tagLoving WivesHow I Persuaded My Wife to Indulge Ch. 02

How I Persuaded My Wife to Indulge Ch. 02


Continued from recent post,

A knock at the door and I let Howard in. It had been 3 weeks since he had come round to take up where he left off all those years ago. An old flame that had never got beyond foreplay until just recently when Jan and I had agreed he would be the perfect candidate to see if we could indulge in a threesome, with her the centre of attention.

Again Jan had set the rules of engagement and as he entered the front room I asked him to sit and relax as Jan was still getting ready for us and that she would tell us what was on offer this evening. She wore the same black silk wrap around dressing gown but this time had a basque and stockings as well as a small pair of black silky knickers. She spread a large quilt on the floor and told us to undress and lay down on our backs. We didn't argue. She was unusually assertive, Jan is normally quite quiet, but she was in a role here she had considered carefully and we had agreed how we wanted proceedings to go. If she felt uncomfortable at any stage she would let us know and that would be it, but she was clearly enjoying herself currently.

"One of you boys is going be lucky tonight and one quite so lucky." She opened her silk dressing gown and stood over us. She was putting on a pair of long black velvet gloves. "I need just one man tonight and he needs to have good stamina so I am going to see which of you can last the longest. Whoever comes first will have to go home or up to bed, is that clear?" It was perfectly and I had already agreed to take the position nearest the fire place thereby having her use her right and stronger hand on me. She knew how to wank my cock to perfection and I had abstained from sex for a good few days so I would not be slow in reaching a climax, giving Jobby more than a fighting chance of being the winner and at last get to fuck his childhood sweetheart.

She told us to move closer together and then knelt with a leg astride each of our legs so her stocking clad knee was between our legs. She started to stroke us one at a time with the velvet gloves and paused to pull her large soft breasts free from the basque so we could each take one and play with her nipples. She then took us both in hand and proceeded to wank us together. With her more experienced right hand and me putting up no resistance at all it wasn't long until I let out a moan and shot a jet of cum over her velvet glove. She smiled as the plan was working out just perfectly and she announced that I was unfortunately now to retire upstairs to bed and would not be able to take any further part downstairs. I appeared mildly disappointed but said it was fair and that the best man one and he was to make sure Jan was taken very good care of. She removed her gloves and gave them to me and just as I was about to leave the room she called me back to tell me I had one more duty to perform. I was to untie the little bows that held her small black panties so her new lover would have free access to her pussy. I kissed her goodnight and pulled at the ribbons on one side and then the other and pulled them away revealing her shaved pussy with a hint of wetness that had kept the panties in place. I took them upstairs with me and as I lay on the bed put them to my face to smell her gorgeous smell of perfume and sex.

I left the bedroom door open and tried to listen to what was taking place downstairs with my sexy wife and her old boyfriend. I couldn't hear much just the occasional moan and it was later she recalled what had happened. She had told Jobby to stay on the floor and walked around him so he could see up her dressing gown at the stocking tops and naked pussy. She admitted she had thought about letting him fuck her all those years ago before the misunderstanding that meant they split. She knelt before him again and peeled back his foreskin and then back and forth until she was satisfied it was at full erection. She went down with her mouth and flicked her tongue over the swollen head. She allowed a little saliva to coat the shaft so it would slip in easily although she could feel how wet her pussy was and that it would not be a problem if she took it nice and slow.

Jan turned to face away from Howard who was still on his back on the quilt and went to sit on his lap with his erect cock just poised at the lips of her pussy. She told him to hold his cock nice and firm and still while she lowered herself on to the tip and then off and then lower and lower until the whole of his cock was right up inside her cunt and he bore her whole weight. She then rocked back and forth so his prick was moving inside her. She was loving this and with his cock rubbing against her clit it was only a matter of time until she would cum with him inside her. It was the jerking of his orgasm that threw her over the edge and with him as far in as he could be they both came loud and strong and long. She stayed there with his cock inside and giving the occasional wriggle until he eventually was soft and slipped out. She told him it was time to go and that we would be in touch soon gave him a peck on the cheek and rushed him out of the door.

I had heard the cries of delight and was feeling a little left out but was hoping for some attention but was surprised how quickly afterwards my gorgeous wife would appear before me with a smile as wide as next week. She was still wearing the basque and stockings and was carrying a towel. She told me to move from the bed and let her lay down. She was still buzzing with excitement. I of course complied and she lay on her back and told me she had a present for me. She opened her legs and slid two fingers inside her pussy. Within seconds I could see that she was so full of Howards cum and that he had very obviously been so deep inside her and remembering from our previous session how he produced great volumes of spunk she asked if there was anything I would like to do to her. My cock was hard again and I knelt before just hesitating for a moment to take in the full glory of what I was about to do. My cock eased past her pussy lips and slipped effortlessly into her cunt in one motion. I could feel the sticky liquid leaking onto my balls and each time my cock pushed back inside her I could feel and hear the squelch. After only 30 seconds Jan told me to stop as she wanted to taste his cum. I took out my cock and moved up to place it alongside her mouth and so we continued. I would fuck her deep, get more of Howard cum out of her pussy and then she would clean my cock sucking it dry and swallowing it.

After it appeared there was no more Howard cum to retrieve I went down on her and licked and sucked her clit. She came for the second time and I then wanked my cock off over her tits. Jan used her finger to wipe up what she could and then sucked it so she could compare my spunk with Howards. She announced it was inconclusive and there would have to be a rematch to see who had the best spunk. Well there was no contest that he had the volume and I was very grateful as I had been able to enjoy my wife as never before, but hoped I would get to push the boundaries a little more yet.

I will gladly recount our 3rd meeting if there is enough interest.

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by Anonymous

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by rodryder4409/02/18

Persuasive wife

I like the action

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by Horace21212108/23/18

Don’t hide in the woods

I am happy for any feedback but prefer the snippers don’t hide in the woods and allow a right of reply. It is all true, it was my fantasy and our marriage strong enough to survive the purely sexual liaison.more...

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by 27thNC08/14/18

Believe me there is interest

This story fits this category well and most people who come here seek out these stories. There are a couple real asswipes who feel the need to force their opinions on others here. Don’t worry about themmore...

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by Sbrooks103y08/13/18

There is definitely interest

Do not let one sad little man who can't except that others have different opinions from himself dictate whether you continue. Please know that the reason this site exists and people come here is to readmore...

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by Anonymous08/13/18

Good story

Welcome to Literotica. Most of the authors here are deleting the negative troll comments. Let's hope you join them

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