tagIncest/TabooHow I Took My Brother

How I Took My Brother


Lizzie Freeze stood silently, waiting, in a ritual that she never missed. The closet was dark and the light was minor, pouring in from the small wooden slats in Jay's closet. She stood quietly, watching small bits of dust dance in the sunbeams. The clothes surrounding her smelled of bounce and masculine skin. Lizzie turned and inhaled the scent of her brother's cologne from a suit jacket he wore to her graduation a few weeks ago.

Lizzie's college graduation was supposed to be a memorable day, she invited Jay to the after party hoping to get him drunk enough to act out her greatest fantasy. Although he showed up, he ended up bedding two of her so called friends. Sluts...who always made eyes at her handsome brother. Jay was every girl's fantasy. He was well over 6 feet with dark hair and wicked brown eyes. His dimples made his smile that more devilish and his physique was hot enough to make a nun drool. Jay was 21, 2 years her senior, well, two years in a few days when she turned 19. Back in high school he had been the center of every girl's universe. Even the teachers blushed when he turned those liquid brown eyes and confident smile their way. Rumors always circulated about him and a number of women at any given time. The only time most of the student population ever spoke to her was to pump her for information on her Students Council President, Basketball star, Prom King Brother. The rest of the time she spent alone in the library or in the AV room. Qualities that would instantly induct her into the hall of fame of geek stereotypes. Except for the fact she wasn't a geek. She was shy, spending time in the library kept her from having to socialize. As for the AV room, it housed the tool for her greatest obsession. Which carried on in college when she took a General Arts in movie producing.

Ever since she could remember, Lizzie has idolized her sexy older brother. But he never acknowledged her at home or at school. He was also the favored child of their parents. Not that they would ever admit it. But when they sheepishly referred to her as Jay's sister when they could not recall her name spur of the moment, it became obvious that the family had no room for a wallflower. So at 12, Lizzie began to resent her big bro. The hostilities she hurdled towards him barely registered on his radar. Making her that much more angry. At 18 her parents went away one weekend resulting in her ever popular brother having a wild party. She was the only one there under 20 and the only one who did not have sex. After hours of frustrating noise and trying to remain in her room, Lizzie ventured out in search of her brother to make him turn down the crappy music. Stepping into the hallway she saw her brother usher two women into his room. She knew by reputation that those two women were loose with both males and females alike. Lizzie's jaw dropped at the notion her brother was about to have sex with two girls in the room beside her. He was only 18 but apparently had the world by the tits it seemed. Lizzie's initial reaction was rage, after a while she could hear sexual vocalizations coming from his room, Lizzie crept closer to hear what the arouse female was moaning.

"Hey pervert get away from the door!" A jock behind her said loudly. Resulting in everyone in the room staring at her and laughing.

The door swung open in front of her and her brother glowered down at her, half naked and presumeably annoyed. "I uh..."

"Go to your room." He barked.

Lizzie ignored the whistles coming from the females getting a free look at her brother's body. "I uh...can hear you in there too" She yammered.

"Then go downstairs or something. I don't want you around me." He growled and slammed the door in her face.

Lizzie felt shocked and embarrassed. The upperclassmen were all staring at her like some space freak. She turned to her sanctuary and remembered her brother's activities. She raced downstairs and out the patio doors to where the pool was surprisingly unoccupied. On a lounge chair she saw Jay's friend Rick. He was blonde; blue eyed and had a sexy bohemian look to him. One of the few people who actually acknowledged she was in the room.

"Hey kid, surprised you came out of your room." He grinned.

"Jay is having sex in his room and I don't like hearing it." She mumbled. Apparently he was not in the room earlier.

"Well you can chill out here but I am going to roll one so you know." He explained he pulled a small baggie out of his pocket.

Lizzie's eyes grew wide, not expecting Rick to be a drug user. "Okay..."

Rick stared at her intently. "You wanna few puffs?"

Lizzie nodded silently, afraid to speak. After taking a few puffs, Rick passed her the fat, foul smelling cigarette. She coughed loudly but found the buzz extremely pleasant. Lizzie lay back in the lounger, feeling pleasantly out of it. She noticed Rick looked mighty baked as well. She closed her eyes reliving the image of her brother's hard half naked body behind her eyelids, his face beautiful as he scowled down at her. Lizzie knew right then that the images, the thoughts were never going to go away.

As the year progressed, Lizzie's anger with her brother morphed in to something different. Something many would call abnormal. Her brother's sexual frequency also became hers. He was rarely ever aware of her presence while she listened, or peeked when she could. She knew her obsession with her brother's sexuality was not normal, but she could not control it, she through about it in the shower, while she ate, while she was at school. He was the star of her every fantasy. Now, almost 19 it was still as strong as ever. Lizzie slowed her breathing when she heard the front door closed and some high pitched giggling come from downstairs. Within moments her brother and a blonde she vaguely remembered working cash at the convenience store was walking into his room, arms and lips and tongues tangled as their passion mounted. Lizzie's lips parted as her own arousal started to take place. She wished she had a video camera with her, but with high school over, she no longer had liberties with the equipment. Lizzie watched as their clothes came off in frenzy, under her clothing was some flashy silk bra and panty number that had her brother grunt in approval. She knew he always got more excited when he saw red lingerie. Jay lapped hungrily at the woman's oversized breasts, his cock making a proud tent in his boxers.

"Are you sure no one is here?" Barbie wannabe moaned.

"No one baby, parents are still at work." Jay replied, muffled in her breasts.

"Don't you have a sister?" She asked, clutching his dark head to her breast.

Jay's head pulled back for a second. "Oh yeah, well she isn't around. And she knows better then to interfere." He went back to his feast.

Lizzie knew he was right, she would not interfere, she was just gonna watch, and imagine in fantasy time that he could use his prowess on her, to remove her of her virginity and possibly even impregnate her. Lizzie stifled a gasp at the last thought. Since when did I want to be pregnant with his baby? She thought to herself. She felt her face flush at the prospect of carrying Jay's child. Before she could continue that particular fantasy, she heard another slam downstairs. Judging by the way Jay scrambled, it was not a joiner, as he sometimes had. Before she could react, she noticed Jay ushering the blonde towards the closet, handing her the scraps that she called clothes. Lizzie ducked behind the suit jacked she so loved to smell. When the blonde got shoved in beside her, she knew it was all over.

To her surprise, she didn't even realize there was a second person in the closet. Lizzie could see her chew on her lower lip at the fear of being caught. She could hear the familiar sounds of her father's baritone as he asked Jay what he was up to. Jay was already positioned over his desk, looking like a concentrating student, rather then a man-whore with two women in the closet wanting his body badly. Of course he only knew about one of them.

Once their father headed down to take a shower, Jay quickly ushered the blonde out of the house, give her a hasty goodbye. Lizzie took that time to retreat back to her room, disappointed that the show was not going to go on. Back in the safety of her room that looked vaguely like a hotel room with immaculate bed and taupe walls, Lizzie thought about the sudden turn of events. She felt, jealous, cheated. There was a rage in her, choking her. It was not because her Dad walked in. Because she would never have her chance with the stud in the room beside her. She'd never have the feeling of his dick driving in her, making her pregnant. She wanted to own her brother, make him realize that she was not going to be overlooked anymore and he was going to beg to screw her, to give her his child.


Jay sat on the couch, playing XBOX 360 with his friend Rick. His parents were gone shopping for the runt's birthday present. Currently he was kicking Rick's ass at Madden. It was a hot summer afternoon, one of those days were it was too hot to be outside and the A/C inside was nice.

"Hey man, what did you get in Clarkson's class?" Rick asked as his thumb beat down wildly on the A button.

"'B'" He admitted. "But I am going to talk to Prof Clarkson tomorrow; I can probably get it up to an 'A'. Providing I can get it up. She's an ugly old Bitch." He griped as he missed a field goal.

"Man, your nasty!" Rick grinned. Used to his friend's gigolo tendencies. "Where are your parents?" He asked casually.

"Getting Lindsey something for her birthday." He explained, focusing on the game.

Rick rolled his eyes, he has known Jay for 10 years and the only real peeve he had with him was the fact he had barely acknowledged the younger Freeze sibling. He noticed her though. She had long dark hair that didn't quite have that healthy shine. And green eyes that was often focused on Jay. Rick didn't know what was going on; he had a feeling that Jay was not aware of how much attention his sister paid him. Rick couldn't help but notice her, she was hot, she wore loose clothing to conceal her figure, but he was one of the rare ones who had seen her in a swimsuit and her c cup and tight ass made him take a few cold swims in the Freeze's swimming pool. "So are you getting her anything?" Rick asked.

"I guess I have to. I don't know what to get her, I barely see her." Jay admitted, almost sneering at the thought of being inconvenienced by having to use his slut money on his little sister.

Rick racked his brain. "Well you could always get her a video camera. She was always carting one of those around."

Jay glanced at his friend. "Too expensive." He grunted.

"Just think, maybe she'll let you borrow it." Rick waggled his eyebrows.

Jay pressed pause on his controller. Giving the idea some thought. "Dude, you're a total genius. Her birthday is in like, two days. And this weekend I got that date with those twins we met at Kic last night." Jay tapped his thumb on the controller thinking. "I'll be right back. I am just gonna run to Wally world."

With that he picked up his keys and left his friend chilling in his house. A habit that usually results in him going to get laid, so Rick was using to his friends sudden disappearances. Within moments he saw Lizzie creeping down the stairs. He could tell she had something on her mind when she sat down beside him. "What's up kid?" He asked.

"I was wondering if you could get me something." She asked.

Rick being her occasional drug supplier was not shocked at the request. Ever since he turned her on to weed at 18 they have shared many a blunt over the last year. "Sure, how much you need?" He asked coolly.

"No, not weed. I need something a bit different, something that would lower a guy's inhibition. Oh, and another one to knock someone out." She added nervously.

Rick paused for a moment. "Are you asking for, like, a date rape drug?"

"Well no, well sort of. But I want him hard." She blushed.

Rick knew she was a virgin. Being he was one of the only people she has ever said more then five sentences to. "So you want something to make a guy horny and not care who he was horny with."

Lizzie nodded her head silently, blushing furiously. "Whatever the price."

"I may be able to get something like that. It's like super ecstasy. Makes people really horny, almost desperate, guys like it because the drugs make it take forever for them to get off, so girls think they are hot shit." Rick admitted. He racked his brain trying to think of who she would want to seduce by the means of drugs. "I don't know if I like the idea of you drugging a guy for sex though."

"I need it by my birthday. Both drugs. Please! Whatever the cost." Lizzie pleaded, her green eyes piercing.

Rick sighed. "Fine, it'll be about $200 for both. But why your birthday?"

"My parents are leaving under the pretension that I am having a party, which I will, you, Jay and your friends are welcome. My parents won't be home, so its now or never." She stated simply. She gave Rick a hug and bounded back up to her room satisfied.

That wasn't nearly as hard as she thought it was going to be. Lizzie was almost scared that Rick would realize who she plans to seduce. But if he knew, he made no indication. The first drug, Lizzie would administer personally to Jay, the other was for whatever bimbo he brought along. Last thing she wanted was to be interrupted by some dumb whore. It was her birthday and she was going to take her brother.

The day of her birthday had arrived. The morning was a bit surprising, although her parents wished her a happy birthday and handed her lame gifts of foul smelling perfume and sweaters best created for women over 60, she was amazed at Jay's gift. A video camera. Lizzie took it as a sign. She was going to have him tonight, and now she was going to be able to capture it on video to replay over and over, since what she was doing tonight was risky and she would probably never have the opportunity again. Lizzie's freshly shaved pussy kept fairy wet all day in anticipation. After an early dinner and store bought cake, her parents headed out to her uncle's farm. Leaving her and Jay alone in wait of their party guests. After 8 there was close to 20 people milling about sipping alcohol beverages. Most so far were her brother's friends. Since her friends she could actually count on one hand. But she knew Jay could never resist the opportunity for a party. Shortly after 9, Rick showed up with a date, which turned out to be Jay's date. After passing off Ms. Fake Boobs, he made his way over.

Rick gave Lizzie a hug and wished her a happy birthday in her ear. His heart pounded excitedly in his chest. After he picked up her package he continued to ponder who it was she was going to seduce. The logical choice, it was him. As the only guy she opens up to and really the only guy she knows other then her brother, it had to be him. Rick's gaze scaled her body, taking in the blue cropped t-shirt and cutoff shorts. She was looking hot and not, 'Little Lizzie'. At all. Little Rick was taking notice as well. He couldn't believe his luck and looked forward to the effects of the Super X and having hot sex with his best friend's sister. "Got your pills. $200."

Lizzie handed over the wad of cash without a glance, holding the pills as if they contained the secrets of the universe. "Thanks Rick, I really appreciate it." She gave him another hug and sauntered off into the crowd, the two white pills in her pocket giving her obvious confidence that tonight was going to go her way. When she reached her bedroom she took out the knife she had stored and the bottle of cold beer and a rum and coke like his date was drinking. It was not going to be easy getting them both to drink without the other seeing the effects. Lizzie grounded up the tablets and poured them into their respective drinks, making sure it dissolved. She traveled downstairs to find them both near the pool making out hungrily. She cleared her throat to get their attention. Jay's eyes peered at her as if seeing her for the first time.

"Can I help you?" He asked snobbishly.

"I brought you guys some drinks. I thought we could toast my birthday, or the gift you got me, which is super cool by the way." Lizzie gushed.

Jay, never one to turn down a ready beer, pulled the pouting woman off his lap. Making no effort to hide his erection. When she handed them both their glasses, they both looked at her pointedly, she had no glass. Hurriedly she grabbed a half drunk beer sitting on a near by table. "May tonight be our night." She grinned. Jay and his date drank down their poisons quickly, wanting to get back to their session. Lizzie could tell the anorexic yokel had not eaten today by the lazy blinking and swaying of her body. She had to work fast. "Jay, I want to tape the party but I can't get the battery in, can you help me?" Lizzie whined.

Jay glanced at his date, his head feeling a bit fuzzy. "Fine," He grumbled.

Lizzie took the lead as Jay followed her to her bedroom. She had to hold herself from chuckling at the notion that she could not get a battery in. But soon she would not care. Soon she would have her brother between her legs, thrusting; the thought almost had her moaning out loud. Lizzie motioned to the camera on the tripod in the middle of her room.

Jay effortlessly popped in the battery. When he turned quickly to get back to Janet his head spun. He could feel himself stagger. He tried to shake the cobwebs clear. "What the fuck?" He mumbled, his voice sounding slurred. He only had 2 beers; no way could he be drunk yet.

"Come sit down until you feel better." Lizzie patted the bed beside her. Jay walked sluggishly to the bed and sat down heavily. She grinned at the confused expression on his face.

Jay glanced down at his shorts; his dick was getting hard again. He watched his sister sashay over to her door and lock it. When she turned around she had a Cheshire cat smile.

Jay's dull brain, trying to piece it together. "What is going on? Did you give me something?" His mind was wrought with anger, but he could feel his body flush, ready for a good fuck.

"I gave you something, yes. I knew I could never have you any other way." She waited until his surprised look finally focused on her face. "You're mine brother. At least for tonight. Do you know what happens now?" Lizzie waited until he shook his head numbly. "We are going to take off our clothes, I am going to lie down on the bed, and you are going to fuck me with that magnificent cock of yours..." Lizzie leaned in closer. "And you're going to give me a baby." She whispered, giving his lobe a lick for good measure. She smiled at the sudden intake of his breath, how his body stiffened.

"I'm your brother you sick bitch." He slurred. But even as he said it, his hands reached for her.

Lizzie watched the anger turn to heated lust in her brother's eyes. He was hers now. She made quick effort of setting up the video camera that her brother supplied. Lizzie stood within inches of her brother, his sitting form making place for her between his knees. Jay brought his head up to see his sisters exposed navel. She smiled at the way he licked his lips and reached for her hips, drawing her closer and taking a long swipe with his velvet tongue. Lizzie grasped her brother's hair and pulled his head back, giving her accommodations so that she could straddle her brother's lap. She groaned pleasantly when she felt the thick ridge of his cock rub against her swollen clit. Lizzie fastened her mouth to her brother's, languidly drawing her tongue against his in a sensual dual. She felt empowered when his hands traveled down to grope her ass under her shorts and grind her against his member.

"I need to fuck you." He murmured into her shoulder between kisses. He began to buck harder, the clothing obstruction increasing his frustration.

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