tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 05

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 05


Dan and Nate had decided Dan would marry me, because he was the elder brother and he had the thing about wanting me to be tied to him. They'd tried sharing Nate's previous girlfriend, she liked the tag-team fucking, but couldn't deal with the situation permanently. It seemed right for us all.. .Nate had his own room but we mostly just bunked in the massive custom bed in the master suite. I never got bored of waking up to two cocks both ready to start the day off in my favourite way.

Working at the club was more fun by the day...

Nobody in England plays baseball. There is a lot of bats around though. Because we are not allowed guns. We had a couple of aluminum bats at the club and one at the house for 'security'... I'd been idly considering how the thing would feel in my sluthole for quite a while. I'd been keeping it quiet because I was pretty sure it wouldn't be as much fun as I imagined and it wasn't like my pussy wasn't getting enough stuffing! Anyway, I had a work project to keep my mind off how good that, smooth, rigid metal would feel wedged in my cunt..

I'd bugged Nate about a glory hole for long enough to wear him down.

Nate is a lazy guy. His main argument was the inconvenience of having to locate it. Eventually he agreed if I did all the work, I could have one. The details were boring but suffice it that I had the thing ready for operation in three weeks. Simple enough, basically a big sturdy box, two sections, a door for men and one for women, the wall had various wide holes, with cushioned edged, at different heights and a couple of grab rails to steady the receivers as their mouth (or whatever) worked the hole. It wasn't a massive structure but comfortably three people could stand on each side. The contractor who built the thing, Dan and a couple of others from the club had vigorously tested the angles and capacity :)

It was surprising, the trials. I knew exactly who the men on the other side were, and I'd had all of them in one hole or another at some point, I guessed at once who each one belonged to but it was somehow so much more exciting to be squatting in front of the wall and suddenly just having the dick in front of you, ready to be serviced...I busily sucked at Dan, my face mashed up against the divider - it did feel a bit strange giving head without having my hair yanked around or getting my face cock slapped. Not bad, just different. The experience already had my cunt dripping...

Dan filled my mouth with cum and immediately the second hole was filled with the contractors expectant meat, Nate at another hole so I had to alternate my hands and mouth to attend them both.

I greedily went to work, one of the door man was at the other hole, Dan came in an started fucking me from behind as I sucked, banging my head against the partition, you know - to make sure it was strong enough...

It went properly operational later that day, by the weekend it was my new favourite place. Dan had a web feed put in, so if the visitor didn't mind the whole thing could be viewed on club screens and so he could watch on his phone when he was out and about. I didn't ever mind being on the screens. And for the most part, neither did the proffered cockmeats.

Amber, one of the strippers, who had been reassigned to the bar because she had the same trouble I did in keeping to the no touch rules. Dan and Nate tended to plug my cunt and ass when I was in there because it was torturous for me to deprived of getting those holes fucked. Amber had no restraints, she, like me preferred to suck, but sometimes she just got so horny, she'd shove her hot, juicy cunt against the anonymous meat and serve me up a cream pie when they guy dumped his spunk into her. The cocks had to wait a minute or two while I guzzled those creamy treats out though:)

She was gorgeous, tall with very dark skin and tits that made me wet just looking at them, her dark skin and hair look so good when they got covered with cum... And her pussy tasted so fucking good, with or without a load of cum in it. She liked being in the box as much as I did, so between us we kept it going and often left the bar to the blokes. And considering how much Nate had complained about building the thing, he spent an awful lot of time in there getting serviced...

Within time, we' d started to get a few more couples and female customers who wanted to try the experience on my side of the wall...I don't blame them. I loved it in there and it was always more fun with company. Dan literally had to drag me and Amber out by the hair on Friday night when we'd been in there for several hours. Naked and covered almost from head to foot in spunk and a few doses of piss, we were both so ready to be fucked hard it wasn't funny...Amber had already been fucked a few times, shoving her cunt instead of her mouth over the hole for a few lucky dicks - and me, I got to suck the spunk out of her freshly fucked snatch. She was still begging Nate to ream her ass out when we got out of the box.

The men were playing poker with a couple of friends, they wanted us to entertain them so we set about clearing the masses of cum from each other's bodies, using only our tongues. Which wasn't helping with my cock craving... Dan told Amber to get a strap on, she did, the double ended one so we could both get off...One guy suggested Amber fist me, so she did, forcing a squirt out...then she fixed the dildo on and fucked me almost as well as guy.

I was fixing the drinks for everyone and the bat caught my eye again. The strap-on fucking had opened me up quite a lot. I circled the width with my hand, I figured Amber's fist fist must be at least as thick, the strap-on was big as well. If I could take them, surely I could accommodate a bat?...and I was a little drunk by now. I didn't get the chance to stay quiet. Dan saw me holding it and the look on my face and came over, grabbed the bat and me.

He put me up on the pool table - seriously I don't think that table ever got used for playing pool...Amber was giggling, she thought I was nuts and the guys gathered around, as Dan spread my legs, Amber hopped up, and started rubbing my clit, I was already wet but she carried slapping and biting my tits until I thought I was going to come.

I heard Dan tell me to hold off my orgasm. I was trying to obey him! I could feel Dan's hands, , three, four fingers deep -my mind was racing - that was hurting, how the fuck would a bat feel? The two of them kept tormenting me and the other guys were watching with interest, their cocks getting bigger, two of them finding their way into my mouth, Nate's familiar cock pushed into my hand. They unloaded on my face, leaving my mouth free to scream.

Dan had his whole hand inside me by then and it hurt like nothing I'd imagined, but it felt really, really good at the same time. My abused cunt was pumping juice around his fist, trying to ease the passage. When he removed his hand, I was sobbing gratefully at the release at the same time as wanting to beg for him to do it again. He showed me his hand , soaked to the wrist with my juices, shoving his fingers deep into my mouth - I almost never gag on cock, but trying to fit his hand down my throat made me choke. My hand still gripping Nate's meat, I felt his load shoot messily up my arm and he wiped his dick in my hair.

Dan slid the bat in gently, the cold hard metal brutally invading me, and even though my cunt had been warmed up and spread out, it still resisted admitting the solid unflexing lump inside, it felt like it was halfway in...But was only about 11 inches inside, according to Amber who was abusing my clit while Dan worked the bat in a little more. And a little more... Until Dan estimated I had 14 thick inches buried in my cunt.

I couldn't see, having the bat pushed inside me made sitting up impossible, the bat doesn't bend with you like a human does...and when Dan let the handle rest down for second, the pressure of the weight sent indescribable waves through my stretched muscles, he started twisting it and I swear I went off like a rocket, I came so hard I actually passed out. Fucking awesome...

Someone fetched me round in the usual fashion. i.e. - a good hard cock slap to the face. Nate was fiddling with the bat, sending more waves through me. Dan took my mouth, fucking my face relentlessly, I could tell the bat thing had him fired up by the force he face-fucked me. I was disappointed he didn't come in my mouth and more than a touch scared when I realised he pulled out of my face because he was going to try and fuck my ass. While the bat was still pushed in my pussy...

He took it out first, arranged me and Amber in a 69, with me on all fours above her, so she could take some of the bat weight. (One trouble with the bat is it's kind of long and there is no way to fit the whole length in, so you need to support handle end.) Amber was attending to my clit . The other guys wanted a ride before the bat went back in. The two other guys quickly emptied their sacks into my stretched aching pussy, and Nate stretched and filled my ass, while I shoved my face into Amber's hot musky cunt.

Amber helped Dan slide the bat back in, it went in much easier this time, the fresh loads of spunk oozing out as the bat claimed every bit of my internal space.

Amber's mouth attacking my spunky clit, her hands supporting the bat. Dan spat hard on my asshole and begin to fight his way in to my rectum, I could feel him grinding up against inflexible lump of metal. I was terrified the thin division of flesh would just quit under the strain... one final thrust and Dan was balls deep in my dirtbox and the sensation of the double penetration chased the fear of splitting in half away.

Amber twisted the bat as Dan instructed and again it tipped me into a hard orgasm. Dan could not pound my ass as hard as normal because the space was too tight, It still felt incredible and he filled my ass with cum far too quickly . Amber began guzzling my creamy, gaping asshole as Nate eased the bat out, within seconds of it exiting two cocks slammed in to my vacant cunt. I couldn't see whose because my face was buried in Ambers' delicious juicy slutholes... poor Amber just got one in her ass like she'd been begging for. I soon felt my mouth fill up with pussy cum anyway so she was clearly happy enough with her portion.

I thought my cunt would never unstretch back to normal after that evening. It did. I didn't get to bring the bat home though:( But I did get one for my birthday. Along with a neat ball gag - the ball has lots of holes in it, so when I'm getting faicalised, the cum drips through the holes.

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