my own room. I slept peacefully through the night, content in the fact that I had done a good thing by getting her off the streets.

I felt her slip into the bed, and could feel the sun on my face, so I knew that it was late morning. She immediately went for my cock. She took the still soft meat in her mouth and thrilled to feel it get hard in her mouth. When she had gotten me hard she climbed on top of my cock. She opened the lips of her pussy and slowly took my length inside her. I heard her moan as the last couple of inches sank inside her. She sat there for a minute with my cock buried to the hilt inside her pussy. Once she got used to the size, she began a slow rock back and forth. She was grinding her clit against my shaft and digging her nails into my chest.

She soon got braver and began to ride up and down on the shaft. She groaned loudly every time she hit bottom and inhaled sharply as she rose up of me. I reached up and grabbed at one of her nipples. I twisted one nipple to gauge her reaction and she liked it. The next time I grabbed for her nipple I twisted it even harder and she growled deep in her chest and ground down harder on my cock. I leaned up so that I could get a nipple in my mouth and bit and nibbled on the hard flesh. She grabbed the other tit and reached the nipple with her tongue. She licked her own nipple and called me over to share the nipple. The two of us battled with tongues to lick the same nipple. I tired of being on the bottom and flipped us over doggy style. I got up behind her and sank my hard cock deep into her pussy.

She called out as my cock buried deep into the belly. I started a rhythm of stroking in and out of her dripping wet snatch. I would smack her ample bottom every five or so strokes, and that always made her moan. She reached behind her and started rubbing her asshole as I pounded into her pussy. She wet her finger and sank it deep into her asshole. I wet my finger also and slid in next to hers, she withdrew and I matched the rhythm of my finger and my cock. I could feel the cum welling up in my balls and I quickened my pace. I slammed into her and sprayed her insides with my hot cum. She groaned out as her orgasm hit at the same time. We both collapsed and held each other as we caught our breath.

We both got ready and worked out a plan for later at the restaurant. I let her leave first and ride my bicycle up to the restaurant. I left half an hour later and drove slowly to work. When I got there, my boss Roger had this big smile on his face. "You lucky bastard." He laughed. "What are you talking about?" I asked him. "Well, Monica called in sick, but there is this hot little number with big tits filling out an application right now."

"So, if I like her, can I hire her and start her tonight."

"Believe me pal, you are going to like her. Have her train with Tracy." I walked away to go find my newest employee. She was sitting at a booth in the back of the restaurant and finishing up her application. I came over and sat down in the seat across from her. "Hi, my name is Brian, and I am the night manager."

"Hi, I'm Erica." She said and I realized that was the first time I had heard her name. We chatted for several minutes and then I put her with Tracy to train. She turned out to be the best waitress we ever had. She also became a permanent fixture in my life. Next week we are traveling back to her home town. I think I will get her Father's approval to marry her.

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