tagIncest/TabooHow It All Got Started Ch. 1

How It All Got Started Ch. 1


I am a marketing account representative for a large industrial company. Each year my employer has a large holiday party for all of our customers' marketing and support people, hosted by our marketing people. Each year we rent a complete floor of a major downtown hotel and set up party rooms in the major suites. The other rooms are for the partiers sleep of their drunken state or to screw around in. As a side benefit we hire several prostitutes and give them rooms on the floor to entertain our clients and guests. This year was no exception.

After being divorced for nearly eight years I got married six month ago to a younger women, Deb. She is 27 and I am 39. She had been married when we first met and started screwing around, causing her to get divorced just 3 months before our wedding. With this in mind I knew there was a chance that she would cheat on me and I am willing to except that chance since we have a great sex life and I love her. Prior to our marriage I would take advantage of the prostitutes we hired for the party and usually wound up spending the night with one of them after the party. But, this year was going to be different; I was going to take my wife to the party.

After some pushing, my new wife agreed to go to the party even though she isn't a big party person. But, at the last minute she got the flu and was in no shape to go. Since her mother only lives about 30 minutes away, Deb said I should go the party and take her mother in place of her. I knew my wife's reasoning behind her request; with her mother there I would be less likely to get involved with any of the whores. Sine I had to go I agree to take her mother to keep her happy.

Debs mother, Susan, is a slender well-built woman, 45 years old. She has been divorced for about 10 years and consistently dates younger men because of the way she looks and dresses. When Deb called her and asked her to accompany me to the party she accepted immediately and told Deb she would come to our house the next evening so I wouldn't have to drive over and get her.

When Susan arrived for the party she was dressed in a sexy long red dress that hugged her body emphasizing her abundant 36C breasts and her slender waist. She had on black stockings and red spike heeled shoes that improved her normally shapely and sexy long legs. After checking on her daughter we were off to the party. Being one of the hosts I had to arrive early to ensure that everything was set was set-up correctly. The food, drinks and bar tenders were all in place and the four prostitutes had arrived. I made sure the whores had their rooms and each of them had a large bowl containing about 100 condoms. We have always been concerned about STD.

As my coworkers and the first of our client-guests arrived, I had to mingle and entertain the guests. My mother-in-law was getting a little bored and I suggested that she mingle and find people that she would enjoy talking to. It wasn't until three hours later when the party was in full swing that I realized that I had completely lost track of her, so I decided I should find her and check to make sure she was having fun. Since the party is scattered down the hotel floor, I started making my way checking each of the larger and smaller groups in the different rooms.

When I got the prostitute's rooms I noted the crowds by each of the four rooms and skipped past them to the last suites with more food and another bar. No Susan. I started back to double check since I had obviously missed her in one of the other rooms. Out of curiosity I decide to check whores and see how well things were going. In the first room the young whore was riding some guys cock with a second cock shoved up her ass, five or six other men were watching, waiting and cheering as the condom covered cocks pumped relentlessly in and out of their respective holes. I noted the pile of used condoms on the floor at the foot of the bed and knew we were getting our moneys worth. Across the hall a young black whore was riding a guests cock, reverse cowgirl, and was sucking on a second cock.

This young woman was really sexy and I remembered spending the night with her, last year, after several dozen men had fucked her. Even after that she was full of energy and fucked me three times before we left the next day. The third room had an older whore laying flat on her back with her feet wrapped around a guy who was just cumming. Again there was a pile of used condoms dropped on the floor near the foot of the bed. In the forth prostitute's room, the whore was taking it up the ass doggy style. The guy kneeling and pumping the shit out of her as his buddies cheered him on. Along side of the bed, on the floor was another pile of used condoms. There were four other men watching and waiting for their turn to fuck her obviously well used cunt and ass, based on the condom pile. I left the room and moved on still trying to find my Susan.

Several rooms further down the hall I opened the door of a room to check on the sounds coming from within. When I entered I noticed a red dress, a red push-up bra and a matching pair of red lace panties lying on the first bed. On the second bed was a couple having passionate sexual intercourse. The woman's legs, clad in black thigh high stocking, were wrapped around the man's waist as he thrust his cock into her from on top. I turned to leave the room, before I realized that the woman on the bed was my wife's mother, Susan. With that I had to stay and watch as she convulsed with multiple orgasms. After several minutes the man on top of her thrust one last time and pressed his cock into my mother-in-law's willing vagina as his butt muscles tighten and he ejaculated his semen.

I stood there in shock as the erection in my pants grew in strength. I had always wondered what my wife's mother would be like in bed and now, seeing her; my desire to fuck her rose like a volcano inside me. As I stood there as the man rolled off Susan and extracted his condom-covered cock, with a bulge in the end of the condom where his sperm was deposited. Her eyes were still closed as her partner got up and grabbed his cloths moving into the bathroom with the used condom still on his semi-erect cock. Before I recovered from my shock Susan, my mother-in-law rolled onto her side and noticed me standing there. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. My eyes were attached to the small stream of her vaginal fluid still leaking over her thigh and her, clean shaven, swollen labia. I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for.

Without a word I move to the bed, leaned over and started kissing her, working my tongue into her mouth. The response of her tongue into my mouth sealed our fate. She reached forward opened my pants and worked my erect penis out, freeing it so she could start to manipulate my balls as she lightly stroked my erection. I pulled back from Susan just long enough to remove all of my cloth and join her on the bed. Quickly she moved down and took my cock in her mouth flicking her tongue across the slit on its head. My cock twitched as the pulses of pleasure ran up my body. This was the best blowjob that I ever had. All I needed was for Susan to teach her daughter this technique. I pressed my face into her vaginal open and started to flick her already erect clitoris with my tongue.

With in minutes we were writhing at the threshold of orgasm and I was ready to cum in Susan's mouth. But that was not her or my goal. We knew there would be plenty of time, in our future, for her to task my semen; for now we wanted to feel the full heat of our desire by have our bodies locked together as one. I pushed her head from my penis and guided her over top of me. Slowly she lowered herself down, encapsulating my cock with her vaginal open. Her vagina was warm and tight and it slides easily over me with the lubrication from our oral teasing. Half way down my shaft I thrust my hips up ramming the last portion of my cock into her until I pressed against her cervix. The pleasure pulled us together as one and we locked in a passionate deep kiss. My cock was now in the opening that had produced my wife almost 28 year ago and I knew that our relationship would never be the same.

Susan started moving her body allowing my erect cock to slide in and out of her vagina as I sucked on her ridged nipples. Our passion was rising and I knew we were both on the verge of an orgasm. Just prior to her first orgasm Susan lifted her body off my cock rolled to her hands and knees, presenting her ass in the air. Without speaking a word I mounted her from behind pressing my cock in her cunt, until my balls were slapping against her stocking covered thighs. I held her hips and continued to maneuver in and out until she had achieved two major orgasms. While her muscles contracted around my cock I pushed into her one last time and emptied my life giving seed into her womb with five pulsating shots. This was the strongest orgasm I have felt and I wanted to stay in her warm vagina forever.

When my cock softened it slid out of her sloppy cunt followed my semen. I rolled back on my heels and watched as the steady stream of milky fluid drained from her opening. Susan reached back between her legs and caught a dollop of the fluid in her hand mover it to her mouth and tasting it. Then she presented the remainder in her hand to my mouth and looked me straight in my eyes with a request to taste our combined love juices. I tasted the salty-sweet mixture and we fell into a heap on the bed. After 10 or 15 minutes of silence she told me how much she had always wanted me in her and how much she enjoyed our love making session, suggesting that we continue our sexual exploits into the future. Now that I had had her, I wanted her more then ever and agreed that we should discreetly continue our relationship.

For the rest of the party we stayed in the room and enjoyed exploring each other bodies. I can't wait for the next opportunity we have to be together.

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