tagMind ControlHow I Was "Bagged" & "Mounted"

How I Was "Bagged" & "Mounted"


This is a true story of how I, a 41 year old, professional mother of two, was gradually talked into modeling nude (and more) for a guy who (I later found out) runs a web site that features naive professional women or mothers who he has "hunted," "bagged," "stuffed" and "mounted" as nude trophies on his "Wall of Conquests". Don't worry --I am not going to bore you with angry feminist rants and this is NOT an ad for his web site. Believe me I will never tell anyone that address! This posting is in part for those readers who are curious as to what respectable women and mothers like me could possibly be thinking as they end up posing nude for complete strangers, and in part as a confession to get this off my chest. But also it is for men who enjoy web sites like the one that "bagged" me, because I would like them to tell me, honestly and without pulling any punches, why they are willing to pay this guy so much to view me being "hunted," "bagged" and "mounted" as a 40 year old bare breasted trophy when there are so many beautiful young nude women all over the net to view for free? I'll have more on that at the end of the posting.


First let me describe how I found out the truth about what happened to me. Posing like this was so out of character for me that I wrote about it in an earlier posting which I called "Talked Out of My Swimsuit." When I wrote that posting I thought I was just posing for a private session for a guy who was studying amateur photography. A couple of weeks ago someone who read that posting recognized the setting from my descriptions and emailed me with a web site address and his password for this site he said I'd better see. When I signed in and entered the password-- there I was! The opening page of this really amateurish looking web site is designed to look like an African lodge featuring a picture of me and other women described as "MILFS" leaning forward from trophy plaques on his cartoon "wall" with our breasts hanging down, so we look pretty much like those mounted big game trophy heads sticking out of his "wall." Under my picture he has named me as "Nurse Nipples" and describes me (accurately) as a 41 year old director of nursing at a major metropolitan hospital and mother of two.

When I clicked on my "trophy picture" it opened a series of pages with pictures of me that tell his story of how I was "hunted," "bagged," "stuffed" and "mounted" as another of his nude trophies. The pictures start with in me fully clothed in my conservative swimsuit and then proceed in sequence as he convinces me to pose topless, then nude and then finally has me posed semi-conscious in a final (quite humiliating) series of pictures back in my room (pictures I obviously never saw and don't remember).


The story of my "bagging" begins by clicking on my "trophy picture." You then enter a separate series of about 10 pages or so of pictures of me. Each picture has a few paragraphs written under it and as you flip through the pictures he tells his version of the "hunt" and the eventual "stuffing" of "Nurse Nipples."

His story of his conquest of me begins with a picture of me sitting beside the pool of a small bed and breakfast in the mountains of Mexico overlooking the sea. I am dressed in a conservative two piece bathing suit that really is more like a one piece. Under my picture he describes me as a good looking "mature" strawberry blonde "itching to get out of her suit." He says he could sense I had a bad case of "last day-itis" --- a disease which he says causes otherwise prim and proper women to want to parade around semi-nude or even nude on the last day of their vacation when they realize that they haven't shown any skin all vacation and they have nothing to lose on their last day by doing exactly that in front of people they will never see again.

All I can say about his story to this point is that it is so true it hurts. By the last day of my vacation I was really regretting that I had been so shy because while several other gals had gone topless, I never even broken out the new bikinis I had purchased for the trip. I had spent months getting in shape for this vacation and what was the point if I wasn't going to show off a little?

Under the next picture, which shows me posing topless, he describes how having "diagnosed the disease it was time to operate." He goes on to say that in order to operate he required anesthesia, which he found in ready supply at the hotel's poolside honor bar. He describes how he put me at ease by "wasting a whole bunch of time and film" taking pictures of me in my swimsuit and flattering me while waiting for the alcohol to take effect. He then correctly states that after three drinks and two rolls of wasted film, Nurse Nipples was ready for "the big move" (that is posing topless).


Of course I resent that he manipulated me so easily, but again the truth is that I did not put up much resistance. Once he asked me to remove my top, an electric bolt shot up from the base of my spine to my brain and exploded there like fireworks.. I was so hypnotized by the thrill of posing topless I was weakly saying that I could never do it even as I was removing my top. I remember thinking then how strange I must have seemed to him when I was saying "No, I couldn't do that" even though I was already topless.

Then when he asked me to hold my breasts out to the camera to "show him those gorgeous nipples" it triggered another massive hormone rush that left my brain completely saturated in hormones that totally overcame the rational part of my brain. I was like a deer caught in the glare of oncoming headlights. I knew a dangerous situation was rushing right at me and yet I was totally hypnotized by the thrill. I felt my nipples becoming erect and my swimsuit bottoms getting wet even though I was out of the water. This thrill was a drug as addictive as any drug I can imagine and I definitely wanted to keep "shooting up."

The next picture on his site shows me topless at the swim-up bar. According to his description "This lush would now do anything for another drink, so I called her over to the bar and had her obeying my every command like a trained circus animal. I knew from then on she was my property."

Well I don't think he is correct to say that I was willing to take anything more off at that point but the rest of what he says is true. I rarely drink but if I have more than two or three drinks I really, really start wanting more. At this point I was asking him (really begging him in fact) for another drink and I did pretty much act like a trained animal to get it. When I swam up to the bar I wanted to stay entirely below the water but first he made me lean up against the bar and put just my breasts up on the bar next to the drink and pose for some pretty humiliating shots like that. Then he made me sit up in one of the bar stools and pose. Finally as I reached up over my head to get the drink, he kept moving it higher and higher until my arms were stretched way over my head. It seemed somewhat funny at the time but I see now he was laughing not at the joke but at the drunken lush performing for him.

The next picture has me totally nude, drinking yet another rum and punch but everything below my waste is underwater. His web page tells how he got me to hand my bottoms up to him by convincing me that no one could see me below the water, but that I was too stupid to realize that the water was clear and that the picture shows everything. Here again I am guilty as charged except that in my defense I would say that I was too drunk –not too stupid –to catch on to his ploy.

A click on that picture then takes you to the next picture in the story. This one was taken after he had disappeared for a while supposedly to change lenses. When he came back he was holding another drink out for me at the pool steps. The picture shows me walking out of the pool to get the drink. His story now relates how he had intentionally gone away for a while to see if I (or "the drunken slut" as he refers to me) would forget that I had given him my bottoms and so could be lured to walk out of the pool totally nude by another drink. I'll spare you all of his gloating comments as he describes me in some detail (and regrettably correctly ) standing on the edge of the pool "totally shit faced," gulping down yet another double rum and punch, completely oblivious to the fact that my "hairy pussy" was being displayed for all to see. Suffice it to say he is quite proud of his accomplishment.

The next picture in the saga of the Hunt of Nurse Nipples has me walking (although perhaps stumbling is a better description) along the edge of the pool just as he points out to me that I am totally nude. You should see my face! My mouth is wide open! His comments here recount his glee at seeing how my already red face turned two shades of red deeper when I finally realized what he had gotten me to do.

By the time of the last of the outdoor pictures, I was feeling like a rag doll. He sat me down on the edge of the pool and was posing me just about anyway he wanted. He put one of my legs up on the wall that separates the swim up bar from the rest of the pool and put the other leg up on the edge of the pool, spreading my legs about as far apart as they could go for the camera. At this point his story claims he has me "shamelessly showing the camera a nice wide pink smile" and repeating to him that I am "his toy." I think it is more accurate to say that at this point the full force of countless drinks and a blazing hot sun are hitting me like a ton of bricks and that I am semi-conscious. He may have had me repeating some things to him but I don't remember that and certainly did not mean what I was saying if I did. I guess that some poses he put me in were even less complimentary because he notes that some truly outrageous poses are available in his "Bwana's Lounge" (apparently a premium section of the site available at an extra charge as I could not access it).


It was at this point that I remember him saying in a kindly voice that he wanted to get me dressed and out of the sun. I remember him putting a pair of bottoms on me and draping a towel over my shoulders so as to cover my breasts and then standing me up. I was leaning on him as he walked me through the hotel lobby to my room and I recall him laying me down on the bed which is how I "woke up" a few hours later just in time to throw my things into a suitcase and grab the bus to the airport seconds before it left.

It appears from his web site, however, that he had quite a bit of fun before he left my room. The next picture shows me laying on the bed mostly nude with my eyes reduced to tiny slits and I seem to be smiling. While taking the picture with his right hand, he has my bottoms rolled up tightly in the fist of his left hand with two fingers extending out from the fist. He is pushing those fingers deep inside of me. This, according to him, is the ceremonial "stuffing" of the "Trophy" which is the "photographic proof positive" of his "total ownership" of the "hapless MILF" All I can say is I have no memory of this happening. Although it is very demeaning for me to admit this now, from my face in the picture it does appear as if I am enjoying my "stuffing."


The photos on the next to last page in my series must have been taken with a timer because we are both in each picture. The brief caption at the top of that page reads something like. "The Proud Hunter Displays his Trophy for the Camera." I have absolutely no memory of these pictures and it looks like I had passed out when they were taken so I cannot say that I thinking anything when they were taken. I will therefore just try my best to describe them. In the first picture of the series I am now nude in a more or less sitting position on the floor with my legs spread wide apart. He is standing behind me holding both of my arms high up over my head by my wrists. He is holding my wrists about at his chest level and my head is down so that my chin is on my chest and my hair is hanging down covering both sides of my face. My shoulders are hunched way over and I must have been completely passed out at this point because I really look like a dead animal that has just been "bagged". It is clear that if he weren't holding my arms I would just collapse in a heap on the floor. He is smiling ear to ear.

The next picture has him holding me upside down by my ankles. He has my ankles held up over his head and I am "facing" the camera. My arms are dangling down and make contact with the floor on my forearm just above my wrists. My head is a few inches off the ground and my hair is scraping the floor and my breasts are hanging down with my nipples pointing to the floor. I look something like a trophy fish hanging upside down on a dock. You can't see much of him except his hands around my ankles and his legs on either side of me.


The last page of my series shows me first nude on the floor facing the camera in a more or less sitting position again with my legs spread but not as wide as in the first picture of the previous series. He is kneeling behind me and my back is braced against the inside of one of his legs while his other leg is extended beside me. My head is hanging back over his thigh so you mostly see just the bottom of my chin. He has a measuring tape that he has wrapped across my breasts and around my chest. In the text he announces that "Based on numerous precise measurements such as those shown here, the rack on this prize proves to be an impressive 38DD and will make a fine mounting for the Wall of Conquests". ( I hate to disappoint any of his fans on this point but I am really a 36C. ).

In the final picture I am turned sideways to the camera and I am sitting up but slumped over so that my hair is hanging almost onto my thighs. He is holding my head up by my hair with one hand and has his measuring tape wrapped around me a few inches below my chest at about my diaphragm with the other. The text below the picture indicates that I am being measured for my "Mounting Plaque" which will have to be "somewhat thicker and larger than usual to support the weight of her massive boobs." I assume the idea is that this is the spot at which I am to be supposedly cut off to be mounted on the plaque. Below all of this is a pitch for the Bwana's Lounge at which many more pictures of Nurse Nipples are supposedly shown that are "too extreme" to be shown on the regular web site. If you click on the last picture you are then sent back to the Wall of Conquests on which I hang mounted on a plaque from the stomach up like a big game animal next to his other victims.


I have to imagine this photographer guy is copying other more profitable and more professional web sites with similar material. I would like some of the men who pay to visit these type of sites to tell me honestly and without holding back, what the attraction is. Please don't write me about what a creep this guy is -–I already know that. And I know I could sue but that would bring these pictures to the attention of people who I would prefer did not see them. I do NOT want sympathy or a kind word, and I don't want to meet guys. I am just curious as to which basic urges this satisfies such that you would pay to see me like this when thousands of free sites are full of nude younger women. If you would like to tell me openly and honestly why this is such a thrill, please email me. But be warned if you ask me for the web site address I will delete your email.

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